Saturday, April 4, 2009

David tells Sharon

Sharon and I have been friends for years. We've worked together in
the same firm, she as an editor and I as a writer and photographer. Over
the years and a hundred lunches we had shared our problems, laughed about
how our kids had grown up, offered each other advice and just been there
for the other. It was only natural that after our respective divorces that
we would end up seeing each other more often. Both of us wanted a measure
of independence, so living together wasn't an option, but after several
months of weekend movies and dinner out we naturally drifted into each
other's arms and became lovers. In all the years that I had known her, I
had never really seriously thought of Sharon as my lover, but when it did
happen it was fantastic.

As an older man, I had long since passed lusting for young women
and found my passions stirred by mature women. And when I first helped
Sharon slip from her dress in the dim light of my bedroom I was instantly
aroused for this woman. Both of us are in our late forties, and frankly
time has softened the once firm muscles and taut bellies. But the swell of
her breasts, her large firm nipples and the scent of her perfume welling up
from her lush body as I pressed against her in our first embrace engorged
my cock and gave me a youth that I hadn't felt in a long time. That first
night was heaven. I fucked like I was a kid again, and she screamed in
delight. It had been too long for us both. We were both uninhibited. No
sooner had I cum into her ample pussy, but Sharon was twisting about and
rubbing her face and lips along the shaft of my cock coaxing it back to
hardness. Long slow licks along the length of my cock, followed by
swallowing it to the pubic hair. She grunted and moaned with her mouth
full of cock willing me back to erection. Not to be outdone, I eagerly
buried my face into the heat of her swollen cum drenched cunt. I gripped
her ample ass cheeks and pulled her tightly to my mouth. My cream was
flowing white from the red lips and I lapped it up and flicked my tongue
inside to taste more. Sharon began to buck and spasm, her legs going rigid
and then gripping my head as she ground her pussy into my mouth. Soon my
dream of fucking her sweet hole again passed as I poured my cum into her
mouth. Slowly we both relaxed, continuing a gentle touching and kissing of
each other's sex. My face was slick with a combination of my sperm and her
own wetness. As we slid back up to face each other, I kissed her and
tasted more of my cum that wet her lips and chin. Sharon smiled with a
dreamy and far away look of a satisfied woman, and I felt very good to have
given her that feeling.

"No one has ever done that to me before" she said. "My husband was
good in bed, but he never went down on me afterwards. Before maybe, but
after orgasm that was it. I'm sure he would have thought his sperm was
poison." Sharon quietly chuckled at her observation, and then cuddled up
closer and stroked my chest and nipples, and then let a hand trace down to
my balls where she left it resting. My tired cock wasn't going to rise
again this night, but the wonderful intimacy still filled me with warmth
and love.

Carried away by the moment, I told Sharon something that I had
never shared with any woman. "Sharon, it was easy for me. I love the
taste of cum. I'm bisexual and have been all my life." The enormity of
what I had just said struck me as soon as the words were out. How could I
have been so stupid to tell this woman who I really liked something so
personal. But she didn't move or say anything and soon a gentle snoring
told me that my best friend had fallen asleep in my arms.

Over the next few months, we passed from best friends to best
lovers. Our lives were renewed and life became an everyday joy. We still
kept some distance and our own homes, but most nights one of us slept over
with the other. My frank remarks about my sexuality were long forgotten.
So I was surprised one evening after a bit of wine and a great dinner when
Sharon brought it up. Hell, I thought she hadn't even heard me that night
when I told her I was bi.

"Tell me what you like about sex with men" she said. " I know you
can't be gay. I catch you looking at other women but never see you
checking out the guys. Is it something in your past or do you still feel
attracted to men?" The questions seem to pour out of her. I went red in
the face, embarrassed by my earlier admission. But the truth is the truth,
and lying to Sharon would ruin the best relationship of my life.

"It's not something that goes away, Share. From time to time, I
have had male lovers. Not often but it's just something I enjoy. Going to
bed with a man is not better for me, it's different and just as satisfying
as sex with women. I've never gone seeking a man, they just come into my
life from time to time." I knew that none of what I was saying probably
made any sense to her, and the look on her face told me that she was not
exactly satisfied with my explanation. I knew what her next question was
going to be before she uttered it.

"Are you seeing someone now, now that we are together."

"No, no one Share. I promise you. Look the last time I got
together with a male friend was a few months before we began seeing each
other. We haven't done it since that time. But we still play golf along
with a couple of other guys in a regular foursome and I talk to him on the
phone. We're good friends still, but not sexually. Anyway you already
know him, it's Greg." To make matters worse, I began to get a hard-on
thinking about Greg while Sharon was grilling me about being bi. I shifted
a bit on the sofa to try and hide the obvious, but she noticed anyway,
putting her hand in my lap and rubbing my cock through my shorts. "Well,
it's obvious some guys still turn you on, Honey." She purred as she
gradually brought my cock to erection. "Look, David, it's okay. I don't
feel threatened by any of this. I know you love me. I just need to think
about what this means for us. You're a wonderful friend and the best lover
I've ever had in my life. I don't want to change any of that. But the
mental images of you having sex with another man are a lot for me to cope
with right now." And having said that, Sharon bent down and brought my
cock up to her lips. As the warmth of her mouth enclosed me, I leaned back
and thought of some of the times Greg and I had done this very same thing.

The following evening after a day that left us both so tired that
sex was the farthest thing from our minds, Sharon and I just cuddled on the
sofa, sipped a little wine, smoked a few cigs and listened to the music. I
lay back resting my head in her lap and she stroked my chest while we
unwound from our day. "I think it's a turn on for me." She opened the
conversation. "I've had a couple of encounters with women ages and ages
ago. You know college, that sort of thing. I thought about you and Greg
all day, and it made me all tingly and warm. Tell me about it."

"Well Greg wasn't my first of course. I used to wrestle in the
nude with my brother when I was a teenager. We both would get a hard on
but we never did anything about it. It wasn't until the end of college
that a guy came on to me, and I ended up back at his apartment for the
night. It was private and quiet and he was beautiful. He gave me the most
wonderful blowjob, and afterward more out of duty than desire I sucked his
cock in return. But as soon as I had him in my mouth I was hooked. I
loved the feeling of both firm and silky smooth. The pulsing of his flesh,
the scent, the groans coming from him as I moved my mouth up and down his
length. I just totally lost myself in the moment, taking him all the way
in my mouth and down into my throat. He came without warning, but the cum
tasted good to me. I woke up in his bed the next morning, but instead of
guilt realized that I had just opened up a world of new possibilities.
Anyway, he and I had sex together many times through the rest of the year.
Mostly it was sucking each other's cock, but we did have anal sex a couple
of times. After graduation we lost track of each other, and my sex life
was back with girls again."

"Is that what you and Greg are like?"

"Not really. Greg is a little different. He says he's bisexual
but sometimes I wonder where he is really coming from. Sex with him is
more one sided. He gives and I receive, but nevertheless I enjoy it

"Go on, tell me more....this stuff is a turn on for me." Sharon
bent forward and kissed me, flicking her tongue along my lips. I reached
up and unbuttoned her blouse and let her breasts fall free toward my face.
Her nipples are unusually long and very sensitive. Her breasts sagging a
bit with age swayed above me. I grabbed a breast and brought the large
succulent nipple to my mouth and began to suck up and down its length.
Like a small cock, it hardened in my mouth and I thought of how Greg's cock
felt when he pushed it between my lips. "Tell me more." She murmured and
then groaned as I rolled my tongue around the aroused tip of her breast.

Stopping my licking for the moment, I continued my story of Greg
and I. "He is very dominant in bed. Nothing like pain or any of that
stuff. But he is in charge, very male. And I learned to just go with it.
He loves for me to suck him but it always ends with him humping into my
mouth like it was a woman's cunt. He gets real excited and rolls me on my
back, straddles my chest, holding my head he then strokes into my mouth.
There is nothing subtle about blowing Greg." Sharon had reached beneath
the fold of her skirt and was slowing massaging herself as I told her about
my bisexual lover. It was obvious that she was very turned on by my little

"How do you feel when he's fucking your mouth like that?" Another
groan from my lover as her fingers pickup the pace. I roll over and plant
my face over her lap and nuzzle into her groin. Through the fabric and
feel the heat and smell the scent of her sex. "David, stop..........tell
me more. Later." Rolling back to face her I can see her face is red and
flushed as she approaches her self induced orgasm.

"Greg always jacks me off with his hand. No oral stuff, ever.
Sucking cock is simply not his thing. But he loves my blowjobs. And his
cock is gorgeous. Uncircumcised and thick at the base, it tapes toward the
end. I love flicking the foreskin back with my tongue to expose the head,
and then feel him grow and thicken in my mouth. Come on Sharon, I don't
need to tell you. You love to suck me. It's the same." And with that,
despite the tough workday and my tiredness, the two of us were lost in each
other's arms. We never even made it back to the bedroom. Telling Sharon
about sucking Greg had made my own cock hard as granite and craving her
pussy. I slipped into her fold easily, and felt that special fire when the
woman is totally aroused. Sharon climaxed instantly, thrashing on the sofa
beneath me. She pushed me out of her, grabbed my hips and pulled my slick
cock to her mouth. I straddled her just like Greg would straddle me;
sitting astride her breasts I pushed down into her mouth and buried myself
in her throat. Sharon scratched and clawed at my back and buttocks, as she
tried to push me deeper into her face. And then I came, pouring my cum
into her greedy mouth. She groaned and sucked, bringing pain to my over
excited cock head. Finally, covered in sweat and immensely satisfied, I
pulled free of her lips leaving a trail of cum around her mouth and chin.
I swooped in and attacked her with my lips, loving the taste of my sperm
and locking into a deep kiss.

"God, but that was good stuff...." She finally came up for air.
For a long time neither of us said anything more but just slowly calmed
down. We simply held each other.

More time passed and I awoke and felt Sharon stroking my head and
face. Lovingly. It was late in the night, the music on the player long
since over, our clothes rumpled around us. I was drained but hugely
satisfied. My lover seemed lost in a dream as she idly brushed her fingers
around my ear.

"Your story was intriguing David. Erotic. And I would like to
hear more. Maybe I could tell you about my college roommate, and the
things that she and I did together. But David, I would like something
more." She paused and considered what to say next. I knew before she even
uttered the words. "David, bring Greg over for dinner soon. I want to see

"See what, Shar?" playing dumb with her. I knew full well that she
was a voyeur. The story alone would never satisfy her curiosity. She
needed to watch the men make love, and if she watched I knew she would want
to join. I mulled this over and thought of all the possibilities. Could
my cock actually be getting hard again after what Sharon and I had just
been through?

Ends part one.

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