Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chicago Foursome

Julie and I just returned from the most amazing vacation. We were
celebrating our seven year anniversary. We hopped a flight from LAX to
Chicago. We were greeted at the airport by our friend, Steve. We dropped
our bags at the hotel and headed out for dinner. It had been over a year
since Julie had seen Steve. I, on the other hand, had seen him a few
months ago when I was in Chicago on business. It was on that trip that
Steve and I had sex. Upon returning home, I told Julie all about the
experience and she was rather turned on by it. Since then, we have
another friend of ours, Ron, who now lives with us and the three of us
share a sexual relationship.

At dinner we became reacquainted with each other while eating some amazing
Italian food and drinking some fine wine. We openly discussed what Steve and
I experienced during my last trip, and we filled him in on our situation with
Ron. Steve seemed quite surprised that Julie was so "into" the whole

After dinner, we decided to go dancing. Steve took us to Fusion. The three
of us grinded on the dance floor. It was a sexy scene as Julie had on a
cropped, tight, white tank (showing off her beautiful chest and great
stomach) and tight leggings that allowed you to see the outline of her thong.
Steve had on a white pair of Dockers and a tight silver T-shirt. I had on a
pair of black Levi's and a retro shirt. I was usually dancing between the
two of them. Our hands were all over each other. Unfortunately, Steve isn't
into women at all, so my hopes of a threesome did not look good.

Julie excused herself to go to the bathroom as Steve and I continued dancing.
I took every opportunity to grope him. I was happy to find that he was not
wearing underwear. This turned me on and I realized that I HAD to have him
right then. I led him to the men's room and took him in a stall. I sat down
on the seat and undid his pants. His beautiful cock bounced out. He was
already hard! I took the head of his cock between my lips and stroked the
shaft with my right hand. I slid my left hand up his shirt and began playing
with his nipples. He put his hands on my head and soon he was guiding me.
Faster and faster. There was time for a loving blowjob later...he wanted to
cum now! He was fucking my face like this would be his last. Soon he was
erupting in my mouth. I loved it. I held his cock in my mouth while looking
up at his smiling face. I milked the remaining drops from his cock and he
tucked it back in his pants. A little wet spot appeared. I pointed at it
and remarked that it was the sign of a job well done.

We went back to find Julie. She was not on the dance floor. We went up to
the mezzanine. It was there that we found her. She was against the railing,
wedged in tight against a beautiful blonde, overlooking the dance floor. I
walked over towards her and she gave me our signal to give her more time.
Hmmmmm. I went back to Steve and told him what had happened. We decided to
step back and see what was to unfold.

Julie and the girl seemed to be getting along great. They did a lot of
laughing and would occasionally touch each other. Then I couldn't believe my
eyes, the blonde put her hand on Julie's gorgeous ass and began rubbing it as
they spoke! Julie then surprised me by pulling the blonde to her and giving
her a passionate kiss. Julie had just recently said that she had started
having feelings for other women.

I waved as I saw Julie look around for us. The girls walked over to us.
Julie introduced the blonde. Her name is Lisa. Let me tell you, Lisa is as
hot as Julie. She was wearing a little black baby doll dress, which showed
off her tanned legs. Julie suggested we all go back to our hotel. Well, she
didn't need to twist my arm!

It was an unusual scene in the hotel elevator. Julie and Lisa were all over
each other as were Steve and I. Steve's tongue was so far down my throat it
brought back memories of when we were in the bathroom stall! I noticed Julie
had run her hands up Lisa's dress, and her black thong and beautiful ass were
now in my view. As we arrived at the 17th floor, we all scurried into our

Before I had the door locked, Julie had Lisa's dress pulled off. We all
gasped at the sight of her amazing breasts. Lisa then helped Julie out of
her clothes as Steve and I undressed each other. We all pilled on to the
king-size bed. Steve took my cock between his lips as Lisa began eating
Julie. By the way Julie was moaning, I could tell Lisa knew what she was
doing. Julie was feeling her own breasts with her one hand, and she reached
over to me with her other. I grabbed her hand as a big smile went across her
face. She was in heaven! Soon she gripped my hand tightly as she came.

She and Lisa switched places and now I was seeing Julie go down on her first
woman. The sight was so powerful that I told Steve that I was about to cum.
He proceeded to swallow my load and then he came up and gave me an incredibly
passionate kiss. We lay there with our cocks between us, watching the
beautiful sight of Julie bringing Lisa to a wonderful orgasm.

After Lisa came, Julie crawled up and they began to fondle each other's
breast and kiss. It was a very erotic sight. I rolled Steve over on his
back and proceeded to go down on him for the second time of the night. This
time I was going to take my time. Steve has a beautiful, completely
hairless, body. I kissed his nipples, his stomach, all around his cock. I
then took his cock and rubbed it on my face, savoring the feel and smell. I
knew this was driving him crazy. I took the head between my lips and slowly
worked my way down the shaft until I could feel him in the back of my throat.
He began to moan. At this point I had no idea what Julie and Lisa were up
to, nor did I care. All I was concentrating on was getting Steve's load down
my throat. He tasted so good. I crawled over to Julie and shared Steve's
cum with her in a kiss.

At this point, we were all pretty spent. We fell asleep. I was between
Steve and Lisa. When I woke up the next morning, my cock was against Steve's
ass and Lisa's breasts were pressing against my back. Soon we were all
stirring. Lisa and I kissed and soon I was on top of her sliding my cock in
her pussy. Steve knelt over her head and I took his cock in my mouth. Julie
slid over by me and helped me suck Steve to an early morning orgasm. Soon I
was cumming in Lisa and Julie took that as her signal to get in a sixty-nine
with her. Soon they were both cumming.

Needless to say, the rest of our trip was very eventful! Please email me and
let me know how this made you feel. If you'd like, I can relate the rest of
the trip to you.

Chicago Foursome (Part II)

The four of us lie there in a pile on the bed. The sweet smell of sex filled
the room. I was the first one up. I asked if anyone wanted to join me in
the shower. Julie and Lisa were still coming down from their orgasms, both
kissing and hugging. Steve got up to join me.

While in the shower, we took turns soaping each other up. As I was washing
Steve, I took time out to admire his beautiful ass. It really is amazing.
I stood behind him and just cradled it in my hands. I sank to my knees and
began to plant little kisses all over it. I guess this had an effect on him
because he turned around and was rock hard. As the water pounded on my head,
I stroked his cock with my left hand as my right hand reached around and
played with his ass. I stuck my middle finger in his asshole and he let out
a little moan. Some precome appeared on the head of his cock. I love the
sweet taste of precome! I licked it up and that did it for me. My lust for
his cock pushed me over the edge. My lips wrapped around his cock as I
bobbed up and down, faster and faster. I kept working my middle finger in
his ass as he told me he was ready to come. Ahhhhh, once again I had Steve's
come in my mouth.

I finished cleaning him up and we went back into the room to find the girls
at it again. Julie was lying on her back with her legs spread while Lisa was
feasting on her gorgeous pussy. Lisa must be amazing because Julie was
experiencing so much pleasure that she was almost in tears. Julie managed to
whisper "come here" to me. I walked over and she had me straddle her chest.
She took my cock in her mouth and it was as if I could feel everything Lisa
was doing to Julie. As Lisa moved her tongue faster, so did Julie. Soon I
was ready to explode. Julie pulled my cock out of her mouth and told me to
come on her chest (something we do quite frequently). I then licked my come
from her beautiful breasts as Lisa brought her to climax.

After stopping by Steve's and Lisa's so they could get some fresh clothes, we
headed out for a day of sightseeing. We went rollerblading along Lake Shore
Drive. This was great as both Lisa and Julie both had on spandex shorts and
little work out tops, so blading behind them was quite a pleasure! After
working up a great sweat, we stopped on the beach for a little rest. The
three of them looked so good as their workout clothes were wet with sweat.
Steve took off his shirt as we all admired his wet body. As the beach was
rather crowded, I told them that we'd better head back because if we stayed
there I might do something that could get us in trouble.

We skated back to Steve's car. He dropped Lisa off, then us at our hotel
before heading home himself. We made plans to meet at a club called Berlin
later that night. Julie and I went up to our room. She told me that she
couldn't believe how much she enjoys being with Lisa. I told he that she
can't imagine how much I enjoy her being with Lisa! We took a little nap
before showing for dinner.

As Julie dressed for the evening I watched as she took extra time with her
make-up and choosing what to wear. She got the thumbs up from me as she
pulled out a real short, light blue dress that Ron, our lover, had recently
bought for her. It was extremely low cut and when she bent over, you could
see pretty much see her whole breasts. She pulled the dress over her head
and she was ready...and since she wasn't wearing anything underneath, I knew
what she was ready for!

We arrived at the club around 10:30. It wasn't very crowded yet. Neither
Steve nor Lisa were there. We picked at spot at the bar and waited. I
couldn't keep my hands off her, knowing the hot little naked body underneath
that dress. Soon Steve came in and joined us at the bar. He looked
delicious in his tight pants. You could clearly see the outline of his cock.
He gave us both a kiss. Lisa strolled in around 11. All I could say was
"Wow!" She was wearing a black catsuit, and it was clear that she wasn't
wearing anything else. Julie walked right over to Lisa and told her she
looked fabulous as she gave her a hug and kiss.

We all went out on the dance floor. Julie was being a bit possessive with
Lisa, so Steve and I grinded against each other as the two girls were lost in
their own world. It was fun to watch as for the longest time, Julie didn't
understand my bisexuality, but at that moment, I think she totally

I was grinding my crotch into Steve's ass. He turned around and whispered in
my ear, "I need you now!" He didn't need to twist my arm! We went into the
restroom, but it was way too full. We walked all around the club trying to
find a place we could take care of our luck. I found Julie and
told her that Steve and I were going back to the room. She said that she and
Lisa would like to come.

We left the club, I in Steve's car and Julie in Lisa's. During the short
drive to the hotel, I took Steve's cock from his pants and stroked it as I
kissed his neck. We parked the car and met the girls in the lobby. Lisa had
a big over night bag with her.

Once in the room, Steve and I kissed as Julie and Lisa undid my pants and
began a tandem blowjob. Wow! I was in heaven. This continued for a few
Minutes until Steve suggested we move over to the bed. Julie whispered in my
ear that she would like to have Lisa all to herself as it was our last night
in town. That was fine with me...I'd keep my hands off. Julie pulled her
dress over her head and then helped Lisa out of her clothes. Looking at the
two of them I regretting just saying that I'd keep my hands off!

Steve and I got into a HOT 69. This isn't a favorite position for me, but
tonight it really turned me on. I was lost in the moment. I had this big,
beautiful cock in my mouth as the gorgeous guy had my cock in his juicy
mouth. The more I thought about it, the hotter I became. I was soon pumping
my come into Steve's mouth. That was all it took for him as he returned the
favor and shot his load in me.

I turned around and we kissed as our softening cocks pressed against each
other and our bellies. That's a feeling I've always loved. Julie was now
moaning hysterically. Lisa had a strap on dildo and was plunging in and out
of Julie's pussy. What a sight! Julie was shaking as she came. She then
took the strap on a proceeded to give Lisa a fucking you wouldn't believe.
After Lisa came, we all fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning was sad as we said our good-bye's. We made plans for them
to come visit us in LA later this summer. Back at LAX, Ron picked us up. He
asked how our trip was and all we could say was, "Amazing!" Later that night
while in bed, we went into all the details with Ron. Julie and I would take
turns telling him and sucking him...but that's another story!

As always, please email me and let me know how this made you feel. If you'd
like, I could tell you more about Julie, Ron and me.

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