Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I love to swallow

The following story is part truth and part what I hope will happen
one day. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. I must start
by giving some back-story first. My name is Joe. I am 30 years old. 6'
tall. About 165lbs. I have Brown Hair and eyes and have been with my wife
for 10 years. (Married for 5 of them) When I was 10 years old or so, just
hitting puberty, my friend and I (he was a year older than me) experimented
with each other. We did only oral on each other, but we had a lot of fun
doing it. At the time I thought nothing of it. I moved away with my
family about two years after we started. I found girls when I moved into
my new area almost immediately. Through out high school I had a steady
girlfriend whom I had a lot of good kinky sex with. We were both pretty
much inexperienced when we met (she being a virgin) but we taught each
other the ropes until we split in our freshmen year of college. We tried
it all from 3 sums to 4 sums to bondage. She knew of my gay past but never
attempted to bring it out of me during our relationship. We both blew it
off as experimentation.
After we split I hooked up with my wife. She was a "good girl". We
have always had a great (non lust, but loving) sex life. As I got older,
25 or so, just as I got married, I started to think of men again. It would
come in dreams. With the man being faceless. I started to go with it. I
joined online chat services for gays and bought some gay porn, but never
got the guts to meet anyone to fulfill the growing fantasies that I was
having. But they were doing exactly that. GROWING!
About 2 1/2 years ago, one day my friend and I were hanging out after my
wife and kids had gone to bed. This friend, (we'll call him Jay) I had
known since I moved here. He is just a few months older than me. (my guess
is he is 6'3" 175-180 lbs, Dirty blonde hair. I never really looked at him
as anymore than one of my best friends. But on this night after partying
and bullshitting about sex, I decided to put in one of my DVDs. This is
the absolute truth! I actually ACCIDENTLY put in a Bi-sex video. When I
saw the title screen come up, I got embarrassed (even though I was way
horny for him already at that point) but he eased the tension by saying "I
think everyone should be Bi-sexual" and things went from there. The next
thing I know we were getting deeper and deeper into each other off and on
for the next year and half or so. We were both kind of inexperienced when
it came to adult male sex, so things got sticky at times. Every time things
got too heated, one or both of us would get a little freaked and put on the
breaks, until one day he put them on for good about a year ago. He said we
tried it and it was fun but he thought I was getting obsessed and was no
longer interested... I wasn't getting obsessed, I just was enjoying the
lust that we had when we were together, and I just wanted to take it one
step further every time. We never seemed to "let go" and see just how far
we would take it. Oral was really as far as it went. I still loved to be
with my wife, and 90% of my fantasies were about other women, but the rest
of the time it was about him. He was the only man that could turn me on.
He has a great body and a near perfect cock. It is about 6 1/2"-7" with a
nice curve to it.
After he broke it off, I just went back to being just friends. I
rarely thought about him again until he invited me to visit him without my
family again this summer. Now don't get me wrong. I had not turned my
fantasies off. They were stronger than ever. I just had to try to find
someone else. But I was back to being too shy to go through with it. I
didn't know if he was missing our fun or if he just wanted to go into the
out and party so I went down with no expectations this time.
Well I got out of work about 7pm on Friday night and after coming home
and changing, said goodbye to my family and was off for the 3 hour drive to
go visit. I got in about 11pm. He had already been out drinking but he
told me to shower and we would go hit a bar for a few hours. I went in and
cleaned myself well, paying special attention to my 8" cock, balls, and
asshole (just incase we struck out at the bar and he wanted me again). We
had always stopped just shy of letting go and going into the ass play
because one or both of us would get embarrassed. I remember saying to
myself, tonight will be different. I wanted to be clean because if he
wanted me he could have me anyway he wanted to have me. And I wanted to be
ready for anything. I had always been the more aggressive of the two of
us, but was trying to be the female at the same time. This, I believe,
scared him more than anything. So this time I was going to play it cool.
We were at the bar until about 2am doing shots with the 2 hot chicks
behind the bar. We chatted about everything from my wife and kids to his
ex-wife and everything in between. By the time we left the bar (without
the women) we were pretty fucked up. We went back to his apartment and
turned on a CD-ROM of porn I had brought with me. Since I was hoping for
the best, I had put 5 or 6 scenes of gay porn mixed in with the straight
blow job porn that I had put on there. This was the nastiest of the gay
porn I had. We are talking full gay, body rubbing on body, deep French
kissing, nipple biting, ass fucking, gay porn. Like I said before, we had
never gotten much past sucking each other's dick before we got embarrassed
and quit. So when it came on the computer screen I was waiting for the
words "goodnight" to come out of his mouth.
Instead as the scenes came on, he seemed to get into it. I looked
over at him and he started rubbing an obviously hard cock through his
shorts. Not a word was said until he startled me with the sound of his
voice. "I am going to take a quick shower, I feel gross"
DAMN, how should I take that? Is he embarrassed by his thoughts again
and was that the end of it? Then about 5 minutes into his shower he yelled
out to bring him one of the pills of ecstasy he had above his TV. He
offered to me one as well. Even if that didn't mean he was thinking like I
was thinking, that meant we were going to be awake for a while. It was
almost 3am, and if we took this pill we would be up until at least the sun
came up. I popped mine and brought him his in the shower. When I opened
the curtain to the shower he was as hard as I have ever seen him and made
no effort to cover up. I handed him his pill and never took my eyes off his
cock... God I wanted him!!!
"Thanks" Jay smiled. "Did you take one?"
"O yeah!" I almost giggled. Then managed to look up at his eyes. He
smiled even bigger this time and I closed the curtain and went back to his
living room to watch the CD-ROM.
After another 5 minuets or so he came out of the shower in just a
towel and sat down on the couch across from me. He just had this look in
his eyes that let me know that everything was going to be all right
tonight. We continued to watch the CD-ROM until he asked me if I had any
DVDs with me. That was my queue. I went to my bag and started searching.
I pulled the liquid KY out, making sure he saw it as I put it on the table
and pulled out my only full gay DVD out. He put it into the computer, and
we just sat back and watched. Just as the first hot scene ended the pill
started to kick in and I was loosing all my inhibitions. It must of kicked
in for him too because he lost his towel. BOY I FELT OVER DRESSED! After
another scene of silence between us, he finally spoke. "So u want my dick
in your ass huh?" I almost creamed my shorts with those words. That was
just the tip of the iceberg of what I wanted from him tonight. I was
ready! Even if this was a one-time thing, I wanted it all! I just giggled
almost like a schoolgirl, and said, "You have no idea what I want from
With that he got up and made sure the door was locked to the apartment
and put on some good rave music. He walked over to me without a word and
took my hand standing me up from the couch, the whole time looking into my
eyes. He then lowered himself to his knees and unzipped my shorts dropping
them to my feet. He didn't even take off my boxers, he just pulled them
down enough to expose my now rock hard cock. He slowly sucked my 8" dick
into his mouth until I could feel his bottom lip on my balls. Before I
knew it he had dropped my boxers to the floor and had both his hand firmly
on my ass cheeks trying to get the balls in his mouth as well. DAMN he
must want this as bad as I do! Just as I thought I could not hold out any
longer he let go and stood up. "Lets go into the bedroom." And turned and
walked into the room. I quickly followed. When I got into the room he was
already on the bed with his cock in his hand pointing it at the ceiling.
"Get over here and suck my cock!" He ordered. His voice was so
forceful, I almost came again. I walked over slowly, lowered myself face
first onto his rock hard cock and started licking it like a lollipop.
Finally I sucked the whole 7" into my hot mouth. Before I came back up he
grabbed my heard and started fucking my mouth on his own. After just a few
strokes he groaned and I felt hot cum shooting down my throat. I just held
on tight and swallowed as he bucked in his orgasm.
Jay got up "want something to drink Joe?" he asked.
"Beer" was all I could get out. When he came back in he was carrying
his video camera in one hand and another light in his other.
"This won't work without the right light." He plugged in the lamp and
turned it on before he put the camera on a shelf and adjusted it. He left
again and came back with the KY I left on the table. He was rock hard
I gulped half the beer down quickly as we approached the bed and got
on it. Jay opened the KY. "turn over!" he said. I must not have moved
fast enough, " You said you wanted this dick in your ass you slut! So get
that ass in the air so I can lube it up!" I couldn't believe his
sternness. But I loved it!
I laid onto my stomach, raising my ass just a little off the bed. "I
see you shaved for the occasion." Jay purred, obviously pleastently
surprised. With that he grabbed my hips. "Lift that ass up!" He ordered
while grabbing my hips and getting me up on my knees. Here I was, on my
hands and knees in front of my buddy, waiting to feel the cold KY pour on
my asshole, when I felt the warm wet pressure of his tongue rimming my ass.
Before I knew it, he had reached around and was jacking my rock hard cock.
This had me on the edge.
Without letting go of my dick, he got onto his knees, poured KY on my
ass, and slowly slid his cock into my ass until I felt his balls touch
mine. I shot stream after stream of hot cum across the room instantly, as
he stayed buried in my ass jerking me off. It was the most intense orgasm
in my life. "I hope you didn't blow your WHOLE load, I wanted to taste
some of that." With that statement he let go of my still quivering cock,
grabbed my hips, and started to slowly slide his cock in and out of my ass.
I looked back over my shoulder, "you keep fucking me Jay and I will
cum for you all night long."
"O! You like that huh?" he said getting faster with each stroke. Once
again I must have not answered fast enough because I felt him release his
left hand from my hip and without skipping a beat, he slapped my left ass
cheek HARD! "I asked if u like my dick in your ass. Answer ME!!"
"Yes" I grunted softly. "faster"
"Faster?" He asked. This time I was louder
"YES, Fuck me HARDER!" Jay started to pick up the tempo and slapped my
ass again but twice as hard. This time I cried out.
"Do you like that you slut?" He asked
"O FUCK YEA!" This time screaming. "HARDER! FASTER!" Jay quickly
slapped my ass again without skipping a beat. I came again all over his
bed this time.
"That's right you know u love it you fucking slut!" he said over the
sound of his thighs slapping my ass.
"Yes," I moaned "FUCK ME!"
That must have done it for him. He started groan just as I felt him
pull out and cum all over my ass. "Damn," I said. "Don't let that go to
waste. You know I like it in my mouth."
We fucked each other all night all over the apartment. From the
kitchen counter to the shower, we just let go and finished off that whole
bottle of KY. Before I knew it I woke up in his bed with him and it was
the next night. That night ended in with us finishing 3 tubes of KY. That
is also another story.

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