Wednesday, April 1, 2009


"Have your ever?"

My thoughts were sluggish, almost drugged. Again I heard her say "Have you
ever?". Finally, I awoke enough to realize Monica was talking to me. My
face and beard were damp. Not damp but soaked with saliva, cum and the lovely
juice from her pubic hair and pussy. I had dozed off after feasting on her
cunt. We had fucked and, as she had not come, I finished her orally. I
loved it. Tonguing her swollen labia, tasting my own semen flowing from her.
Riding her pussy with my lips as she jerks and bucks in rapid succession as
her orgasms fire one after another.

I slid up her slim body, cupping her breast, nursing the swollen nipple
gently. Swirling the flesh between my lips. I remembered her question.
"What, what ever?" I felt Monica's gentle touch on my face. "Honey, you
love eating me after we.. you know..after we do it. I was just wondering why
you love eating your cum after we fuck. I love it, don't get me wrong!!
But I was asking have you ever done a guy before?"

In truth, I had never been with a guy. Never ever. But I had thought of
cock, sucking cock. It scared me and intrigued me at the same time. Not
something I was comfortable talking to Monica about however. "No, hon, I
never have." I screwed up my courage to tell her the truth. "But I have
thought of it, thought of going down on a guy. It sort of turns me on, but
when I look at other men, I just see men. But when I think of cocks I get
turned on. The whole thing scares me, so I never ventured that direction."
There it was out in the open. I slid further up, looking into her eyes to
see her reaction. There was no anger, no shock, just bemusment and a little
twinkle in her eye. God, what was she thinking? My cock was stirring again,
rubbing against her thigh. She reached down a lightly stroked it, slid her
finger along the shaft , and then brought her hand to my face. Monica just
smiled, then slid the damp finger into my mouth. I closed my eyes, visions
of a penis pushing past my lips, not just my lovely wife's fingers. I ran my
tongue over the finger. My cock grew larger. Monica slid under me,
grasping, gently slipping me back inside her. We moved quietly together, a
lovely slow unhurried fuck. The best kind of fuck. We each were lost in own
thoughts, but soon the spasms began, panting, thrusting...release and
pleasure. Again I fell asleep, but this time with my cock buried deep inside
my love.

The dinner was going well. Our friends were well into the wine and it seemed
we all were talking at once. A mixture of friends, Monica's and mine, from
work mostly. We had all been together before so it was a comfortable mix of
people, everyone knew each other. As it got later, people began to drift off
for home, lots a hugs and quick kisses on the cheek. Lovely, lovely people.
We both would do anything for any of them. I was beat, ready for bed. My
week had been hell. Sleep, that's what I needed right now. Monica is a night
owl, so I kissed her goodnight as she sat on the patio with the last of our
guests. A last glass of wine, a cigarette, and she would join me after
everyone was gone. Only Michael and Carol remained, old friends of Monica's
from her work. As I drifted off to sleep, I could hear them outside the door
of our bedroom. Quiet laughter and talk, as they enjoyed the night sky and
their good company.

The bed shifted. Monica sat on the edge, leaning over my face. Her gentle
kiss on my temple. "Honey? Wake up for a second." I open my eyes, smiled
and kissed her. In the darkness, I could only see her outline. "Would you
like to try what we talked about a while back?" I didn't remember. "You
remember when I asked if you ever had? You know, if ever had...wanted to
make love to a man?" Now I remembered. "Michael will do it with you....I
told him about it. And he likes men, well actually he likes both men and
women, but he said he would like to sleep with you. Let you touch him." I
was wide awake by now, trying to see Monica's face, trying to see if this was
a joke or real. It was real. "Should I tell him to come in? Carol and I
will leave you two alone if you want". My heart was pounding, and all I
could do was nod. Monica smiled and kissed me. "Enjoy Honey." She slipped
away, and after a awhile I heard Michael come into the room.

"I had no idea, I would never have guessed" he said. His clothes dropped to
the floor, and then he slid into the bed beside me. Suddenly I was sweating,
hot beyond belief. I could just see his outline on the bed, hear his
breathing. I gasped for air, I had forgotten to breath. Michael laughed
and rolled toward me, stoked my face and beard, and kissed me. Passionately
he slid his tongue between my lips, and I did the same. I reached for him
and we pulled together, our hard cocks touching. I jerked as the shafts
intertwined. Finally, I could speak. " I want to taste you.. suck you.
Please." He only nodded, but I thought I could see his smile in the
darkness. Sliding down the bed, I reached for his penis. Closing my hand
over the thick shaft and bent my face and slid it between my lips. The warm
firm cockhead twitched slightly, and then more cock entered my mouth. It was
good, very good. I moved my mouth up and down the shaft, tonguing as much as
I could. Michael groaned, clutching my head, his hips gently moving with my
lips and mouth. I took Michael's cock just like Monica would take mine.
Slowly, reverently, sucking it, kissing it. Worshipping the lovely cock.
God how I had wanted this moment, but could never tell anyone. And my
beautiful wife had given me this gift. Michael bucked and tensed and my
mouth was flooded with his semen, I gulped it down. The sheets were stained
and damp from my own orgasm. I ran my hands over Michael's thighs and ass,
his softening cock held gently in my mouth. Then behind me I heard a sigh.
Monica and Carol, holding each other, they had both been witness to the birth
of my new sexuality.

"Honey, now you have."

Our friends were gone. The first pale light of the new day was showing
through the windows of our bedroom as I lay in bed thinking of what had just
happened. Splashing and gurgling sounds came from behind me as Monica washed
her face in the bathroom. Our overstuffed cat purred from atop the
headboard. The bed shifted gently as she slid in , then scooted over to
nestle behind me. Her tall thin body molded to my back, her lovely small
breasts caressing my skin as she snuggled up.

"How was it?" she murmured. Her hand slowly stroked my thigh. I turned and
kissed her. First tentatively, then more urgently as my tongue slid along
her lower lip. I rolled to face my wife, licking her neck and then down to
her breasts. Immediately her nipples began to swell and enlarge. I cupped
her left breast, the one with the larger nipple. I lowered my mouth and
sucked in the knob of flesh, bitting gently. Mon moaned a little and thrust
her breast deeper into my mouth.

"How was it?" she repeated.

"It was extraordinary" I answered. My mind returned to the recent events of
the night, only a short time before, when Monica's friends has been in this
room. When her friend Michael had lain in exactly the same spot. "I can
taste his cum on your mouth and there is still a spot, here, on your beard."
She laughed as she wiped the semen from my face, and then brought it to my
lips. An offering. I sucked the cum from here fingers, then sucked them
into my mouth. My cock stirred as I thought of the beauty of Michael's cock,
the first I had ever touched, that had recently been where Monica's fingers
were now. How it had filled my mouth to bursting. It had pushed to the back
of my throat, incredibly smooth but alive. It had been the focus of all my
senses and then it had pulsed warm, bittersweet and then flooded my mouth to
overflowing. I had loved it. I wanted more. And beautiful Monica had
arranged it all. She had told Michael I would be willing, and then she had
brought him to me. Offered him up. An Michael had given me his cock. His
beautiful firm cock. And in front of my wife and her best friend Carol I had
worshipped that piece of flesh as if it was a god. I had forgotten
everything to have Michael in my throat, shoving past my tongue. I had
licked it from base to head, unaware that I was moaning as I did so. Unaware
that as he reached orgasm and pumped his cum into my mouth that I was coming
myself. Soaking the sheets bunched between my legs, yet utterly unaware of

"I want more. I want more, and want to share it with you." I told her.

As I waited for her answer, I slide my legs between hers. Her pussy was
moist, warm and clinging. Gently, slowly I worked the swollen head of cock
across the lips of her cunt. With just a slight shift I pushed the head into
her. Immediately she contracted pulling me in further, the heat told me of
her arousal . I didn't move, only the twitching of my cock to stimulate us
both. Monica's eyes were closed, her necks extended back as she breathed

Finally, she said "I want that too. I want you both together." The heat
surrounding my cock turned up a notch, and her hips began to move slowly.
"Will you suck him again, for me, while I watch, while I hold his cock to
your lips? Her talk was like a drug.. It made my cock firmer, stronger. "I
want you to fuck me while he fucks your mouth." We moved more urgently, the
orgasm in me beginning to swell. The thought of Michael's gorgeous cock made
me lick my lips. I came. I filled Monica's cunt and then more. She gasped
and I screamed. We both were soaked with sweat as we held each other and
shuddered. Finally, my breathing slowed and felt her fingers in my hair, her
firm pressure as she pushed my head toward her belly. I buried my face in
her hair, her cunt lips sopping wet. The aroma of our combined juices simply
overpowering. I licked and drank and Monica responded with continued jerks
and shocks.

"I'll call Michael tomorrow Love"

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