Wednesday, April 8, 2009

what a weeken part 4

Sorry it has been so long, but with three active adults and two different
families to be concerned about it becomes difficult to get together an
write about it. We now that that's out of the way I will tell you of the
Ongoing true life adventure.

Melissa and I had planed another weekend away but she was not feeling well.
I figured I could get some work done around the house anyway. Little did I
know a piece of hardware would fail at work and I would have to go in. It
took several hours to get the system back on line and by then there was no
sense in going home just to turn around in a couple hours. I have a nice
sleeper sofa in my office for just such events.

After popping open a beer, I logged onto my Messenger and saw that Sam was
on. Innocently I started sending him some pictures. He liked them very
much. He then surprised me and told me he was working a contract right
down the road from where I work. I then surprised him and told him I was
at work. He said he had about an hour worth of work and would be by.

I half expected him to not show up, but I was hoping for the best. Ever
since that first experience all those years ago I had fantasized about him
and I and was content with that, but when he gave me the green light and
stepped on the gas as well I want to enjoy and experience it all. Well on
with the events of the night.

He showed up right on time. He came in and we went right for the office
break room to get him a cold beer. I was so nervous, why I don't know. We
went to my office and watch some TV and shot the shit for a bit. I
couldn't help but look at the tent he was making in his pants. I wanted to
go over and grab him but I think it's the fear of rejection that keeps me
from making the first move. He is sitting there in one of my chairs and
tells me to come over and stand in front of him. He reaches into my boxers
and pulls my hard cock out. He likes the new shave and plays with me
before putting it in his mouth. He feels so good but I wanted to lie down
on the sofa. We striped and I lay down and he continued to give me head.
He wanted me to come and so did I. It was a very powerful orgasm and
thought for sure I blew the back of his head off.

Now was the time I had waited for. I scooted down his body and began to
bathe his cock and balls with my mouth. I would take him all the way in my
mouth then slip down and suck his balls. Then I began to rim him. He
loves it but he would never say that. That's the difference between Sam
and I. He will make the first move but don't like to talk about it. I'm a
bit afraid to make the first move, but love to talk about it. Maybe that's
why I write these. Well on with the story. After a while of this oral
assault by me Sam asked me to put it in him. What was I to do? I'd never
let a friend down. I slid my cock inside him till I felt my balls resting
against his ass cheeks. He was still wearing his sweater and shirt. I
worked my way up the front to play with his nipples while he got used to
me. He started to grind and I knew he was ready. I started to pump him at
a decent pace, but Sam wanted it faster. I was afraid of cuming again but
did as he wished. I shot my load when I heard him say he was going to cum.
I hadn't even touched his cock. I watch his expression for the sign he was
close then pulled out and dove for his cock. No sooner had I got it in the
back of my mouth and he exploded. I had a mouthful of cum and went back to
sucking him. He was to sensitive and needed to get home so we called it a

We are trying to schedule our next encounter so be patient. I have to go
to New Mexico so I will be out of touch. Thanks for all the great feed
back. Keep it cuming

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