Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sweat was pouring off me. It was my day off and I had decided to finish
the gardening project I had started over the weekend, fixing the
irrigation lines in our backyard. I needed a break, really needed
something cold to drink. After fishing out a beer from the fridge, I
headed back outside, lit up a smoke and began to soak up the sun.
Looking down I noticed sweat was filling my navel. Casually I stuck my
finger in the hole and watched the fluid run down my stomach and soak
into my shorts. The beer tasted good and the cigarette topped it off.
God, I should quit this smoking shit but every once in a while smoking
was just so damn good. The work was almost done, well done, and I felt
good about the project. Starting to nod off in my chair, I could feel
the heat and the cold beer working their magic. Slipping my hand in my
shorts, I lifted my balls away from the damp cloth giving them some
air. My cock stirred a little at the touch, so gently I stroked a
finger along the shaft, flicking along the head. My penis felt good.
Maybe I'll just jerk off here in the backyard. Pushing my shorts down
my thighs, I let my cock free. I leaned back enjoying the warm sun on
my penis while I stroked my nipples, thinking of good sex. Monica and I
had had a lovely fuck last night and the aroma of her cunt and my semen
arose from crotch. I hadn't bothered to shower this morning; not much
sense in cleaning up just to get dirty again.

"Having fun?"

I jerked around, almost falling out the chair. Dale, a friend of
Monica's from work, was standing behind me with a shit-eating grin on
his face.

Laughing, he said, " Christ, I'm sorry. I rang the bell and no one
answered, so I just came around by the side gate. Mon said you would be
home working on the garden."

"She asked me to drop some files off. Hey, I'm really sorry to scare
you like that"

" No problem, Dale. I was a little out of it from the work and the
heat." I had covered up by this time. "You want a beer or something?
Sit down and take the load off."

Off to the kitchen to fetch a beer for him, the cold of the house hit
like a shock. It was probably a hundred plus outside, but icy indoors.
As I poured his drink into a tumbler, I could see Dale sitting out
back. I had met him many times at gatherings of Monica's friends. I
liked him as a nice, friendly sort of guy. He was about my age, forty
something or other, single, probably gay. My cock gave a twitch in my
shorts. A little on the chubby side, but then so was I. Too much good
life and not enough hard physical labor had taken a toll on my
waistline. His hair was thinning a bit, but the moustache was a nice
touch. I wondered if Monica was setting me up with this guy. She knew
I had developed a fondness for sex with men. In fact, she was
orchestrated my first encounter with a guy a year ago. My cock felt nice
a warm, and was obviously swelling. 'Dale would be fun' I am thinking 'I
wonder if he is gay.'

Returning with his beer, I sat down and leaned back and soaked in the
sun. I was still pretty soaked from the workout in the yard. Looking
over at Dale, I notice that sweat is beading up on his forehead. He
looked uncomfortable in his slacks, shirt and tie. It was obvious he
had just come from the office. Sweat was beginning to dot the front of
his shirt.

"Hot as hell out here isn't it. You okay or do you want to drink these

"The sun's good ... you mind if I take my shirt off?" he says. Then
stripping off his shirt, and kicking off his shoes, Dale leaned back
and began to soak up the sun just like me.

"You looked as though you were about to get into it when I surprised
you" he continues. "It's really private back here. You could do just
about anything you want."

I look over to see if this talk is innocent or if he is coming on to
me. Dale is staring at me with the most beautiful smile. "Yes, we
could. We could do just about anything" I answer. Monica had to set
this up I'm thinking.

Dale reaches over and gently stokes my chest with the back of his hand.
My nipples harden, popping up in the hair on my chest. I reach down
take his hand, kissing his knuckles, licking the sweat, my sweat, from
his hand. Looking up into his face, he is still smiling at me. I press
his hand to my face and slowly suck his thumb into my mouth, all the
while staring into his eyes. My cock is hard by now, poking down the
leg of my shorts, the head almost out. I continue to suck his thumb in
and out of mouth, a stubby little pretend cock. Dale sighs and closes
his eyes. I know we have a lovely afternoon ahead of us.

I reach up and run my hand up the back of his neck and into his hair.
It's soaking wet. A drop of sweat has run down his nose and is hanging
on the tip. Gently I pull his face toward my own, then lean forward and
lick the drop from his nose. Salty. Dale pushes his lips into mine and
finally we begin to kiss. He grabs my face with his hands and grinds
his mouth into my own. His tongue invades me, pushing into my mouth,
like a fat sausage cock. I suck his tongue but in my mind I am sucking
his cock. Soon, soon I'll have the real thing but for now the kiss is
wonderful, powerful. His moustache is tickling my lips. I break away
for air, then grab him back, and force my tongue into his mouth. He
accepts the challenge as we lock together, hands frantically rubbing
each other's chest, pinching our nipples, urgently grabbing each other
in embrace.

We slide out of the chairs and down into the grass. Dale lifts his hips
for me as I undo his belt and zipper and slide his pants off. Standing
above him, I survey the feast. He is a wonderfully hairy bastard. Hairy
chest, shoulders and a thick mat buries his cock. His stomach is ample;
his legs are gorgeous; strong and hairy like his chest. I slip my
shorts off, freeing my aching cock, then lie down in the grass beside
him. I want to suck him, I mean really suck him but I force myself to
go slowly. I want Dale to enjoy this for as long as possible. We both
glisten with sweat, the heat of the sun stoking our own passion. His
cock is small but thick and fat at the head. It will fit oh so nicely
in my mouth.

But first we just embrace, rolling into each other's arm, hugging
tightly then kissing. Our cocks are touching. I love the feel of his
flesh rubbing against my own. He humps his penis along my stomach,
sliding it through my hair. Then back down to my groin, grindng his
cock alongside my own. His tongue invades my ear and I twitch all over.
I hear his breath roaring, as he flicks his tongue along my ear lobe,
then feel his little nips and bites. Pulling away I pounce on his left
nipple, sucking it into my mouth and then swirling my tongue to make it
bigger, harder. It must be very good for him, because Dale is panting
and lifting his crotch up off the grass. Time for cock.

Licking down his wet belly and into his damp pubic hair I find that
lovely shaft of flesh. I can't waste anymore time, I want it now. I
throw my mouth around his fat cock and take it all. No gagging, his
cock is a perfect fit for me, and I pump and suck him in and out. I
feel a shock of pleasure and know that my own organ is buried deep in
Dale's mouth. My arms are wrapped about his ass pulling his penis to my
lips. My fingers are frantic, stoking into the crack of his ass. I
mouth fuck him. I fuck his mouth. We are gasping and rolling about the
lawn, each trying to push deeper into the mouth of the other. Dale is
spasming, pouring into my mouth and then I release into his as well.
When I catch my breath again, I lick his softening penis, cleaning the
last of the semen from his hair and off his thighs. Still feeling that
wonderful after sex glow, I rub my face into his thighs and chubby
cock. The sexual aroma is powerful and almost narcotic.

Reaching for the beer next to my chair, I empty the warm liquid into
Dale's crotch. Like a good lover he just smiles and sighs as I press my
face into his soaking pubic hair and proceed to suck the beer from his
body. Then little by little we kiss back up each other's belly, then
chest and finally face to face. He has my cum spattered around his
cheeks. I lick it up on my tongue, than offer it to his mouth. Dale
accepts it gratefully as once again we lock into a long sweet kiss.
Gentler this time, less frantic but so lovely. This man is a very good

We haven't spoken in ages, just lying there totally overcome and spent.
"Was this Monica's idea?" I finally ask.

Dale grins. "Of course. Do you mind?"

"Not at all. Just so long as we do it again" I answer, and then begin
another oral journey down Dale's body to his beautiful cock.

What a wonderful wife I have in Monica. She is this most passionate
sexual woman I have ever known. She is caring and loving. And for
variety, once in a while, she sends me cock.

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