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The Ann and Peter Chronicles

Chapter 1

Ann was a bright girl, she just wasn't cut out for ridged academics. At least,
that's what her aging parents said about her. She had flunked out of college at 20
during her sophomore year. No school, no job, no dorm to live in after August and
Mom and Dad did not want her at home.

She had several applications out for work. In mid-July she finally landed a job
working days at the college library. She smiled to herself, "A librarian, just like
maid Marion in The Music Man'" she thought. She smiled because Ann was not
an innocent country maid. She'd been around and had spent her first two years of
college (before flunking out) learning the joys of the hedonistic lifestyle. In high
school, Ann had discovered her body. In college she learned to be comfortable
with what she had come to understand as a marvelous toy. She enjoyed her
physical self and was often willing to allow others to share that joy.

Ann's first night at the library found her shelving books in the stacks. She didn't
mind, it was work and she soon would have enough cash for a deposit and first
month's rent. She walked around a book case and bumped squarely into "Ugh!"
She dropped an arm load of books.

"Wow" thought Peter as they both knelt to pick them up, "she's got a full set."
He was glancing at her cleavage as they retrieved books.

"I'm sorry. I'm Peter Kelly. I didn't see you." But, he saw her now as they stood
up. She was pretty, but not gorgeous. The interesting thing about her was the
ripeness of her body. He couldn't describe it any other way. She looked like a
succulently ripe fruit waiting to be eaten. She had full lovely breasts whose nipples
asserted themselves under her blouse. Her buns were round and full. Likewise
he noticed that her thighs were muscled and firm. No chicken legs here.

"Oh, I'm Annabeth Hiller. Ann for short. I guess I didn't see you either." But
now she did. Peter was average height, well groomed, short dark hair, blue eyes
and a firm tanned body that often got exercise.

This chance meeting developed into coffee after work. It became apparent to
Ann that Peter was probably not college type. He was no scholar. But, Peter had
a house trailer that he was renting and he was looking for a roommate and
another couple to share expenses with. Ann smelled opportunity. After coffee
they went for a walk around campus and had a long conversation. She offered to
share the expenses of the trailer and help recruit another couple to share it with.
Peter was mildly enthusiastic. He became a little warmer to the idea when he
noticed that Ann had unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse.

They stopped in a quiet spot in a dark corner between two buildings. Ann
turned to Peter and leaned into him placing both hands on his chest. She made
small circles around his nipples, slid one hand down to his crotch and gently
squeezed is rod. She opened the clasp on the front of her bra spilling her breasts
into the cool night air. Her nipples peaked. "God" thought Peter, "her nipples
must be � an inch long!" His rod hardened as she stroked it through his pants.
With her free hand she cupped a tit and offered it to Peter.

"When I move in we'll play with these when ever you want." Peter bent to
suckle the offered prize. Ann tipped her head back and enjoyed the firm
demanding tongue of her new boy toy. Her loins gave a little involuntary spasm
and she felt a little gush of lubrication in her gash. He lovingly tongued each tit as
she massaged his crotch. Peter hoped for more but Ann slowly and seductively
packed up her toys, tucking them carefully into her bra and buttoning up her
blouse. It was good, thought Ann, that he didn't pressure her for more. Peter
looked sad. "Poor puppy" she thought. He walked her back to her dorm.

"When can I move in?" Ann asked at the door.

"Tomorrow," said Peter. She lit up, kissed him gently on the cheek like an

"Come in for a minute. I've got something I want to give you".

They made their way inside the dorm door to Ann's summer room. There
weren't many others around. Inside Ann's room, Peter made a quick survey.
Clean, need, even homey. She'll make a good housemate.

"Peter, you hardly know me and you're willing to give me a home." She sat
down in a chair in front of him. She continued to talk about her gratitude as she
unbuckled his pants and slid them to the floor. Peter's tent pole was straining at
his shorts. She pulled his shorts down. She smiled, for there before her eyes was
a beautiful 8 inch cock and egg sized balls.

"Man meat" she whispered looking up just before the head of his dick parted
her lips. Oh he tasted good. It had been awhile since she had sucked a man.
The musky beefy man smell, the feel of cock in her mouth, his balls between her
fingers - heaven. She took his cock out of her mouth and licked it from the root to
the tip like a lollypop. She sucked in his balls one at a time. Then she began to
suck him again in earnest. Peter ran his fingers in her hair and moaned softly. He
unloaded his ball honey into her eager mouth. She drank almost all of it. She
stood and said, "You horny bastard" nastily and used her index finger to wipe some
drooled cum from her chin. She sensuously used that finger to moisten his lips
then kissed him full on the lips. She darted her tongue into his mouth. He thrust
his tongue into hers. The cum she hadn't swallowed mingled in their kiss. She
had given him a good taste of his own cock and he did not flinch. This is going to
be fun, she thought, he's nasty.

Peter left.

Chapter 2

Ann was in. She was delighted with the living arrangements. She was still
working at the library. She and Peter had developed an understanding about the
trailer and each other. Peter was turning out to be very sexual and very trainable.
Ann was well pleased that he was so willing. She liked horny little games and as it
turned out so did Peter.

"Peter, are you here?" Ann called. "Oh, there you are" as Peter stuck his head
out of the john.

"I just got back from class and I'm getting in the shower," he said.

"OK. I brought a friend home to meet you - but we'll wait till your done." Ann
brought her old friend Emily home to visit. "I've got an idea," said Ann, "The shower
has a glass door. Let's sneak in a spy on Peter!"

"You're wicked Ann," said Emily and she opened the bathroom door. They
watched as Peter washed his tanned body. The steam hid them from him. But it
also hid much
him from them. They could, however, see when Peter began to pump his cock.
Ann reached for Emily's breasts to caress them as Peter played with himself.
Peter, stroking his bone, rubbed the nob against the glass. He was writing his
name on the steamy glass with his cock. Emily was feeling very hot. Ann was
getting into her friend's melon sized boobs. She undid Emily's bra and let her
hands freely explore her orbs. Her tits were firm and she had big brown nipples.
Emily began to breath heavily.

"Ann, let's get in the shower. Let's get naked and get in the shower."

Ann giggled. They got naked. They stood facing each other for a moment.
Emily rubbed her melon tits against Ann's long nipples and gently bit Ann's lower
lip. "Come on" she whispered, "Let's wash up." They slid the shower door open
and leaped in with the pud pounding Peter. He was surprised, and pleased. Emily
had long blond hair and a hairless, smooth cunt. It was carefully shaved, waxed
and plucked. There was no stubble, it was smooth and pink. She guided Peter's
hand to her soapy slit and rubbed his index finger on her clit and between her lips.
Ann watched from behind Emily cupping her breasts and rolling her nipples
between her fingers. Emily continued to use Peter's hand as her personal wash
cloth. She turned around facing Ann, smiled, bent over and grabbing Peters soapy
hand through her spread legs she teased his thumb into her asshole and two
fingers into her pussy. Peter gripped slightly. It felt like a bowling ball or a
catchers mitt, only 100 times more fun. Her ass felt like velvet and her cunt
muscles worked on his fingers as he eased them gently in and out.

Her shaved pussy was a real turn on. Bent over he could see all the sexy detail
of her love organs without being obscured by hair. Her lips were full. Her clit
peeked out at the top of her slit all rosy and wet and at the base of her open and
pink flower-like vagina, a brownish pink puckered star, the prettiest asshole he'd
ever seen. Yummy, he thought.

After they had thoroughly played and washed they turned the water off, dried off
and sat in the living room nude. Peter sat on a bar stool, his balls swinging freely
beneath him over the edge of the stool. Emily sat on the sofa with her feet up
spread eagle, her bare shaven pussy displayed proudly. The lights were low and
Ann sat on the floor quietly fingering her slippery nub of a clit as she talked.

"Have you had a lot of girl friends Peter?"

"No not many," he answered.

"Your cock is certainly charming enough," said Emily eyeing it hungrily. Peter's
prong gave an involuntary twitch of pride. He massaged the bulbous dick-head.

"I think that all sex is good. As long as the people doing it want to do it. Did you
like the feel of your thumb in Emily's ass?"

"Oh yeah! It was so smooth and velvety," said Peter enthusiastically gazing into
Emily's pink slit.

"Well, you've probably figured it out Peter. I've had such a great time with your
cock this last month and I wanted to share your horniness with Emily. I think that
the best way to start is to demonstrate your good intentions, so Emily, sweet lips,
get on your hands and knees on the sofa, stick that sweet ass high in the air."
Smiling lewdly, she did as she was told. White round ass, pink crack leading to a
star pucker and on to an open slit not unlike the unfolding petals of a rose.

"Isn't she beautiful Peter? Lick her. Lick her asshole. Slip your tongue in it and
around it." You couldn't have stopped him from savoring that delicate flower.
Peter knelt behind the open legs. He leaned forward and with a soft sigh licked
Emily's asshole with his large raspy wet tongue. It tasted like soap and felt good.
Emily's nipples stiffened. Her cunt drooled. It felt so dirty, so nasty, so intimate, so
good. "There's a man kissing my ass, loving my anus," she thought. "Oh, this is
good." Peter slipped his tongue lower into Emily's open pussy. He sucked in her
lips, one by one and chewed on them a little. Finally he found her clit. He sucked
it in, munched it and loved it with his tongue and mouth. Emily could only groan
and hump into his
face. She was in sexual heaven.

"Good Em?" Ann whispered in her friends ear.

"Oh God yes," said Emily. Peter was now licking her from clit to asshole in a
long slow slurpy way. His tongue was long and he liked to explore her every
tenderness with it.

"I want a little. Come and suck me," Ann said standing. She spread her legs
and had Peter kneel behind her. "Eat my ass," she said reaching behind and
spreading her ass cheeks for him. He dug in with the same raspy tongue Emily
had enjoyed. He licked and poked and probed her with no inhibitions.

"Mmmm nice. Now Emily sweety lips, suck my pussy," ordered Ann.

"But, Ann, I don't... I've never licked a woman," said a surprised Emily as she
stood up. Ann reached for her and kissed her while her ass was being tongued.
Their tits pressing together. Ann slipped her hand into the very slippery delta
between Emily's legs. She frigged Emily's clit while Emily moaned into their kiss.
Ann sucked Emily's tongue like it was a cock. At the same time Peter's long
tongue was fucking slowly, very slowly, in and out of Ann's ass. They broke their
kiss and Ann pushed her friend to her knees. Emily, nipples hyper sensitive, pussy
oozing love sauce, hornier than she had ever imagined she could be, leaned into
Ann's bush mouth open, leading with he tongue. Emily reached between Ann's
legs for Peter's cock, fingered her own clit with her other hand and ate Ann's cunt.
It was warm and slippery and smelled faintly like pee. It was horny and made
Emily feel so slutty. Sometimes Emily and Peter would touch tongues as they ran
up and down Ann's crack. Peter replace Emily's finger with his own in Em's cunt.
Ann stood silently watching her loving lickers as she played with her nipples and
exploded in orgasmic delight. She sank to the floor.

Chapter 3

Ann lay there for a moment, sexually exhausted, remembering the first time a
woman's tongue spread her pussy lips. Her high school friend Joni was an
amazon. She was tall, with long black hair and big firm unsagging teen tits. Joni
was loud, outspoken and horny. She commented once about a ride with some
male friends that she had gotten so high she didn't know if she was sucking a joint
or a cock in the back seat! She was a hard athlete with a great ass.

She and Ann were in study hall one day and Joni flashed a "Penthouse" at Ann
from under her books. "Meet me on the stage in the auditorium after school," she
whispered to Ann.

She met Joni in the dim and empty auditorium the went behind the stage
curtain to a little side room and began to look at the "Penthouse" Joni read the
letters out loud in a husky whisper. "Gee, Ann, my cunts getting juicy," she slid a
hand in her jeans and fingered herself. She withdrew the hand and licked her
finger. "Um, Yum. Want a taste?" She offered the finger to Ann. Ann, declining,
was shocked, but curious. Joni reinserted her hand in her pants and read on. She
whispered the story of two women who discovered that they enjoyed each other as
well as their husbands.

"Oh man. This is dirty." said Joni. She unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped
her front hooking bra spilling out two firm mammary glands. Ann stared at the big
breasts. Joni kept reading the letter and was rolling her left nipple with her left
hand. "You feel the other one," she hissed at Ann. Ann did, she was getting wet.
She wasn't sure what was happening. The letter was over. And Joni pulled Ann
full against her breasts and hard nipples. Joni kissed her full on the lips and
reached under Ann's skirt. She pulled her panties aside and slipped into the
slippery folds of Ann's cunt. Ann, now very hot, broke off the kiss and lifted Joni's
cunt probing finger to her lips and licked is sensually.

"I'm going to suck you Ann. Just like in the story," Joni whispered. "My boy
friend sucks me all the time and I want to know what it's like." She pushed Ann
down in an old sofa stored in the room as a stage prop. She knelt between Ann's
legs, pulled her cotton panties down and sucked her till she came.

There was some shuffling noise and Dan came in. "Hey, what's this? You
cunt! Your sucking Ann. Joni this is our secret spot." Dan was pissed and he was
growing hornier by the second. Joni understood his mood. She opened Ann's
legs and said,

"Doesn't she look good. And she has beautiful tits," Joni opened Ann's blouse
and pulled
her tits out. "Fuck her Dan, Fuck her, I want to watch."

Ann was so hot she did not protest. Dan dropped his jeans and shorts. His
cock at the ready. Ann was in a sort of sexual daze. Joni laid her back on the
couch, opened her legs and gently pulled her pussy lips open. "Let me hold your
hard cock Dan. Let me aim it inside her." Ann moaned as his stiff joint entered
her well licked slit. Ann pinched her nipples as Dan began long slow delicious
strokes with his big dick. Dicks she understood! Ann watched Joni peel off all her
clothes. She straddled the sofa at Ann's head, spread her lips and softly asked
Ann to lick her. Ann didn't need to be asked twice. Joni, Dan and Ann spent their
last year of high school as the closest of friends.

Chapter 4

Emily wiped the cunt juice from her lips and licked her fingers clean, and Peter
stood up.

"Now me ladies" Emily went for his bone. He grabbed his cheeks and opened
up his ass

"Come on Ann. It's your turn to kiss some butt!" Ann knelt behind him smiled
and said, "You hot cock, you know this is more about giving pleasure than taking it.
And I'm going to give you tit for ass! Enjoy my wicked tongue!" And she licked
and licked. She loved his taste and his smell. She was free of the moralists
hang-ups, being as horny as she knew how and loving every moment. Emily
looked up from the glistening head of Peter's cock and whispered, "Can I have this
in my pussy?" She held it prayerfully with both hands like an object of worship.
Peter smiled and had both girls get on their hands and knees side by side.

"I want to compare your cunts," said Peter. He looked at their open sweet
pussys, one shaven the other furry. They each looked in need of dick. He knelt
behind Em and guided his knob into her pussy. He stroked her with it. Then he
pulled out and moved behind Ann. He fucked her in much the same way. The
girls giggled and played with each others titties during the fucking.

"I am a great knight in search of a new sheath for my sword," said Peter as he
slid his sword-like cock into Ann's sheath. "Ah, it fits well in this one, let me test the
next," he withdrew and slipped his cock back into Emily's open cunt. "I'll take them
both," he laughingly exclaimed.

"I want to play a different game," said Ann.

"You're awfully bossy tonight," said Peter who pulled out of Emily with a
schloping sound.

Ann said, "Peter sit on the sofa with that hard cock in the air. OK, Em go get
over his cock. Squat on the sofa. That's it face me." She went and knelt between
Peter's legs stroking his balls. Emily's naked pussy was just above open and wet.
Ann ate Emily's pussy. It was like a sweet spring. It was cool, wet and refreshing.
As she licked it, she slowly helped Emily lower herself onto the waiting cock. As
cock and pussy met, Ann began to lick both Peter and Emily as though they were
one. She'd lick Emily's clit and slide her tongue down around Emily's pussy lips,
down Peter's cock shaft to his balls and back to Emily's clit. Peter was gently
fucking. Sometimes he'd pull almost all the way out and Ann would slither her
tongue in Emily's hole along with Peter dick head. Peter would slowly plow back in
forcing Ann's tongue back to Emily's clit. Ann would lick in long strokes from cock
base to clit, like a kitten lapping up milk. Once Peter's cock popped out and Ann
wrapped Emily's cunt lips around it so the cock head and clit touching. She wildly
licked them both at once. Then, holding the base of his cock, she fed the cock
back to the hungry pussy of her friend.

"Oh God Ann. I've never fucked so good. I didn't know you sucked pussy. This
is a dream screw!" Emily began a series of orgasmic spasms that forced the cum
from her fucker. He grabbed her tits and kept on slowly fucking her. When they
had finished, Ann, still licking, had lapped up most of the love juices. She carefully
and lovingly licked the shrinking dick clean and she offered the same lip service for
Emily's sweet cunt.

Ann sat on the floor with her two fucked out friends cradled in each arm. They
were each tenderly licking and sucking a breast as they rested. Ann loved the
feeling of having both tits sucked at once.

"I hate to say it, but sucking a little ass was fun - and God it was horny!" said

"You are great friends. Emily, what do you think about women licking each
other now?" Ann asked.

"Oh Ann. After this, I'll lay my tongue in your sweet slit anytime you want it,"
answered Emily.

"Peter, I think we've got another housemate. How about it Emily, will you move
in with us," asked Ann.

"Well, sure. But what about Tim?"

"Tim, whose Tim?" asked Peter.

"He's my boy friend. We'd planned on moving in together this Fall."

"Oh," said Ann. "Is he as fun loving as you are?"

Well, he loves to make love, if that's what you mean," said Emily.

"Yes, but is he open minded? Open like you were tonight?" asked Peter.

"We'll have to see," answered Emily.

Chapter 5

Emily moved in with Tim as a potential fourth housemate. Tim was very
handsome and black. He wore a crew cut, and had white facial features. Ann
noticed that he had no hair on his legs and arms. Was his body carefully hairless
like Emily's? Tim came and went as he pleased. Peter thought he was great and
the girls loved him. Peter was studying at the library late one night. Tim was at a
night class and Ann and Emily were home alone watching X-rated movies. They
liked to get ideas for little sex games from them. Peter, Emily and Ann were all
fucking around with each other - but Tim had not yet been admitted to the little

As the girls watched the group action on the screen, they got horny. Three
randy studs were giving two wild babes all sorts of fun. At one point the babes had
them fighting with their cocks as swords. Ann began to feel Emily's tits and Emily
unbuttoned Ann's jeans. She slipped her hand into the dark warmth of her friends
crotch and her probing finger was instantly slipped into a wet and slippery slit. On
the screen the babes watched the cock fight on mock terror. One cocksman
seemed to take a jab to the balls and knelt in mock pain. The winning cock stood
with the two babes who licked down his chest to share sucking his cock. The
scene ended with the winning cock squirting ribbon of jism towards the camera
while the babes pumped the boss cock.

"Why don't they drink his cum?" complained Emily as she diddled Ann's clit.

"Do you like to taste of cum Emily?" asked Ann.

"Sure, it always tastes different. But, a good cocksucker always savors and
swallows what she worked so lovingly to get."

"I like it too. When I first met Peter, I sucked him off. Then I kissed him and
give him some of his load back. I wanted to see how nasty he was. I think he liked
it," said Ann.

"Oww, you are a horny bitch. Suck my tittie will you," Emily lifted her tank top
letting both tits free. The film in the VCR kept going. "Ann, that was a cute little
drama. Maybe we could play that game some time."

"What cock-swords and damsels?" said Ann giggling and getting in a lick
between words.

"Why not," said Emily.

"Why not, you little cunt, we need more cocks!" exclaimed Ann. All this play
has got me really hot. Let me love you will you Em?" said Ann. Emily just stood,
shook her long blond hair over her shoulder and bare tits and dropped her jeans.

"What I have to give, I give to you Ann." Her lovely bare slit showed a swollen
horny clit peaking out between the lips. She got on the floor on her side, one hand
propping up her head, her legs were spread deliciously open. "Come and eat me
- but let me suck you too . Let's 69."

"Sweet pussy," cooed Ann hurriedly stripping. Ann turned Emily on her back
and squatted over her face. Her pussy was an inch from Emily's lips, lips
blossoming as she squatted, inviting. Emily without any other contact, extended
her tongue to the open gash and laved its savory sweetness. Ann fell on her,
burying her face in the naked hairless pussy. Together they licked, loved, and
celebrated the depth of their friendship. They rolled on their sides into the classic
69 position. They were such close friends that this sort of pleasure giving was
needed, loved and deeply appreciated by both. Ann had sucked pussy before.
But, she had never had a friend like Emily.

Out of the bathroom stepped Tim! He was naked, his cock stood tall at 8 or 9
hard inches. The girls did not notice at first. Then Ann saw him. He was standing
close to them stroking his brown bone.

"Well, a little party," said Tim. "Can anyone play?"

"Where did you come from?" said Ann. Unbelievably, Emily was still licking

"Oh, Emily and I have had this cooked up for some time. I've been here all

"You naughty boy," said Ann smiling.

Emily said, "Just keep sucking while he fucks you." Tim's sleek muscular
brown body was indeed hairless. No hair anywhere but under his arm pits. His
long bone had no hair around it at all. He lay behind Ann like he was playing
spoons. Soon she felt his thick dong at her entrance. Emily was licking them both
just as Ann had done for her and Peter. Tim's meat slid in and he fucked her while
Ann sucked Emily with renewed interest and Emily ate pussy, cock and balls. Tim
filled Ann well. He felt good in her cunt. He was tender and manly.

Peter saw the soft light of the TV through the window as he walked up the walk.
They're probably into the porno films again. What am I going to do with those
sluts? He opened the door and there was Tim fucking Ann while Emily sucked
her. Immediately he was interested. Finally four!

"Is this something I can get in on?" Peter asked. The girls cooed. Peter walked
around the mass of fucking sucking flesh. It gave him an immediate hard on to
watch Tim fuck Ann while Emily's tongue licked their fucking parts.

"Oh, come on Peter, lets play," said Ann. Peter stripped. The fucky/sucky party
broke apart. Tim pulled out of Ann with a slippery popping sound. Emily and Ann
cuddled each other on the couch. Ann looked at Emily and winked.

"I think you should fight for our honor. Fight to see who fucks us. I boss our
fuck sessions to much. Fight for our honor and he who wins makes the fucking
rules!. Emily and I want to see you boys have a horny little cock fight. Here's the
rules. Your dongs are swords. Peter likes to play that game. You hold them by
the base and have a cock sword fight. Try to wack each others nuts. When one
of you causes the other to flinch, that cocksman wins. Understand?"

"I think so," they each said.

"Come here for our blessing," said Emily. The men approached and each had
their pricks
softly kissed.

"Alright face each other, hold your sword. Now shake your opponents cock and
to fight fare," said Ann.

"Touch his dick? Hey come on," said Peter.

"Sorry boys, if you want to fuck us you play by our rules," said Emily. The men
out and shook each others cocks.

"I pledge a fare fight," each said. They each gave the other a little squeeze
(which surprised them both) and released dicks. They maneuvered, swinging
cocks at each other. Wap, wop as cock hit thigh or stomach. The guys began to
laugh as they played Errol Flynn with their own equipment. They were getting
more comfortable with the game and each other. The girls sat stroking each
others cunts as they shouted encouragement to the boys.

"Oww!" shouted Peter. His nuts took a powerful slap from the thick brown cock
hanging proudly between Tim's legs.

"That's it," said Tim. "I am King Cock. Tonight you are my subjects. Get ready
because we are going to play together. A good fight cocksman," said Tim to
Peter. He reached out as if to shake hands Peter reached out as well only to find
that Tim was reaching for his cock not his hand.

"My ladies, I hold before you an honorable cock. A cock that fought well. Do it
homage on your knees." Smiling, Tim added, "suck Sir Peter." Ann and Emily
readily responded. They knelt on either side of his lollipop and shared it with the
tenderest of care and the nastiest of sucks. Their tongues wrapped around him,
passed up and down his shaft and they kissed his wounded nuts with true
affection. Sir Peter was at the back of Emily's throat when he began to release the
sacred nectar. Ann said, "Oh, I want some cum too. Let me suck some. The
cock was generously shared.

"Sir Peter, I am your King Cock. Kneel while I knight you and you swear
obedience to me," said Tim. The naked Peter knelt with Emily and Ann kneeling
on either side of him. Tim came close, very close. Peter could smell his musky
scent. Tim laid the head of his long thick cock on Peter's shoulder.

"Sir Peter, I knight you with this victory cock," he tapped him first on one
shoulder then the other. Tim was obviously excited by the game. His seminal fluid
was slowly oozing from the tip of his shaft. When he had knighted Peter, Tim just
stood there contemplating what to do next in this horny little game.

"King Cock, your knight must offer a sign of his allegiance," said Ann. She
grabbed Tim's hairless brown 9 inches of cock muscle and used the seminal fluid
oozing from the tip as lipstick for Peter. Peter did not recoil. He let Tim's meat
slide around his lips. The head felt soft on his lips and the smell of the pre-cum
was like the smell he remembered when Ann made him taste his own cum.

"Suck our Master, Sir Peter. Lick the cock that vanquished you. Offer your
loyalty to King Cock," whispered Emily in his ear. Peter opened his lips and the
shaft of King Cock slipped in. The girls offered careful advise on cocksucking.
Peter found that the cock tasted pretty good. He found out that he liked it, he
actually liked it. Now he understood why the girls sucked each other. He sucked
deep, he licked, he tasted Tim's balls. Tim slipped out of Peter's mouth.

"Hey, man. That's too good. I don't want to cum yet. Thank you for your
loyalty to my kingdom." Tim smiled, and touched his dong to his subjects lips to be

"God," Peter thought kissing the ebony love muscle, "I'm a cock sucker, and I
liked it."

Chapter 6

This little game was not new for Tim. He never told Emily about his high school
jock days. There was a very clear pecking order in the locker room during his
football years. It had nothing to do with performance on the team. The guys
would always check each other out in the shower. Tim had the biggest hang of
them all. He'd see the other guys stare in envy. So one day as a joke he told the
boys that if they wanted a big strong dick like his, they needed some of his
hormones to help them grow. In short, he said they had to drink his cum. At the
end of practice one day Tim and Billy were the last two players in the locker room.
Tim hit the shower and in the middle of washing his hair, he felt a warm suckle on
his limp wang. He rinsed his eyes and looked down to see big strong Billy sucking
his cock. "Suck me white boy," thought Tim. He shot his load down Billy's hungry
throat. Billy stood up revealing a modest little cock, and walked away.

Billy's cock did begin to grow. Not because he was regularly drinking cum - but
because, at 18, he was finishing growing. But, the story of Billy's enlarged hang
and his secret method of getting his cock to grow earned Tim a devoted following
of five cock eating jocks. At first they did not know who each other was. But, Tim
would carefully arrange to get time alone with them two at a time to let their
tongues fight over his cock. At first they were embarrassed to be known to
someone else with the same problem and need. Finally, in the end they would all
meet in the shower and suck the big dick. While they waited for turns at Tim's
bone, Tim encouraged them to suckle on each other.

One day the coach caught the suck party in the shower. He demanded an
explanation. The boys told of their belief in the cock growing power of big dick
cum. He did nothing. He looked at them all and noticed the large black cock
hanging proudly between Tim's legs.

"I suppose it's your dick that started all this?"

"Yes," said Tim.

"I suppose you'd like a bigger dick too?"

"Sure," said Tim "But there's no one bigger to suck."

The coach dropped his gym shorts and a 10 inch whopper sprung forth. "Suck
on this you horny little shit." The boys drooled at the dong, but it was up to Tim to
suck it. Up to this point he had been sucked but cocksucking wasn't for him. He
knelt, lifted the dick and thought, "God, I won't even be able to get it in my mouth."
But he did. He sucked for all he was worth. If the other boys knew he was a fraud
they'd pound the crap out of him. He sucked and sucked and drank what the
coach's balls sent shooting down his throat. From that day on the coach was "King
Cock" and the suck parties went on every day after school. Tim learned to love
dick as well as pussy from an early age.

Chapter 7

"Ann?" asked Tim.

"Yes my King," answered Ann.

"I'd like to see you fuck Peter. Peter lay on your back cock in the air." He did
as he was told. "Emily, sit on his face and let him lick you," said Tim. Emily
crouched over Peter's face facing his feet so she could watch the action. Peter
began licking.

"Ann, kneel on him with your ass in the air and your chest facing his chest," he
said. She did and Tim parted her lips and guided Peter's cock into her cunt. They
began a slow hump. Peter played with Ann's nipples and licked Emily. Ann felt
something warm behind. She looked over her shoulder to see Tim. Her had his
face buried in her ass tonguing her tender ass. She stuck her ass up further for his
tongue. It felt wonderful. Tim's strong arms pivoted her around on Peter's cock.
Now her clit was exposed. Tim, King Cock, licked the full slot, clit, lips, cock and
balls. He ate them both as they fucked. Ann was near delirious. One man filling
her with cock while another licked her. She came with a loud moan and a rush of
pussy fluid, which Tim licked up from around Peter's Peter. She rolled off Peter
and Tim to her surprise continued to suck Peter's cock. She lay next to him and
whispered sweet encouragement. Watching Tim suck Peter turned her on. She
gave him quiet instructions. Lick underneath more, suck it all in, watch the teeth.
But Tim reminded her that he had one of these of his own and that he thought that
qualified him know what a man liked. Ann smiled to her self, shut up and watched
the show. Emily came in Peter's face. Watching Tim suck Peter pushed her over
the edge of orgasm. When Emily came so did Peter and Tim swallowed it all.
Ann cleaned up Peter's cock with her hungry tongue.

Tim went to the bedroom and lay spread eagle on the bed leaning up against
the pillows. Ann and Emily followed and were laying on the bed paying homage to
King cock with their mouths. Peter went to get a drink when he came back he
found Ann and Emily happily licking their master. Tim had a broad smile on his

"Well we've all learned a little more about each other tonight. Come Sir Peter
and join my other subjects," said Tim. Peter happily joined the girls in sucking Tim.
They looked like suckling piggies competing for their mother's tit. Slop, slurp,
Peter would suck the head while Emily and Ann licked up and down the meaty
brown shaft. Ann would lick Tim's balls while Emily and Peter lavished his cock
with nibbles and bites. At one point they rolled King Cock on his side and Emily
kissed his ass while Peter licked his balls and Ann munched cock. They finished
with Emily eating Tim's rod, it tasted so good, Ann sucking Emily's naked pussy,
she loved it so, and Peter fucking Ann and then letting Tim lick Ann's cunt juice off
his cock. Somewhere in this mass of sexual activity they all eventually came and
fell asleep.

Chapter 8

Ann awoke to find it was morning. Emily was in the shower. Tim was sipping OJ.
And Peter was playing with his own nipples while stroking his balls. Ann got in the
shower with Emily and they washed each others bodies. Ann soaped up Emily's
tities and then each woman rubbed there slippery nipples against the others.
Emily washed Ann's asshole like she was performing a sacred ritual. She finished
her washing with her tongue. Ann thought this extra special loving care required a
response so washed Emily's ass the same way.

When they were done, they dried each other off. Tim showered and so did
Peter. They all sat around the living room telling stories from their sexual pasts.

Tim told his locker room story while laying on the carpet on his side. He had
one leg raised and stroked his cock hard as he talked. Peter laid down facing him
as he told his nasy boy story and took his dick and rubbed it against Tim's
dick-head. Their pre-cum made the cocks slide lustily against each other.

Emily laid down behind Tim as he spoke and buried her face in his ass. Ann
took her cue and did the same with Peter. The girls munched ass, and the boys
rubbed dick-heads and told nasty stories. It was a quite peaceful morning filled
with a soft sexual sensuality.

"I've had enough ass kissing," said Ann. "I want a cock in my cunt. I want a
black cock in my cunt." She teased. She pushed the boys apart and sat on top of
Tim sliding his cock in her at the same time. Emily climbed on Tim's face and the
two girls held each other as the rode him.

Ann said, "Lick her ass Timmy, go on. Make it as wet and slippery as her
pussy." Tim did. It tasted clean and fresh. Ann winked at Peter while she held
Emily close, tit to tit. He was watching and stroking his penis. "Fuck her ass," Ann
mouthed to him.

Peter quietly knelt behind her and inserted his cock into the licking and slurping
of Emily's cunt and Tim's tongue. The cock was welcomed by both. Emily could
feel its hardness and moaned. Tim gave it a hungry welcoming suck. After a
couple of strokes in Emily's hot pussy, Peter pulled back and softly probed Emily's
rear passage. As he entered he could feel her clench and relax. When she'd
tightened on his cock he'd stop his insertion. When she relaxed her ass he'd
gently push deeper. It felt so good when her ass would grab his cock. She was so
tight then. Tim had a great view of cock opening the pink star of Emily's ass when
Peter's balls weren't in his eyes. The cock slowly sunk in, slid out, sunk in deeper.
Emily arched her back turning her ass up to meet the intruder. It felt good for her
too. Uncomfortable at first, but, Tim sucking her cunt helped. Tim licked clit and
watched the cock and ass couple as he sucked. Ann saw ecstacy of Emily's face.
After her ass suck in the shower, she was sure Emily had a strong anal sensitivity
and urge. Emily erupted in a huge shuttering orgasm. Peter pumped her ass full
of cum. They unplugged from each other and went to the john to wash up.

Ann and Tim were still coupled. Ann played with his nipples as they rocked and
swayed together, his cock fully sheathed in her warmth. He played with her
nipples as well. They exploded into orgasm almost exactly the same moment
Emily and Peter came back from the bathroom. When they uncoupled, there was
a big load of cream running out of Ann's cunt. "Why waste that," said Em dipping
her tongue in and lapping up cream like a kitten. Peter looked at Tim's shrinking
cock. It was glistening with cum and pussy juice. His balls were wet with love juice
as well. The head of his cock oozed what little love lotion his balls had yet to offer.

"Tim, buddy, us guys got to stick together. Let me give you a hand cleaning
up." He reached for the towel.

"Fuck the towel Peter, use that tongue of yours on my dick." Peter smiled and
licked Tim's balls clean. He licked the brown dong clean and sucked the rest of
the cum from Tim's cock and nursed his tired joint back into a full 9 inches of hard

Emily loved the love honey she licked from Ann. It was a combination of Ann's
flavor, and she dearly loved Ann, - and Tim's cream which she had tasted many
times. It made her proud of Tim to see the way his penis pleased Ann. Ann really
came hard. Emily gave Ann's clit a couple of love bites. Ann moaned and began
to grind her hips into Emily's face. "God," thought Emily, "How horny and nasty
and good it feel to have a man in your ass."

Chapter 9

"Em, we have a unique little household here. Everybody loves everybody. I'm
not sure that I've ever heard of anything like it. I know of other couples that share
houses, but, they don't all have sex with each other," said Ann.

"Yeh, I know," said Em. "But I like it. Why don't more people turn on the way
we do?"

"I think most folks are afraid to let their sexual instincts guide them. They're
afraid they might get out of control. At least that's what Professor Miller says."

"Professor Miller? Have you talked to him about us?" asked Em.

"Oh no, but I have had some frank discussions in his office. He's very open,"
said Ann. "He's my faculty advisor," she added.

Em was opening the mail. She handed a letter to Ann. She opened it and said,
"I'm being invited to join Phi Delta Pi!" PDP was a sorority or an academic society.
No one was quite sure which as it was an off campus organization that was very
low key. Its members wore no sweat shirts or caps identifying them - but, it was
commonly whispered to be an exclusive small prestigious society. "They want to
initiate me on Tuesday! The ceremony is at Dr. Miller's house.

"Are you going?" asked Em.

"You bet!" answered Ann.

She knocked at Dr. Miller's door on Tuesday evening. The door was answered
by two college girls who invited Ann in. Ann was taken to a side room by the to
others. They asked her if she was worthy of their club. Ann said yes she guessed
so. They asked if Ann would trust them to guide her through the initiation - they
assured her that no harm would come to her. She said yes. They told her that to
enter the sorority she had to dress as she did when she entered this world. The
room will be dark so no one will see much of you they said. Ann reluctantly
agreed and they began a slow and deliberate removal of Ann's cloth's.

She was now naked. They slipped a blind fold on her, turned off the lights, lit a
candle and knocked on an inner door. A female voice from within said "Who
seeks entrance?" One of the girls with Ann said, "A woman, naked and innocent,
who is desirous of learning the wisdom of the ages."

The voice within said, "let her enter and be received." The door opened and
Ann was led into a large room filled with shadowy figures. The only light was the
light of the candle that softly illuminated her naked form. Her two escorts were on
either side of her. As they walked in Ann's breasts gently bounced in the dim light
her skin looked like cream. A husky female voice said, "You have placed yourself
in our hands as you seek to enter our society. Do you trust us in all things
regarding mind, body and soul?" "Yes," Ann answered. She thought she'd gotten
this far she might as well get an idea what this was all about.

"Ann you are known to us as one mature beyond her years. You are known to
have views sympathetic to ours. Our society is one dedicated to expanding the
character and understanding of its members. We seek to love all humans with the
totality of our ability. This initiation is a test of your willingness to love with mind and
body. God has given men special gifts for the receiving and giving of pleasure.
They are the four great lights of masculinity. They are the tongue, penis, scrotum
and anus. Of these four the first and last are called the great lights of all for they
are common to women as well. Females have four precious jewels. They are the
tongue, breasts, vagina and anus. The great lights and precious jewels are the
keys to love and spirituality. Guardian sisters, sample Ann's precious jewels and
let her feel our love for her."

The two girls on either side of Ann began to tenderly kiss her on the lips. Ann
responded by returning the kiss. "Wow," she thought, "this is a long way from what
I expected - but I like it so far!" They left their kissing and dropped their lips to her
nipples, each sucking one. Ann rolled her head back in pleasure. The girls
descended. One tongue was licking her in front and one was exploring her behind.
They stopped. "Worshipful Queen, Her precious jewels are good and succulent."

"Do you still wish to join us?" "Yes," moaned Ann still reeling from the licking.
How many people were watching her? Were they all dressed was she the only
one nude? The Worshipful Queen asked, "Sister, what do you most desire?" Ann
thought but had no immediate answer. One of her guardian lickers whispered in
her ear, "The four great lights." Ann said, "The four great lights."

"What else?" asked the Worshipful Queen. The other guardian sister
whispered in her ear, "The four precious jewels." Ann answered the same. The
blind fold was removed. The room was lined with figures that Ann could not quite
see. The candle was placed on a high pedestal in the center of the room and it
dimmly illuminated the Worshipful Queen sitting on a throne-like chair. She was a
naked amazon of a brunette with full patch of thick brown pussy hair. She was
muscled and feminine at the same time. Her tits made Ann salivate. They were
large and firm with big brown nipples that looked ready to suckle lion's. She had
the overall impression of Xena, Warrior Princess of TV fame. Her eyes
smoldered. Ann noticed that the throne chair was specially made. It was wide and
the arms were at 45 degree angles to the back. Each leg had its own cushioned
rest with a cushion for each ass cheek. But the Worshipful Queen had nothing to
support the center of her body. He pussy was open, her lips were puffy and wet
and she must have had a two inch clit because it was clearly visible peeking out of
the lips and through the nest of hair. Her sex glistened in the candlelight.

Everything about her fascinated Ann and exuded sex. She clapped her hands
and the two Guardian sisters approached her. She dismissed them. Each of them
knelt before her and kissed her clit before they melted into the side lines with the

She ordered Ann to approach the throne. As Ann's naked form stepped closer
there were whispers of approval from the sidelines as her form was admired.

"You will be given the Four Precious Jewels now. Show no hesitation," said the
amazon on the throne. She clapped and a spotlight came on in one corner of the
room. It shown brilliantly of a blond with perfect 40 inch tits reclined on a lounge.
The blond reached up and squeezed her nipples. They squirted milk four feet!.
Ann went to her and drank from them. She suckled them with tender desire. The
blonds nipples where engorged and a delight to suck. As Ann bent her creamy
white ass shown above her bending form. Her cunt lips were beginning to swell
with excitement. A male voice said, "The full breast is to teach you that to be
nourished you must give pleasure. Drink of her abundance and delight her with
your tongue."

The light went out and another came on across the room. It was focused
narrowly on one of the most beautiful rose lipped vaginas she had ever seen. It
opened like a delicate flower and was swollen with lust. The clit stood erect and
hooded at the top of the rose lips and looked like a tiny cobra. The vaginat was
head high. She walked over and immediately began to lap at this spring of love.
The male voice said, "Here is the essense of your soul, the flower of womanhood.
In your deep kiss you are taught to know yourself. Whispers of approval from the
shadowy figures in the sidelines.

Another spot light shown on a woman bent over holding her ankles. She had
the roundest ass and a pink pucked asshole the size of a silver dollar. "What the
Hell," though Ann. She strode across the room, tits bouncing, and ate ass. "God,
they've dusted it with powdered sugar," she realized as she ate the sweet ass. The
voice said, "This is to teach you that all the body is sweet for those who will savor
its secret places. Never hesitate to honor this teaching."

The last spotlight shown on the amazon mistress. Her head was tipped back,
her lips wet and she exposed a long ruby tongue beckoning Ann. Ann approached
and sucked the tongue. The amazon mistress pulled it slowly into her mouth so
they became locked in a horny kiss. The male voice said, "You will love us all and
we will love you, this kiss seal the precious jewels and binds you to the first level of
our society.

Ann was blindfolded again, led to the middle of the room by her two guides.
They spread her legs and told her to stand and be welcomed. She sensed
movement. Someone kissed her, she kissed back. There were mouths on her tits.
A tongue, maybe two probed her ass. Her clit was being rasped by a hot tongue.
For more than an hour everyone in the room had a chance to taste her precious

At the end of the ritual, they tattooed a tiny dragon on her left ass cheek. Swore
her to
secrecy and drove her home. To enter the monthly gatherings she would have to
display the tattoo. She was told to report again next month. Ann drove home and
crashed completely satiated.

Chapter 10

Ann typed: Anyone want me and my guy?

She sent the message to a BICouples chat room in America On Line.

Ann sat at the keyboard naked and waited for the room to respond.

Almost immediately she got a IM from, well we won't say. It was a bicouple.
She checked their profile. Bi couple in Florida. John 190, 28, 7" cut white w/
brown eyes and hair. Sue 150, 25 large tits, blond, neatly trimmed.

"Great," Ann thought, she put her left hand to Peter's head and pushed it more
firmly into her cunt. Pete sat on the floor under the computer with his arms around
the chair and his tongue lapping Ann's slit. She read Pete the messages as she
typed and received them.

BICOUPLE: Where you from?
ANN: Midwest
BICOUPLE: Where's your man?
ANN: licking my pussy
BICOUPLE: Cool, wish we were there
ANN: Read your profile - I do to.
BICOUPLE: Sue- I'd lick you too
ANN: Baby, the boys could have my tits and I'd save my cunt just for you.
BICOUPLE: Yum Yum -Sue
ANN: Are you naked?
BICOUPLE: yes. Yes. I'm sucking a little dick betwenn typos
ANN: I'm play with my nipples while pete sucks me.
BICOUPLE: Too bad we can't get together
ANN: What a suck party we could have.
BICOUPLE: John likes to lick dicks as they slid in and out of my cunt
ANN: Your hot!! I wouldnt mind licking that either - maybe while my pete stuffed
BICOUPLE: That sounds great
ANN: Let's get together
BICOUPLE: Well - we have only done this online. A little scared of the reality.
ANN: Believe me - the reality is wonderful, mind blowing, and feels very whole
BICOUPLE: Ever get South?
ANN: No.
BICOUPLE: How about some phone?
ANN: Great!
BICOUPLE: What's your number - we'll call
ANN: No, let us call you - we've got a free long distance deal.
BICOUPLE: Gee, I don't know
ANN: CUM on, we're hot for you.
BICOUPLE: ok. 5078/555/1234
ANN: Will call in few minutes
BICOUPLE: bi bye

"Shit Pete, this phone number isn't in Florida."

"Yeh, well we don't live in the Midwest either," Pete responded rolling the chair
back from his face. He wiped Ann's juice from his chin.

"Pete, this is our area code and exchange!"

"No shit. Get the phone search CD out. We'll look it up."

They did a search from CD ROM and discovered the address: William and
Carol Bexford, 123 Maple Drive. And the computer drew them a map to the

"O my God," gasped Ann. "That's the house two doors up! It's the Bexford's!"

"Hell, they've got 3 teens. They're not in they're 20s," said Pete.

"Well you can never trust those AOL profiles. I noticed that your cock is 2
inches longer in your profile too wise ass," smirked Ann.

Pete stood and offered his half staff flag pole to Ann's lips. "Suck me a little
babe and let me think."

"Isn't Bill Bexford a Councilman? And aren't they big in their church?" Pete
asked Ann.

"MMM," she moaned around his hardening cock. "He's an Associate Professor
in the Communication Dept. up at school too. I see him in the library once in a

"Let's call. I've got some nasty Ideas. Do you want to wait for Emily and Tim to
get home, or call now?" he asked.

His cock popped out of her mouth and she said, "Now, cock boy".

They dialed the number. The Bexford's played the game well. Each got on the
line. Pete and Ann got into it and each couple fucked and sucked while they
spoke sweet nasties into the phone. The Bexford's turned out to be very
uninhibited. After everybody came, Pete said, "Thanks Bill and Carol, you
Bexford's sure now how to screw!" And he hung up. Ann and Pete imagined the
panic on the other end with glee.

Emily and Tim got back from classes to the trailer they shared with Ann and
Pete. They were told the story. "Wow," said Emily, "this has possibilities".

The next week Bill and Carol Bexford were dinner guests at Ann, Emily, Tim
and Pete's trailer. They called and introduced themselves as neighbors who were
also college students and wouldn't Professor and Mrs. Bexford like to have dinner
with them. Tim made the call and they hesitantly accepted. The evening came.
The meal was delightful and the wine after dinner helped set the Bexford's at ease.
Ann and Peter didn't say much.

Emily sat next to Carol on the sofa. Carol was late 30s. "My" Emily said, "You
do have lovely breasts. Are your nipples pink or brown?" Carol starred at her

"Yeh, and that's a nice bulge in Bill's pants. How long is your cock Professor
Bexford? I understand you like boys," said Tim. Bexford reddened, stood and
crooked, "What is the meaning of this?

"Well, Bexford, old cock. You phone fucked us last week. Remember?" Pete
offered. "We know you have an important place in our community and at college
and we'd like to keep this our little secret."

Bexford crumpled into the chair.

"Your children, church, City Council and College have no idea do they?" Ann

"No," both Bexford's replied at once.

"Well, we won't tell them," said Emily generously. "We want you. Do you

"You get us and nobody knows?" asked Bill

"You become our toys and no one knows," said Peter. "Is it a deal? Are you

"Yes," they stammered.

The curtains were drawn. Bill was ordered to stand while Carol was told to strip
him. She knelt and pulled hi shorts down to reveal a hard bone. He was ordered
to spread his legs. "Feel him Carol and tell us what you love about Bill's cock,
balls and ass," said Ann.

Carol stroked Bills dong with one hand and cleared her throat. She said quietly
that she loved Bill's cock. It was good to fuck him and suck him. Bill was
embarrassed to be the only one naked in a room of six people. But, it also turned
him on. She caressed his balls as his cock ticked involuntarily and praised their
ability to make cum. She turned him around and spread his cheeks and told the
party how he loved a dildo in the ass. Carol was getting excited. Bill was getting
turned on too.

They had Bill strip Carol now. He held her tits up and was asked to explain why
he loved them. He spread her cunt lips and showed everyone Carol's cunny. And
he opened her ass and even licked it a little for the audience.

"Marvelous," said Tim the shaved black stud. "When in our home you will not
get off your hands and knees unless instructed to. Down now!" They got down.
Ann produced a cock ring and put in on Bexford from behind leading a fine chain
leash from the cock ring up his ass crack to her hand. Tim put a collar and leash
on Carol.

"Now it's time to get to know us," said Time. They all stripped. The submissive
Bexford's were very aroused by what they saw. Four tender college students and
all they had to do was play the game. The risk of exposure excited them both.

Emily and Ann sat down and tugged on Bill's chain. It was time to get to know
them, so Emily offered him her cunt and said eat me professor. He licked her ass
and cunt. Ann watched and pulled the chain to jerk his cock and balls. Bexford
moaned as his dick twitched.

Meanwhile, Carol was ordered to suck Pete's cock. She did, with abandon.
She did the same with Tim. And Bill moved to Ann and licked her.

"OK," said Pete, "I think we should see how real your phone sex was." He took
Bill's leash and tugged him to crawl from Ann to him. "Here's a nice cock Bill, will
you suck it now like you did over the phone?" Bill bowed his head and ate cock.
Pete grinned. "Good boy, now have some of Tim's black bone." Pete grabbed
Tim's cock next to him and pointed it Bill's way. Bill sucked.

"O Emily," said Ann, "does that look fun." Carol watched her husband suck
cock with secret delight. It turned her on tremendously. She crawled on her
hands and knees to Ann and begged to suck Ann. Ann opened her legs, reached
down and spread her cunt wide open and ordered Carol to lick. She did.

Pete moved behind Carol and lubed her ass. He watched Ann squeeze her
nipples while Carol ate her and he slid his cock unto her ass. She attempted a
half hearted protest - but finally turned her ass up to take the cock. Pete winked at
Ann and fucked Carol's tight hole slowly. Tim pulled out of Bill's mouth and
ordered him to suck Emily. She opened her cunt for him. Both Bill and Carol were
munching pussy side by side as the girls sat on the sofa. It looked like puppies at
the food bowl thought Tim. He knelt next to Pete, behind Bill. He lubed Bill's ass
and fucked him. Bill did not protest, but leaned back into the hard black dick
slipping into him. Both Tim and Pete shot deep up the asses of their slaves. Carol
was ordered to clean her husband up with her tongue. She did not like it - but, she
did it. Bill, likewise, was asked to suck the cum from his wife's ass and clean her
with his tongue. Emily thought they should clean the boys up too. But, they had
already gone to the john and washed each others cocks.

They came back, dicks swaying arrogantly. Bill and Carol were on all fours
asses still pouting open from their recent invasion. Tim stopped in front of Bill.
"Did you like it?" he asked. Bill hung his head and said, "yes." "You love my black
cock in your ass?" "Yes," Bill whined.

"Then kiss the cock you love and that me for the ride," said Tim. Carol couldn't
believe it, Bill's hand went up Tim's legs to his dick. He held it reverently and
looked up and mouthed "Thank you master" and sucked Tim's bone down his

"Are you thankful Carol" Pete asked. "Yes," she said. Pete turned and offered
his butt hole to her bending over.

"Kiss my ass doll," he demanded. She crawler forward and ate his asshole.
She actually gave him a very nice rim job. He stood, turned and said, "If I gave you
pleasure tonight slave bitch, honor your master." She tenderly kissed the head of
his dick. Then she sucked with earnest. Tim and Pete let their new slaves suck
them dry. Pete came in Carol's mouth first, so she was ordered to join her
husband and finish of Tim's cock. Ann observed that they made a natural
cocksucking team and knew how to compliment each others sucking to maximize
Tim's pleasure. Tim shot and by god, the Bexford's actually struggled over his dick
for the most cum. It was a beautiful thing to watch. They had completely released
their inhibitions.

"You may go home now. We'll see you soon." said Ann.

"Be careful on the Internet," warned Emily giggling.

Bill and Carol, now dressed, thanked their hosts for a lovely evening as though
nothing extraordinary happened. They walked home holding hands.

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