Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back in the olden days 1

Back in the olden days, I'd been a bit stupid, and sucked a young
neighbor boy. He lived next door, and one day we were playing in the
pool, and it just happened.

Fast forward about twenty years. He is now married with two very cute
kids. One day I was out in my driveway waxing my Jeep. He was visiting
his folks, next door, and came over. We shook hands, and he held my hand
a bit longer than usual. Of course, I enjoyed his body contact. We
talked a bit, and he moved closer to me. Being summer, both of us had on
shorts and T-shirts. His leg was touching mine. My cock was beginning
to get some blood, and it all came from my brain.

He lowered his voice a bit, and hit me with a bombshell. "Did you
remember what we did that one afternoon, when I got my cock sucked?" I
stammered a bit, and said that I remembered it very well. His young
body, back then, had no hair, except a tiny bit around his cock, and
about three of them on his ankles.

He told me that he has fond memories of that afternoon. That felt so
good he said, and has not had that good a feeling since that time. He
told me that his wife would not suck his cock at all. But, that he would
like to repeat the experience if I was still interested in him. He moved
closer to me, and our arms were not only touching, but rubbing together,
and my cock was really getting hard.

I told him that I was still interested in sucking guys, and loved the
taste of cum. I would do just about anything to get to suck him off.

His response was to smile at me, and asked if I really meant
"anything." I nodded and told him that anything meant just about
that. All he'd have to do is to tell me what to do, and if at all
possible, I'd do it just for the chance to suck his cock and taste his
cum. I was almost drooling in front of him. Couldn't wait to taste
his cock again, even though it was a bit older. But the idea of a bigger
load of cum had me going. In my mind, there wasn't a thing that I
wouldn't do to get his cock in my mouth again.

"I've told my wife about your sucking my cock. She won't believe that
a guy will suck another guy's cock. She would really be impressed if
you would come to our house one afternoon, and show her that guys do suck

My mind ran that through, and didn't see any problem with it. He
reached down and grabbed my ass, and told me that he'd understand if I
didn't want to do it. My response was that I'd be more than happy to
do that for them. We set it for the next Saturday, when their kids were
gone to soccer camp for the week-end.

He told me that his wife had just one request. And that is, that I show
up wearing only one piece of clothing. He told me that she didn't allow
him to wear any clothes at all when the kids were away, and felt that
guests should respect his nudity, and do likewise. That didn't seem
like a very difficult request, so I agreed, thinking that I could wear
some shorts, and moccasins, then kick off the mocs when parked. He also
told me that she would prefer that I park in the front, on the street,
not in the driveway.

He smiled, and I returned the smile, patting him on the butt also. God
what a hard butt he has, I thought to myself. Can't wait to get to their
place to suck him off.

I had no idea what this was going to lead to.

Watch for Chapter 2

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