Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bi Revels

It started when I was doing my final two years at
school. One of my class mates was Adam. We hung around
together quite a bit. We talked about sex a lot, we
wanked together over porn mags a few times and on one
occasion wanked each other off. Once we left school we
lost touch for about six years. Then I ran into Adam
in a pub not far from where I worked and over the next
six months or so, we met up a few times for a drink
and chat.

By then he had moved in with a girlfriend who was a
little older than he was. I didn't have a current
relationship, although I did date girls quite
frequently. One day, Adam asked if I would like to
join him and his girl for an evening at the pub, and I

His girlfriend was a dish. Her name was Natalie, she
was quite tall and slim with very dark hair and eyes,
wonderful arse and very outgoing. After quite a few
drinks, we walked back to their flat and Adam
suggested I stay on the couch night on the couch
rather than get a taxi.

We more drinks and then Natalie went into the kitchen
to fix us some supper. While she was out of the room,
Adam put a porn video on. Then he got up saying he was
going to see if Natalie needed any help. After he had
been in the kitchen a few minutes, I heard these odd
noises and a stifled giggle. Curious, I peered round
the door and there was Natalie with her short skirt
hitched up leaning over the kitchen table while Adam,
with his jeans round his ankles, was holding on to her
hips and fucking her from behind. I retreated back
into the lounge and resumed watching the video, now as
horny as hell.

Ten minutes later, they finally came out looking very
flushed with the sandwiches. Adam had managed to shed
his tee shirt, and although he had done up the button
of his jeans, I noticed he hadn't zipped the fly or
re-buckled the belt. We started watching the film (no
one seemed to be interested in sandwiches) and before
long Natalie had her hand inside Adams pants wanking
him while kissing him passionately all the way from
neck to navel. Adam, not to be outdone was busy with
her gorgeous tits. By now I had to get some relief for
my aching cock, so I took it out and started rubbing
myself. Seemingly oblivious to me Adam removed her
skirt and top, ( the knickers were already gone )
revealing her beautiful arse and cunt. Dropping his
jeans again, he leant her over the back of one of the
easy chairs and again started fucking her from behind.
After only a few strokes, he came and withdrew his
wilting prick from her.

Natalie complained about him coming so soon and with a
broad wink, Adam suggested I take over. I almost
ripped my clothes off and when naked, Adam produced a
condom and unrolled it onto my swollen knob himself.
Getting behind the luscious arse, I was in up to the
balls in one stroke; and she loved it. Although I was
wearing a condom, Adam had gone in bareback and had
already come twice and she was running with a mix of
spunk and her love juice. Needless to say I didn't
last too long either, though I think Natalie came
before I did.

While I was fucking her, all that spunk and juice had
run all down my balls, thighs and into the crack of my
arse. When I sat down quite weak from pumping into
her, they both started to lick me clean. It was really
weird to feel Adams tongue on my balls but so sensual
that I spread my legs wider to give them better access
to my arse crack. Inevitably, I was soon hard again
and after she had sucked my dick for a little, Natalie
shocked me by asking if I would like to fuck Adam's

I told them that I had never done anything like that
but I was turned on by the idea. It turned out that
Adam had never been fucked either but was curious. We
lubed up my dick and his arse with some cold cream of
all things. Adam knelt down and I presented my prick
while Natalie held his arse cheeks open. Sadly, as we
were both inexperienced, I could not get my dick into
him, but it was wildly sexy trying. I rubbed my dick
up his arse crack until it nearly burst then Adam
sucked me off and swallowed my cum.

We ended up all getting into their bed and having sex
in various combinations all through the night.

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