Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My neighbor, Tom, was a real ladies man.Every night he
would have a different woman come over to his place.By morning I'd
would still see her car there.He must have made one hell of an
impression on them by his male prowess.Tom would walk them out to their
car and get so caught up in kissing them good-bye,that that kiss would
be so erotic,it could have lead to a very hot sexual act right there.
Women find him irresistible as I do.He's in his early 50's,but keeps
himself in great shape.Tom has jet black hair with a touch of grey at
the temples.Nice tan.Deepest blue eyes you ever wanted to look into.A
neatly trimmed mustache.He stands about my height,which is 5'11 and
weighs around 180. Drives the latest sports cars.He works for a very
expensive car dealership were folks who have money,get to design their
own cars. Every day I see him out there tanning in the early morning
from 9 a.m. til 10 a.m. He has nice pecs and a patch of hair on his
chest with a trace of hair running down the middle to his crotch area
.He is always wearing very short shorts.The kind my mother would call
One day,I set myself up to late out.Opened up my lounge chair.Brought
out my boom box.Grabbed the phone and some beer.I applied the suntan all
over my body.I had on a very skimpy bathing sit I had bought from a
men's magazine that is distributed worldwide. Before I could lay out,I
had to let my dog out to do his business.Tom came out with his dog.We
had exchanged modest hellos.
I had complimented Tom on his tan.How I couldn't wait to tan.The sun
lasts on my balcony from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.He said he wishes he had my
balcony.He would be out there all day long.I told him to feel free and
come over some time.He said he think about it.IN the mean time,I went to
lay out on my balcony.I saw him waxing his jet ski.It was awesome.I went
down to talk to him about it.He said he would like me to try it out
sometime.He finished waxing his jet ski.He was hot and sweating.I told
him why not come over and lay out with me.We can listen to some
tunes.Shoot the breeze and get a nice tan,while drinking some beer.He
smiled and agreed.He would go get his trunks.Yet he admired what I was
wearing.I told him I have alot of them in different colors.He can borrow
one if he wanted to.He followed me over.
I showed him my wide range collection and let him choose what he wanted
to wear.I went outside to lay out awhile and cranked up the tunes.One
thing I liked about my neighborhood.It was the only apartment complex
that had fifty apartments and the two us of were the only ones home
Monday through Friday.I was on vacation. He came out in a maroon
thong.No shirt on.My cock became quickly aroused and hid it by turning
over.He used the other lounge chair.I tossed him a beer and talked. He
asked if I would rub suntan oil on his back.I obliged.He saw my hardon
through the thong.He didn't say anything about it.Yet his arm reached
back as if he were stretching and it went between my legs and my crotch.
We each had fallen asleep and woke up much tanner.He on his back.Me on
my chest.We woke up an hour later.We both went inside to cool off and
dry off.We had more beer.Guzzling six cans each.He said he better get
home to shower.I said he could use mine.He went into the bathroom and
dropped the thong.He began to shower.When he came out,I was in a
towel.Phone had rang and I answered it.I turned around and saw him .He
asked for another beer.He went to the kitchen.He only had a towel
on.After the call,I went to shower.He stood there taking a leak.He
shook his cock and I soaped u mine.We each glanced at the other.I came
out.His cock was raging hard.I slipped by him.He followed me into the
bedroom.As i bent over to get out a pair of shorts and at-shirt.I felt
my towel open and a hard cock inside of me.He began pumping my ass
until I could feel his bush up against my ass.I turned around,dropped to
my knees and pulled back his towel to suck him off. I turned him
around,ripping off the towel and spread his cheeks and shoed my tongue
up inside of there.Oh what a sweet tasting ass he has.He ripped off my
towel and he laid me down on the floor,lifting up my legs and began
fucking my ass.He leaned over to shove his tongue down my throat and
twisted my nipples.Then he pulled out and began sucking on my cock.Tom
had an 8 inch cock,nice bush and medium sized nuts.I'm 5'11,brown
hair,hazel eyes,hairy chested,average cock.He like my muscle tone and
felt ever inch of me.We sixty-nined each other.He ate my ass.I felt his
tongue touched every part of my body to to a full arousal.I began to cum
and let it out.He told me,'yeah,pump it harder,pump out that man juice
that you've waited to give me".I came all over is chin,his chest,and
right down to his cock.I sucked every drop back up.Then he came and ooh
was it ever so creamy and thick white.We laid there.He finally
spoke,"I've had lots of women,but you are my first guy I ever had .Yet
you are the best fuck ever." I told him whenever he wanted to come over
to lay out again feel free to do so. He said,'Next time,I want a three
way.You,me and a friend named Patrick."He dressed and went on his
way.When he got home,he looked out his patio doors,waved to me with a

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