Saturday, April 18, 2009

Patio Fun

It had been a long time since I had seen Paige. I met up with her and her
new boyfriend at a local bar.

"Shara you look beautiful," Paige said while giving me a hug.
"This is my boyfriend Bo."

"Nice to meet you Shara," Bo smiled.

He was a handsome well built man. He was blonde, tall and tanned. He
winked at me.
They invited me to a party at their house the next saturday. Paige told
me to come early so we could catch up.

Paige called at 10am on Saturday morning and asked me to come over at
1pm. I said I would be there. I got ready and headed over to Paige's

It was a beautiful three story house with a high fenced pool and patio
area. There were several cast iron patio tables with thick glass tops.
The cushioned loungers were placed in various places throughout the pool

Paige and I swam and sunbathed throughout the afternoon. Around 5pm she
said we should go inside and get ready. I took a shower and put on a
short red skirt, some thong underwear and a cropped spaghetti strap top
that tied in the back.

Paige was still getting dressed so I went downstairs to pour myself a
drink. I knew that Paige had always thrown some racy parties. I figured
this would be a good one as well. I was getting a little horny just
thinking about it. I poured a glass of whisky and sat down for a few

I thought I was hearing voices in the kitchen. But the more I listened
the more it sounded like moans.

I crept towards the kitchen and listened by the open door. I knew what I
was hearing was flesh smacking against flesh.

"Fuck my ass hard," cried a man's voice.

I dared to peek in and saw a man bent over the counter with another man
pounding his ass. I was shocked when I saw the man doing the fucking was

"I'm cumming!" screamed Bo.

He pulled out and came on the man's ass. The man turned around and sucked
Bo's dick and licked his balls. Then he stuck his fingers inside Bo's ass
and finger fucked him. Bo came all over his face.


Bo got up and smacked the man on his ass and began to get dressed. I
hurried back to the living room

The doorbell rang and people started arriving. We all went out back to
the patio and began mingling. I had had several drinks by the time dark
rolled around. I had been sitting by a very attractive man named Herb.
He had made me feel wet the minute he sat down. He was in his fifties
and had a muscular body. We laughed and flirted for hours.

A little while later everyone seemed to be feeling good. Two women
started making out on one of the loungers. They shed each other's
clothes and began to rub each others' clits. The red head started to suck
on the other girls clit and was pinching her nipples.

By this time people were rubbing themselves, including me. A brunette sat
down beside me. She said her name was Kat. She kissed me. We made out and
I felt her hand on my tit. She undid my top and pulled it off. She
nipped and sucked at my nipples. She put her hand on my pussy.

"Your panties are soaked," she smiled.

"Let's go to one of the tables," she said as she took my hand.

She pulled me to the table and told me to bend over. She took my skirt
off and then pulled off my g-string.

I felt someone spank my ass and grab my breasts. It was Herb.

He was naked and he rubbed his rock hard cock against my ass. He spread
my legs a little more and spanked my ass several times. This made me

"I'm gonna tear that pussy up," he said against my ear.

He shoved his cock in so fast. It nearly took my breath away. He was so
big. My pussy was tight against his dick. He started to pound my pussy.

Kat was rubbing my nipples. Then she moved her fingers to my clit. She
rubbed it in circles and I almost came. She stopped and began to pull on
my nipples some more.

Herb grabbed my hair and came inside my pussy. He pulled his big dick

"Eat her ass!" he told Kat.

He spanked me again. Then I felt my ass being spread. I felt a tongue
circle my asshole. Then I felt a tongue being shoved inside. Kat began to
tongue fuck my ass. She had a finger on my clit.

"That's enough,"Herb said.

He shoved his cock to my asshole and pushed it inside.

"Oohh!" I screamed.

It was so big. Then I felt a mouth on my clit. Kat began to suck as hard
as she could on my clit. This felt so good. Then she shoved a finger in
my pussy. I began to buck back and forth. I was riding Herb's big cock.
It felt so good in my ass. I was moving against his dick and I felt
myself cumming. I came all over Kat's face.

Herb pulled his cock out and told me to sit on the table. He pulled my
legs to him and entered my asshole again. He was pounding my asshole. I
began to rub my clit. He came inside my ass. Shoving it in as far it
would go. This got me off again. My asshole clenching down on his cock.

We sat on a lounger to rest. We all three agreed to meet the next day.
I went home and had to get myself off again.

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