Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Delicious Treat

EP and I had been friends for years. Our families (we were both
married during those days) spent almost all of our free time together and
he and I usually ended up going to a XXX movie, a bookstore or both. One
visit, we went to a new drive-in theater which had begun showing XXX
movies. The action, both on the screen and in the car ahead of us, was
HOT!!! Finally, during a scene where one guy was fucking two girls at
once, EP took his dick out and began playing with it. I was hot too, so
when he suggested that I follow suit -- "don't strangle it" was how he
phrased it then -- I unzipped and began beating off. All the time we were
beating off, we were talking about the screen action, attitudes towards sex
on the part of our wives, and how damned horny we both were. My dick had
never been harder and I was just about to the point of no return when EP
looked over at me and asked, "Can I touch it?" My only response was to
reach over and grab his cock, continuing to beat him off, while he, in
turn, grabbed mine. I'm not particularly huge but when he said "GOD!", I
felt a foot long!!! After a few minutes, EP again looked at me and asked
if we could go somewhere else, saying that he had to see it closer and in
the light. I said "sure" and we left the theater.

Driving through town, headed generally towards his house (where we
could NOT go!) I began shaking with excitement. Although he and I had
always been close, and although I'd always wondered about his preferences,
it seemed too good to be true. Shortly EP turned off into a wooded area
about a mile from his house, drove to the center, and stopped his car. We
both had to pee, so we got out and, shyly at first, did so. Then EP took
my dick in his hands and proceeded to beat me off, whispering about how
nice and long my dick was compared to his (he IS fairly short, if that's
important) and how much he'd like to suck it. I was just about to tell him
to go ahead -- I'd never had a blow job of any kind then -- when I came all
over him. Tit for tat, I proceeded to beat him off after which we cleaned
up, sat and talked for a few minutes then drove on home. The incident was
never mentioned again during that visit.

A few months later, I again visited EP and his wife. My divorce was
final (my wife had decided that some young long-dicked stud was what she
wanted, so I let her have him!) and I was horny as hell. EP's wife went to
work the day after my arrival but EP stayed home. As soon as his wife was
at work (he called her to make sure), he pulled out an 8mm projector and
some films he had bought or borrowed. Picture this, if you will -- me,
horny as can be, no sex in almost three months except my hand and EP, tall,
slim, goodlooking, dressed in his bathrobe. Both of us sat down to watch
the films which weren't too bad. The first was a threesome, two guys and a
gal with the guys getting it on towards the end. While the film was
changing, I glanced across the room and saw that EP was slowly beating
himself off under cover of his robe. He looked at me and said what he'd
said before: "Don't strangle it, go ahead -- get it out!" I figured "what
the hell!" and did just that. The second film began and boy! was it hot.
There were three guys in a locker room -- all of them looked like they were
16 or so -- and they did everything to each other. About halfway
through, while one guy was fucking another who was blowing the third, EP
suddenly got up, walked over to me, pushed my hand away from my dick and
began blowing me. I freaked out! I had never had any kind of a blow job,
man or woman, and it felt great! His tongue began caressing the
mushroom-shaped head of my cock and he tried his very best to take all of
my 6 and a half inches in. While he was giving me this delicious treat, I
managed to reach over to him, under his robe, where I began playing with
his dick and asshole. After only a few minutes (I could have let him go on
forever, believe me!), EP told me to take my clothes off. I immediately
stood up and stripped while he went into the bedroom and came back, his
rigid cock bouncing ahead of him. EP then took the KY jelly in his hand,
smeared it all over my cock and his asshole, then asked me to fuck him in
the ass "hard". Well, I tried my best but to no avail -- he was just too
tight. You see, I'm only 6 and a half long but fairly thick and he was
just as nervous as I was, believe me -- he had always dreamed about doing
this with me but had only that morning, while jerking off in the shower,
decided that today was the day. We eventually gave up and just lay
together in the middle of the room, on the rug and with a fire going in the
fireplace (also!) I beat him off slowly, using the KY to make it as long
as I could before he blew his was and he, seeing my cock hard again, gave
me another blow job before finishing me off with his hand. It was the most
erotic episode of my entire life.

Do I have any regrets? Yes, most definitely. We got together several
times after that morning and always played with each other, then ended up
beating each other off. I never did taste his cock, however, and that's
what I think about now that I'm remarried (unhappily -- you'd think my two
wives went to the same (no-) sex school, it's been almost a year!) and
beating my dick every day at least once. Why don't I go out and find
someone else? I did -- a nice guy I used to work with. We only talked
about sex, however -- I didn't know until he moved to another state that
he's bisexual and wanted me desperately when we were together. I think I
knew at the time, however -- but maybe I'm just fantasizing. My friend EP?
He left his wife and moved in with his new lover -- the last I heard, they
were extremely happy. Oh, well -- at least someone gets to lick his

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