Saturday, April 4, 2009

Used by Neighbors

My wife and I have been married for about 5 years. About 1 year ago an
unusual couple moved in behind us. He was a Black X-Football player(David)
and she was a Chinese X-Gymnast(Kim). They were a friendly couple that took
really good care of their yard and never made any noise.

About 6 months after they moved in, my wife and Kim started to become
really good friends. About 2 months ago the sex life between me and my
wife really started to improve.

About a month ago I realized that every time my wife came back from Kim's
house she wanted to have sex. And she was more aggressive about it than
she had ever been before.

So one evening when she was going over to Kim's, I decided to go spy on
them, I figured they were watching adult movies or something. About 5
minutes after my wife left, I left the house and headed for the back window
of Kim's. I was there for about 2 minutes when my wife and Kim entered the
room I was looking into.

Once entering the room my wifes stood still in the center of the room and
closed her eyes. Then Kim took a scarf from the closet and put it over my
wife's eyes. Then Kim began to undress my wife. Unbuttoning her blouse and
unzipping her pants. I was getting kind of excited about the thought of my
wife and Kim having sex. Kim continued to undress my wife. Removing her
bra and pulling down her panties.

Once my wife was completely naked Kim guided her over to this short skinny
table. Kim had my wife kneel and then lay her stomach on the table. My
wife was then on all fours with the table supporting her from her stomach
to her armpits. Kim began to wrap some velcro wraps around my wifes
wrists, and knees. Once Kim setup the wraps she tightened them so that my
wifes knees and wrists were pulled in tight to the sides of the table.

Now that my wife was tied in tight Kim began to undress herself. She had
an incredible body, she was about 5'6" with nice olive skin, she had small
tits but they had nice brown nipples, and the hair on her pussy was
perfect. Once Kim was undressed she bent down behind my wife and started
to lick her but. She was spitting on my wife's buthole and licking and
trying to stick her tongue in it. Then she moved around and sat in a chair
that was positioned in front of my wifes face. She sat on the chair so
that her pussy was barely hanging off the front of the chair. She then
slid her chair up so her pussy was in my wifes face. Once there my
blindfolded wife began to lick Kim's pussy and suck on her clitoris. Kim
then lifted her legs and wrapped them around my wife's head.

Suddenly I was suprised to see the door in the back of the room open. Out
came David from behind the door. At this point I did not know what to do.
David was standing there naked with his large black semi hard uncut dick
and a tube of lotion, or something, in his hand. He approached my wife and
got down behind her. He then began licking her buthole and trying to stick
his tongue into it just as Kim had done. At this point I was starting to
feel aroused by the situation but at the same time betrayed by my wife.
Kim then unwrapped her legs from around my wifes head and stood up from the
chair. She walked around my wife and pushed Dave aside and began licking
my wife's buthole again. Then David moved around in front of my wife and
started forcing his dick into my wifes mouth. She was very willing to
allow David's cock into her mouth and began sucking it much as she does to
mine. In the mean time kim has stopped licking my wifes buthole and begun
using the tube of lotion to spread around my wifes buthole. She then
closed the tube and started forcing her finger into my wife's buthole.
Once Kim got her first finger into my wife's buthole I could see my wife
trying to thrust back onto her finger. Kim continued to slide her fingers
in and out of my wife's ass until she could get three fingers in at one
time. At this time David's cock was fuly erect and standing at what looked
to be 7". Once again Kim and David stood up and started to switch places.
Kim sat back down in the chair and slid her pussy right back into my wife's
face. Then David got behind my wife and began trying to work the head of
his penis into my wife's buthole. He slowly worked it in until he could get
almost the full length of his cock into my wifes ass. Then David began to
fuck my wife's ass as my wife ate Kim's pussy. This went on for about 7 or
8 minutes at which point I could see from the look on David's face that he
was getting really excited. He started to thrust his cock into my wifes
ass harder and harder. He then gave 4 heavy thrusts at which point he
stopped and slowly slid his cock from my wife's ass. Once he removed his
dick you could see the excess cum on the shaft of his cock and dripping
from my wife's buthole.

David then got up and left the room. Kim then stood up from the chair and
went around behind my wife. Kim then proceeded to lick all of David's cum
from my Wife's but cheeks and asshole. Once completed Kim stood up and
began to dress. She then undid the straps around my wife's knees and
wrists and left the room. My wife then stood up, took off the blind fold,
and put her close back on.

At this point I decided it was time to leave or I might get caught. Once I
got back home, what I had just saw started to sink in. My wife was being
used by the couple behind us, but worse yet the guy who lived behind us was
fucking my wife. I still wasn't sure how to react when my wife came back
home. She started kissing me and telling me she wanted to go upstairs and
have sex. That night me and my wife had some more of the same great sex
that we had been having for the last month.

The next day I still could not stop thinking about David having sex with my
wife. I decided the only thing that would allow me to accept that thought
in my mind was if I was able to have sex with Kim.

It took about a week for the right moment to occur. I was looking out the
back window into Kim and David's house and hadn't seen David for about an
hour. I then told my wife that I was going to stop over to see David, and
she said see you later.

I knocked on Kim's back door and she said come on in. Once in I asked her
if David was around, and she said he would be back later. I asked if it
would be ok if I hung around and waited. She said make yourself
comfortable. I sat in the kitchen as she was making dinner and emptying
the dish washer. I began to make comments about how good she looked and
how lucky David was. After one comment about how tight her legs are and
how that must have been a result of all those years of gymnastics, she
turned to me and said would you like to find out. I looked at her with a
look of uncertainty. She then turned off all the burners on the stove and
said follow me. She led me into the same room were I saw my wife. I was
starting to get excited because I figured I was gonna have sex with her.

Kim told me that If I followed her instructions that I would love every
moment of what was going to happen to me. I said ok. She then placed a
scarf over my Eyes and proceeded to take my close off. With the scarf on I
could see absolutetly nothing but I think it made me more excited than if I
were to see her naked. She then grabbed me by the arm and started pulling
me forward. She told me to kneel, then lay forward onto the table. So I
did. She then pulled my arms down towards the floor on the side of the
table opposite my knees. She started to strap in my wrists, then she went
around to strap in my knees. I wasn't sure were this was going but I
figured I would go along with it if it was going to give me a chance to
fuck her. It then sounded like she was taking off her clothes. Then I
heard, what sounded like a chair, squeak as though someone had just sat
down. Seconds later I felt the hair of her pussy press against my forhead.
I lifted up my head and opened my mouth as she slid the chair closer into
me. Her pussy was already so wet when I started to lick it. It smelled
nice, or at least I thought it smelt nice. I was going back and forth
between licking her clitoris and sliding my toungue into her pussy hole.
My cock was immediately hard and pressing against the base of the
table. She slid the chair away for a couple second and then back into me.
She must have rolled her hips under a little more and slid her butt closer
to the edge of the chair, because her pussy was a little bit higher when it
came back into my face. Now I could lick her buthole along with her
pussy. As I would lick her pussy and slide my toungue inter her pussy, she
would occasionally lift her hips moving her buthole onto my tongue, so I
would lick it but I would not stick my tongue into it, I thought that was
kind of gross. Suddendly she slid her chair back and I could hear her get
up and go into the other room. I could hear Kim's voice along with my
wifes voice in the other room. Now I was afraid my wife was going to catch
me. I could then hear 2 people walk back into the room. So I said who is
hear, and Kim said I had to be quite. Then I could hear the chair sliding
back into my face. It was Kim's pussy again so I got back to work. Then
someone(obviously my wife) got down behind me and start licking my buthole.
This went on for a couple of minutes when Kim got up and started walking
behind me. The person behind me got up and started to walk in front of
me. Kim started licking my buthole and I could hear the other person sit
down on the chair in front of me. I couldn't wait to taste my wifes pussy.
When the chair started to slide into me I had my mouth open and toungue out
in anticipation. Then I felt something sliding into my mouth. It caught
me completly off guard.

Immediately I new it was David's Cock. I couldn't back my head up enough
to get it out and when I tried he just slid the chair in closer pushing it
write back in. I was tempted to bite down but I was able to control myself
because I was afraid of what I would do to him. At this point he grabed
the sides of my head to control it and just sat still until I stopped
wiggling around. Once I stopped wiggling he began sliding his cock in and
out with short little strokes. I didn't know what to do but I tried to
resist by pushing out with my tongue. I never thought about sucking
another man's dick but for some reason I wasn't sure it was such a bad
thing at this time, I guess it was because I was so horny I couldn't see
straight. Immediately I was overcome with embarrasment that my wife was
probably watching but there was nothing I could do. David continued
pushing and pulling his dick into and out of my mouth. The sensation of
Kim licking my buthole was also causing my sexual energy to take over for
my mind. At first David's cock was semi hard so it was like he was
stuffing meat into my mouth. His cock wasn't to large for my mouth at this
point but because it wasn't stiff and I was still trying to push it out
with my tongue, he had to mush it into my mouth until I couldn't push it
back anymore. Realizing this wasn't going to stop him I just stopped
resisting and allowed him to pump my mouth. As he started getting larger
his cock was starting to make me gag a little. Once he was stiff and I was
no longer resisting he began fucking my mouth with fuller strokes.
Suddenly I felt something cool being rubbed on my buthole and immediately I
new Kim was putting some form of lubricant on my ass, she continued licking
my ass and started working my buthole with her fingers. David was now
holding onto my head and gradually working his cock farther and farther
into my mouth. Each time he pushed back a little farther I would start to
gag. He would continue to pump it into a certain point until I would stop
gagging, and then he would start to push it in even more. He was now
pushing his cock all the way to the back of my mouth but not yet into my
throat. At this point my mouth was creating so much saliva that I could
feel the excess running out of my mouth and down my chin, and I could tell
his dick was getting very slippery from all the saliva that had built up on
it. Then I heard Kim say that I should breath in before his cock got to the
back of my throat if I didn't want to choke on it. And at this point David
started trying to push the head of his cock past my tonsils and into my
throat. At this point I really started to gag. Then Kim yelled at me
again to breath in before I choked. David continued trying to push his
cock all the way into my throat, and each time he pushed it in I would
breath in write before he got to my throat, and each time I would gag a
little less. Then I felt David move his hands from the side of my head to
the back of my head and I new what was coming. With 1 slow push he forced
his dick into my mouth until I could feel his cock head pop past my tonsils
and the head of his cock touch the back of my throat. Immediately he
pulled it back out at which point I took another breath. Then he continued
to pump in and out with every fifth stroke or so he would again push his
cock head past my tonsils and into my throat. Now that I was breathing
properly and not resisting, his cock could go in and out without giving the
sensation to gag. He continued to pump my face while Kim continued to work
1 then 2 then 3 fingers into my ass. At this point I could feel the precum
dripping down from my hanging hardon. Now that I was past the intitial
shock of the situation and had excepted the situation I figured I would
make the most of it. I began Sucking on David's cock each time he was
drawing it back and licking the head and the underside with my tongue each
time he pushed it in. I was really starting to enjoy the situation, and
starting to get excited by the fact that I could please what was in my mind
a real man. I could now tell that my participation was really starting to
arouse David, I could feel his cock swelling even more and the head of his
cock was having more and more difficulty getting past my tonsils. At this
point Kim slapped me on the but cheek and said that she wasn't through
preparing my buthole, and that if I made him cum before he got back there
the second load was really going to take along time. She said that a
virgin ass like mine might not be able to handle it. At this point the
reality that he was planning to fuck my ass was unavoidable. At this point
I had accepted sucking his dick as not such a big deal, but I really didn't
think I wanted him to fuck my ass. David continued to pump my face with
his throbbing dick and I couldn't stop sucking and licking his cock as he
pumped. Suddenly David started to groan and suddenly I felt his cum shoot
into the back of my mouth and throat. I tried to swallow it down with my
excess saliva so I didn't choke, while David continued to pump. He pushed
his cock into my throat and shot again against the back of my throat. He
then started giving shorter quicker strokes pumping more come into my
mouth, as he was being overwhelmed with the sensation. He was filling my
mouth with more cum than I could handle and it started spilling out of my
mouth with my excess saliva. He began slowing his strokes until he stopped
and just sat there with his cock stuffed in my mouth. At this point Kim
said that I had made a serious mistake. My saliva continued to run but I
was now able to ketch my breath. As I sat there with his slowly shrinking
cock in my mouth the sensation of Kim's fingers in my ass was starting to
stimulate me, as I caught my breath and was beginning to relax the
sensation of her fingers was becoming more and more pleasing. As Kim
continued to work my asshole and David's cock was shrinking in my mouth, I
was starting to think him fucking my ass would not be such a horrible

At this point David pulled his cock from my mouth and Kim started to walk
around front. Then Kim started sucking the cum and saliva from my face.
She then started kissing me to try and get out whatever cum was in my
mouth. Once Kim had removed all the excess cum from my face she headed
back to my buthole and went back to work. David then sat back on the chair
and slid his cock back into my face. It was limp and probably only three
inches. I started to suck on it again and I could really taste his cum all
over it. He would occasionally pull his penis from my mouth and push my
face down and make me lick and suck his balls. His balls were hairless but
I could feel a little bit of stuble towards the base, it was apparent that
he shaved them. This probably went on for 5 minutes before his cock started
to grow again. As his cock started to grow I could now feel him trying to
push his cock into my throat even further than before. A couple times he
pushed it in so far I could feel his balls rest against my chin. Once he
was fully erect he pulled his cock from my mouth and I new what was next.

I could hear Kim stand up and come around in front of me, she sat down in
front of me and slid the chair closer and put her pussy right in my face.
I started to lick her pussy as I felt David's fingers starting to finger my
ass. Kim then said, obviously to David, that my asshole was tight but he
was going to have to make the most of it. Then Kim started to lean over my
back and use her hands to pull my but cheeks apart. I then felt the head
of David's cock pressing against my buthole. He kept pushing until I could
feel his head pop in. As the thick part of his cock head slid past my
hole, the streching was painful. David then pulled it out slowly and then
pushed the head back in. David pumped the head in and out, each time the
pain would lessen and the sensation that I felt earlier would increase.
Then David began to slowly sink his cock farther and farther into my ass
with each pump. I continued to suck and lick Kim's pussy while being
fucked, occasionally pausing from the growing sensation that was overtaking
me. As I was licking her I realized that she was Pumping what was most
likely a Dildo, in and out of her ass. After about 3 minutes or so, David
was now burrying his cock all the way inside me. With each pump I could
feel his balls pressing against mine. He was pumping with slow long
strokes, and I could feel the sensation growing. Kim was really starting
to move her hips alot and I had a feeling she was going to cum. I really
started to lick and suck her clitoris trying to put her over the edge. She
started to press my head into her pussy and I could feel her clitoris
getting ridged and I could taste the juice pooring from her pussy. I
continued to lick her until she stopped jerking her hips. I then stopped
with my head resting in her crotch and started to concentrate on the
sensation in my ass. She then yelled that I wasn't done yet, I had to
keeping on stimulating her until David was done as well. David kept
pumping my ass. Each time he pulled back I would get an empty feeling in
my bowels that would only be relieved when he plunged his cock back in. As
he fucked me I would feel my sphincter starting to get a warm almost
burning sensation, and write before it started to get uncomfortable, David
would pull his cock out and add more lube to my ass. Occasionally David
would pull back to the point that only the head of his cock was in my ass,
and sit there for a couple second. The pause in the sensation was so
unbearable that I would start wigglig my ass from side to side while trying
to back up and force his cock back in. He would sit there and let me
wiggle for a little bit before he submerged the length of his cock again.
I would continue to lick Kim's pussy while David tortured(in a good way) my
ass. I could feel my cock was only semi hard but the precum was dripping
like a faucet. I felt as through my hard on was being held back by the
pressure of the Cock in my ass. David kept pumping my ass for what seemed
like forever. I was licking Kim's pussy almost subconciously as my mind
was overwhelmed with the feeling in my ass. I now started to feel David's
cock expand with each thrust so I new he was getting ready to cum. But ass
I felt the gerth of his already hard cock increase, he would pull back and
pause for a few second. When he thrusted again I could feel that the added
girth had subsided, and he would continue to pump until the girth returned.
He would pump and pause pump and pause, continuing to pause more and more
often. He was trying to hold back his cum as long as he could, I could
tell that my ass was getting sore but any discomfort or even pain I might
of felt was completely masked by the overwhelming sensation I was feeling.
I knew that I couldn't take this much longer but I didn't know what to do,
he must have been pumping my ass for at least 20 minutes at this time.
Then I remember that my wife will sometimes tense up her pussy muscles to
get me to come quicker, so I began squeezing my sphincter muscle tight onto
Dave's Cock. Now Dave began to pump with the slowest strokes he could but
I could feel his gerth increasing and didn't think he was going to be able
to stop it this time. As his gerth expanded I was starting to feel the
burning sensation around my sphincter again and I was praying that he would
cum. Suddenly Dave buried his expanding cock as far into my ass as he
could get it and I could feel a sudden pulse throughout his hole cock as he
reach the deepest point. I new he was cuming but I couldn't yet feel the
warm cum inside because he was so deep. But Dave continued to pump and cum
all inside my ass and when he came at shallower depths I could feel the
warm cum fill my ass after each pulse. The feeling was so incredible I
didn't want him to stop. The burning sensation on my sphincter, the vacum
in my bowels that would appear and then be filled, the pulsation of his
cock, and the inner warmth provided by his cum. He must have plunged his
cock in and out for about 10 strokes and was still going when he pulled his
dick out and I could then feel his warm cum landing on my but cheeks and
running down the crack of my but. He must have cum like an elephant from
milking his cock so long, fucking and pausing.

Kim then got up from the chair and I could hear her walking around behind
me. She started licking David's cum off from my but cheeks and from around
my still dialated sphincter. I could no longer hear David in the room, and
when Kim was done lapping up David's cum she loosened my wrist and knee
restraints and left the room. I laid there for a minute completely
overwhelmed by the situation. I then started to think about my wife again
and was afraid to remove the blindfold incase she was in the room. I
finnaly pulled the blindfold from my head and was relieved to see that my
wife was not in the room. Now that the pressure of David's cock was no
longer in my ass, my cock grew fully erect and the precum was dripping like
mad. I put my close on and walked back into the kitchen. I could hear the
shower going up stairs and Kim and David were talking in the bathroom. I
decided I would go back home.

When I got home my wife said nothing about the incident, but told me she
was really horny, I didn't know if she new or not. We went upstair and
Fucked 3 times over the next 4 hours. Each time I came like I had never
cum before.

We both go over to Kim and David's periodically now and come back horny as
hell. Me and my wife never talk about what goes on across the yard, and we
never talk about it to Kim and David. We both know that the other knows
but we just have never talked about it. It is like the most incredible
foreplay. We get subordinated by our neighbors, without my wife's pussy
ever getting fucked or licked, or my dick ever getting sucked or mounted,
yet it makes me more excited than I have ever been in my life. This has
been going on 2 to 4 times a week for the last month now and I hope it goes
on foreever.

The moral of the story is this:
Although I have never looked at a man and found him attractive or
wanted to kiss him or be with him, I realized one thing, everyone needs a
nice big cock once in a while.

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