Saturday, April 4, 2009

Exchange Rates


The duplex apartment they lived in was empty when Jody came in at
midmorning from class. He went out the front door and across the porch to
the adjoining duplex unit to see if Linda might be having coffee with Nancy
Martin, their next door neighbor. Nancy answered his knock with a "come on
in" call, and he entered and followed her voice back to the kitchen. She
was on the phone talking and motioned him to pour himself a cup of coffee
and have a seat.

He sat sipping coffee and admired her as she concluded the call. She was
wearing a pair of blue jean cut-offs and a tee shirt with her hair tied up
in a bandanna and wasn't wearing any make-up. Even so, he found himself -
not the first time - somewhat turned on by her. She was very fresh in her
lack of make-up and other pretense and, with her lissome but nevertheless
adequately rounded figure, he found her rather sexually exciting.

She concluded her call and joined him at the kitchen table with her cup of
coffee. "H'lo, Jody. What's going on?"

"I thought Linda would be home when I got back from class, and when she
wasn't I thought she might be here."

"Well, she was here earlier, but I think she was gone grocery shopping."

"Oh. Okay. Is Rob around?"

"He should be back any minute. His class gets out the same time as yours.
You know we're having dinner with you guys tonight, don't you."

"No, I didn't, but that's great. Guess that's why Linda went shopping."

"Yeah," she grinned. "You and Rob are cooking. Mexican."

Her infectious grin made her even more attractive, Jody thought. Her
sun-streaked blond hair, blue eyes and richly tanned skin gave her sort of
wholesome, vaguely tomboyish look. Jody glanced speculatively at the tight
denim fabric that encased the mound at the juncture of her thighs and
pelvis and wondered if she were a natural blond. When he raised his eyes,
he realized that she had seen his glance, and she was giving him an
inscrutable look. He flushed slightly and started to say something - he
wasn't sure what it would have been - when the screen door to the front
squeaked open and slammed shut, and Rob walked through the living room and
into the kitchen.

Rob was about Jody's size - six feet, six feet one and around one
seventy-five - and similar in build, but they were opposites in coloring.
Rob had chestnut brown hair, hazel eyes and very tan skin, while Jody had
reddish blond hair with a few freckles and skin that never got darker than
a sort of rosy tan, as it was now as result of warm spring and outdoor

Rob threw his textbook and ring binder on the kitchen table, poured himself
of cup of coffee and joined them. They were both coming to the end of
their first year in law school, and both were planning to stay on campus
and attend summer classes. Most of the other law students were planning to
clerk for law firms this summer in the hopes of getting an inside track on
good jobs. Jody, however, already knew that he would be joining his
father's prestigious law firm and at some point thereafter would be taking
over the reigns of managing and directing the investments of his mother's
family's holdings of corporations and real properties. Rob had been
appointed to be features editor of the law review and had been assigned a
long article to write which, if of a good quality, would be much more
likely to land him a high quality offer than the best of summer clerkships.

Rob and Jody had become fast friends, as much because of their identity of
spirit and personality as because of the accident of their having moved in
next to each other. Besides, they were both top level squash and tennis
players and played together two or three times a week, as opponents in
singles and as partners in doubles. That provided Rob's introductory

"Tennis this afternoon, Jody?"

"Sure. Oh, no, wait. I promised Mrs. Brighton I would mow the lawn this
afternoon if she would let me use her lawn mower." Mrs. Brighton was their
elderly landlady.

"Cap. Well, there goes my afternoon diversion," Rob moped.

"Oh, I'm sure you can find another diversion," Nancy chimed in. Rob
answered by giving her a grin and getting up to lean over and kiss her,
cupping her breast in the palm of his hand as he did so.

Jody felt himself blushing again and stood up nervously. "Well, I'd better
be there when Linda gets back to see what kind of chores she has in mind
for me before Rob and I whip up dinner tonight."

Rob raised his eyebrows inquiringly, and Nancy answered his unasked
question, "You and Jody are cooking Mexican tonight at their place."

After lunch, Jody got Mrs. Brighton=s lawn mower from her garden house next
door and began mowing the rather large yard. Mrs. Brighton=s husband's
family had once been wealthier than he'd left her. Her house was an
English Tudor manor house, and the duplex in which he and Linda and Rob and
Nancy had once been the servants quarters. It sat rather far back from the
street in a copse of hardwood trees. A part of Mrs. Brighton=s rental
charge to law students - she rented only to law students, her husband
having been a law professor at the law school - was that they would mow
both the duplex and manor house lawns and keep them raked.

It was very hot and muggy in the Southeast in May, and Jody had put on a
pair of baggy white, nylon swim trunks to mow the lawn in. Periodically he
would soak himself down under the garden hose as he trudged back and forth
across the adjoining lawns of the manor house and duplex, guiding the lawn
mower. After he'd finished, he returned the lawn mower to its storage
place in Mrs. Brighton=s garden house and was returning to his apartment
when he saw the garden hose attached to the faucet on the side of the
Martin's half of the duplex. He cut back to it to roll it up and hang it
from the pegs attached to the wall. As he knelt by the faucet to roll the
hose, he heard sounds coming from the window above him.

"Oh, yeah, baby. Yeah! Right there, rub it with your tongue.
Ahhhh. Yeah, that's it." It was Rob's voice, hoarse and at times almost
incoherent. Jody stood and looked into the open, screened window. It was
the Martin's bedroom, and Rob was propped up on the bed, naked, as Nancy
knelt between his thighs and sucked his penis. Her lips were moving
rapidly up and down the gleaming, wet erection as he combed his fingers
through her hair. Jody was struck by the size and shape of the tube of
hard flesh that Nancy was so diligently sucking. It must be six and half,
seven inches long. Jody knelt down again. He really should leave, he
thought, but he could not bring himself to do so yet. Now he heard Nancy's

"I want it in my pussy," she said hoarsely. "Yeah, that's it, right there.
Rub it on my clitoris. Ahhhh! Yeah! Now, fill me up with it, Robby.
Aaghhh! Ohohohohoh." Jody could not resist looking through the window
again. Rob was between Nancy's legs and his brown buttocks were pumping
back forth as he rhythmically withdrew and entered Nancy's dripping vagina.
They'd obviously been making love for sometime, because he saw Rob stiffen
and thrust deeply in Nancy and shudder as he ejaculated, and Nancy wrapped
her legs around him as she bucked against him groaning and gasping in her
own orgasm. Rob lay on top of her for a minute as his breathing slowed and
then rolled off to lay beside her. Jody knelt beneath the window again
lest he be seen. He heard them began to talk with each other.

"Did you see Jody Jemison out there cutting the grass?" Rob asked.

"Yeah. Why was he so uncovered? I thought he said he burned too easily in
the sun."

"He did. But I think he's over that by this time of year. He doesn't get
real brown, but you saw him. Kind of a rosy tan and freckles. Besides I
think he wears a sun screen."

"He sure is built. All those gorgeous muscles and that slender waist and
cute butt," Nancy said lazily. "You and he are so much alike that way even
though your colorings are so different. I'll bet you and he could wear the
same clothes."

"Did you notice his cock under that white nylon?" Rob asked curiously.

Nancy giggled. "After he hosed himself down? Yeah. He might as well have
been naked. He's got a pretty big one, hasn't he?"

Jody, kneeling under the window rolling up the hose, blushed intensely but
listened with even more intense curiosity.

"Pretty? Or big? Or pretty big? Yeah, pretty and big. Real interesting,
too. You know, he isn't circumcised. When its relaxed and pulled back
inside him, like when we've been swimming, his foreskin covers the head of
his cock entirely. Even after we've been running and his penis is extended
to its full length, it covers almost all of the head. Wonder what happens
when he has an erection. Its real pale, too, and you can see the little
blue veins under the pale skin, and its real straight."

"How'd you get so a close a look?" Nancy asked.

"Oh, its been over several months of playing squash and tennis together and
then showering, taking steam and getting dressed. Besides. You know that
I'm always interested in those kinds of things."

"Is he as big as you? Bigger?"

"'Course I've never seen him with an erection, but I think he might not be
quite as long. What'd you measure me? Seven inches? I think he might be
six and half inches, but its a little thicker than mine."

By this time, the curiosity in Nancy's voice had become real interest.
"Does he have much hair?"

"No. He's real smooth skinned. He's got this kind of sparse, soft looking
pubic growth. Well, I guess "sparse" is not the right word, but you can
see his skin through it. Its about the same color as his hair on his head.
Its in sort of a vee but kind of rounded at the top. Its not very bushy,
kinda short-haired and has a little line of hair running from a peak at the
top of the vee up to his navel. No hair at all on his balls. Like mine.
And you're right! He does have a 'cute ass,' muscular but rounded and
riding kind of high and kind of prominent."

Jody was amazed and strangely flattered. He'd never realized that Rob had
studied him so closely and was so intimately familiar with his nude body,
but he was inordinately pleased to have been so obviously admired by a guy
with a body like Rob's.

Rob asked Nancy, "You ever seen Linda naked before."

"Yeah. She's really built. Probably weighs ten pounds more than me, but
more curvy in all the right places. Beautiful big breasts. You know, its
hard for big breasts not to be too big and to have good shape, but Linda's
do. She's got that honey brown hair, and her pubic hair is just a little
darker, almost the same color as yours, come to think about it. And since
I know you have a penchant for asses, I guarantee you won't find a finer
one anywhere."

Jody held his breath at Rob's next question. "Linda?" Rob questioned


"Would you like to fuck Jody?"

"Rob!" Nancy was clearly shocked.

"No. I mean just talking here between us. Would you?"

"I don't know. It depends on how you would feel. How would you feel about
it, Rob?"

"I dunno. I think that if you really wanted to, I wouldn't mind as long as
you didn't go behind my back and try to hide it from me."

"Then, yeah. I'd like to fuck him."

Jody felt himself getting hard and stroked his engorging genitals. But he
stopped and listened intently to the next remarks.

"Would you like to fuck Linda, Rob?"

"Yeah, I would. Same qualifications and understandings."

Jody tiptoed away from the window and around the corner of the duplex back
to his apartment. Linda was in the shower, and he pushed his trunks to his
ankles, stepped out of them and stepped into the shower with her, and they
had intercourse under the sharp spray of the warm water.

Afterward, as they lay on their king-sized bed, Jody told her about what he
had seen after mowing the lawn. Linda was somewhat shocked, titillated and

"Jody! I'm surprised that you didn't just leave!"

"Well, I started to. I know I should have, but after I'd seen what was
going on, I just couldn't."

"Is Nancy really good looking naked? I've always thought she would be."

"Yeah. Not as well built as you are, but real sexy anyhow."

"And you saw her sucking Rob's penis? Did she like it?"

Jody had never been sure that Linda enjoyed sucking cock all that much, and
he was intrigued by the interest her question displayed. "Yeah, I think
so. She was really into it, moaning as she did it. Why?"

"Nothing. . . . No, that's not really true. Its always embarrassed me that
I l-like it s-so much because I thought other women would be shocked. But
you think she liked it, too?"

Rob was amazed, and his penis began to stiffen in his new awareness that
Linda liked sucking him.

"Did, uh, Rob, uh, y'know . . . eat Nancy?" She blushed furiously at her
own display of curiosity.

"Not while I was there, but I think he already had."

"D-does Rob, uh, have a, uh, nice p-penis?"

Jody drew back and looked at her. She was looking away and her face was
crimson. "Yeah, I guess so. He's a little longer than me but not quite as
big around. He's circumcised. Thick, dark soft looking pubic hair. Not
very hairy otherwise. You know, I don't how he does it, but he's suntanned
all over. Even his penis is tan." He noticed that Linda's nipples became
erect as he was describing Rob, and he placed his hand on the lips of her
vagina and found them moist.

He looked at her speculatively. "Y'know they talked about us, too."

"Really? What?" She sat up beside him, curious.

"Well, they'd watched me mowing the grass, and apparently that white swim
suit is like glass when its wet because they talked about seeing my
genitals under it when I wet down under the hose to cool off. Nancy was
curious about I was like naked. Rob described me pretty thoroughly, I
thought, from just casual shower and locker room observation."

"What did they say about me?"

"Well, first, about how built you are. Nancy talked about your
championship boobs and your beautiful ass - Rob is an "ass" man.
Afterwards Rob described me to Nancy, and then he asked her if she'd, uh,
like to, uh, fuck me?"

"Really? What did she say?"

"Uh, she said she would. And then she asked Rob if he wanted to, uh, fuck

"What did he say?"

"That he wanted to. Look, they weren't making any plans or proposals. I
think they were just exploring each other's thoughts in the intimacy of the

"Would you like to fuck Nancy?"

"Uh, yeah. But only if you knew and could handle it. How about you?
D'you want to fuck Rob?"

"I don't know. . . . No. . . . Yeah! But that's just sort of abstract. I
don't think I could actually do something like that?"

"Not even if I knew and it was okay with me."

"Is it?"

"I don't know, but if it was?"

"Yeah, maybe. Yeah, I'd like to. Gosh, this has gotten me horny."

"Then, here. Spread your legs." Jody crawled between her thighs and
lowered his lips to her warm, wet vagina.


Linda and Nancy cleaned up after dinner while Rob and Jody looked through
Jody's collection of video cassettes for a movie to watch. Rob had already
chosen A ROOM WITH A VIEW but continued to look at the large selection of
movies that Jody had collected. From the back of the cabinet Rob picked up
a group of cassettes and began to read the labels. There was DEEP THROAT
and THE GREEN DOOR and several that Rob had not heard of. There was even
one produced and directed by John Derek.

Jody blushed faintly. "Those are just some films that I've had for awhile,

"Yeah. I used to have DEEP THROAT but it got lost or stolen in one of our
moves. I'd like to see these sometimes."

"Fine. We'll watch them sometime. But look! Don't say anything about
them, okay? Linda doesn't even know what they are."

Rob looked at him, surprised, and then grinned.

ROOM WITH A VIEW was a really excellent movie. Afterward they talked about
it. They had all liked the unfettered joy of the three men, Julian Sand
and Rupert Brook and the guy who played the rector as they swam and
frolicked in the nude in the scene where they went skinny dipping in the
secluded pond. They talked about that awhile.

Rob said, "There are some movies that I got hold of and brought over that
are even more uninhibited."

Jody looked at him, surprised.

"What are they, Rob?" Linda asked.

"Well, they're really explicit. Pornography, really."

"And they're here? Where?" Nancy asked.

"In Jody's cassette cabinet."

"Were we going to watch them tonight?" Linda asked.

"No. Hadn't planned to. I brought them over and thought that Jody and I
might watch them, while you two were out tomorrow or maybe after y'all go
to sleep tonight."

By this time, Jody was intensely interested in the direction the
conversation was taking.

"I want to see them," Nancy stated flatly.

"Me, too," echoed Linda.

"You sure? They're pretty explicit."

Jody had to admire Rob's technique in having manipulating the women into
demanding to see the films. Rob got up and fetched the cassettes
proprietorially so that Nancy and Linda could examine them.

Nancy and Linda shuffled through the cassettes, reading the labels. "DEEP
THROAT! I've heard of that one. It's famous, isn't it?" Nancy asked.
"And THE GREEN DOOR, too. Hey! what's this one that John Derek directed?
It can't be all that explicit or he wouldn't let his name be on it. Let's
try that one."

Rob ejected ROOM WITH A VIEW and slipped in the cassette Nancy had chosen.
Jody found himself sitting on the couch alone, as Nancy and Linda sat on
the floor and leaned back against the front of the couch on either side of
him, while Rob sat on the end of the couch, away from all three of them.

The film opened with an attractive, dark haired naked woman running across
a desert, being pursued by a naked male. Nancy and Linda became
immediately attentive. The naked woman stumbled and fell and the male
caught up with her and knelt beside her trying to capture her arms and hold
her down with his knee. His long penis hung flaccid above her face. He
rubbed it across her face and lips, and she turned her face away to avoid
it. She struggled and broke free and began to run again. The man chased
her. He caught her and held her by both hands and brought her to her knees
before him. Her face was inches away from his genitals. He forced her
head into his pubic hair, and she struggled and pulled back. He forced her
face to his genitals again, and she continued to struggle.

Finally, she stopped fighting and took a long, deliberate look at the man's
penis. Her head leaned into him, and she opened her mouth and sucked his
entire pendulous length into her mouth. The man's penis immediately
hardened, as was revealed when she slid her mouth to the end of his shaft.
The film speed changed to slow motion, and the desert sun in the background
shown off the gleaming shaft and glans penis and off her moist lips and
tongue, causing them to glisten and gleam. Slowly her mouth traveled back
down the length the rigid, swollen pillar of flesh, fully engulfing it as
her nose pressed into his pubic hair and the sun was blocked from view by
her lips pressed to his pelvis. As her lips slid back toward the glans,
the sunlight again glistened from the saliva moist erection, and as his
wet, swollen glans eased from her lips, the swollen corona that encircled
his glans around the bottom gathered the sun's rays and reflected them in a
sparkling rainbow. The saliva wet glans lay on her tongue which protruded
slightly from her open mouth, and her tongue slowly tickled its way up the
large engorged vessel traversing the length of his erection and teased the
sweetly sensitive spot underneath the urethra and licked up across the red
lips of that opening. His penis spasmed slightly and deposited a small
spit of semen on her tongue. As she slowly lapped it into her waiting
mouth, a thin string of the sweet male nectar stretched from his urethra to
the tip of her tongue, glistening in the sun.

Jody's penis had lengthened and become semi-erect in his trousers. He had
never seen the film before, nor had he ever seen such an erotic and
beautiful celebration of fellatio. He felt a hand moving up his inner
thigh to touch his hot, hardening penis. He looked down, gratefully,
expecting to see Linda's hand, but to his surprise it was Nancy's. His
penis jumped the last small distance to full erection, and then he looked
to the end of the couch at Rob and found him observing the by-play
smilingly. He motioned to himself and then to Jody, mouthing the words
"she thinks you're me." At that moment, Nancy looked up, heavy-lidded with
gathering lust, and then did a classic double-take as she realized her
error. Her face flamed and she quickly pulled her hand away as if it had
touched a hot skillet.

"Here," Jody whispered in her ear, determined not to let her linger in a
state of embarrassment, "let's swap places."

He slid from the couch to the floor beside Linda, as Nancy joined Rob on
the couch. The movie was very well done in some places and not so well
done in others. The story line was about two couples who go to a deserted
beach with no transportation back for three days with the intent of
exchanging partners and engaging in open sex as a foursome and about the
unexpected difficulties they encounter before attaining the openness they
were seeking. They engage in sex in every possible combination, except of
course between the two guys.

Jody and Linda kissed heavily and felt each other's genitals. Linda had
opened Jody's waist button and unzipped his fly and had her hand in his
briefs around his throbbing penis, and Jody had opened her blouse and had
undone her bra in order to massage her erect nipples. From the corner of
his eye he had been aware of similar invasions between Rob and Nancy.

As each of the couples lay in each other's arms for several moments after
the film was over and cassette rewound, Rob cleared his throat
experimentally and ventured into the open with the thoughts each of them
were concealing.

"I don't know if we'll ever be ready for that or if I even want to, but I
know we're not now. But, you guys, I've got to tell you that I'm horny as
hell and would like to make love to my wife. Jody, Linda, Nancy? What
about it? Are y'all up to it? Here? Now? In the presence of the

Jody was immediately re-aroused at the suggestion but was fearful. He
looked questioningly at Linda who was looking at him with a hesitant
interest. She saw the question in his eyes and swallowed a lump in her
throat and gave a slight nod.

"Uh, yeah. Okay."

No one moved in the sudden shyness that overtook each of them. After a
minute or so, they all looked at one another and fell into a fit of

Rob rose to his feet. "Well, looks like somebody's gonna have to make the
first move." He pulled his shirt from his trouser, unbuttoned it and slid
it from his shoulders, revealing his well muscled torso and deeply tanned
skin. He kicked off his penny loafers which he was wearing over sockless
feet. Next he unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers and let them drop in a
puddle around his feet. He stooped to pick them up and lay them aside. He
was clad in fresh white jockey briefs. His swollen genitals bulged
revealingly in the thin jersey pouch. Jody noticed that Linda's eyes were
looking with glittering intensity at the outline of the half-hard penis.

He was suddenly shy as he realized that the others were caught in a freeze
frame snapshot looking at him but that no one else had joined him in

"Jody?" he questioned.

Jody shook himself from his stillness and got to his feet. He stripped to
his bikini briefs, contoured by the genital pouch's being sewed in such a
way as to thrust his genitals up and outward. He felt somewhat comforted
and greatly flattered to note with a sideways glance that Nancy was
watching him with the same burning intensity that Linda had watched Rob.

As he stood almost naked in the middle of the room with Rob, Rob opened his
palms toward him in offering and began to sing the old strip tease song,
"Tah-dah-tah, duh-tah-dah-daahh, tah-tah-tah, tuh-dah-daahh-dah, bump!
bump! bumpity-bump!."

Jody, caught up in the spirit of the adventure, hooked his thumbs in the
waist band of his briefs and began to pull them down. His erection had
receded, leaving his penis fully extended and still swollen, but soft and
pendulous. As he pulled his briefs lower, he glanced at Nancy and saw her
watching, her eyes gleaming and her swollen lips moist and slightly parted.
Jody decided to play this strip for her benefit. As his reddish blond
pubic hair was revealed and her tongue snaked out to moisten her lips, he
turned slightly away, pulling the briefs lower over his round, muscular
butt without further uncovering his genitalia. Turning back he slowly
stretched the waist band lower revealing the base of his penis, then
slowly, tantalizingly, one more inch by one more inch as he could see her
pulse pounding in her throat. Finally, his glans popped into view, and he
quickly pushed the briefs to his ankles and threw them to a chair with a
flick of his foot. The foreskin of his penis partially covered his swollen
glans but not completely as it was left uncovered at its tip and the rosy
lips of his urethra pouted moistly.

He turned to look at Rob's progress and found him not far behind in his
striptease. Linda was watching him with a mesmerized dreaminess in her
eyes as he pushed his jockey briefs over his chestnut pubic hair. Jody
found himself watching the striptease more closely than he'd intended and
attempted to display only casual attention. The truth was that, although
he'd been around Rob's nudity in locker rooms and showers when they played
squash and tennis, he saw him with new eyes now that he was aware from
Rob's graphic description to Nancy that he'd paid more than casual
attention to Jody's own nudity. He was struck first by the fact that he
was tanned all over, even below his briefs and his genitals, and had no tan
lines. His muscles had good definition and were well proportioned. The
thatch of pelvic hair was soft and curling, covering an area no larger than
the palm of his hand, but otherwise his tanned skin, including the smooth
tanned skin of his scrotum, was hairless and appeared to be silky smooth.
Being uncircumcised himself, Jody had always had more than a casual
interest in the looks of circumcised penises but had never felt free to
indulge that interest by examination. Now he looked openly. Perhaps a
half an inch or an inch longer than his own but not quite as thick, it was
straight and attractively shaped. The glans was a rosy tan and, in its
uncovered condition, appeared much larger than his own cock head.

After he and Rob had completely disrobed, they stood side by side, similar
in size and proportions but different in complexion and coloration, and
looked at Linda and Nancy who still sat, partially clothed.

"No fair, girls," Jody chided. "What's sauce for the gander is sauce for
the goose, too."

Nancy rose and started to disrobe, and Linda followed her lead. Both of
them were somewhat hesitant at first, but after their top layer was
scattered on chairs and they were in their bras and panties, they continued
with alacrity. Like Rob, Nancy was tan all over, her breasts, her buttocks
and her pelvic area. Her breasts were small but well shaped with erect
rosy brown nipples. Jody was reassured in looking at her sparse pubic
growth to find that her blondness was entirely natural. Rob, on the other
hand, while certainly not appreciative of Nancy's merits, was much more
attentive to the womanly curves being at last fully revealed by Linda's
disrobing. Jody felt a flash of happiness and pride for her as she was
being so obviously admired. Her shapely breasts, though large, were
completely proportionate and stood boldly out without any sagging. Her
tummy was just rounded enough to merit the label of "luscious," and her
firm, rounded ass lived up to the promise conveyed by its shape in tight
blue jeans.

Now that all of them were fully unclothed, the mates moved toward one
another and embraced. Rob and Nancy sank to the floor and began to kiss
one another deeply, and Jody and Linda lay on the couch kissing and
stroking each other. Jody became erect under Linda's practiced touch and
began kissing and sucking her nipples as she grasped his shaft and began to
move the skin up and down, his foreskin covering and then uncovering his
glans as she stroked. Jody and Linda simultaneously became aware of a wet,
slurping sound and looked to Rob and Nancy. Nancy's thighs were spread
widely, and Rob's face was buried in her crotch as he kissed and licked her
vaginal lips and penetrated her with his tongue. Jody and Linda continued
to watch as Nancy held her husband's head to her pussy and lifted her hips
from the floor grinding her crotch against his mouth.

Just as it appeared that Nancy would explode into an orgasm, Rob raised his
head and moved his knees closer to her hips. Jody glanced at Linda from
the corner of his eyes. She was transfixed by his erection. As they
awaited his entry, Nancy sat up and took his penis into her mouth giving it
two or three wet strokes from tip to base and then lay back. He lowered
his glans to her labia and penetrated, burying his large penis fully in
Nancy. Linda moved her hand to her own clitoris and began to rub. Jody
followed her hand with his own and moved it aside as he massaged the
engorged protrusion and began to bury his forefinger in her moist opening.
Linda sped the movement of her hand on his penis and leaned down taking it
in her mouth, moving expertly from tip to base, sliding the covering
foreskin back on every descent and licking his sensitive glans thoroughly.

Finally, she raised her head and whispered to him, "I want your beautiful
cock in me, Jody."

Jody positioned himself between her thighs and prepared to enter her.
Before he could accomplish his purpose, however, they heard moans and
groans of ecstasy from the floor and looked to Rob and Nancy, Rob fully
inside Nancy, and the two of them in the throes of a simultaneous orgasm.
Jody entered Linda's moist vagina and they began to rock against each other
urgently as Jody's huge penis pistoned in and out of her like a precision
made machine. In less than five minutes, Jody and Linda came together and
Jody ejaculated copious amounts of semen into Linda's grasping nether lips
and lay gasping on top of her. When he raised his head a moment later, it
was to see Rob and Nancy looking at them, applauding with their looks and


The next day was Saturday, and Rob and Jody had a regular tennis game.
They had played two sets and had each won one. Another pair came to the
court before they had begun their third set and asked if they'd care to
play doubles, and so they teamed up to beat a really could pair three sets
to two.

Afterwards they decided to take a swim and then steam in the University
field house. They were the only ones in the steam room, and Rob broached
the subject directly.

"Look, Jody, that was really great last night. I was wondering, though,
what you would think about it taking it a step further."

"What do you mean?"

Rob hesitated. "I hope I can broach this with you without your getting
indignant, at least until you've heard it all the way through. What I'm
talking about is making the thing we had as two couples last night into an
open foursome."

"You mean swapping?"

"What I mean is an open foursome. Like that movie last night. Look, Jody,
I haven't talked about this idea with Nancy, but we have talked to about
you two. Yesterday afternoon we were messing around with some petting and
foreplay while you were mowing the lawn and we watched you. After we'd
made love, we started talking, and Nancy was so curious about you - what
you were like naked and how big you were and that sort of thing - that I
asked her right out if she'd like to make it with you. She admitted that
she would, but only if I knew and approved and could handle it. Jody, I
swear we weren't planning anything. Just talking. But when things
developed as they did last night, it made me start thinking about it. What
d'ya think? Would you like to make it with Nancy?"

Jody was giddy at the proposal. He couldn't believe it! How to answer
Rob's question. Suddenly he started to giggle.

Rob was puzzled and a little miffed. "What's so funny?"

Jody quieted his fit of laughter with an effort. "It's like the Henny
Youngman one-liner: 'Man comes up to me and starts telling me about women
going shopping. Take your wife, for instance, he says. And I said, Take
her! Please!'"

Rob snickered in appreciation.

Jody looked at Rob, serious now. "Rob, tell me the truth. Do you want to
fuck my wife?"

Rob returned the look with level gaze. "Absolutely!" he said. "But only
if you and Nancy both know, approve and can handle it."

Jody was surprised at the openness of the response. "Then, yeah, Rob. I'd
really like to fuck Nancy. You talk to Nancy, and I'll talk to Linda."

That afternoon after lunch, Jody told Linda about the conversation and
Rob's question. She was shocked but obviously titillated.

"What do you think, Jody?"

"I'm not sure. I told you yesterday that I'd like to screw Nancy, and you
told me you'd like to make with Rob, but I'm not sure about this. I guess
if we're honest about it and open, it can't be a betrayal. Question is
whether we can keep it on that level."

"Yeah, that bothers me, too," Linda said. "The other thing, though, is
that if it works it could make our relationship better and stronger."

Jody's heart leapt. He suspected that Linda was just rationalizing, that
the fact was that she wanted Rob to fuck her, and this looked like a good
opportunity without screwing up their relationship with deceit and behind
the back hanky-panky. And Jody himself was not above using phony higher
motives as a basis for doing something he simply wanted to do.

"Yeah. That's right. Look, sweetie, I'd be willing to give it a try if
you would."

Linda shivered at the commitment. "Okay."

That night they went out to eat and then to a movie. They let Linda and
Nancy out in front of the theater, and then Jody rode with Rob to park the

"Uh, Rob? I talked with Linda, and she's game to give it a try."

"Really? Great! Can we give it a try tonight?"

"Uh, sure, don't see why not."

When they arrived at the box office, it was to find that the seven o'clock
feature of the movie they'd wanted to see was sold out.

"That's okay," Rob said. "We can go back to our place. I think there may
be something better than a movie!"

Nancy looked at him puzzled, and then her face cleared. "Rob! You mean
what you talked to me about this afternoon? Jody? Linda? Is that it?"

Jody nodded, blushing furiously.

When they arrived at their duplex, they went into Jody's and Linda's
apartment, in Jody's mind at least, as much because they had a king-sized
bed as anything else. Jody locked the doors and carefully checked the
blinds and curtains. They gathered in the living room, awkwardly silent
and looking everywhere but at each other. To Jody's surprise, Linda made
the opening foray at disrobing. She looked down at the buttons on her
blouse and began unbuttoning from the top. When she had unbuttoned to the
waist of her skirt, she pulled the tails of the blouse from the skirt,
finished opening the front and then shrugged it off, leaving her torso
covered only by a bra from which her breasts threatened flight. She then
unhooked the waist of her skirt at the side, slid the zipper down. Letting
it drop to the floor, she stooped over and picked it up to throw on a chair
on top of her blouse. She kicked off her thin-strapped sandals, and since
she was not wearing panty hose, she stood before them in only her bra and
white cotton panties.

Only then did she look up to discover none of them had move to remove their
clothes but were all standing there looking at her. She shrugged her
shoulders and smiled. Reaching to the hook and eye between the cups of her
bra, she loosened it and shrugged it off. Jody, certainly no stranger to
his wife's naked body and its merits, felt himself becoming hard. Stepping
close to her, he kissed her long and deeply and their tongues lovingly
caressed first in her mouth and then in his. Stepping back from her, he
knelt before her and pulled her panties down as if unveiling a valuable
gift to visiting dignitaries. Linda stood naked before them, and Jody felt
his heart swell with pride at her unaccustomed bravery. He leaned forward
and reverently pressed his lips to her mons venus, dragging his wet tongue
softly and lovingly up her swollen labia. Then he stood and began to
remove his own clothing. As soon as he did so, Rob and Nancy emerged from
their trance-like condition and also began to undress.

When they were all naked, Jody looked at Rob questioningly and received an
encouraging nod. Upon questioning Linda with his eyes and receiving a
loving smile, he stepped in front of Nancy and held his arms out as if
proffering a gift to a queen which he hoped she would find acceptable.
Nancy looked at his naked body and smiled. Then she lightly touched his
muscular shoulder with her hands and ran them softly inward over his deep,
corded pectorals and then down his ridged stomach. She looked down at his
extended and swollen but still soft penis. She followed the light line of
reddish blond hair from his navel down to his softly curling pubes with her
fingers and gently grasped his penis. Jody sucked in his breath at her
touch and closed his eyes as she pushed his foreskin fully back from his
glans. His penis quickly began to harden. He placed his hand over her
vagina and squeezed softly as he unobtrusively inserted his forefinger
between her labia and unerringly found her clitoris. She gasped softly,
squeezing him somewhat more firmly.

Jody looked to his side and saw Linda and Rob engaged in experimental
foreplay and Rob's penis beginning to swell and harden in anticipation.
Jody returned his attentions to Nancy and stepped closer to her, pressing
his cock into her belly as he embraced her and bent to kiss her deeply.
Her arms went around him and she stroked his back and buttocks urgently.
Jody pushed her to the couch and lay on top of her, kissing her and
squeezing her small, perfect breast. He began to slide down her body,
kissing and licking as he descended. He gathered one breast into his mouth
and flicked his tongue back and forth across her swollen nipple. Moving
lower he kissed her stomach, thrusting his tongue into her navel. Lower
still, and his lips were in her blond pubes and his nostrils were filled
with the musky scents of her arousal. His tongue snaked out from his lips
and into her moist nether lips, finding her clitoris swollen and erect. As
he flicked it back and forth, she shuddered and spread her legs wider,
inviting him into further depths. His tongue entered her vagina and began
to lick its wall as he sucked at her clitoris and vaginal lips. Nancy
began to moan softly and breath raggedly as she placed her hands on the
back of Jody's head and pressed him to her. He did not want her come quite
yet and moved back up her body to kiss her lips. As she tasted herself on
his lips, Nancy became extremely passionate and, pushing him away and
wiggling out from under him, she held his hard penis and pushed the skin up
and down the swollen shaft, covering and then uncovering his glans with his

"Beautiful," she breathed softly, and sunk her mouth over it sliding her
lips almost to his pubes. She began to jerk him off in her mouth, her
tongue busily and deliciously moving over his glans. Jody pushed her away,
laid her prone on the couch and crawled between her thighs. Carefully
placing his glans between the lips of her vagina he slowly and luxuriously
began to slide into her moist vagina. Nancy placed her hands on his
buttocks and pulled him fully into her. He thought he would ejaculate at
that moment but was able to restrain himself and gather his will to hold
it. As he moved in and out of her, he looked at Rob and Linda on the
floor, and saw Rob's penis moving in and out of Linda's pussy, her vaginal
lips rubbing his cock as he withdrew and then being pushed inward as he
thrust forward. The sight excited him immeasurably and he began to perform
almost artistic coitus with Nancy. She was beside herself as the top
length of his penis stroked her clitoris fully on every thrust and
withdrawal. Her legs were now wrapped around him and she was grasping his
back urgently, kissing him in frantic arousal and continually groaning,
"Ohohohohohohohohoohohoh!" He felt her experience a shuddering orgasm as
her vagina spasmodically squeezed and released his throbbing shaft. He
removed his self-imposed restraints from his passion and his penis spasmed
uncontrollably and released pulsating jets of semen into her womb. With
the first hot splashes against her vaginal walls, Nancy experienced another
prolonged orgasm and then, as he continued to pump his cock back forth,
still another.

He heard Linda's tortured breathing from the floor and turned to watch Rob
bring her to pelvic and hip thrusting climax as he saw some of his milky
come slide down her hip.

They all lay in a state of complete satiation and recovered for several
minutes. Jody was the first to rouse himself, and he got up and padded
naked to the kitchen to return with four beers which he distributed to each
of them. Nancy had crawled over to lay in Rob's arms, and Linda held out
hers to Jody. He lay on the floor hugging her and looking down saw a small
pool of Rob's semen on her belly. He reached out his hand absently and
stirred it idly with his finger, and then looking up he saw Rob gazing him

As they sipped their beers, Rob said to the room, "I think we should
establish some ground rules. Nothing except pain is forbidden. Okay?" As
he got general assent, he continued, "If someone doesn't want what his or
her, uh, partner is doing, its okay to say so. Okay? No judgment or
condemnation, just honesty. And anybody can touch anybody, anywhere.
Okay? Okay! Anybody else got any rules?"

"Yes," Linda blushed. "Everybody bathes a lot and stays clean. No
squealing, and I mean none. And - excuse me! I don't think anybody will,
but it needs to be said - no messing around with anyone outside this group.

"Okay!" Rob said. "Anybody else?"

Jody cleared his throat. "Uh, what about when the others are not around.
Uh, you know, like Rob and Linda or Nancy and me. Permitted or not?"

That seemed to take everyone aback. Everyone was silent at first,
thinking, and then everyone tried to talk at once. What finally emerged
was that it would be okay but spouses were encouraged to tell their mates
that they had had intercourse with the other partner so that there would be
no suspicious speculation, and there would be no locked doors and no such
thing as unwelcome entry into any room of either party, no matter what was
happening between whomever.

Jody had built a gazebo in their backyard and had installed a cadillac of a
hot tub, and they all ran the short distance from the back door and climbed
down into it. It was lit around the walls and the visibility was good once
they were in. There was a shower on the side of the gazebo decking, and
each of them soaped up and rinsed off under the spray, and then sat sipping
another beer, and each spouse lovingly cleaned the last traces of semen and
vaginal lubrication from the other in the hot water.

Afterward, they all retired to Jody's and Linda's king-sized bed and fell
asleep in a tangle of bodies under the cover of a single flannel sheet.


Early the next morning Jody awoke with an erection brought on by the need
to urinate. He quietly crawled out from under the flannel sheet and
slithered down to the foot of the king-sized bed and stood up. Looking
down he saw the three sleeping bodies in the bed and recalled the events of
the night before. Rob roused and looked up at him confused. As he got his
bearings on where he was, he looked at Jody's erection and then solemnly
looked back to his face. Jody flushed slightly and turned and walked into
the bathroom to urinate. On his return he met Rob going into the bathroom
for the same purpose and in a similar condition. Rob also flushed and
grinned abashedly. Jody listened to the heavy stream of urine being
emptied into the toilet as he dozed back to sleep. He was on vaguely
conscious of a body reentering the bed and of warm skin touching his as the
bed shifted.

The sunlight was streaming into the window when he next awoke. He heard
the sound of heavy breathing - not the deep even breathing of sleep but the
heavy, gasping breathing of passion. He looked to his left and saw Rob,
with his back to him, kissing and stroking Nancy. Her hands were in his
hair as she pressed his face to her lips. He raised his head and slid down
to her breasts where he licked and sucked her nipples, his hand moving
beneath the flannel sheet on her pussy.

Linda awoke and looked across his body to what was going on. As Rob's head
moved down Nancy's torso, the sheet was pulled back slightly, but it was
still a hindrance, and Rob lifted it and tossed it to the floor at the foot
of the bed, leaving them all uncovered. He and Linda watched as Rob's head
moved down over Nancy's pelvis and the top of her pubic growth and as she
spread her thighs for easier access. Linda was laying slightly on Jody's
left side and he was stroking her nipples lightly as they watched.

Rob had not crawled between Nancy's legs, but instead was laying
perpendicular to her body, his face across her hips and his legs stretched
back across Jody's and Linda's thighs as he kissed and licked Nancy's
vaginal lips. Jody, aroused to a semi-erection by what has happening next
to him, kissed Linda deeply, closing his eyes as he stroked her breasts.
He felt her hand grasp his semi-erect penis and squeeze, but then he became
conscious that one of her hands was under his head and the other was
stroking his erect nipples. He opened his eyes and looked to see who was
stroking him, expecting to see Nancy's hand but vaguely aware of the feel
of a larger grasp and a harder palm and fingers.

It was Rob! His hand was grasping and softly stroking Jody's penis.
Inexplicably, Jody became almost immediately rock hard. He looked first at
Linda and then at Nancy. They were both staring at Rob's hand on his cock
and looked back into his eyes without judgment but with expressions only of
increased sexual arousal at Rob's actions.

Rob's penis was fully erect and was pointed directly at him as he lay on
his side kissing and sucking Nancy's vagina. Jody thought he saw
encouragement and silent urging in the two women's eyes. His hand moved
from Linda's breast to Rob's penis and grasped it. As he did so, Rob
raised his head and looked first at Jody's hand around his throbbing member
and then at his face. His hand tightened on Jody's penis and began to move
up and down in a more lingering and lustful manner.

Jody was amazed at his own lustful reaction. Rob's cock felt hot in his
grasp. He had never touched another male's erection before and had never
even looked at one with any direct sexual interest. But, now, suddenly, he
began to imagine all sorts of sexual implications. He would have liked the
chance to devote himself solely to the pursuit of those fantasies. He
wanted to grasp and squeeze the large, egg-shaped testicles. He wanted to
see the uncircumcised glans up close and examine the deeper hued tiny lips
of his urethra. He wanted to rake his fingers through the dark chestnut
pubic curls. Well, why not? He released the throbbing member and raked
his fingers through the soft pubic hair and reached lower and grasped and
squeezed Rob's testicles. He felt Rob experimenting similarly in his own
genital area and looked to observe the movement of Rob's hands on him.

Jody's mouth opened slightly and he moistened his lips with his tongue, and
his face flamed when he became conscious of a desire to kiss Rob's member
and even to put it in his mouth!

At that moment, however, Rob shifted his position and got to his knees
between Nancy's thighs, breaking Jody's grasp on his cock and releasing his
own grasp on Jody. He placed his throbbing member between Nancy's swollen,
moist labia and entered. Jody assumed the identical position above Linda
and entered her. As the two couples performed coitus side by side in the
king-sized bed, Jody looked to his right and watched as Rob's cock pumped
into and out of Nancy's grasping vaginal lips. He looked at Rob's face and
saw that he was watching the same action between him and Linda. Rob looked
up into Jody's eyes, his own eyes heavy with lust, and mouthed the words,
"Want to swap?"

Jody nodded his assent and withdrew from Linda as Rob crawled from between
Nancy's legs. Jody watched at Rob's big cock entered Linda, and he placed
his own at the Nancy's warm, dripping pussy and entered. As pumped in and
out, he thought how erotic it was that his cock was now stroking the
vaginal canal that had sheathed Rob's penis seconds before and that Rob's
member was now touching where his had moved. Nancy bucked beneath him and
began to climax, and he ejaculated copious amounts of semen into her as he
heard sounds from Rob and Linda indicating that they were also experiencing
simultaneous orgasm.

During the next several days, Jody could not rid his mind of the memory of
Rob's hand on his cock and his own on Rob. He was somewhat frightened of
the thought as he began to wonder about his sexuality. One night, a couple
of days later, he even awoke to a nocturnal emission conscious of having
dreamed of sexual activities between him and Rob. The thought became

They finished their final exams that week, and Nancy left to visit her
mother for several days. During her absence, Jody began to fantasize how
he might get Rob involved in a sexually active situation that might lead to
a repetition of last Sunday morning's experience and perhaps go even

Rob was eating all his meals with Linda and Jody, and after supper every
night they customarily watched a movie on the VCR. On Thursday night, as
they watched a movie, Jody began to kiss and stroke Linda with serious
sexual intent. Her hand was on his groin and his was in her panties as Rob
watched with gathering lust. After a few minutes of this, Jody sat up and
flicked the VCR off.

"Come on, Rob, let's go back to our bedroom and see what we can do to help
this girl." Linda laughed nervously in anticipation as they left the
living room and entered the bedroom. In the bedroom, Jody unbuttoned and
removed Linda's blouse as Rob unhooked and removed her skirt. She stood
before them clad only in bra, panties and thin strapped sandals. Rob knelt
and removed the sandals and then hooked his fingers in the legs of her
panties and began to pull. Jody was very turned on at the sight of his
friend removing his wife's panties and unsnapped and removed her bra, her
full, high breasts quivering into view as he pulled it from her. Rob had
buried his face in her pubes and was kissing it, his hands on her ass
pulling her to him.

He stood and led Linda to the bed and laid her back against the pillows.
He and Jody then began to disrobe, standing side by side close to her.
Linda was already highly aroused, and the sight of the two men disrobing
before her had her imagination running wild with the possibilities of both
of them making love to her at the same time. In moments the two of them
were standing before her clad only in their briefs, Rob in his white
Jockeys and Jody in the contoured bikinis he habitually wore. They were
almost identical in height and build but still so different in coloration,
penis size and shape, absence and presence of foreskins. Both of their
genitals were visible in bas relief through the cotton jersey, Jody's six
and half inch cock, thick and uncircumcised and Rob's somewhat longer and
thinner and circumcised. Linda's eyes became slightly glazed at the

"You guys could wear each other's clothes with no trouble, your so nearly
alike - at least where clothes fit." Her eyes continued to drink in the
beautiful male bodies.

Jody, seeing her reaction, knelt beside Rob and pulled his briefs slowly
down, exposing his genitals to Linda. "Do you like what you see, baby?"
Linda nodded abstractedly and licked her dry lips.

When Rob was naked, he knelt by Jody and lifted his jersey covered genitals
toward Linda. "Like?" he asked. He pulled the skimpy briefs from Jody's
hips and lifted his feet, one at a time, to remove them and toss them
aside. He then placed his hand under the bare skinned genitals and lift
again. "Like 'em?" he asked again. Linda nodded dumbly and licked her
lips again. Rob grasped Jody's penis and skinned it back. Jody became
immediately erect at the touch and movement and placed his hand on Rob's
buttocks, stroking them lingeringly before moving toward Linda. He climbed
between her legs and began to kiss and lick her vagina and suck on her
erect little clitoris. Rob was lying at her side sucking and licking her
erect nipples. Linda spread her legs further to allow Jody greater access,
and his tongue delved into the depths of her sweet vaginal canal, tasting
the secretions of her arousal. Coming up from her pussy, he saw that she
had Rob's penis in hand and was moving up and down upon it. He moved to
his knees between her thighs, pulled the foreskin down over his glans and
placed it between her vaginal lips which were now well lubricated by his
saliva and her secretions. She watched his actions with heavy lidded
anticipation and arched her hips toward him as he entered her. The lips
and wall of her vagina gripped the skin of shaft and peeled the foreskin
back so that his glans encountered her moist, hot canal directly and with
extreme sexual sensitivity. He entered her fully and began to pump in and
out as she thrust and withdrew to meet his rhythms.

Rob looked at Jody's cock entering and withdrawing with lustful interest
and climbed astride Linda's stomach, place his hard penis between her
breasts, closed them over it and began to thrust back and forth in a
fucking motion. Jody saw Linda's hands come around Rob's ass, grasp his
buttocks and pull him toward her. Rob looked down as her mouth opened and
she sucked his entire length into her moist mouth. Jody craned his neck to
see it. For some reason the sight of his wife sucking on Rob's cock as it
slid into and out of her lips excited him immeasurably. As he continued to
piston into and out of her pussy, he leaned his forehead against Rob's
buttocks and saw his testicles swinging with the motion of his pelvis. He
felt climax approaching and clamped his will power on the restraints
against climax. When he felt that he could delay no longer, he withdrew
and lay beside Linda as she sucked on Rob's big cock.

Jody whispered to them, "Rob, fuck Linda. I was about to come and didn't
want to yet."

Rob withdrew from Linda's mouth and crawled between her thighs and entered
her dripping pussy in a single stroke. Jody kissed his wife and whispered
to her, "Like it baby?"

"Oh," she panted, "to have both of you at once! It's - it's just so great.
Here, please! Let me suck you while Rob fucks me."

Jody slid his body up and thrust his penis toward her head. She turned and
took into her mouth. Rob watched with passionate lust as Linda sucked
Jody's beautiful member while he fucked her. Jody looked down between
their bodies and saw Linda's swollen vaginal lips dragging up Rob's shaft
leaving her secretions on his hard flesh. The pressure of suction
increased as she experience her third climax, the first having come as Jody
ate her and the second while he was fucking her, both of them having been
extremely violent because of the erotic ingredient of Rob's cock in her
hand, between her breasts and in her mouth. Now, Jody's cock in her mouth
caused a similar shattering climax as Rob fucked her. Jody could tell that
Rob was suppressing his own ejaculation by the grimaces of restraint on his
face. He withdrew and lay on the other side of Linda, and Jody climbed
between her legs and entered her yet once again. Immediately she had
another climax, and Jody ejaculated into her belly. At the first hot
splashes Linda experienced her fifth violent orgasm and lay quiet.

Jody withdrew, and he and Rob examined her closed eyes. "Linda?" Jody
called lowly.

"Yeah," she said she mumbled. "I'm sorry I'm just so satisfied and used up
that I can't stay awake. So sorry, guys. Later maybe." Her voice trailed
off and she slept.

Jody still felt horny, and, looking at Rob's pained expression of
frustration, he could tell that Rob was even more so. Too bad Nancy wasn't
here. Then Jody was struck by a thought that had tickled at the edges of
his imagination for the last several days, even during exams.

Getting up from the bed he motioned for Rob to follow him into the living
room. He gently closed the bedroom door on his sleeping wife, and went to
the living room windows and pulled the shades and checked the latch on the
door to make sure that it was locked. He motioned Rob to the leather
wingback chair that he usually sat in, and as Rob sat, Jody sat on the
floor in front of him. Looking at Rob solemnly, he touched his still
swollen but now flaccid penis. Rob audibly sucked in his breath at Jody's
touch, and as Jody grasped it and began to stroke, he became hard again.

Jody pushed Rob's legs apart and rose to his knees between them, sitting
back on his heels. He feasted his eyes on what was before him. The
chestnut pubic hair, the large, circumcised penis with its swollen rosy
glans, the heavy testicular sac with its two large egg-shaped balls. He
grasped the testicles gently and squeezed. A drop of pre-seminal fluid
oozed from Rob's urethra, and Jody touched his finger to it and spread it
over the broad, smooth glans. Then overcome with a desire that he'd felt
since last Sunday morning, he combed his fingers through the pubic thatch
as he continued softly to stroke and squeeze Rob's balls.

Rob slid forward in the chair and spread his legs more widely to allow
easier access to his genitals. Another drop of fluid oozed from his
urethra, and Jody looked up into Rob's eyes to see him looking at him with
a truly urgent expression on his face. Still grasping the base of Rob's
beautiful cock, Jody leaned forward, opened his mouth and took the broad,
swollen glans into his mouth, stroking it with his tongue in swirling
circles. Jody's first reaction to his virginal experience was to discover
that he loved the salty, musky taste of Rob's penis and its secretions. He
rubbed his tongue over the lips of Rob's urethra and sucked on the small
opening, hoping to coax another drop of fluid from it. Then, opening his
lips wider, he began to slip his lips over the glans and past the corona,
then down the throbbing shaft, passionately stroking the large vessel
underneath with his wet, seeking tongue as he moved downward. Rob watched,
his eyes widening at the extreme eroticism of the sight of his best
friend's mouth covering his cock. He brought his hands to Jody's reddish
blond hair and raked his fingers through it, grasping two handfuls and
holding it loosely.

Jody now withdrew and grasping Rob's saliva slick cock, moved it aside as
he dropped his mouth to kiss and lick his balls. He moved his mouth to
either side and licked the soft inner thigh between Rob's testicles and
leg. Rob moaned softly and stroked Jody's head and the back of his neck.
When Jody moved back to his testicles and separately took each one into his
mouth and stroked it with his tongue and flowing saliva, Rob almost wept
with ecstatic moans. Looking up into Rob's heavy lidded eyes, Jody moved
his mouth back to the large penis, licked and sucked the glans and was
rewarded with more of the delicious pre-seminal fluid oozing from the
urethra. He slid his lips back down the shaft, savoring the feel of the
soft skin covering the hard flesh that filled his mouth. When he felt
Rob's cock hit the back of his throat, he had already taken more of Rob's
length that anyone else ever had. Rob, watching with erotic longing,
reckoned that it was because men had bigger heads and more space between
lips and tonsils than women. Jody, on the other hand, was unhappy that the
glans had run into an obstacle without his getting it all, and he kept
pushing. As the cock filled him he swallowed while he pushed, and the
motion must've opened his tonsils because it slid past with no unpleasant
effects. Rob was amazed that Jody was able to take still more of his cock
into his mouth and even more amazed when he saw his nose enter his pubic
hair and he felt his friend's lips press firmly against his pelvis at the
base of his cock. Jody, breathed in the musky scent of Rob's maleness that
clung to his pubic hair and was aroused to further extremes of oral sexual

He began a steady piston motion with his head as he withdrew to the tip of
Rob's glans and then plunged downward to the base. Rob's hips were moving
gently in rhythm with Jody's movements, and he held Jody's head and stroked
his cheeks and the stretched corners of his mouth. Jody's suction was
exquisite, firmer than was normal with Nancy and what he'd experienced with
Linda shortly before, and his tongue seemed to be everywhere.

"Slow down, Jody!" Rob whispered. Jody slowed the piston movements of his
head to long slow strokes, but his tongue was busier than ever as his
flowing saliva bathed Rob's cock.

"Jody!" Rob said softly but urgently, "I'm gonna come any minute."

Jody withdrew his mouth from Rob's cock long enough to look up at him and
respond with passionate desire, "Go ahead, Rob! I want to taste your come!
Give it to me! I want it!" And with that he plunged his mouth back down
on Rob's penis and sucked with even greater urgency, desiring the taste and
feel of Rob's semen filling his mouth. Jody felt the shaft harden and
lengthen even further, and then it spasmed and jerked against his tongue.
The first jet went straight down Jody's gullet as he had "swallowed" Rob's
penis deep-throat style at that moment. He pulled back about halfway and
grasped Rob's shaft with his hand and squeezed and pumped softly as jet
after pulsating jet filled his mouth. He'd wanted to hold it all in his
mouth, but on the fourth and eighth jets he was forced to swallow as it
began to leak from the corners of his mouth and down his chin.
Nevertheless, he retained the ninth through the sixteenth jets in his mouth
and swirled it around Rob's still throbbing penis, extending Rob's climax
and uncontrollably prolonged ejaculation.

Finally, Rob said, as Jody continued to nurse at his softening penis,
"Better let go, Jody. I'm all used up for now, and my cock is starting to
get tender."

Reluctantly, Jody let the member slip from his lips with the wet, slurping
sound of released suction. He looked up at Rob, fearfully, wondering what
his reaction would be. He didn't have long to wait, because Rob leaned
forward and kissed him full on the lips, running his tongue into Jody's
mouth, tasting his own semen.

"That was the best orgasm I've ever had in my life, Jody. Thanks."

"I-I really liked it, Rob. I liked it a lot."

"I could tell. Me, too! Only problem is that I'd wanted it to be me
sucking you first. Instead I got your cherry, and I'm still a virgin."

Jody immediately felt his penis move at the unbelievably good news that not
only did Rob not think less of him for liking sucking cock, he actually
wanted to do the same to him. Nevertheless, he suppressed his arousal and
said, "Now that's good news, and I promise you that you'll get all you
want. But right now I'm kind of like you. I've fucked and been fucked,
and things couldn't be any better. Later?"

"Okay, Jody. Later."

Chapter 5

Nancy returned from her mother's the next day, and they had supper together
that night at the Martin's. After supper they sat in the living room
drinking snifters of Courvoisier, and Rob cleared his throat preparatory to
making a statement.

"Jody and I have something we want to tell you guys. I think the spirit if
not the letter of our rules requires it."

Nancy and Linda were attentive and interested. Jody thought he knew was
coming and his heart beat faster.

"Last night, Nancy, I ate dinner with the Parkers. After dinner, one thing
led to another and both Jody and I ended up making love to Linda." Linda
blushed at the memory and smiled at Nancy.

"At the same time?" Nancy asked.


Nancy looked at Linda and smiled. "Lucky girl! That's okay. But someday
soon, I want the same treatment."

"Well, that's not really all there was to it. Linda, you must have had
half dozen major orgasms, and I don't know whether you remember or not, but
you passed out or went into a coma or something when it was over.

Linda blushed and lowered eyes, but a remembering smile played around the
corners of her mouth. "Yeah, I remember."

"Well, Jody and I were still pretty worked up, and he'd had an orgasm but I
hadn't. Jody, is this okay?"

"Go ahead."

"Well, anyhow we went into their living room while Linda slept, and, well,
uh, Jody helped me to relieve myself."

There was silence and bewilderment as Linda and Nancy absorbed this piece
of information.

"What do you mean, Rob, 'helped you to relieve yourself'?" Linda asked.
"Did he jerk you off?"

Jody took a deep breath. "No, baby. I sucked his cock!"

Linda and Nancy looked at both Jody and Rob in silence and then at each
other, unsure what their reaction was. Jody had paled and awaited their

Rob intervened, "Look, I told y'all because the spirit of our relationship
is honesty. No secrets. Let me go ahead with the full load, then. I love
y'all. I love to make to love to you and so does Jody. But Jody's my best
friend, and I love him, too. Just as much as I do you two. Y'all are both
great to make love to, but so is Jody. He gave me the best cock sucking
I've ever had and the most intense orgasm. But that's not all. I've
already told Jody, and now I want to tell y'all. I think that I thought
about sucking his cock before he'd ever even thought about doing me. It
was just happenstance that he did it to me first. I'm gonna suck his cock
the first chance I get!"

Nancy and Linda looked from Rob to Jody and back at Rob again. Then they
looked at one another. Finally, Linda shrugged. "I guess its mainly your
business, but there are some things I need to know. Jody have you ever
done that - either way - with another male before?"

"No, I haven't, Linda."

"Have you, Rob?" Rob shook his head in denial.

"Did you like it, Jody?" Nancy asked.

Jody looked at Linda and then at Rob. "I loved it."

Linda blushed, "Did Rob ejaculate into your mouth?"

Jody nodded.

"What did you do with his semen?"

"I swallowed it."

"Did you like its taste?"

"I loved it."

"Do you still want to make love to me, Jody?"

"Very much. With Nancy, too."

"Do you think of yourself as a homosexual now?"

Jody thought seriously for a moment. "No, not really."

"As a bisexual?"

"Yeah, probably. At least where Rob is concerned."

"Do you want to keep on performing fellatio on him?"

"Yeah. I intend to as long he'll be willing."

They went through a similar interrogation with Rob and elicited similar

Afterward, Linda and Nancy went next door alone to talk for a few minutes.

"What do you think?" Rob asked.

"Probably caught them pretty much unprepared," Jody answered. "They may
have a hard time digesting it. I think most women are not used to having
their husbands and lovers go both ways."

"Are you angry that I brought it up?" Rob asked, placing his hand on Jody's

"Not really. Not now. I think I'm glad. I might not have told, but this
is better."

"What if they can't buy into it. Do we stop?"

Jody looked at him, fearfully determined. "I don't think I can unless you
tell me to stop."

Rob looked back at him, a fierce possessive pride in Jody shining from his
eyes. "I won't tell you to stop, Jody."

Jody smiled and placed his hand on Rob's genitals and squeezed teasingly.

"What if they draw the line? Either we stop or they leave us."

Jody flinched and he looked pained at that prospect. "I just hope it won't
come to that," he said.

Nancy and Linda returned after having been gone for almost an hour.

Nancy spoke first. "This brings up something we'd never anticipated, and
its sort hard to get hold of. We both love both of you, and you've been
honest about this. We think that its really your individual choices. It
maybe even presents opportunities. Certainly, it presents new
possibilities. But if we can accept complete openness about this and both
of you consent, then it forces us into a new level of honesty and openness
and frees us from the burden of hiding anything that takes place among any
of us from each other."

Jody and Rob both smiled, relieved. Jody stepped to Linda, and Rob to
Nancy, and they embraced and kissed. When they parted, Linda said,
"There's just one thing, though."

"What?" Jody asked.

"We've got to see you do it in order to seal what we both think is really
complete acceptance."

"Now?" Rob asked.

"Yeah, now," Nancy answered.



"Okay, then. There's just one thing, though."

"What?" Nancy asked.

"Jody and I made a deal last night. I get to suck him the next time, so I
go first. And I want y'all to remember now that I've never done this
before. Jody? If I'm not as good as you, I promise to get better the next

Rob and Jody then began to disrobe, each of them glancing at the other from
time to time. When they were both naked, they stood facing each other for
a moment, suddenly shy. Linda cut her eyes to Nancy and found her watching
what was transpiring with focused intensity. Rob stepped closer to Jody,
put his palms on the top of his shoulders, and pulled him toward him. Rob
kissed Jody, chastely at first and then with increasing passion as his
tongue sought admittance to Jody's mouth and was greeted by softly parting
lips and sweetly stroking tongue. Jody's arms crept around Rob's waist and
pulled him to his own body, his hands dropping to the firm round buttocks
and stroking suggestively.

Still embracing and kissing they slowly lowered themselves to their knees
on the carpeted floor, and Rob lay Jody on his back and hovered over him on
his hands and knees, continuing to kiss him. He stretched himself out,
half beside and half on top of Jody and began to slide himself downward,
kissing his neck, shoulders and chest and stopping to nurse at Jody's erect
tiny nipples. He continued his southward journey, French kissing Jody's
concave navel and kissing across Jody's pelvis from acetabulum to
acetabulum. Now he gave a long look to Linda and Nancy who were watching
avidly. He pushed Jody's thighs apart and crawled between them, propping
himself on his knees and forearms and rocking his butt back onto his heels.

He examined Jody's genitals and entire lower torso in painstaking detail,
often touching and stroking the object of his scrutiny with a feather light
touch of his fingers. For the benefit of the women and, he supposed, for
Jody's benefit and his own, he began a commentary on what he was doing and
how he was reacting in a soft voice.

"I've often watched you, Jody, in the shower or the sauna or the steam room
after we played squash or tennis, but it was always brief sideways glances
and never long enough to see all that I wanted. Now I can look all that I
want! I always wanted to look closely at your pubes. It's so soft but the
hair is short and I can see the skin of your pelvis! And I can smell
remains of your semen and Linda and, I guess, Nancy still clinging to it.
And this little peak at the top of the growth that I'm touching now! The
way that little line of reddish blond hair runs up to your navel. It's so

And this big cock. I'm gonna come back to it in a minute. The smooth skin
of your scrotum and the two big eggs you carry around in them. Gee, I love
'em. Here! I'm just pushing your cock to one side so I can get to them.
I'm going to lick and suck them, now."

Rob stopped his commentary as he licked all over Jody's smooth skinned
pouch and then sucked his testicles, one at a time, into his mouth and
laved it wetly with his tongue. When his mouth was free from its task, he
resumed his commentary.

"I liked that. Did you? I hope so and judging by how much larger your
cock has gotten, you must have. Now spread your legs a little. I want to
kiss and lick that little space between your thigh and balls. Yeah that's

Rob's nose and mouth disappeared as he pushed into the space between Jody's
thigh and testicles. Jody took up the commentary.

"Ohhhh. He's kissing and licking the tender part of my thigh and my balls.
It really feels good! Ahhhh. His tongue's really wet and warm. Ohohohoh,
it feels so good."

Rob raised his head and commented, "I like Jody's taste. I could've done
that longer, but I want his cock in my mouth. See that little glob of
pre-semen on the tip? I'm going to lick it off." His tongue snaked out
and licked it from Jody's urethra. "It tastes good. Kinda salty and sweet
and musky. Real sexy. I won't be talking any more for a while."

Rob lowered his lips over Jody's exposed glans and licked wetly. Jody
resumed the commentary. "His tongue is so wet and warm and he's sucking
just right. Aaggh! Yeah, that's right, Rob. Right under the head! Oh
boy! His lips sliding up my cock feel so good and he's more active with
his tongue than either of you girls and he sucks harder. Ohohohoh! Gosh,
that feels good. Watch now! He'll take the whole shaft in his throat."

They watched as Rob's mouth completely enclosed Jody's gleaming penis and
his nose pressed into Jody's soft pubic bush. His head began to bob as he
moved up and down Jody's throbbing shaft. Linda and Nancy began to rub
themselves at the eroticism of what they were witnessing. Jody placed his
hands on Rob's head and began gently thrusting to help the oral coitus. He
began to speak again. "Oh, Linda! I'm sorry, baby, but this is the best
cock sucking I've ever had. He's taking it all in and rubbing his tongue
on the under side the whole time. I don't think I can last must longer!
Uh-oh. Rob, I can feel my cock getting harder and longer in your mouth.
It's gonna be shooting any moment. Okay, here it is. Uhngggh! Aaghhh!
Yes, baby here it is!"

The girls watched as Jody's hips raised from the floor and the muscles of
his stomach rippled and spasmed. Rob opened his eyes wide at the first jet
of semen into his mouth, and then he closed them as he sucked avidly and
swallowed the results of his efforts in evident enjoyment. Finally, they
could tell that Jody had finished as his body relaxed, but Rob continued to
suck and nurse at the softening flesh for two or three minutes until Jody
gently lifted his head. Finally, Rob released Jody's penis with a soft,
wet slurping pop, and looked lovingly up the young red-head's panting
torso, his eyes still glazed with fading lust and his lips gleaming with
traces of Jody's semen.

Jody sat up and, pulling Rob to him, kissed him passionately, his tongue
delving deeply into his mouth and tasting his own come. Releasing him,
Jody turned immediately to Rob's throbbing cock and sank his mouth upon it,
engulfing it fully as he opened his throat to take the whole length. His
head moved rapidly as he rose and sank upon Rob's thrusting shaft with
passionate intensity, Rob holding his hands on Jody's ears as he pistoned
his hips. Within minutes Rob stiffened and ejaculated into Jody's greedy

Midway through Rob's act of fellatio with Jody, Linda and Nancy had begun
to be turned on sexually by what they were watching. First Linda, then
Nancy began to rub their hands over their own crotches. Nancy loosed her
shorts at the waist and stuck her fingers into her moistened vagina and
rubbed sensually as she watched her husband sucking his best friend's cock.
Linda soon followed suit, and then, gazing at each other in tacit
agreement, they peeled their shorts and panties off and spread their legs
as they masturbated with growing abandon. Next came their halters and they
were completely naked. Nancy stopped and watched Linda as she fingered her
dripping pussy, and, easing over beside her, she joined her fingers with
Linda's. Linda looked at Nancy, heavy lidded. She turned and kissed her
friend deeply and Nancy returned the kiss passionately. Nancy dropped her
head and began to suck Linda's left nipple as her fingers penetrated the
now slick vagina. Next she dropped her head to Linda's lap and kissed the
swollen labia and her tongue entered the steaming channel. By the time
Jody had finished sucking Rob's throbbing penis to ejaculation, they turned
and found their wives avidly engaged in passionate soixante-neuf and
watched stunned and excited as they tongued each other to shuddering


Soon afterwards, Jody and Rob reopened doors that had once connected the
rooms before the house had been converted into a duplex, and theirs became
an open marriage. One night Jody and Linda would sleep together and make
love while Rob and Nancy were similarly engaged, and the next it would be
Jody and Nancy in one bed while on the other side of the house would be Rob
and Linda. Then again Jody and Rob would engage in fellatio, either
alternately or soixante neuf, or on occasion in anal intercourse, while
Linda and Nancy were similarly engaged in cunnilingus or mutual

Over the months, they abandoned Rob's and Nancy's kitchen and took all
their meals at Jody's and Linda's. After a few months, as often as not,
they all slept in Jody's and Linda's king-sized bed and engaged in various
forms of sexual activity, often involving all four of them in various
combinations and chains.

In their last year in law school both Linda and Nancy became pregnant -
both by Jody it developed. Rob was not in the least upset. When the two
boys were born, they were interchangeable as to parentage in the minds and
hearts of both couples.

After the graduation, Rob joined Jody's father's firm and they practiced
together successfully - even brilliantly on occasion - sometimes as a team,
sometimes separately. Jody's parents were killed in a plane crash, and
Jody was their sole heir. Both were made partners after having practiced
only four years. They built houses next door to each other which, unknown
to all except an out-of-state contractor, were connected by a communal
basements, and they continued their arrangements as before. A couple of
years later, both Nancy and Linda gave birth to Rob's first children, also
boys. Two years after that Nancy gave birth to Jody's first daughter and,
the following week, Linda bore Rob's daughter, and still two years later
the parentage of two more little girls were reversed. By this time, they
honestly had trouble remembering which child had which natural parents, and
it didn't really seem to matter. These were the last babies, and Nancy and
Linda both had tubal ligations.

>From that point, it was as if the completion of their reproductive cycles
changed their lives. More and more often, Linda and Nancy found themselves
sharing their bed while Rob and Jody shared their beds in various acts of
fellatio and anal intercourse. Moreover, more and more often their growing
practice and the acknowledged effectiveness of their team approach took
Jody and Rob to other cities and states for extended trials, and on the
road they always shared a suite with two bedrooms, only one of which was
actually used.

All this had not gone unnoticed. Their families and then their partners
and their partners wives began to take note of the blended genes of the
children manifested in coloring and other physical features. This was
enough to raise eyebrows and incite whispers. But after a while, the
simultaneous absences of Jody and Rob for extended trials and depositions
also raised eyebrows. When their on-the-road housing arrangements became
known, people began to recall secret looks and touches that they had seen
pass between Rob and Jody. This caused them to observe the relationship of
Nancy and Linda more closely, and there they also discovered tell-tale
signs. Nothing like it had ever been seen or even heard of in Atlanta.

Finally, at a closed-door meeting of the core partners and decision makers,
Rob and Jody were confronted with the rumors. They were very calm and at
ease and neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, but the next week they
announced that they were leaving the firm and opening their own firm in New
York where a large number of their newer clients were headquartered. Jody,
by inheritance from his parents and grandparents, now controlled over 70%
of the family investment holdings and he also announced that the offices of
that closely held conglomerate were being moved to New York.

Six months later they had bought a building in New York and established
their new law firm with forty young partners and associates on two floors
and had ensconced the family holding company headquarters on the three
immediately above the firm's offices. The top floor was converted into an
eighteen room penthouse apartment where they and their blended families
took up residence.

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