Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Crew

As the foreman of a small road crew in a small town, I really have a lot
more roles to play than just foreman. The population of the area is such
that if I had very much turn over in the group it would be really hard
to continually find qualified people to do the work. So the mental file
that I keep on the various crew members goes above and beyond any
traditional boss-employee relationship.

My biggest problem on the crew is Jim. Jim's a good friend of mine, and
it's probably a good thing for him that he is. No other boss would put
up with as much shit from him as I do. He's bisexual, but that's not
really the problem. The real problem is that he's married and he's a

I didn't know he was bi until the summer that the supervisor's son hired
on to do temp. work, summer vacation replacement, and that sort of
thing. Ray, the supervisor told me that his son was in school to be an
architect and really had no interest in construction but he was a well
built young man, able to handle the physical labor, and knowledgeable
enough about the work (presumably from watching his dad for much of his
life) and would be a good addition.

Ray said that he wanted Tom on my crew because Tom was gay and very out
and not about to "keep a lid on it." Ray said he thought that my crew
was the best one for him to make good summer money without having any
unexplained accidents. There were one or two extremely intolerant people
on most of the other crews.

I don't know if Ray knows that I'm bi or not. He has never said anything
about it. In the five years since my wife died I've had a couple of
discreet affairs with women, men, and couples in the area. I guess I've
been avoiding anything serious since Jill died.

Anyway, I told him that Tom would have a good summer and I made it
pretty clear that I wouldn't stand any shit from the crew where Tom was
concerned. They all acted pretty insulted that I would even feel like I
had to say anything.

A couple weeks into the summer I went looking for Jim and found him
blowing Tom inside some of some cement sewer pipes that were stacked on
the edge of the site. I watched the two of them for quite a while. I was
good and hard by the time Tom blew his load in Jim's throat and I
briefly considered joining them, but I thought better of it. I just
quietly walked away before they knew I had seen them, but later told Tom
that a little more discretion was probably wise. I didn't bother saying
anything to Jim because I didn't really want to embarrass him and
because it would have been a little like talking to a wall.

I guess I knew he was a slut when I hired him. He wasn't married then. I
think he married Glenda because he got her pregnant. She's an incredibly
fine looking woman. She's tall, about 5'10" or 5'11", slender, "auburn"
hair, and a really sweet personality. Not the sharpest knife in the
drawer, but on that point a good match for Jim. He's not exactly
cerebral either.

He usually had affairs with young women just a few years out of high
school and not noted for their brilliance. I never could figure out what
they saw in him because I knew exactly what he took home and the car
payments and mortgage would not leave very much in the way of
"disposable income." Neither could I imagine that he was an extremely
courteous lover. He was an OK looking guy but not that great.

Glenda worked PT as a waitress in the local diner. I could not imagine
that working there, the town's social hot spot, so to speak, that she
could be ignorant of Jim's indiscretions. This fact was confirmed the
fall after the summer I mentioned above. I was having a solitary dinner
in a booth in the back of the diner reading the morning paper when
Glenda sat down at the table.

The nasty weather outside was dampening the dinner business and so Art,
the owner of the place told her she could go home early.

"Hey, Glenda, you done for the night?" I laid the paper down on the
bench next to me.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Waiting for the rain to let up to go home?"

"I'm don't really want to go home."

I didn't really want to continue down this road, but there wasn't much I
could do without being impolite. "Oh?" I said, as noncommitally as I

"Anna is at my Mom's house for the week." Anna was their little girl.
"Jim isn't expecting me home 'til 10:00 or 11:00. If I go home right
now, she might be there."

I really, really wanted to find a way out of this conversation but I
heard myself say, "And 'she' would be?"

"Who ever. I think that this week it's the Matson girl, Debbie I think
is her name. Might be someone different by now. What fucking difference
does it make?"

So I'm sitting there in a booth with a woman whom I was always on
friendly terms with, whom I find attractive, whose husband works for me
and counts me among his friends, and I'm watching myself slide down this
slippery slope to somewhere I don't want to be and I find myself
powerless to stop. What I wouldn't have given for some pressing social
engagement at that moment.

"You think Jim is being unfaithful to you?"

Glenda looked at me with a look of pure malice. I was trying to stay out
of this, goodness knows I was. "Look," she said, "I wasn't exactly the
valedictorian, but I'm not fucking stupid. Jim fucks anything that will
lie down long enough. Lately that hasn't been me, so it has been just
about anybody else. Hell, he'd fuck Mrs. Ross if she'd let him."

Mrs. Ross was a local octogenarian. She missed her husband quite a bit
and was hurrying herself into the grave beside his with massive doses of
alcohol at frequent intervals. The result was, shall we say, not
attractive. She was the subject of a good deal of idle chatter.

"What makes you think he'd go to your house with a girlfriend? Seems
pretty foolish."

"Well she still lives at home and her Dad would shoot them both. The
rain will keep them from doing it outside somewhere. I've found evidence
that he's done one of his little sluts in our bed before on my late
nights here. The pig."

"So why don't you dump him?"

"Right! Like I'm going to raise a kid on a part time waitress salary.
Like he's going to pay child support regularly and reliably. Like there
are a bunch of winners to pick from in the single men in this town. I'm
better off living under his roof, paying bills before he figures out
that his check is in, and pretending he's a landlord or something that
sleeps in my bed occasionally."

She was on the verge of tears at this point. "If you had resigned
yourself to that, you wouldn't be this angry. Do you still love him?"

That did it. The tears were streaming down her face as she choked out,
"Yeah. God help me, I do still love him."

There were only one or two patrons in the place, but the storm outside
no longer seemed to hold their interest so I felt like all eyes were on
us. "C'mon, lets go somewhere."

"There's no place we can go where people won't talk."

"Hey Art! Art! I'm gonna drive Glenda home."

Glenda usually walked to work. It was a good dozen blocks away, so no
one that knew her would think anything about me driving her home, even
on a good night. Of course her husband's boss would volunteer to drive
her home in the pouring rain.

"So, where are we going?" Glenda asked, once we were pulling out of the
drive way.

I heard myself saying, "I don't know, my place?" She just nodded. I
didn't really want to take her to my place, or anyplace else where we
would be alone. She was in a vulnerable emotional state, was looking
damn fine even in the polyester waitress outfit, and I was feeling
particularly horny just then. But any public place that I took her too
would cause a stir that I knew I didn't want. So we drove to my place in
silence and maintained the silence until we were in the kitchen.

"Can I get you anything?" I asked.

"You still drink scotch?"

"I do."

"I'll take some of that. No ice."

I got out a couple of glasses and dropped a couple of cubes in mine and
splashed a little scotch in each glass.

"Are you almost out?"

"Huh? Oh, no... I just, uh..."

"I'm going to need a little more than that."

I looked up at her. I realized that I had been avoiding looking at her
since before we left the restaurant. I knew what I would see. She really
was a fine looking woman. I preferred her hair cascading down around her
shoulders to put up the way she had to do at the diner, but up that way
did accentuate a strong, beautiful face that would, more than likely,
continue to be beautiful after she was a grandmother. Her skin was fair
and delicately freckled. Those huge green eyes that I had always loved
to stare at, but that had never seemed to mirror my passion.

She had large breasts, and that tall slender frame gave her sort of a
Barbie doll look that even the hideous polyester waitress uniform could
not hide. I spent many an hour in high school fantasizing about making
love to this woman, and those fantasies were returning to my mind in
full force now, some fifteen years later.

I poured a couple of fingers worth in the bottom of the glass. She
gulped it down in a single swallow and put the glass down for me to
refill. She quickly downed a couple more and then said, "God! I hate the
smell of this uniform after I'm done working. Can I borrow your shower?"

"Sure, no problem."

"Do you have something I can change into when I'm done?"

"Um, I've cleaned out most of my Jill's clothes. She was a lot shorter
than you anyway, so not much would have fit, but go ahead and use the
master bath. The closet is right there in the bathroom, and I've got
some robes and stuff. Wear whatever you like."

I sat down on the sofa, sipped my scotch, and tried not to think about
Glenda. I tried not to imagine her long, slender fingers soaping her
big, soft breasts. I tried not to imagine the delicate pink and white
patterns of freckles in the places where "the sun doesn't shine." By
the time Glenda emerged from the shower and returned to the living room
I had about half a start on a buzz and an equally good start on an

She was wearing one of my heavy flannel shirts. From the look of things,
it's all she was wearing. I have to say she looked a good deal better in
it than I ever had. She had stopped off in the kitchen and refilled her
glass with scotch.

"What are you watching?"

"Oh, uh, nothing. News."

She sat down next to me on the sofa and pulled her feet up. She tucked
the flannel down into her lap but not before I had gotten a brief flash
of bush. Her eyes told me that it was deliberate. "I put my clothes in
your washer. I hope you don't mind. I have to work again in the morning
and I don't know if I'll get to it at home."

"Not a problem." Well, she'd be here for at least an hour now.

"Thanks for letting me come over here. If she had been at my place, or
if I thought she had been while I was out... I just don't think I could
handle it today."

"Not a good day, huh?"

"Not a good day at all," she said. She added, "Until now," and laid her
head down on my shoulder. The smell of her freshly shampooed hair filled
my nose. My heart was racing. I felt like a teenager on my first date.
This wasn't the first woman I had been close to since my wife died, in
fact, not even the first woman on this very couch. So why was everything
she did turning me on so much?

I planted a delicate kiss on the top of her head. She picked up my arm
and snuggled in underneath. I looked into her eyes again and felt myself
drawing her close. I closed my eyes and our lips met. It was electric,
but at the same time it was soft and unhurried.

"Listen, I," I stumbled over the words, "I don't want you to think that
I brought you up here so I could..."

"So you could what?" There was mischief in Glenda's eyes and she was
grinning at me.

"Well, you know, take advantage of your, uh, emotional state."

"You didn't?"

"No! Certainly not."

"Because I came up here so you could." To emphasize her point she gently
cupped her hand into my groin and squeezed. She was staring straight
into my eyes. My head started spinning and I had to set my drink down to
keep from spilling it. It wasn't half an erection now.

"And I'm not drunk, either." She slipped a hand inside my shirt and
deftly undid a couple of buttons. She ran her fingers through the hair
on my chest and gently sucked at one of my nipples. I laid back on the
sofa and closed my eyes. She lazily undid the rest of the buttons on my
shirt, then started on my pants. When she had them unzipped and
loosened, she straddled me and pulled them off along with my underwear.

Standing above me she removed the flannel shirt and gave me the first
view of the body that had been a part of my dreams since puberty. The
breasts hung somewhat lower than they probably had fifteen years ago,
but the look was none the worse for wear. I certainly never would have
guessed from looking that she was in her thirties and a mother.

She climbed on top of me and our lips met. Once again it was electric,
like I hadn't been kissed in years, but this time there was an urgency
and a passion that hadn't been there seconds earlier. She mashed her
breasts against my chest and moved against me, grinding her hardened
nipples into my chest.

She maneuvered herself expertly down, guiding my hardened dick into her
moist pussy. She was warm, wet, and ready for me. She moved her body
rhythmically against mine and continued to kiss, lick, and suck on my
face and neck with a passion I had not felt in a long time.

I tried to move with her but she stopped kissing me just long enough to
say, "Let me." I really did not want to come like a jack rabbit, but the
results of her grinding her breasts and pelvis into me combined with the
fact that I had been in lust with her for as long as I had were quickly
moving the matter out of my control.

"Slow down. I don't want to come yet."

"But I want you to," was her reply. She didn't have to wait long. I felt
the knot in my balls and I came in a couple of hot, thick, intense
squirts. My cock is incredibly sensitive, after, but she kept grinding
away, and I endured it, until I was too soft to stay in.

"Did you have an orgasm?" I asked.

"No, but its OK. I don't usually." she said.

No it's not OK," I said, and I lifted her up and lay her down on the
sofa. The area immediately surrounding her vulva had the pubic hair
trimmed short, but not shaved. The scent of my own semen mixed with her
own musky female odor; the combination must surely be the ambrosia of

I slid my middle two fingers gently into her pussy and began massaging
her inner walls while at the same time licking, sucking, and kissing the
delicate folds. Every so often I would use my fingers to spoon a
generous amount of our mixed juices out and smear them around her pubic
mound where I would greedily lick them up.

Soon she was arching her back, moaning, and bucking. I was starting to
get hard again. God, it really was like being a teenager again. I
continued to lick and suck and finger her sweet pussy until the bucking
became so violent that I feared she would break my fingers if I left
them inside her any longer. I pulled her face to me and kissed her, she
greedily licked at the remains of our mixed juices on my mouth and face
for a bit and then stopped.

We two laid together in perfect bliss and silence for a few minutes,
then she said, "Will you make love to me again, in your bed, slower this
time." I wordlessly lead her to the up to the bed room.

We fell into bed together and kissed and fondled each others bodies. We
pushed and squirmed against each other face for a while. She was still
wet from before, and anxious for more, so as soon as I got hard she took
me inside and we kissed and writhed and moved together some more.

She pulled away and rolled over and I entered her from behind. In the
spoon position I could massage her breasts with my hands as I slowly
humped her, and I kissed the back of her neck and shoulders. This
position lasted several minutes before she pulled herself from me again
and pushed me down on my back where she mounted me in an upright

Once again I massaged and fondled her breasts as she slowly,
deliberately fucked me. Eventually, her movements became faster, harder,
towards the end almost spastic. The rapture on this woman's face was
more than I could handle, and I erupted inside her as she impaled
herself erratically on my cock.

Soon after I came inside her she collapsed in a heap on my chest. We
both fell asleep that way. I was startled awake some time later by
Glenda's voice. "Fuck!" she said, "It's almost fucking midnight!" She
jumped out of bed and ran to the laundry room and tossed her uniform in
the dryer, then rushed back past me to take another shower. I put some
clean clothes on and tried not to say anything stupid while she rushed
around, then I drove her home in silence. She kissed me quickly on the
cheek and said, "Thanks, that was great. Sorry to be in such a hurry,
bye," and was gone.

The next day, I was sitting on the tailgate of the truck, munching on a
PBJ, and staring off into space when Jim startled my by plopping his ass
down next to me. Normally, the crew gets pretty solitary at lunch,
perhaps because its the only break we get from being with each other all

"Where'd you go with Glenda last night?"

I paused for a second while carefully considering my answer, "Is that
one of those questions like, 'Have you stopped beating your wife yet?'
that has no good answer?"

"No, no. We've been getting along shitty for months, not fighting
really, just not talking much, and not fucking at all. So I thought that
with the kid at her mom's house we could, I don't know, talk about it or
something. I bought a bottle of her favorite wine and waited 'til way
past when she usually comes home and then went looking for her. Art said
she'd left with you hours ago."

I decided that it just wouldn't do any good to try to bullshit Jim in
this case, so I tried a more direct approach to throw him off the
questioning before he asked me something that I didn't want to answer.
"Yeah, she didn't want to go home early because she might find you
fucking Debbie Matson. Said she couldn't handle it."

"Oh fuck! You mean she knows about that?"

"You're not the model of discretion."

"Yeah. I'm a shit. I don't deserve her." He was quiet for a bit. I
thought maybe I'd wormed out of it. "Where'd yah go?"

"My place. Figured if we went someplace public it would be all over town
the next day."

"Yeah, ain't that the truth." He paused for a few seconds, "You fuck

I started to mumble something but Jim stopped me. "I wouldn't blame
either one of you if you did. I mean, Glenda's a hot woman. If I was
alone with her and she was another man's wife, I'd do her."

"You'd fuck Mrs. Ross."

"Yeah, fuck you! Anyway, if Glenda knows I've been fucking around, I
wouldn't blame her for getting hers some where else either. I'd actually
prefer it if it was you. I can talk to you."

I sat there silently for quite some time. Suddenly, the peanut butter
had gotten a good deal stickier in my mouth. I took a swig of coffee.
Jim again asked, "You fuck her?"

If he was going to keep asking I guess I'd have to answer. I replied
very quietly, "Yeah."

"Fuck! You fucked my wife?" He just sat there. I felt like a complete
shit and even trying to justify it with the way he'd been treating her
didn't ease my mind even a little.

Jim was quiet for an uncomfortably long time. Then he spoke very
quietly. "I married her because I got her pregnant and for a long time I
felt like she tricked me into marrying her. I sort of went after other
girls so I wouldn't feel so trapped. But I do love her. She used to love
me to. I don't know why. Nobody ever loved me but my mother. I don't
want to lose her, man."

"Occurs to me that I'm not who you should be talking to."

"If you want her, I guess you got her. You got a nice house and you make
more money 'n me, 'n stuff. I guess I can't compete. But you're like the
best friend I've got. Don't take her from me, please."

God, what I wouldn't have given to be shit-assed drunk right now. It
would have made this whole conversation, and the peanut butter sandwich,
a whole lot easier to swallow.

"Don't get me wrong, Glenda is awesome, but she and I don't really have
a damn thing in common. She would not be my first pick for a long term
relationship, even if I were ready for one, which I'm not."

Jim was quiet again for a bit.

"Yeah. Maybe she knows that too. Maybe that's why she picked you. Maybe
there's hope for me yet."

"She does love you"

"How do you know?"

"She told me."

Jim was silent then for quite a while. Then, suddenly, he got up and
went back to work.

That evening Glenda was waiting for me on the front porch of my house.
"Hi honey, I'm home," I said with a grin. Glenda was wearing an
extremely short, white skirt and she flipped it up to reveal that she
was wearing no underwear.

"I've got something warm waiting for you."

"Did you walk all the way up here like that?"

She pointed to her panties on the porch swing.

"Um, where's Anna?" I asked.

"Loretta took Anna and Mary to the fair so I have the afternoon off."

I smiled. "Listen, Glenda, you're an extremely sexy woman, and the
thought of saying 'no' to you never crossed my mind, but do you intend
to make this a regular thing? Because I don't really want to come
between you and your husband."

Glenda stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck. She gave me a very
warm kiss that blew any resolve I might have had right out the window.
"There is already something between me and my husband that has nothing
to do with you," she said, "besides, from what I here about you, you'd
really like to cum between me and my husband." There was a devilish
twinkle in her eye.

I tried to feign ignorance. "I don't know what you mean." In reality, I
was hoping that my exploits were not all over town. The small town
atmosphere tends to be less than tolerant of same sex couplings.

"Relax dear," said Glenda, leaning her forehead against mine, "Connie
knows that things have been kind of rocky between me and Jim, so she's
been trying to get me to, uh, party with her and Paul. She told me about
you guys. It's just between us."

Paul and Connie are two area swingers that I have had the pleasure of
being intimate with. They are both very bi, and quite discreet. Most of
the attendees at their big swap parties are from out of the area and are
requested to pass themselves off as Paul's business associates attending
a retreat. Paul is the CFO of a medium sized business a few hundred
miles from here.

Connie would normally not be trying to recruit local talent, but she has
a weak spot for red heads, and she has questioned me at length before
about Glenda.

"Anyways," continued Glenda, "you and I will just be doing this until
Jim finds out about it. When he does it should start up a fight that
will either end or save our marriage. I don't care which."

"I think you do care. And Jim already knows."

"He does? How?"

"Apparently he came looking for you last night. Art told him you were
with me. He talked to me today."

"Did he seem mad?"

"No, he seemed worried. He loves you. He doesn't want to lose you."

"He should have thought of that before he fucked the Matson bitch. Or
the Reynolds bitch. I think he fucked the maid of honor's little sister
before our wedding. So fuck him, I'm having an affair now. Besides, I'm
here and I'm horny, so lets go inside."

There was just no arguing with that logic, so we went inside and grabbed
a couple beers out of the refrigerator and headed towards the bedroom.

"So, you're a bisexual, huh?"

"What you heard is probably mostly true, though Connie will tell you a
story or two if she thinks it will get you into bed."

"She would be the first person who _ever_ lied to me to get me into
bed," said Glenda. She smiled, "When you, uh, when you party with Paul
and Connie, do you suck his dick?"


"And you like it?"


"Do you fuck him in the butt?"


"Wow, really? I'd like to see that."

"You would?"

"Yeah, I think it would be sexy to see two guys doing it. Do you let him
fuck you in the butt?"

"Yeah, we've done that a time or two."

"Doesn't that hurt? I mean Jim has tried that with me once or twice but
I didn't really think it was sexy, it just hurt."

"You just need to take it slow and easy at first. It's not for everyone,
but I kind of like it."

"It's too bad Jim found out about us so soon. I'd go up to Paul and
Connie's with you. I'd really like to see two guys fuck. That would be
wild." Glenda's eyes were on fire with excitement.

"Does the thought of making love to Connie excite you as well?"

"She kissed me good-bye today when she left. She said she had something
for me in the car and when we got to her car she kissed me. It surprised
me at first, but it felt really good. She put her tongue into it and
everything. Yeah, I'd like to do it with her. I don't look at women and
think, 'I'd like to get naked with her,' but Connie turns me on. Does
that mean that I'm a bisexual too?"

"I'm not sure what in means, Glenda. Connie has an animal magnetism that
just won't quit. Paul and Connie would be a comfortable, safe way for
you to explore those feelings, though. Connie may seem aggressive now,
but when she's naked she's very attentive to her lover's needs, both
physical and mental. Connie would be a very good person to have your
first same sex experience with. Maybe Jim will go up to Paul and
Connie's with you."

"Oh I don't think so. Jim wouldn't go for that stuff."

"Are you sure?"

"I know him pretty well."

Well, that's as may be, but she had never seen him with his face in
another man's lap before.

"And it would be my second."

"Second what?"

"Remember my friend Pauline?"

"The sort of pudgy girl you used to hang out with?"

"Yeah, we were all drunk at a party and some guy was hitting on her and
she came up to me in a panic because he wanted her to go park with him
and she hadn't ever seriously kissed a guy before. So I took her in the
boathouse to teach her how to French kiss. I told her I'd let her
practice on me and I'd give her a few pointers and then she could go hop
in this guy's car. We really got into it.

We kissed and fondled each other, how to give him a hickey that he could
show off to his friends. Lost all track of time, came out an hour later
and the guy was all pissed because he thought we were trying to ditch
him by hiding in the boathouse. I hadn't even thought of it really until
Connie kissed me today. I remembered how nice Pauline's tongue and
breasts and hands felt. I remember that I was really wet when we got
done. So when you and I go to Paul and Connie's it will be my second."

"You really are serious about this, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I am. I've had secret dreams about this sort of thing for a long
time, and all this time I thought I was a freak. Then I find out that
some of my best friends are freaks just like me. Do you know what that's
like? To have all of these dirty private feelings that you can't say and
are afraid to even think and then to find someone that feels the same
way. That is so cool. The only scary thing is that if Jim finds out I'm
afraid he will use it to take Anna away from me.

I pulled Glenda close to me and kissed her deeply. "Glenda, Jim is bi

"Yeah, right!"

"I'm serious. He likes both men and women."

Glenda pulled away. "You've been fucking both me and Jim? That's pretty

"No, I've never done anything with Jim."

"Then what makes you think he likes guys. He would never!"

"Do you know Tom Burgen?"

"Ray's son? Didn't he work for you guys last summer?"

"Yeah. Ray put him on my crew because Tom is gay and Ray thought he'd
get beat up on the other crews."

"What does that have to do with Jim?"

"Well, one day at lunch I got a radio message for Jim and I went looking
for him. I found him sucking Tom's cock on the edge of the site."

"You're kidding? My Jim? I don't believe you."

"It's true."

"Tom is so gorgeous! God, I wish I could have watched that. You didn't
join them?"

"No, I just walked away. They didn't even know I had seen them except
that I warned Tom that if he wasn't a little more discreet there was
bound to be trouble."

"Did you ever do it with Tom?"

"No, I try to keep business and pleasure as far apart as I can."

Glenda kissed me sweetly. "So you and I doing this probably makes you a
little uncomfortable."

"A little, yeah."

"And having your dick all crunched up in those jeans probably makes you
a little uncomfortable too," she said, massaging my crotch with her

"Is all of this talk getting you a little wet, my dear?"

"More than just a little," she said, pulling me towards her lips once

I led her upstairs to the bedroom and we collapsed on the bed in a
flurry of flying hands, lips, tongues, and legs. In what seemed like an
impossibly brief period of intense activity we were both naked and I was
on top of Glenda on the sofa slowly inserting my cock into her wet and
waiting pussy.

As I got to the bottom of the in stroke I opened my eyes and looked at
Glenda. She was grinning at me and looking me right in the eye. The feel
of her softness wrapped around me, the look in her eyes, the joy on her
face was too much for me to take and I almost shot right then and there.
It was like being a teenager again. I pulled out and squeezed the head
of my cock to try to regain control.

"Is something wrong?"

"Nothing wrong. You're just so fucking sexy that I'm having trouble
staying in control. You could probably make me come in my pants just by
looking at me like that."

"You're sweet. But you better control that thing, because I'm in the
mood for a long, slow fuck."

Just then someone started pounding on the door downstairs.

"Shit!" I said, "Whoever it is sounds pretty insistent. I'll go see if I
can blow them off."

"What an interesting choice of words," giggled Glenda, "Hurry back."

I put on my jeans and draped my shirt over to hide my woody. You would
think that seeing Jim at the door would have pretty much killed my wood,
but I was actually kind of glad that it was him.

Glenda followed me to the top of the stairs and I could see her out of
the corner of my eye as I opened the door.

"Is Glenda here?" he said.

I could see her shaking her head and vigorously mouthing the word no.

I hated lying to him, but I really wanted to get off, so I would have
done nearly anything to get rid of him at this point. "I haven't seen
her today."

"Can I come in. I need to talk. I'm worried sick." I could tell by the
look in his face that he was upset. Before I could answer he was through
the door. I saw Glenda retreat into the darkened door to my room. From
there she could watch and listen and not worry about being seen.

Jim saw the two beer cans on the kitchen table. One had lipstick on it.
"Do you have a guest?"

"No, she left about a half an hour ago."

"Who she, if its any of my business."

"Julie," I said swiftly. She was a single, and to my knowledge
unattached flagger on one of the flag crews.

"Oh yeah? You doing her now? I had her once. Like to have her again but
she found out I'm married and won't speak to me now."

Great! Jim was digging himself a grave and I was helping.

"Glenda is gone and so is Anna. Her mom hasn't seen her. There's a
little overnight bag missing. I was hoping you had seen her. I think
maybe she left me."

Jim sat down with his back to the stairs at the kitchen table. Glenda,
by way of convincing me to get rid of him quickly, sat down in front of
the banister and started fingering herself.

"Why now. Why would she leave you now?"

"I don't know what's wrong with me. If I don't get off every day or so I
just get really horny and I can't stop myself. I go looking. It's like
I'm addicted and I need my fix. I try to just masturbate but it quiets
the need without satisfying it, you know? And today, its been a few days
since I last got any and I should be worried sick about Glenda and that
should be the foremost thing on my mind but then I see Debbie and all of
a sudden all I can think of is getting a little. I was so horrified all
of a sudden. It seems like any woman will do, fat ones, ugly ones. "

"And not just women..."

"Huh? What are you talking about?" He sounded nervous.

"I caught your act with Tom in the culverts last summer."

Jim looked mortified. "Uh, well, uh, I, uh..."

"I don't blame you. Tom is gorgeous. Nice fat cock on him too. And I
could tell by the way you were going down on him that it wasn't your
first time, either. I was jealous."

Jim's eye's were as big around as saucers. Glenda, in the mean time, had
buried two fingers all the way to the third knuckle in the soft folds of
her vagina and was pumping her hips against her hand. It was no longer
clear to me that this was for my benefit. She seemed to be lost in her
own little world.

I looked back at Jim. He was still staring at me agape. "Jealous?"

"Yeah. Tom's a hunk. Buff, tanned, shaved, and hung. If you two had been
someplace better secluded I might have joined you."

"You're gay?" asked Jim in disbelief.

"Bi," I said, "like you."

"Oh I'm not a bisexual, I just..."

"You just like sucking dick, right?"

"Well yeah. I never kissed a guy before."

"You're not a bisexual because you don't kiss them, you just swallow
their spunk."

"Well it doesn't sound so great when you put it like that. A guy blowin'
yah feels just like a girl blowin' yah if you close your eyes."

"What does it feel like when your lips are wrapped around their cock?
That feels pretty good too, doesn't it?" Glenda had her eyes open again
and she was watching everything with a big smile. She was just lightly
fingering her pussy and clit now.

"Well you got to do that. You can't just expect someone to blow you if
they don't get anything out of the deal. I'd do just about anything for
a good blow job. Even suck a little cock."

"Bullshit. You like sucking cock. Tom has a big fat long cock and you
throated the whole thing. You don't learn to do that unless you love it.
You like to have your throat fucked."

I had never seen Jim look timid or submissive before. He had always
looked so confident, so arrogant. "I'm not a bisexual." There was no
force in his voice. If Glenda had smiled any wider she would have split
in two.

"Look," I said, "I'll prove it to you." My cock was good and hard again
now. I got up from the table and walked over to a place in the middle of
the living room where Glenda would have a good unobstructed view, but
where the lighting would not allow Jim to see her at the top of the

I dropped my pants and grabbed my cock and stroked it slowly. "We're in
the privacy of my house. The fact that you, one of my closest friends,
didn't know I was bi before today proves that I value discretion. What
happens here won't leave this house. Your wife didn't leave you. Anna is
with Loretta and their is nothing to worry about. You can suck my cock
all you want. All you have to do is come over here, get down on your
knees, look me in the eye and say, 'I'm bisexual and I want to suck your
cock.' Or, you can finish your beer and go home. I'll never say another
word about it ever and we'll still be friends. Your wife and daughter
will probably be home before dinner time."

Jim sat there with his beer in his hand for a few moments, then stood up
and slowly stripped his clothes off. He was just as hard as I was. In
fact, it was now clear that Jim and I were a lot alike. We were about
the same height, Jim slightly shorter than my 6' even, close to the same
build, and we both had thoroughly average sized cocks. Sucking on Jim, I
reflected, would be a lot like doing myself in a mirror. For some
reason, I found this thought strangely compelling. When he was nude he
walked over to me and put his arms around me. He put his hand gently on
the side of my face and kissed me tentatively on the lips. The tips of
our cocks touched each other briefly and the touch sent shivers through

He seemed to relax and embraced me warmly. He kissed my neck and
whispered into my ear, "I'm bisexual and I want to suck your cock."

I tried to regain the stern look on my face. It didn't work so I
continued to hold him and whispered, "Down on your knees, and louder. I
want the whole house to here. We're miles from the nearest neighbor."

Jim knelt and gently licked a drop of precum out of the tip of my cock.
"I'm Jim, and I'm bisexual, and I want to suck your cock. My cock
disappeared between his lips and he throated the whole cock expertly. No
teeth, light suction just the way I like it.

He looked up at me and smiled, "If this is a twelve step program of some
kind, I can't wait for the other eleven steps." Then he sucked my cock
back into his mouth and started working on the underside of my cock with
his tongue. I glanced up at Glenda who had resumed furiously humping her
hand. I started to feel the tension that precedes a major eruption in my
cock, but Jim pulled my prick out of his mouth and applied pressure to
the head.

"Not just yet," he said.

"You have done this before, haven't you?"

"Maybe once or twice," he said, and went back to work. I heard Glenda
starting to moan at the top of the stairs so I put my hands on the side
of Jim's head and "accidentally" covered his ears with my palms. I also
started some moaning of my own, just in case, but it was hardly

Glenda and I came together, she at the top of the stairs masturbating
furiously while she watched me pump her husband's throat full of thick,
white goo. Jim stood up immediately and kissed me deeply on the mouth so
that I could taste my own jism in his mouth.

"I need to cum in you," he said when we finished kissing.

"Heads or tails?" I asked.

"Oh, man, tails would be great. It has been a long time."

I knew that all of my lubes were at the top of the stairs where Glenda
was laying collapsed in a heap so I went to the kitchen and grabbed the
butter dish. I shoved two fingers worth into my ass and stretched my
sphincter a little to warm up. With the other hand I lubed Jim's dick. I
wiped my hands on a dish towel and assumed a rather contorted posture
designed to allow Glenda to see what was going on but angled Jim away
from being able to see her.

Jim had been stroking himself all through the blow job, so I didn't
really expect him to last long. He slowly slid his cock inside me.
"Everything O.K.?" he asked.

"Feels great, ready when you are."

Jim started with long slow strokes that quickly became shorter, faster,
and harder. I couldn't figure out a way to see what Glenda was up to
without making it entirely too obvious where I was looking, so I just
put my head down on the sofa, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the full
feeling and the soft yet hard feeling of Jim's cock.

I was right about Jim not lasting long. He was soon groaning and yelling
and filling my ass with cum. When I felt the last little shudder and he
stopped grinding I collapsed in a heap on the sofa. Jim collapsed on top
of me and I rolled over and held him in my arms.

"Did you enjoy that, faggot?" I asked with a smile.

Jim sighed, "God, it feels so good to find someone who knows how I

"That's the second time today someone has told me that."

"Who was the first?" asked Jim. He was lazily licking at one of my

"Your wife," I said.

"Glenda?" he said.

"Well, you finally remembered who you're married to did you?" said
Glenda. She was walking down the stairs when we looked up. She was
covered in a this sheen of sweat, the hair near her face was soaked and
her labia were still slightly swollen and distended from her vigorous

She climbed on top of us and kissed first me fairly passionately, then
Jim with more of a peck. "What are you doing here?" asked Jim.

"We were fucking when you interrupted. If you don't mind, I'd like to

Glenda pushed Jim rather roughly off of me and gave my dick a couple of
licks. That was enough to get it started back towards hardness and she
straddled me on the couch and guided my not quite fully erect willy into
her very hot, moist snatch.

She lowered her breasts so that they touched my nipples and moved back
and forth against me so that they drug up and down my chest. Then she
lifted my face into them and I suckled at her breasts as she pumped
against me with a slow, steady rhythm.

I couldn't tell what Jim was doing at this moment, and to tell the
truth, I didn't really care. After some few minutes of steady fucking,
Glenda carefully turned herself to face Jim, never pulling my cock out.
She was now faced toward my toes and still straddled over me, with me
deep inside. She lounged back towards me resting on her arms, her hair
cascading over my face. I reached around and grasped her breasts with
both hands.

Glenda was still bouncing up and down on my cock and I heard her say,
"Come over here and lick me." Jim knelt and licked the base of my cock
where it disappeared into his wife's pussy. He started licking up and
down with long strokes that went from my balls to his wife's clit and

Glenda moaned and writhed. I fondled her breasts and enjoyed the double
dose of attention that my cock was getting. "Hold me up," she said. I
moved my hands around to her back and held her up off of me. This freed
her arms and hands and she grabbed Jim's head to give special attention
to her clit as she came. The contractions, movements, and little squeals
that accompanied her orgasm prompted my orgasm as well.

I lowered her body until it touched mine and kissed her on the back of
the neck through her hair. Jim lay down on top of her and we three
lounged there in the afterglow for quite some time with no one speaking.

Glenda was the first to speak. "You are not out of the doghouse yet,
husband of mine, but this man here may have saved your marriage today.
We have a lot to talk about when we get home, but if all this works out
you're going to owe him a lot of blow jobs to repay him. And so am I."
With that she gave me a quick kiss and wandered off to find her clothes.

Jim gathered his clothes and got dressed. "I'm not sure why yet," he
said, "but I think that I'm grateful to you for doing my wife. I know
that I'm grateful to you for doing me. I think the next step of this
twelve step program is just me and Glenda. Thanks."

"You're welcome," I said, "Although to be honest it was nothing but
selfish lust until you got here this afternoon. And even after."

"I know all about selfish lust. Mine never turned out well."

"You're not out of the doghouse yet, buddy. But you two do have
something in common to explore now."

Glenda returned to the kitchen now, and she kissed me and thanked me as
well. "Listen, you guys are welcome here any time. Alone or in twos."

As I watched them go I popped the top on a beer and thought to myself,
"It's not every day that you can screw a friends wife behind his back
and have hime thank you for it. I must be charmed."

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