Friday, April 17, 2009

Football Widow

Sue Prescott was to all appearances an ordinary suburban
housewife. She was five foot ten and blonde with large full
breasts and wide hips. Her legs were long and toned and her
waist was trim. Sue worked out four times a week at the
local gym and ran every morning to keep her body in shape.
She lived in a big duplex with a nice green yard in the
center of a very middle class neighborhood. Sue had two
kids, drove a mini-van, worked from home as an internal
auditor for one of the big companies in the city and was
married to a man named Bernie. He drove a pickup truck and
worked as foreman on a road construction crew. Her life was
fairly idyllic and she and Bernie got along well even after
ten years of marriage. Most of the time she was happy with
her lot in life, except for the bad times. Sue supposed all
marriages had their problems and went through rough times.
Unlike so many people she had a name for her bad times.

Football season. From the first kick off of the college
season to the last snap of the Super Bowl; Sue was a
football widow. Her husband had come by his affliction
honestly she supposed. He had been a star halfback in high
school and Sue had been a cheerleader; that was how they had
met. They had dated all through high school, but after
graduation Bernie had been offered a scholarship to play at
a university several states away. Sue was going to a local
college with an excellent program in accounting and so they
had decided to break up after the summer, but remained

Bernie had played for his first year and done very well. The
papers were all full of the local boy makes good variety of
stories. On his occasional visits home Sue learned that he
was having a tough time with classes and had barely kept his
eligibility. Fearing that he would flunk out he told her on
one of his rare visits home that he planned on going pro
after the season, rather than trying to make it through
another year of classes. Bernie's dreams of glory ended on a
warm night during the fourth quarter. A blitzing linebacker
tripped coming through the line and plowed headlong into
Bernie's knee. It took three operations and a year of rehab
before he could walk without a limp. To this day he suffered
great pain on cold mornings and often complained of

Bernie returned to their small town after rehab for his knee
and got a job with his father's construction company. He
went to the Vo-tech school over in Rockland County in the
evenings. Sue ran into him at the local hardware store and
they started talking again. One evening he showed up on
Sue's parent's doorstep with a dozen roses and an engagement
ring. Sue accepted his proposal and they were married in the
small Catholic Church in town. They moved to the burbs when
she graduated and to all appearances it had been the perfect
ending. High school sweethearts fall back in love after some
adversity. The local paper even ran the touching story on
page two.

Only Sue knew the whole of the story. Her first year in
school, she had fallen in love with her English Professor.
Professor Dominique Williams had been a Haitian emigre who
was a naturalized citizen. She had been tall and beautiful
with a charming accent and outgoing personality. She had
captured Sue's heart and introduced her to the joys of
lesbian sex. Sue had been totally enchanted with her, from
the sultry accent to her off the wall political views. Sue
had fought a never-ending battle with her conscious and up
bringing and had never really resolved the issue when
Dominique died tragically on a visit to see relatives in
Haiti. When she found out Sue had suffered a "nervous
breakdown" according to the local doctor. Their affair had
been clandestine and discreet so no one had any reason to
suspect a broken heart caused her depression and

The next year she had developed an interest in another
student, but Sasha was "out" and she would have nothing to
do with anyone who wasn't. Thus it was that Bernie showed up
on her doorstep while she was facing the prospect of telling
her parent's she was gay and facing the prospect of being
ostracized from her community. Sue had never been a strong
person and Bernie seemed to be the answer to her prayers.
Giving up on her interest in Sasha she had chosen the path
of least resistance and had never really regretted it.
Except for the long, lonely nights of football season.

Bernie had eight guys in his crowd of football cronies. Four
were married and Sue often commiserated with the other wives
while their husbands were out at the local sports bar.
Saturday, Sunday and Monday she rarely saw her husband. If
it weren't for the fact that she knew nothing, not even sex
could keep him away from the games she might have suspected
he was cheating on her. At least in that she had the
advantage over the other wives because Sue understood her
husband was a fanatic.

Now that it was playoff time Sue faced the unpleasant burden
of preparing for Bernie's annual "Wild Card, Wildness"
party. Alana Shepard would get it next week when Herman
hosted the party for the divisional playoffs. Andrea Dryer
would get it for the championship games. Kate Macintosh and
Cindy Coleford split duty on the Super Bowl Bash, each
taking an alternating year.

Sue rose early and bundled the children off to their
grandparents for their month long annual visit. Bernie
wanted young Jonathan to stay and watch the game with "his
old man," but Sue forbade it. Bernie and his friends drank
cases of beer, cursed and generally acted like men and Sue
refused to have her son exposed to that kind of behavior
when he was only seven years old. Each year Bernie gave in,
but each year it took more to convince him and Sue feared
this would be the last year she would be able to shield her
son from "the game".

Sue stood on her doorstep, still wrapped in her warm
terrycloth robe and sipping a hot cup of coffee as her
mother drove off with the kids. She waited until the car was
out of sight before turning and padding back into the
kitchen. She cleaned up the remnants of breakfast and
started the dishwasher before opening the high cabinet and
pulling down the platters and trays she used for the party.
Bernie was already long gone to pick up "supplies", by which
he meant beer. Sue had already bought the soda, bags of
chips, dip, pretzels, steaks, ribs, chicken, bar-b-que sauce
and condiments.

Heaving a sigh she began to get everything set up, the game
was on at four.


Sue was dressed for the party in a white silk blouse and
knee length black skirt with moderate heels. The guys would
all be in jeans and sweatshirts with team logos, but as
hostess she felt like she had to dress a little nicer. None
of the wives ever came to the parties, by silent agreement
they each seemed to feel having to deal with one a year was
punishment enough.

Around noon the guests began to arrive. Bill and Stan showed
up with a cooler between them, even though Bernie had bought
enough beer to keep and army post drunk for a week. Herman
showed up with baked beans and Don had coleslaw. Mike Weaver
arrived with his girl friend and a bucket of fried chicken.
Ace and LD, two of the black guys on Bernie's crew at work,
showed up with their girlfriends in tow and several bottles
of cheap wine. Chad Coleford arrived with a cake and some
cookies Cindy had baked.

Sue was in the kitchen when the doorbell rang again. All of
the regulars were already here and she poked her head out to
see who this might be. Bernie let three people into the
house and turned around. Seeing Sue he grabbed her hand and
almost dragged her into the living room.

"Sue, this is Don Bowers," he said indicating a tall bear of
a man in khaki slacks and a button down shirt. Sue
recognized the name; Don was her husband's boss.

"Pleased to meet you," Sue said.


"This is Carl Von Otheson," Bernie said indicating another
tall man with unruly blonde hair.

"Nice to meet you," he said with an affable smile.

"Carl is the Bussiness Agent for the local," Bernie said.

"And this is Christa Martin," Bernie finished, indicating
the small figure behind the two men. The woman was small and
lean, with skin the color of burnished coal. She had wide,
full lips, alert brown eyes and short kinky hair. In one ear
she wore a big gold hoop earring, but nothing in her other.
She couldn't be more than five feet tall and Sue would find
out later she was actually only four foot nine. She wore
khaki Dockers and a dark Raider's sweatshirt.

Sue knew that name too. The running joke among the guys was
that the company had really gone in for diversity and
Christa was as diverse as you could get. In one person they
covered a black, a woman, a foreigner and a lesbian, the
joke ran. Sue extended her hand automatically and the woman
took it. Rather than the polite shake she expected the girl
brought Sue's hand to her lips and bushed the back of it.

"Charmed," she said in a soft voice with a thrillingly
familiar accent. Sue felt a long dormant excitement stir in
her, but Bernie took her sudden quiet for discomfort and put
an arm around her.

"Keep those smooth Jamaican ways to yourself shorty, this
one is spoken for," Bernie said and laughed. The others
joined in, but something in the small woman's eyes told Sue
that the she didn't believe it. Am I that transparent? Sue

"Haitian ways, shit for brains, I'm not Jamaican mon, got
it?" Christa said with a sarcastic rendering of a Jamaican
accent, which produced another round of laughter.

The crude language did not seem to bother anyone and Sue had
to remind herself that this woman worked with some of the
crudest, male Chauvinist, prejudiced men in the world. Sue
found it hard to believe that the slight woman actually ran
a 90lb jackhammer eight hours a day, she didn't look like
she weighed much more than ninety pounds herself.

Bernie's arm slipped from her shoulder to her waist and they
conversed a few minutes before Sue returned to the kitchen
and the rest of them went out back to the patio. The kitchen
table, which she had so carefully prepared, looked as if a
marauding army had been foraging. She started to collect the
empty beer cans and bottles but gave up, there was no
keeping up with it. She would just have to clean up Monday
after work.


Christa took a beer from the cooler and made the rounds. She
knew the guys well and traded barbed comments with them
before settling down at the patio table. What a fucking
waste of time, she thought. I could be over at Chelsea's for
her party. At least there she stood a chance of scoring.
Chelsea usually had some wild girls at her parties. Of
course they were all pretty skanky and there were always so
many butches at Chelsea's.

It wasn't that she couldn't score and in fact she usually
had no trouble, but at Chelsea's it was more like a meat
market. There was no thrill of the chase, and ultimately the
satisfaction was lessened. Still, it would be better than
this. She had accepted Bernie's invitation more to irritate
him than anything else. The big man was a dyed in the wool
homophobe and racist and tried in every way legal to make
her quit. Showing up here and making his guests
uncomfortable actually made her feel better. Still, she felt
like she was cutting off her nose to spite her face. She
hadn't been laid in weeks and instead of taking care of
business she was here.

Her temper often got her into trouble, as did her
stubbornness. She smiled a self-mocking smile and cracked
open a second beer. Taking her time she examined each of the
women at the party. The blonde she dismissed almost
immediately. The word bimbo seemed to be painted on her
forehead. That girl was a total slut and Christa was sure
totally straight. Both of the black women were obviously
here against their better judgment and bored. Sometimes
bored was good, bored women were not as attached, but she
made both of these women as straight too. Christa sighed and
took another sip of beer. No action for you tonight stupid,
she thought. Her mind returned to the tall blonde in the
foyer. She knew it was Bernie's wife, but the woman had
struck her as being gay. Wouldn't that be a kick in the head
for her asshole boss? The possibility intrigued her.


The pre game show was already blaring from the fifty-six
inch big screen, Bernie had insisted on buying. There was no
one in the living room yet so Sue stopped at the wet bar and
made herself a vodka and tonic. Or more precisely a vodka
and vodka with just enough tonic to not call it a double
shot. Music was cranking from the patio and she steeled
herself to go play hostess.

Mike was dancing with his blonde bimbo. She wore a mini
skirt that just barely covered her ass and was grinding like
a stripper. That was the kind Mike went for and the reason
he was still single. Ace and Dc were talking to Stan and
Bill near the grill while their girls stood close looking
bored. Bernie was at the grill talking expansively to his
bosses while he drank and cooked. Christa sat at the patio
table with her feet propped up, drinking a beer while Don,
Chad and Herman discussed each teams chances in loud voices
while making bets with everyone else.

This was going to be a bad one, all of them were already lit
and the game hadn't even started yet. Sue made the rounds,
noticing that all of the men's eyes were drawn to the
blonde's wildly wiggling ass. Men will be boys, she told
herself as she collected a few empties and started back
inside. She felt eyes on her and looked around to find
Christa's brown eyes locked onto her. The woman's deep brown
eyes roamed up and down Sue's body appreciatively with no
indication it bothered her in the least that Sue knew she
was being checked out. Sue felt a blush rise to her cheeks
and hastily made her way into the kitchen. That frank stare
held undisguised lust and Sue was uncomfortable with the
feelings it roused in her own body.

She returned to the living room and made herself another
drink. Everyone else was getting lit, no reason I shouldn't
too, she reasoned. Sue had decided long ago to put her
attraction to women in perspective. A pretty woman could
still turn her head, but she was careful never to look too
long. During the season she would occasionally dip into
Bernie's "secret" stash of porno movies and masturbate while
watching a lesbian scene, but that was only during the
season, when she could be sure nothing short of cardiac
arrest would drag her husband away from the television. Her
attraction was her little secret, something no one even
suspected and she was careful to keep it that way.

The announcers were going into statistics so trivial that
even die-hard fans wouldn't understand them and Sue was
finishing her third drink when she felt someone behind her.
She turned quickly to find herself alone in the room with
Christa. The short woman was leaning casually on the bar and
staring at her with those dark eyes.

"I take it you aren't really into football?" Christa said
softly as she poured herself a shot of Bernie's good

"Not really," Sue said. She felt herself flushing and her
skin tingled. Those brown eyes traveled slowly up and down
her body and Sue could almost feel them, like soft fingers
caressing her skin. Christa emptied her glass and set it on
the bar. She suddenly moved closer and caught Sue's free

"What are you into then?" the little woman said as she held
Sue's hand in a tight grip and gently used her other hand to
stroke along the startled wife's forearm. Sue was in shock;
the sensuous feel of Christa's fingernails on her inner arm
was juxtaposed with the unexpectedness of the caress. Sue
tried to speak, but no words would come.

"You like that don't you?" Christa said as she continued to
stroke Sue's arm.

"No.." Sue managed. She was breathing deeply and she felt
her nipples poking into the soft satin cups of her bra.
Christa's hands released her arm, but before Sue could move
the girl seized both of her nipples between thumbs and
forefinger and squeezed. The instant jolt of pleasure shot
through her body and caused her to gasp.

"Your mouth says no, but your hot assed body is saying yes.
What's a girl to think? A hot little femme like you married
to a bigot like Bernie. Come on girl, moan a little for me,
I want to hear it," Christa said in a husky whisper. Sue bit
her lip and shook her head, but was powerless to escape from
those soft fingers. Christa's right hand released her nipple
and gently squeezed Sue's whole breast. Despite herself a
soft moan escaped from her lips.

"Mmmmm, that's nice. Love to hear a girl moaning and
groaning, especially when she's wiggling her cute ass on the
end of my cock. Would you like that MRS. Prescott? I bet you
would just love to be bent over this sofa with nine inches
buried in your hot snatch wouldn't you?"

"Please.." Sue managed, glancing nervously towards the

"Please what? Please stop? Or please bend me over the sofa
and fuck the shit out of me?" Christa said. As she spoke her
hand left Sue's breast and slid up her inner thigh, taking
her skirt with it.


"Mmm, there you go again," Christa said. Her fingers had
crossed Sue's garters and the taller woman moaned when
Christa's hand demandingly cupped her pussy and began to
rub. Sue was paralyzed with both fear and arousal when the
girl's hand dug under the leg band of her panties and pulled
them aside. She bit her lip until it bled when she felt the
shock of Christa's middle finger sliding between her slick
lips and forcing its way into her tight entrance.

The sound of the refrigerator opening tore her attention to
the kitchen again and she was shivering as she felt Christa
disengage from her and step back. Seconds later, Chad poked
his head into the living room and looked at the television.
He didn't give either of them a second glance as he headed
back to the patio.

"Hey guys, come on, they are about to announce the
starters," he hollered.

Sue was still reeling. Her body was thrumming with desire
even as her mind tried to convince herself that it was her
imagination. Christa looked at her and smiled then held up
her hand. Sue colored furiously when she saw the wetness
glistening on the girl's middle finger. Christa slid the
finger into her mouth and sucked it clean, causing Sue to
groan. The visual was just so powerful and erotic.

"Sweet, I bet you would love a taste of mine wouldn't you?"
She said as she slid her hand inside her Dockers. Sue
watched as the girl worked her hand against her mound and
then pulled it out. She held her index finger to Sue's lips.
Sue could see that it was coated in the girl's juices.

"Go ahead baby, you know you want to," Christa whispered.

Sue couldn't help herself, she parted her lips and Christa
thrust her finger in. A heady and musky flavor filled Sue's
mouth and she was surprised to hear the popping sound as
Christa withdrew her finger.

The little woman stepped up to her again and whispered, "I
bet you would love more, but you'll have to get it straight
from the source," before vaulting over the back of the sofa
and settling into the corner. Everyone was now piling into
the living room as the announcers began introducing the
starting lineups. Sue's mind was still having trouble
functioning and her body demanded that she do something
about the sudden burning itch between her legs. She made it
into the relative quiet of the kitchen and leaned heavily on
the counter. As she thought of the Haitian woman her hand
unconsciously slid down her body and softly massaged her
enflamed pussy. Her pink tongue gently licked along her lips
savoring the girl's distinctive flavor.


The first quarter was a disaster for her husband and his
friends. Their team stumbled from the first play and had
given up three touchdowns in five minutes. Christa, who was
rooting for the other team was harassing them and really
rubbing it in. The fact that they were all drunk, except
perhaps Christa made it worse and Sue began to become
nervous. The last thing she needed was a fight, but Ld's
girl joined Christa in the heckling and so did Ace's. It
quickly became the girls vs. the men and by the end of the
first quarter the insults had taken on a definite sexual

Sue was in a bad way herself. Christa's earlier teasing had
left her very wet and she squirmed uncomfortably in the
chair she had pulled up. By pressing her thighs tightly
together she found she could get a little relief from the
demands her soaking vagina was sending to her brain. Sue was
glad when everyone jumped up and dispersed at halftime.
There was a line for the downstairs bathroom so she went
upstairs to the bathroom in the master bedroom. From her
dresser she grabbed a pair of fresh panties. She hurried to
the bathroom and toweled off before putting them on. She
opened the door to the bathroom to find Christa standing
there smiling at her. There was a definite hunger in the
small woman's eyes and despite herself Sue shivered.

"Nice place," the girl said quietly.

"What are you doing here?" Sue managed.

"I followed you. I saw how you were squirming during the
first half. I thought maybe that hot little pussy needed
some attention?" Christa said easily. Sue had never liked
dirty talk in bed and had even cut Bernie off for a week
when he insisted on trying. From his mouth the words seemed
dirty and disgusted her. From Christa's mouth they seemed
like knives of desire and each time the little butch spoke
she seemed to twist them in the tall blonde's stomach.
Still, she had to put an end to this before it went to far
and someone saw them. Bernie would never understand.

"Look, I am sorry about earlier. I did not mean to lead you
on, but..."

"You didn't lead me on babe. You're a hot little number, too
good for that fuck-tard you're married too. Your pussy is
dying for the kind of attention only I can give it," she
said as she stepped into the bathroom. Sue retreated and
swallowed hard when the short woman pushed the door to the
bathroom closed and locked it. Part of her wanted to put a
stop to this, but a long repressed part of her was singing
with anticipation. She was caught between the dos and the
don'ts of the situation and in her confusion she was an easy
target for someone with Christa's confidence.

Christa stepped up to her and placed her hands on Sue's
shoulders. She gently but firmly turned her towards the
mirror and then pushed her over until Sue's elbows rested on
the counter on either side of the sink. The mirror showed
the entire scene as Christa pulled Sue's dark skirt up over
her ass and then pulled her panties down to her ankles.

"Damn, a natural blonde and you're taller than I thought.
Spread those legs baby," Christa whispered. Sue let her legs
slide outwards, lowering her rump until it was nearly even
with the black girl's hips. She had given up then. The fire
in her pussy overruled the thoughts in her confused head.
She felt Christa slide a finger into her soaked pussy and
then another.

"Fuck, your tight baby," Christa said as Sue's inner muscles
clamped down hard on the invading fingers. In the mirror she
saw the look of pleasure that crossed her face.

"Bernie must not fuck you often, or maybe he just has a
needle dick. Is that it baby? Is your man hung like a little

"Ohhhhh," Sue moaned quietly as Christa began to pump her
fingers slowly in and out.

"Which is it girl?" Christa said as she increased the tempo.

"He's not very big and we don't do it often," Sue hissed,
totally lost in sensation now.

"Izzat a fact. Well girlfriend, I think it's time you got
stuffed," Christa said as she withdrew her fingers until
just the tips were inside Sue's entrance. Christa placed a
third finger tightly against the two she was using. She knew
she was in control now; she had been with enough reluctant
women to know the signs. Once their bodies took over and
they stopped thinking about it a girl could tell. Mrs. Sue
Prescott was at that point, her eyes were tightly closed and
her legs were quivering. Christa waited until the lovely
white woman pushed back on her dark fingers and smiled

Sue groaned as she felt the three fingers being pressed into
her. The ring of muscles at her entrance involuntarily
clamped down on them. Christa continued to press forward
with her hand and the muscles slowly gave way. With a little
shock that was both painful and pleasurable they slid into
Sue's silken glove. Christa slowly worked her fingers in and
out, watching Sue's face in the mirror the entire time. When
all three fingers were slick and well lubricated she pulled
them out and thrust her pinky into Sue's hot pussy.

A couple of quick thrusts and Christa pulled her hand back
out and curled all four fingers together. She pressed inward
firmly. Sue's eyes shot open when she felt herself being
stretched open like never before.

"What are you doing?" she whined as she tried to move
forward and away from the girl's hand, but she was in no
position to escape the relentless pressure. Christa
continued to press inward against the moist yielding flesh
until the widest part of her hand bumped against the outside
of Sue's widely stretched walls. Sue moaned as the girl
began to fuck her with all four fingers. The driving rhythm
was hard and fast and Sue soon found her body responding to
it. Her hips thrust back to meet Christa's hand and her
inner muscles clenched and unclenched trying to hold the
fingers inside.

When she dared to open her eyes the visual stimulation sent
a quiver through her. Her hair was falling in her face and
her expression was one of bliss. Christa was watching her
hand with rapt attention as most of it disappeared into the
tight pink cavern. Sue closed her eyes again and tried to
relax and just enjoy the sensations. She knew she would have
to deal with the guilt later, but she was now at the point
where stopping it wouldn't succeed in doing anything but
leaving her in desperate need of sex. At least that was what
she was telling herself.

Christa pushed her fingers in deep and held them there while
using her thumb to stroke Sue's wildly stretched lips. Her
boss's wife moaned quietly and pulled herself forward a
little and pushed back on Christa's still fingers. Christa's
thumb was now slick with Sue's juices and Christa smiled
slightly. She had never seen a woman get so wet, Sue's
honeypot was simply overflowing and a rivulet of her juices
was running down the inside of her thigh. Christa curled her
thumb against her other finger and spread her legs slightly.
She placed her free arm across the small of the taller
woman's back and dropped her shoulder so her forearm was
lined up perfectly with Sue's wet pussy. She applied a slow
but steady pressure, watching with fascination as her
fingers slowly disappeared in between Sue's lips.

Sue's eyes shot open when she felt the shock of Christa's
hand being pressed home. The extra finger made her feel
absolutely stuffed, but it wasn't that bad until the wide
part of Christa's hand reached the ring of muscles at the
entrance. Sue panicked and tightened her whole body, trying
to force the invading fingers out, but to no avail.

"No, hurts," she panted.

"Shhh, just relax baby. Your hot little cunt is so wet you
won't even feel it going in if you just relax,"

Sue tried to move away, but she realized she had put herself
in a totally vulnerable position. The seemingly unbearable
pressure built as Christa continued with the steady pressure
and Sue had the fleeting thought she was going to have her
pussy torn open. The widest part of Christa's hand was now
wedged between her lips and Sue's muscles gave just a

The air was forced from Sue's lungs as the girl's entire
hand suddenly shot forward a few inches. Sue's nether lips
were now gripping Christa's wrist and her inner muscles were
wildly clamping down on her hand. Christa began to rotate
her hand inside the steamy cavern and Sue moaned.

"See baby? I told you your pussy knows best, tell me that
doesn't feel good," Christa said in a husky whisper. Christa
continued to rotate her hand while pushing deeper and
retreating slightly. Sue had never felt anything like it.
The sensation of being so totally full was exquisite and now
that the almost intolerable pressure of entry was gone there
were no signals going to her brain that weren't pleasure.
She felt Christa's fingers spread wide inside her and begin
to caress places Sue never even knew she had. Christa's free
hand left her back now and soon the girl began to stroke
Sue's hypersensitive clit. Those questing fingers inside
found a place she had never been touched before and within a
few strokes Sue's body exploded in an orgasm of epic

It began with a massive contraction that seemed to come from
deep within her. Every muscle in her body seemed to follow
her pussy's lead and for a raw split second if felt like her
skin would be torn off. This was followed by release as the
muscles all relaxed at once. Almost unbearable pleasure came
hard on the heels of that relaxation; blending into a
sensation so overwhelming that Sue's mind could barely cope.
A second contraction followed and then another. Separate
sensations stood out like giant waves on the sea of pleasure
deluging her mind. Christa's thumb grinding against her
clit, the girl's hand filling her like nothing ever had, her
fingers stroking that place deep inside all hit with their
own bursts of intensity amid a tide of pleasure that was in
and of itself beyond the married woman's experience. Sue's
ragged moans filled the small room and reverberated around
until it sounded like a chorus of ecstatic voices raised as

The next thing Sue was aware of was an obscene squishing
sound as Christa gently withdrew her hand. She wiped it off
with a towel as Sue's breathing returned to normal. Sue
tried to stand and nearly collapsed. Christa moved quickly
to steady the tall blonde. Sue's legs felt like rubber and
Christa was forced to hold her up as she helped Sue to the
bed. Sue's heart was still hammering, her legs felt like
rubber, aftershocks rocked her body, her nipples were as
hard as pebbles and her mind was floating along on a cloud
of euphoric good feeling. This is what a girl is supposed to
feel like after sex, she told herself. She looked up into
Christa's dancing brown eyes and smiled.

"What the hell is going on here?" Bernie's strident voice
interrupted her idyllic scene and Sue felt a cold hand of
fear clutch her heart. If Sue was lost for words Christa
seemed totally in command of the situation. She jumped up
and took three strides towards Sue's drunken husband and
shoved him out the door.

"Lower your god damned voice you drunk asshole, can't you
see she's got a fucking migraine?" Christa said in a harsh

"Migraine?" Bernie asked in confusion.

"Yeah shit for brains, a migraine, you know, like a

"Oh, shit, sorry," Bernie said in a much softer voice.

"Go back down and tell your drunk ass friends to keep it
down and where do you keep the Tylenol?"

"In the medicine cabinet, second shelf I think," he said as
he peeked into the room over Christa's shoulder. Sue was
coherent enough to play her part and held her face in her
hands. She hoped he was too drunk and too far away to see
the smile that she couldn't wipe off her face.

Bernie turned and hurried downstairs and Christa sauntered
back into the room. She smiled wickedly and held up Sue's
black satin panties. The Haitian girl then blew her a kiss
and stuffed the panties into her pocket as she left the room
and went back downstairs.


Monday sucked as badly as Sue thought it would. She had
decided her cover story would be blown if she went back
downstairs so she had stripped and put on an old nightgown.
Sleep had taken her almost instantly and she awoke to the
alarm screaming at 5:00 the next morning. Her pussy was very
tender and sore, but at the same time she knew she wanted to
be filled again. She winced as the abused tissues sent
warning signals to her brain while she did her morning
absolutions. Sue examined her pussy in the mirror. It was
puffy and the lips gaped open slightly, she wondered if the
little Haitian girl had stretched her pussy out permanently.
Bernie had never come to bed and she found him downstairs
passed out on the sofa with all but a few of the others.
Ace, LD and the girls had gone, as had Christa and the two
company bigwigs. Bill was gone too, but that was no surprise
he only lived three doors down.

Sue spent the next hour waking drunks and making coffee. She
didn't get them all out of the house until well after 7:30
and as much as she wanted to begin cleaning up, she knew she
needed to log in and see how things were going at work.
Telecommuting had a lot of advantages, but Sue never abused
them. She found her inbox stuffed with mails and didn't get
done with them all until nearly 2:00. She was still cleaning
up the mess when Bernie came in around 4:30. He was still
hung over and went straight to bed.

Sue spent the rest of the evening curled up on the sofa
watching a movie on television. Her mind wasn't on the show.
It kept going back to the little black butch and the episode
in the bathroom. Sue gently masturbated to orgasm
remembering that scene. The orgasm was beautiful, euphoric
and just seemed right, but afterwards she felt intensely
guilty. Sue wrapped her robe tightly around herself and went
to bed.

By the time Bernie got home Tuesday Sue practically dragged
him to bed. The sex was blah, Bernie doing his "2 minute
drill" and then rolling over. She lay there on her back with
tears of frustration in her eyes. Sue quietly got up and
went to the bathroom. Once the door was closed she brought
herself to a shattering climax while looking into the mirror
and remembering how her face looked with Christa's fist
inside her.

By Friday Sue was masturbating five times a day or more. Ten
years of repressing her desire for another woman's touch
seemed to have been unleashed with a vengeance by Christa.
No matter what she was doing her mind was constantly on sex
and her pussy seemed to be forever wet and ready. She was
going through four to five pairs of panties a day and the
dirty clothes hamper was overflowing. Bernie was around the
house all day Saturday and it nearly drove Sue mad. She
couldn't get any relief from the demands of her body and she
went to bed that night actually looking forward to a Sunday
during football season for the first time in ten years.

Bernie was up early Sunday and out the door. He was going to
pick up beer and head over to the Shepard's place to help
them get set up. Sue was looking forward to a few hours with
her favorite novel and vibrator. She hoped a few hours of
torn bodice romance and a Fabio look alike would get her
mind off Christa and the forbidden passion they had shared.
She felt she needed to get her mind back on sex with men,
something like last weekend wouldn't occur again and she
couldn't see herself going out looking for female lovers.

She moved restlessly about the house and actually turned on
the television. Five hours to kick off and already it was
all football. She was about to kill the television when the
doorbell rang. This was why she hadn't jumped right into her
book. Bernie was always forgetting things and she just knew
he would forget something when she wanted the time alone. Of
course he had been gone two hours already, which should have
tipped her off. When she opened the door Sue got the shock
of her life.

"Hello girlfriend," Christa said in that accent that just
set Sue on fire. The little woman wore black leather pants
that hugged her hips and a white tank top that left no doubt
she was braless. She had a bag slung over her shoulder and
pushed a bouquet of flowers into Sue's hands as she walked
in and tossed her bag on the sofa.

Flowers. When was the last time someone gave you flowers?
Sue asked herself. Maybe Bernie did when little Jeanie was
born. She shook her head and glanced up to see Christa
leaning on the arm of the sofa and watching her.

"What are you doing here?"

"I knew ol Bern was going to be out at a party all day, so I
thought I would come and keep you company," Christa said
with a grin. Sue licked her lips. On one hand she was just
dying for more of the little woman's attentions, but on the
other hand she just didn't think it was right. She was after
all a married mother of two.

"I don't think..." she began but Christa cut her off.

"Look Sue. I can tell you're into girls and I think you're
really into me. I know I have been dreaming about getting
back into your panties since I left last Sunday. I know what
your life is like. Bernie must be out of his fucking mind to
leave a hot woman like you home alone every weekend for
months on end. And you ARE lonely aren't you?"

"Well, yes, sometimes," Sue admitted. The girls voice was
like velvet, the accent so enthralling. Sue found herself
falling under the sway of that voice.

"So why suffer? I can make these weekends the highlight of
your week rather than the worst part. I know your
comfortable here, I'm not trying to break up your marriage,
just spice up your love life. Bernie can't make you happy in
bed, but I can. What have you got to loose? Bernie will be
his regular happy self, your little pussy will be well taken
care of and I will be happy cause I am fucking such a
beautiful lady. Everyone wins," she said.

Sue couldn't think of anything to say. Was the girl's
argument that good? Or was her newfound sex drive just over
ruling the better part of her mind. Well, it really wasn't
fair, she thought. Her resentment at being an after thought
to her husband six months out of every year boiled up
suddenly. Bernie hadn't looked at her with the kind of
burning lust Christa was staring at her with in years. Even
when they were newlyweds he had never made her cum like
Christa had.

"What it really boils down to is this babe, you can spend
today alone and frustrated, or you can spend it getting
fucked till you scream. You can wake up Monday morning tired
and horny or you can wake up feeling great and satisfied.
Which ever you choose it's not going to make one fucking bit
of difference to your husband, he will be happy or grouchy
depending only on who wins today's games," Christa said. Her
argument was very persuasive, but Sue was still torn.

"If you say no I'll split. I think you're hot and I would
love to fuck you, but I'm not so hard up that I would force
myself on anyone," Christa added as an after thought.

"And if I say yes?"

"If you say yes then this is going to be an all day fuck
fest. I won't leave till I am sure you will spend the whole
week walking around with a well-fucked smile on your face,"

"Wouldn't Bernie notice that?" Sue said smiling.

"Only if the Jets loose," Christa said and winked.

A well-fucked smile. Sue wondered when the last time she had
one of those on her face was, or if she ever had worn one.
Certainly not in a very long time. A day alone with her
vibrator or a day spent with this enchanting girl. It just
didn't seem like a very difficult choice. The hardest part
about the decision was the fact that it was so easy, she
felt like she should have more qualms, but she didn't. She
was horny, and the woman who could satisfy it was right
here. And where was her husband? Getting drunk with his
buddies and screaming at a TV showing a bunch of steroid
freaks trying to kill each other. What sane woman would
choose to stay alone?

"Yes," Sue said quietly.

"Yes what?" Christa asked.

"Yes, I want you to stay and...fuck me," Sue said with a
blush. Christa smiled and they moved into each other's arms.
It was odd for Sue to have to bend over to kiss her new
lover, but once their lips met Christa left no doubt about
who was in charge. Her full lips pressed against Sue's and
her tongue forced its way into the taller woman's mouth. The
kiss was deep and powerful, Christa's hands twined in Sue's
long blonde hair and held her captive while her small tongue
ravished the older woman's mouth. Her tongue leisurely
explored Sue's mouth, seeming to touch every bit of it
before the kiss finally broke.

Sue was trembling; she had never felt so alive and so ready.
Christa surprised her by going to the bar and pouring them
both a drink. When she handed one to Sue, the blonde killed
it in a single gulp. She was torn between wanting more of
the little woman's caresses and the last vestiges of guilt.

"Relax," Christa said softly. The television seemed
unusually loud and between snippets of expert breakdown she
could hear her heart pounding in her ears.

"Now what?" Sue asked finally. Her desire was quickly
overmastering her caution and trepidation. Christa laughed
and killed her own drink.

"Now, you're gonna scamper upstairs and put on something
sexy for me. A woman with a body like yours shouldn't be
walking around dressed like my granny,"

Sue blushed. It had been quite some time since anyone had
told her she was pretty. She had to admit her old sweats
weren't all that becoming, but she wondered exactly what the
small woman had in mind.

"Like what?" Sue asked. Christa grinned lecherously at her.

"I like stockings and heels, but I'll leave all that girly
stuff up to you. Just put on whatever you think will get me
hot enough to fuck you silly,"

Sue nodded and hurried up the stairs to her bedroom. It
wasn't until she stood in the master bedroom that it hit
her. What am I doing? she thought suddenly. It was only now,
standing in the bedroom she had shared with Bernie for
nearly ten years that what she was doing really came home. I
am about to put on something with the goal of enticing
another woman to have sex with me! I am knowingly and
actively cheating on my husband!

"And?" she whispered to herself. Sue realized something she
had never dared face before. She resented the living hell
out of football season. She resented being left alone for
weeks on end. She resented the assumption that she would
take care of the kids, mind the house and pay the bills
without complaint, while Bernie was drunk and rooting for
his team. She resented her husband's addiction to a mindless
sport and she hated being alone all the time. She was thirty-
three and as horny as she had ever been and Bernie was never
around. Even when he was his sex drive seemed to have peaked
while they were still teenagers and had been going down hill
ever since. Sue was lonely, horny, starved for attention and
affection and sick of playing second fiddle to a fucking

While Bernie's mind was fixed on X's and O's and zone
defenses, Christa's mind was firmly on getting into Sue's
pants. She blushed when she realized if felt good to be
desired, to be wanted. Remembering the orgasms she had
enjoyed just thinking about the little Haitian woman she
felt sure it would be the time of her life.

"Fuck you," she said vehemently, "Fuck you, your needle
dick, your stupid fucking game and all your asshole buddies
too. Get drunk, get stupid, get off watching a bunch of guys
beat each other up and while your doing that, I'm going to
get laid,"

Sue pulled off her warm-up top and tossed it on the floor as
she walked over to her dresser. She deftly undid her bra and
tossed it in the hamper next to the bathroom door. What to
wear, what to wear, what to wear, she thought as she pulled
open the drawer that held her underwear. Most of Sue's under
things were functional and comfortable. Bernie had never
shown much interest in her wearing sexy lingerie and God
forbid he would have ever gone and bought her something like
that. What would his friends think if they saw him in a
Victoria's Secrets? Perish the thought.

She remembered the one time she had tried to dress as sexy
as she could and entice Bernie away from the television. Sue
had to smile and shake her head, it had been an utter disaster.
There she was, coming down the stairs, wearing a frilly little
bit of nothing and heels. Bernie hadn't even noticed. He had
looked up from the game only long enough to ask her to bring
him another beer. So much for romance.

She had a few items that were on the racy side, but her eyes
were drawn to the white boxes in the back of the drawer. Sue
hesitated, she wasn't sure if she wanted to be that nasty.
The boxes held her bridal lingerie and she hadn't removed
them from their boxes since her wedding day. The idea of
being taken by the little butch in her bridal lingerie
really turned Sue on for some reason. It was just
so.naughty! Giggling like a schoolgirl she pulled out the
boxes and removed the carefully folded sheets of tissue

Sue shucked her warm-up bottoms and panties and quickly
donned the garterbelt. It was made of white satin and
trimmed in pale pink lace with little red roses over the
garter clasps. Next came the sheer white stockings. The
panties were indecently brief and Sue wished she had known
Christa was coming so she could have trimmed her pubic
triangle. The bra was a peek-a-boo model with just a thin
layer of gossamer covering her nipples and aureoles. Sue
slipped her finger through the loop on the lace gloves and
smoothed them out. She added a white satin choker with a
Victorian silhouette at her throat and carefully pinned her
hair up. As a final touch she dug out an old shoebox from
high in her closet and donned the four inch white pumps she
had worn last on her wedding day. A glance in the full-
length mirror startled her. She looked at her reflection
every day, but she couldn't remember the last time she
looked at it and felt as sexy or as proud of her looks.
Smiling, she made her way downstairs.

Christa was sitting on the sofa watching the television, but
her head came around the moment Sue stepped off the carpeted
stairs and her heels clicked on the tile floor. The little
woman licked her lips and stared appreciatively. She watched
every movement as Sue made her way around to the front of
the sofa. Sue felt giddy; the hunger in the girl's eyes
fueled her own lust.

"Damn girl, you are one hot little number," Christa said.
Standing in her heels Sue towered over Christa and smiled.

"Why do you keep calling me little?"

"I don't know," Christa said with a shrug. She stood up and
smiled as the height difference became even more obvious.

"I'm just used to calling fluffs like you little, I guess.
Sweet thing, sugar panties, baby, don't mean nothing by it,"
She said as her hands worked the button and zipper on her
leather pants.

"Does it bother you?" she asked as she kicked off her boots.

"No, I just wondered," Sue said. Her mind had already left
the subject, her attention totally on the little woman's
open fly. Sue hadn't seen another woman naked since her
first love and she realized she was anticipating it.

"That's good," Christa said as she slid the pants down her
hips and off. She sat on the sofa again with her legs drawn
up on the cushions and her ass on the very edge of the seat.
She was clean shaven and her dark lips were pouting open
slightly. She reached down and spread them with two fingers,
giving Sue a view of the coral colored inner folds.

"You like that don't you?" Christa said in a husky whisper.
Sue could only nod, she seemed to have lost her voice.

"Well, don't just stand there babe, come on and have a
taste," Christa said grinning. Sue nodded and moved to the
sofa before falling to her knees. It was almost like she was
in a trance. Her hands went to the girl's smooth thighs and
at this distance she could smell the musky aroma of
Christa's arousal. With a sound that was half moan and half
growl Sue pressed her face into the pungent folds and began
to wildly lick. At first the taste was salty, but that
quickly gave way to a stronger, tangy sweetness as her
attentions caused Christa to produce more of her juices. Sue
loved the way her tongue glided along the silken folds and
she searched out every bit of the girl's flavor. She licked
along her lips, and pushed her tongue between them,
flattening it out and curling it slightly as she lapped at
the girl's pussy like a cat at a water bowl. She pushed her
face deeper, until she could slide her tongue into Christa's
tight entrance. There she found a seemingly never-ending
supply of nectar and for a timeless period she simply
scooped it up as fast as her tongue could.

Christa let out a little sigh and tangled her hands in Sue's
long blonde locks. Sue looked up to see Christa watching her
intently. The little butch guided the older woman's face
back to her dripping pussy.

"Don't stop baby, you eat all that pussy you want. I'll let
you know when you're done,"

Sue didn't try to respond, Christa had pulled her face back
into her pussy and the married woman simply went wild
licking, nuzzling and sucking. She had always loved to
service Dominique, and now she seemed to be trying to make
up for lost years in her frenetic attack on Christa's
glistening pussy. After some time Christa's body stiffened
and then her hips went wild, plunging against Sue's slick
face. She never uttered a sound, but the copious amount of
juice told Sue she had cum. Sue was ecstatic, she loved the
feeling she got when she made her lover cum. She reached a
hand back between her legs and began to rub her soaked lips
through the satin panties. She didn't slow down and
Christa's hands still held her face tightly against her
pussy. A second orgasm and then a third, but still the
little woman held Sue's head firmly to her dripping cunt and
guided her to whatever place she wanted. Sue's tongue had
become tired and she spent more time now holding her tongue
out stiffly while nodding or shaking her head. She was
beginning to wonder how long this could go on when Christa's
bottom came unglued again. This time the dark skinned butch
released her head and sighed contentedly.

"Damn," she said finally. Sue smiled happily, it had been a
long time, but she still loved it. Maybe today, after the
week of waiting she loved it even more.

"Whoever taught you how to eat pussy deserves a medal. No
one has ever given me head like that before,"

Sue beamed, the praise making her feel even better. She
wondered if Christa would reciprocate, or if the little
butch had something else in mind. Sue didn't have long to
wait. Christa rose and walked over to her bag, from it she
removed a harness and strapped it around her waist. She then
retrieved a massive black dildo from the bag and smiled at
Sue's expression. Christa tossed it to the startled woman
and laughed when Sue nearly dropped it. While Sue was
totally caught up in the cock, Christa surreptitiously
dipped her finger into the topical anesthetic she had
brought and rubbed it over her clit. The numb feeling was
strange, but she intended this to be a long fucking. She
grabbed a tube of lube before turning back to Sue, who was
still staring in fascination at the massive dildo.

The first thing that struck Sue was how large it was. The
fluted head was easily the size of a tennis ball and the
shaft was so thick she could barely close her fingers around
it. A series of veins ran along the shaft and a pair of
heavy balls was attached to the base. Except for the
dimensions she thought it looked very life like.

"Like it sugar?"

"It's really big," Sue said. Christa laughed as she gently
pried it from the awed woman's hands and pressed it tightly
to the harness. A couple of snaps and it was ready. Christa
held her small fist next to the head of the cock.

"You've already had bigger," the butch said, smiling when
Sue blushed a deep crimson. Christa stroked the monster cock
fondly and eyed Sue. She had never used this particular
dildo on a partner before. Most of the girls she had been
with were afraid of it, but she had felt pretty sure Sue
would let her do anything she wanted. Despite her marriage
Christa was sure the beautiful blonde was really a lesbian
and the long years without would make her amenable to
anything. Her best friend Bethany used the same dildo on her
bottoms and swore once she had used it on a girl noting else
would satisfy them. Christa was hoping that would be the
case with Sue. The tall leggy blonde was absolutely gorgeous
and had the most wonderful personality. Christa wanted her
and with very few exceptions she got what she wanted.

This one was going to be a long-term project though. Happily
married women were hard to land and Bethany had chided her
for letting herself get so wrapped up in one. It hadn't been
intentional, she had gone after Sue more to get back at her
husband than anything else. The problem was that she was
just perfect. Beautiful, sweet, shy, easily embarrassed
and...wholesome. Even in the throes of passion there was a
gentle sweetness about her that simply captivated Christa.
For the last few years Christa had been with a lot of
fluffs, but they all had the hard edge that came from the
street. Christa couldn't imagine coming home night after
night to any of them, but she could easily imagine coming in
to find Sue in her home. It was nice to imagine and it had
been growing on her mind ever since Sunday. Someone to be
there when she got in, to make the house she owned a home and
someone to share with. It was a dream worth chasing.

Sue was still on her knees, still staring in fascination at
the massive phallus. Christa moved to her and placed her
hands on the woman's shoulders, then gently turned her
around to face the TV and pushed her over on all fours. She
slipped her fingers into the satin panties and helped Sue
out of them then knelt behind her. Sue looked back over her
shoulder with a very apprehensive look, but Christa just
smiled and gently stroked the cheeks of her ass.

"You've got the most incredible body," Christa said softly.
Sue smiled and blushed, but her eyes never left the big cock
as it drooped under it's own weight. Christa leaned over and
began to kiss and nibble Sue's neck and her hand gently
cupped the pretty blonde's pussy. She was pleased to find
the woman was already incredibly wet and ready. Christa
couldn't believe how perfect Sue was, she had found
relatively few girls who seemed to get off on giving head,
but it was obvious that the blonde did.

Rising back to her knees Christa squirted a generous amount
of the lube on the big cock and slicked it up. Even with
Sue's generous lubrication Christa knew the blonde woman
would need help taking the massive black cock. When she
finished it glistened menacingly and she took it in both
hands to bring it to Sue's wet pussy. Sue's lips gapped open
slightly and Christa thrilled when she saw the very tip
settle between them. She rubbed it up and down the blonde's
pink lips, which elicited a soft moan from Sue.

"You want it don't you?" Christa said harshly. Sue nodded
and lowered her upper body to her elbows, forcing her ass up
higher. She couldn't believe how hot she was, or how the
black woman's words could send shiver's of desire through

"That's a good girl," Christa said as she found the right
place and the bulbous head settled at Sue's opening. Still
holding the mighty dong with both hands Christa pressed
forward with her hips. At first there was no movement at all
as the ring of muscle at Sue's opening refused to budge.
Christa kept up the steady pressure, not trying to force her
way in, but watching in fascination as the tip disappeared
into Sue's delicate pink pussy.

Sue had never felt anything like it; even the girl's fist
hadn't felt so large. She tried to force herself to relax,
but her muscles wouldn't obey. Slowly, almost grudgingly
they began to expand as the relentless pressure continued.
There was a horrible stab of pain followed by an
uncomfortable fullness. Sue cried out, but even as she did
she felt the huge head slide past her entrance and utterly
fill her pussy. The pain lessened to a dull ache that
mingled with the thrilling sensation of being so full.

Christa was smiling as she watched the muscles in Sue's ass
and thighs quiver. She loved the way Sue's pussy had clamped
down on the thick veiny shaft of the dildo. Christa still
held the shaft with one hand while placing her other on
Sue's hip. Her fingers dug into the soft flesh and she
pressed forward again. Sue groaned as the head expanded the
walls of her tunnel and a couple of inches of the shaft
disappeared into her.

"Please," she gasped.

"Please what baby?" Christa asked, as she stopped pressing

"Go slow," the blonde managed. Christa exulted then. She had
feared Sue would ask her to take it out or to stop, but no,
she just wanted her to go slower. Christa could do that; she
had all day with this lovely creature. Bernie, you're a
fucking idiot, she thought to herself.

"Don't worry sugar, I'll be gentle, just relax," she said
instead. She grasped Sue's hips again and pressed forward.

Sue groaned again as she felt the huge intruder nosing
deeper into her pussy, but this groan sounded different,
almost like a cross between a groan and a moan. It was
starting to feel good, really good and Sue was getting into
it now. The flash of pain was a distant memory and the
aching was totally eclipsed by the pleasure the huge cock
was giving her. She even found herself pushing back, trying
to help her lover bury the whole thing. She wanted it all,
even though she knew it was impossible to take the whole

Christa knew differently. For all its impressive girth, the
dildo was only ten inches long. From their earlier encounter
she was confident Sue was at least that deep. Looking down
she had to wonder though, she only had a little more than
half of it inside the married woman's pussy and already she
was having to actually use the muscles of her hips to force
it deeper. She smiled when she noticed Sue was pressing back
on the big dildo.

"You like that big black cock, don't you sugar?" Christa
said as she forced another inch into Sue's gapping pussy.
The blonde didn't reply, but that was all right with
Christa, the way she was moaning and pushing back on the big
dildo was more eloquent than words. The little butch gripped
Sue's hips tightly and pulled back just a bit, watching as
the inner lips of her pussy were pulled outwards by the huge
cock. When a small bit of the latex, slick with Sue's juices
was exposed Christa pushed back in. The visual stimulation
was so erotic that Christa felt sure she would have cum
right there if she hadn't used the deadener.

Her plan now was to fuck Mrs. Sue Prescott like she had
never been fucked before. Christa had not been sure that she
would get this opportunity, she had misread women in the
past and in more ways than she cared to name Sue was still
an enigma to her. She also faced her own demons, every time
she had ever tried to form a serious relationship it had all
turned to shit. She had planned this carefully, making sure
she would be able to go all evening if need be and it was
her hope that she would be able to fuck the tall blonde to
exhaustion. Nothing made an impression on a woman like being
fucked till she passed out. Christa felt she had a lot to
offer the object of her affection, but at this point in time
sex was her only inroad and she intended to make the most of
that. These thoughts and others raced through the little
butch's mind as she continued to slowly work the big dong
into Sue's tight pussy.

"Ouch!" Sue exclaimed as the head bumped her cervix. Christa
immediately pulled back.

"I think that's as much as I can take," Sue said ruefully.

"No. You're just not hot enough yet," Christa pronounced.
The little butch pulled the huge dong from Sue's pussy with
an obscene popping noise. Sue moaned in frustration at
suddenly being so empty. That frustration was replaced with
wild bliss when she felt Christa's tongue forced between her
lips. Sue sighed and relaxed as Christa began to gently
tongue her abused pussy. The little butch teased and
caressed her lips and entrance for a while before zeroing in
on her straining clit. Slow lingering licks with the flat of
her tongue drove Sue wild and she began to babble as her
orgasm approached. Christa carried her to the edge, but
pulled back when Sue began to quiver. The blonde nearly
screamed in frustration, but the sound caught in her throat
when she felt the huge head of the dildo at her entrance

This time entry was not as painful, although she was still
uncomfortably full at first. That quickly gave way to
feeling wonderful as Christa tightened her hold on Sue's
hips and began to work the monster cock deeper. Sue had
never felt this full or anything this deep. Even Christa's
hand hadn't seemed to fill her like this. She gritted her
teeth as it pushed deeper and was caught off guard when the
dark girl's hips bumped lightly against her ass.

"In baby," Christa said triumphantly. Sue managed to look
back between her legs to see only the thick balls hanging
down; none of the thick shaft was visible.

"Now girl, I'm going to fuck you like you deserve," Christa
said in a throaty whisper. Sue felt the huge cock stir
within her, drawing back a short distance then shooting
forward. The lunge actually forced the breath from her
lungs. With each thrust Christa withdrew a little more,
slowly working up to long, deep, penetrating strokes. She
was taking it slow, but Sue was becoming wild, forcing
herself back on the big dick. Smiling the little butch moved
to a faster pace, stroking most of the length of the big
dildo in and out of her pliant lover.

Sue had never experienced anything like it. She felt like a
skyrocket whose fuse was lighted and was moments away from
blast off. Her mind struggled with the flood of sensations,
but when the first mighty contraction hit she simply lost
contact with reality. Pleasure, thick and heady ripped
through her system and she felt herself pushed this way and
that by the euphoric waves. She was neither riding them nor
wholly sunk into them, but was at their mercy nonetheless.
Her first impression when the most violent part of her
orgasm began to subside was that of tingly pleasure still
coming from her pussy. Christa had not slowed and continued
to fuck her with long even strokes.

An after shock rippled though her body and caused her cunt
to contract tightly on the huge cock. This in turn caused
it's movements to be highlighted and like a pebble falling
off a cliff it started an avalanche that was her second
orgasm in less than a minute. This one was different, not as
powerful or mind blowing, but still exquisitely pleasurable.
She kept her head through it, feeling the even plunging of
the dildo in and out. She tried to regain her breath and
calm her racing heartbeat, but even as she began to get some
control she felt a twinge deep in her pussy.

"Noooo.. Oh.. GOD!" She groaned as another mind shattering
orgasm ripped into her. As powerful if not more so than the
first it carried her away on another fantastic voyage of
orgasmic bliss. Again she found herself coming back to the
even strokes. Christa hadn't slowed at all, but was now
driving into her with powerful and relentless strokes. The
rhythmic slap of the girl's thighs against her ass was
hypnotic and Sue's next orgasm caught her by surprise. This
one wasn't as powerful, almost like a strong aftershock, but
the continued minor contractions that followed let her know
it was more than that. Sue had no idea she was multi-
orgasmic. Bernie had never lasted long enough to bring her
more than one, if that and her own hurried sessions with her
vibrator always ended when she achieved climax. She tried to
relax now, to just enjoy the flow of sensation, but her body
was so sensitized that it wasn't long before she felt
another twinge followed by a burst of pleasure that simply
blotted everything else out of her mind.

Christa had a grimly determined scowl on her face as she
continued to fuck the blonde beauty. Even when Sue howled
through another orgasm the little butch continued to pound
into her. Sue was whimpering now, making tiny noises that
were not like anything Christa had ever heard before. They
drove her on and she started to rotate her hips with each
thrust. Sue groaned and stirred, but seemed incapable of
doing more than rocking her hips back to meet the continued
thrusts. Christa focused her attention on the television and
concentrated on the commentary. She continued to thrust into
Sue in an almost mechanical way, totally outside her
consciousness. She couldn't keep watching or listening to
Sue, the leggy blonde was so incredibly hot that even with
the anesthetic Christa was afraid she would loose her
concentration and that just couldn't happen. Tonight wasn't
about her pleasure.

Sue's pussy was throbbing with pleasure, sending waves of
pure bliss into her system. Her whole body seemed to be
screaming with pleasure and that big cock kept slamming into
her. She had lost count of the orgasms and of time, nothing
seemed to matter anymore. As long as that wonderful cock
kept sending her into shrieking orgasm the rest of the world
was as remote as Mars. She felt another orgasm building, but
there was something different. It was almost like her mind
was misfiring, sensations were distorted and she felt out of
sync with her body. When the orgasm came she heard her own
feral scream of pleasure. Her vision swam and everything
seemed to be viewed through a red haze. As the powerful
pulses of pleasure overwhelmed her the red faded to black.

When Sue came to she found her head in Christa's lap. The
little butch was gently stroking her hair and singing softly
to her in her native tongue. Sue's eyes fluttered open and
she shook her head.

"What happened?" she asked groggily.

"You came so hard you passed out,"

"Mmmmmm" Sue hummed, her whole body felt wonderfully relaxed
and she was so content. She started when Christa's hand
moved from her hair to her breast. She looked up
questioningly at the little butch.

"Ready for some more?" she asked grinning.

"You've got to be kidding?" Sue asked. She didn't know how
much more she could take.

"The game hasn't even started yet," Christa said smiling and
tweaking her nipple.

"Fuck the game," Sue said drowsily.

"I intend to. Or more to the point, I intend to fuck you for
the length of the game, so why don't you get in a three
point stance so I can go back to calling signals," Christa
said with a huge smile.

"Hut hut hut," Sue giggled as she slowly rolled over and got
on all fours.


Bernie was toasted and he knew he shouldn't be driving. He
was trying to be extra careful as he turned onto his street.
The little black Miata shot by so fast his alcohol soaked
brain didn't even register it. If he had, he would have seen
Christa smiling like a Cheshire cat as she quickly
accelerated out of the neighborhood.

The house was dark as Bernie stumbled through the door.
There was a funny smell in the house, something pungent and
musky, but covered with the fresh scent of Lysol. He was too
inebriated to recognize the aroma and continued to stumble
up to the bedroom, knocking over a table lamp and cursing

Once he got undressed and into bed he tried to wake Sue. The
Jets had crushed the Steelers and he wanted to celebrate,
but his shaking seemed to produce nothing so he flipped on
the light. Even that didn't wake Sue. She slept on,
oblivious to his arrival. She had the damnedest smile on her
face, one that Bernie couldn't fathom. He shut off the light
and fell asleep thinking that must be some dream she was

The next morning Bernie woke late and had to rush out the
door to make it to work. At lunch everyone was talking about
the game except Christa, she seemed preoccupied.

"What's the matter shorty? Pissed off about the Jets?" he
asked. She looked at him with an unreadable expression.

"No, just mad that my tickets are going to go to waste," she
said casually.

"What tickets?"

"My girlfriend got me two ticks to the AFC championship game
in Oakland, but I can't go,"

"You got tickets to the Championship??? How?"

"My friend knows one of the cashiers at the stadium,"
Christa said matter-of-factly. She was trying hard to seem
down about it. Actually, Bethany had scored the tickets for
her and suggested she get them to Bernie somehow. Christa
was blown away by the simplicity of the ploy, but she could
just imagine Sue's anger at him leaving her for a week. She
could also imagine how she was going to fill that week for
her boss's blonde wife.

"Gonna sell em?" Bernie asked a little too casually.


"How much you want for em?" Bernie asked. He was trying to
hide his excitement, but Christa knew she had the fuck. The
question was how much could she gouge him for.

"Dunno, I figure I can get five hundred bucks for them

"Hell, I'll give you seven hundred," Bernie said excitedly.

"Make it 750, I been eyeing an outfit for my girl,"

"Done!" Bernie said immediately pulling out his checkbook.
Once he gave her the check Christa gave him the tickets.

"Holy fuck, I'm going to the game!" he hollered.

"Have fun," Christa said. Bernie looked at her and smiled.

"You two, I hope your bitch looks good and you get laid,"
Bernie said. Christa smiled to herself.

"Oh, she will, and I will, don't you worry about that," she
managed to say without laughing.

End Part 1

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