Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back in the olden days 2

After taking a good shower, and touching up my shaved nuts, I decided to
wear those very short white shorts that I've had for some time. They
would not do well in public, since they were so sheer, but for what I am
doing today, they should be perfect.

Making sure that I arrived on time, I left a bit early, and then waited
at the corner a block away.

Parked the car, shed my mocs, and then headed out to their door. Right
on time. I hate people that make appointments, then are late. Rang the
door bell, and almost immediately the door was opened by Chris, and there
he was in all of his glory. He had started taking steroids early in his
middle school days. So two things happened. He bulked up the muscles
and really looks like a greek god. But the other thing that happens
apparently, is that the penis doesn't grow much. His is very short,
especially when it is soft. When I first sucked him, I attributed his
shortness to his age. But, I see that it has not grown a millimeter
since he was 14.

He motioned for me to drop the shorts right away before she saw us. I
did as ordered. He then escorted me into their family room. It was a
nice large room, with lots of windows to their back yard. Several
couches, a couple of very comfy looking chairs, and a couple of sturdy
looking coffee tables in front of the couches, finished the outfitting of
the room. On the couches there were many pillows.

Miss Karen was wearing a tube top covering her tiny tits. My guess was
that they were 32A or maybe smaller. But that is what I like on a lady.
The ladies that go out and get all pumped up like a basketball turn me
off. She was wearing a pair of shorts that were at least one size too
small. And on closer inspection, I felt that she was not wearing any
panties, as I could see a small dark patch at the junction of the legs.

"Chris give a big hug, and kiss to our guest. It is not nice to just
leave him standing there with his cock flapping around." Chris moved
toward me, and I turned. We hugged a bit, his body felt good against
mine. Then he began to kiss me. Very deeply too. I love to suck face.
And my (our) cocks began to rise as did our heart beats. "OK, now knock
it off you two, I don't want you two shooting before it's time." We
broke the embrace.

"Stand over here closer to me." She told Chris. Then she told me to
get onto my knees and crawl over in front of him. She asked me if I
really did suck cock, and did I enjoy it. I told her that I'd been
sucking cock since high school, and yes, I really did enjoy sucking, but
more I enjoyed getting a big load of cum to swallow. "Ewww" was her
comment. "I can't believe that you swallow that stuff. And, tell me
about high school." I told her about my room mate, and that I usually
sucked him off every night.

She wanted to know what other things I might be able to do. I told her
that I would do almost anything that she would like. I told her that my
only limits were that I was not at all into scat. She agreed quite

She then asked about college. I told her that is where I got an
education. My fraternity was a gay fraternity house, and at least three
times a day, I got to suck a member's cock. She couldn't believe it.
Her questions were answered, and she just was astounded that one guy
would suck another guy's cock. Or that anyone actually would do such a
thing. I guess that she had never seen any of the sex flicks. So her
education was about to begin.

I turned again, and put my hands up on Chris's butt, and pulled him to
me. He smelled great. I was impressed that most of his pubic hair was
shaved off. Just a little bit above his cock, maybe an inch wide, and a
couple of inches long. He must have showered just before I arrived, as
he smelled so sweet. I began to kiss his cock head, and then licked it
from bottom to top. As I got to the top, opened his piss slit with my
tongue. Miss Karen moved closer so that she could see better. I then
took his cock into my mouth, and began to suck it down. It was good and
hard, and dripping just a bit of pre-cum. One of my favorite

We were interrupted, and told to stop. Miss Karen told me not to let him
cum in my mouth, as he could be faking it. She wanted me to stop, and
for Chris to jack off, with me getting the sperm shot directly, but so
that she could see him produce it. Guess ladies like to see guys shoot
out of their cocks. (More about this later.) So I returned to my object
of attention. He was fairly dripping pre-cum, and I didn't want to loose
any of that, so got right to work. While sucking, I was playing with his
ass globes, with one hand, and the other was playing with his nuts.

Pretty quickly, he told me that I'd have to stop, and that he would
finish up the job. He pulled out, and jacked a couple of times, and here
came a nice big load. He shot it all into my mouth, and I was able to
swallow the whole load. Not the biggest load I'd ever had, but it was
certainly passable. I was enjoying the taste, and rolling his cum in my
mouth a bit.

Miss Karen told him to get down on all fours and assume the position. I
had an idea what she was talking about, but it never crossed my mind that
this was going to happen. Chris got down onto the floor, and on his
knees and put his shoulders on the floor, with his hands out in front of
his body. Miss Karen then asked my if I'd lick his ass out. I didn't
answer verbally, but got right to it. Next to sucking a guy, rimming is
my next favorite thing to do. Chris spread his legs wide, so that his
ass hole was fully exposed, and pink. Looked to me like he'd been
shaved there.

After rimming him for a few minutes, she told me to stop, and use my cock
to enter him. I usually don't like anal penetration, but she seemed to
be the boss. I grabbed the lube from the table, and lubed my cock, and
spread some on his ass. Pulled on a condom, and lubed it up. Slowly, I
began to push it into his cute little ass hole. But, I felt little
resistance, and it slipped right in. He inhaled a bit, but that was
all. I began to remove it, and repeat the pressing in. But he reached
around, and grabbed my ass, and pulled me back into him. I then lost it,
and began to really plow his ass. Miss Karen told me to not cum up
there, but to pull it out, and jack it off, and shoot my load onto his

I did just as she said, and she said it just in time, as I was seconds
from shooting a load up into him. But, out it came, and I took about two
jacks, and out came a big load. As soon as I was done, and about to
collapse on his back, she told me to lick up my mess. So again,
dutifully, I licked his back and ass crack clean.

"That was nice show that you boys put on for me. Shame that I was the
only one to get to enjoy it." She continued on, asking if I could
repeat that show next weekend, and would it be alright if she invited a
friend. Chris just nodded. I told her that I'd be up for that. She
smiled and told us that we would be repeating the show, and maybe I'd
get to suck another guy too. I told her that I'd enjoy that.

I left, and went home to rest up a bit.

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