Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jill's New Toy

My name is Jill, I am 39 years old 38-24-36 and about 5'2", my husband's is
Tony and he is 5'6", a good looking Italian. This story is about a friend
of ours Gus. Gus is about 6 foot tall and is a 34-year-old black male from
New York and his package is a little over 9 inches and real thick. Tony
and I have a fairly good sex life, and have a lot fun with it. A few weeks
ago I was putting something in Tony's desk and I found some books and
stories about black guys fucking white woman and how white woman enjoy it.
As I read them I got a little excited but I was sure Tony would not like to
see me fucked by any guy and most of all a black guy. But what interested
me the most was they size of their dick or at least what they said the size
would be, well-let get on with my story.

It all started the night Tony invited Gus over for dinner one winter's
night. Gus is now working for a large company out of TX. He comes into
town about once a month. He was flying out the next day and Tony had not
seen him for a while. Our boys were at a friend's house so it was just
Tony, Gus and myself, an adult night Tony said. We had an Italian dinner
and drank wine with the meal. When it was Gus's time to go Tony thought
Gus had a little too much wine and suggested that Gus spend the night. He
could sleep in one of the boy's room. Guy said that would be fine. So we
went to the family room and watched TV. Gus asked if we had more to drink.
I went and got some more and we drank more. I was felling no pain and was
all warm inside. When it was time for bed Guy said he had to go to the car
and get his sleeping pills. I asked him about wine and sleeping pills. He
said with his new job it was hard for him to go to sleep lately. So he
took a sleeping bill and was out like a light for a good 8 hours. I asked
if that was healthy and he said the Dr gave him the pills and not to
worry. Tony stood up and said it was time for him to go to bed. Gus said
he wanted to take a shower and watch a little more TV and he was going
also, it took some time for the pill to work. I got Gus one of Tony's silk
robes and a towel. I said good night and went up stairs. I decided to
take a shower myself. While in the show I shaved my legs and my pussy. I
like to keep myself nice and smooth for Tony. After my shower I hoped into
bed naked next to Tony but he had fallen to sleep ready. I looked at the
clock and figured I must have taken longer in the shower than I thought. I
lay there for a while but could not sleep so I got up, put on a robe and
went down stairs to get something to drink. While I was walking to the
kitchen I noticed the light was on in the family room. When I entered the
family room the TV was on and the light was turned down low. Gus was
sitting back on the sofa with a pillow behind his head watching TV. I
called to him but got no answer. I turned off the TV and went over to him
and shook his shoulder to wake him up so he could go to bed. As I shook
him he moved around a little and his robe fell open showing his chest and
everything below. I had a little view of his package and I could not
believe how big and black it was. I came closer and looked into Gus's face
to see if he was asleep. He was out like a light but I still called to him
again softly but nothing. I shook him real hard this time but nothing, he
was out for the night. I got a funny felling in the pit of my stomach and
my pussy got all warm. Put my hand on his big chest and ran it down to
under his robe lifting one side and placing it on the outside of his leg.
I did the same to the other side. I could not see his whole dick and it
was big, black and beautiful. I bent down and touched it. It felt warn
and soft and as I ran my finger alone it's shaft it started to move and
grow, thickened up. I stepped back and looked at Gus again but still
nothing. I left and went upstairs and got the KY jelly, Tony likes it when
I beat him off using that stuff. When I came back nothing had change, so I
stepped between Gus's legs and got onto my knees so I could play with my
wonderful black toy. I held it in my hands and it looked so big and black
in my little hands. I pump it and it grew real big and thick again. It
was getting soooooooo large, and warm I had to start licking it and kiss it
and it was great. I moved my face closer and closer to it. I bit my
bottom lip and licking my lips to make them nice and wet and opened my
mouth to measure weather his cock would fit into my mouth or not. I opened
my mouth as wide as possible and place it upon the head of his cock. It
took a bit for me to stretch my lips wide enough to be able to fit it all
into my little mouth but I did it. With my tongue I lap his cockhead, and
teasing the large slit of his cock. I could taste the pre-com, and I
wondered what it would feel like and taste like have him cum into my mouth
and have it slide down my through. I started to suck his black tool slowly
and slide deeper and deeper into my mouth. I sucked nice and hard as I
pulled it in and let it out of my hot little mouth. And then I started
licking it with my little pink tough. I licked the base of his large balls
sack and worked my way all the way up to the head, licking and sucking. I
did that over and over again and I also started kissing it over and over
again, it felt soooooo good and my pussy was all wet just thinking about
that big black dick in my mouth.

I suck on it as if it was straw, trying to suck the cum out of his big
black balls. I slowly lifted my face off his now rock hard black pulsing
cock. At first I was worried about Gus waking up but by now I was so
fucking honey I want that big black fucker in me. I did not care if he
woke up or not. I was getting fucked; I would show him just how good a
white girl from Chicago could fuck. I stood up, looked at Gus again,
nothing and then I dropped my robe showing off that great white body of
mine. I wanted that dick stuck in me soooooo badly.

I then turned around and got some KY off the table and first rubbed it all
over his dick. After I had him good and lubed I put some on my soft,
smooth, wet pussy, I was ready to go. I then turned, bent over and slowly
backed into his slick dick guiding it into my waiting wet pussy. God it
was great and hot.

I had to go slowly because it was so big. I started to slide it into me
and felt the head spread the lips of my pussy as wide as it could go. I
stopped and let my pussy adjust to his size. Then went on filling me like
I have never been filled before. I kept going down and down, in deeper and
deeper. God did it feel good and hot. When I had it all the way in I sat
up and just let my pussy get adjusted to the thickness of it all.

After I had the whole great shaft in me and adjusted to it my pussy acted
as if it had a mind of its own because it started to make me pump Gus's
dick up and down slowly. Gus's dick felt so good and deep, the more I did
it the more I wanted it. I closed my eyes and thought how it would feel
with Gus's hands on my breasts, touching and pinching my hard little
nipples stimulating them. I felt my body shudder and I could not help it
but I emitted a high little moan. At that moment I felt a large pare of
hands slowly slid up the side of my ass and to my tits. My God Guy was
awake. What was I going to do? I had his big black dick filling my pussy
and going up and down on it. As I was thinking that Gus pulled me back
onto him and I just melted into his arms. He slid one of his big hands
down to my pussy and to my clit. My mind was werling around, then he
started to play with my with my clit with one hand, the other was pinching
my nipple and his big dick was inside of me. Every time he would pinch my
nipple my body would move and so would his dick inside of me. With all of
that I started to cum. My whole body shook my head went back and I said O
God I'm cumming. OOOOOO yes. I did not care about anything but getting
fuck by this big black dick. When I was done coming he placed his hands on
my shoulders and with one swish move he pull me down and shot his hips up
and forced the dick of his even deeper then it was before. I think the
base of his dick was wider than the shaft because I though I felt my pussy
being spread even winder than before and he went into me about another
inch. God it felt great, I just gave in to it and enjoyed it. Then he
slid his hands to my hips and pushed me onto my hands and knees as he
slowly pulled his dick out of me. He put down a pillow and said put your
head on that baby. Did I ever tell you I love eating white meat?

Before I realized what he meant he spread my ass cheeks apart and stuck
his big tough in my ass. I almost hit the sealing and came all over again.
He licked it and kissed it and fucked it with his tong. Then he slid down
and started to eat my pussy. A few strokes with his tong and a came right
away. The he positioned me with my ass high in the air then said "Little
girl I am going to give you a black fucking you will never forget." "You
are always going to remember this night as your black night." Then I knew
he was going to fuck the hell out of me tonight. He slowly put his dick
back into me making me feel every full inch of it. I could feel his black
dick disappear into my hot little white pussy an inch at a time. Then he
started to pump me, slow at first and then he started to really slam it to

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .........ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I moaned as his long
black cock speared me. He had filled my pussy better than it had ever been
filled before. He stopped for a while so I could get adjusted to the size
and thickness of his dick but I started to pump it slowly and then faster
in and out of me. Without any mercy, he began to repeatedly withdraw his
lengthy shaft till only the bulb of his cockhead remained, then plunged
back down with all his weight. Never had I been taken in such a manner,
the pleasure shooting through me and I kept telling Gus deeper, deeper,
deeper please Gus.

Gus kept fucking my little pussy over and over again. For ten full
minutes, I was hammered without mercy. But the long deep plunges and
withdrawals began to have an effect on my body. My pussy muscles squeezing
upon his thick invading shaft, my nice full ass kept going higher and
higher so he could go deeper and deeper. Now my voice was a little louder
saying fuck Gus please fuck Gus harder harder. My whole ass now encircling
his lone muscular black dick, it now was mine. And with in timing of each
thrust, I moaned "Ohhh ...ohhhh ...ohhhh ...ohhh ...ohhhh ...!" More more
Gus. My pussy locked upon his dick each and every time I tried to pull
out. And my ass muscles squeezing him into my as I thrusts my ass up to
Gus, pulling the thick shaft deep into my wanting cunt.

Gus then said, "I wanted you, you beautiful little white bitch to feel
every inch of my long black cock, inside of that little pussy of yours."
The he slowing started stroking me both in and out.
"!" came my response.

Now Gus was going to turn me inside out, and make me a slave to every black
cock around. I was moaning and clutching at Gus, begging Gus not to stop.
He knew then he had broken me and I would become his beautiful white bitch.

Gus began fucking me faster and harder again and again. Then he told me he
loved making me moan and the feeling he got when I bucked that ass of mine
back to him. I looked back at him and he was smiling. He said that he
enjoyed the feeling of my white body when it tense up and shuddered in
convulsions, And then I cried out as he drove deep in side of me "Oh, God
......oh, my God ....I ......I'm cumminnggggg!" As he tried to withdraw
his cock, he was taken by surprise as I arched up, clutching my ass tightly
as I was determined to keep his cock deep buried within me. He grabbed me
and was quivering as my cheeks tightened so he could drive his cock deeper
and buried to the hilt as my entire body convulsed in a wild orgasm, one
that I would never forget. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh .....ohhhhhhhhhhh!". I started
to lie down because I thought I was done. Then Gus said "O no you don't, I
have not cum yet. I am going to show you just how a black man fucks a
white girl." I moaned because I could not talk any more. He grabbed my
hips and started to pound on me again. It only took a few seconds and I
started to quiver again. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH...OHHHHHHHHH!!!, I'm coming
again, Oh God, Oh Gus, Oh Fuck, AHHHHHHHHHHHH, YES YES YES. I came again
as his thick cock in me began to belch out its hot cream over and over
again right into my white pussy, filing me up.

When I was done I just stayed on the floor with my ass still in the air.
Gus told me if I keep that pussy of mine in the air like that he would use
it again. I slowly lay down and turned over felling the come ooze out of
my pussy. I closed my eyes and went to sleep just that way.

Throughout the night, I awoke from my dazed state at the moment Gus would
inter me with that muscular dick of his. 'My God, your inhuman! ' I
muttered to Gus as I knew what was in store for me once again. But on each
and every time I made no attempt to resist, instead I wrapped my arms and
legs around Gus and begged for it harder and deeper. I couldn't count the
numerous orgasms that had rocked my body. The only thing I did know was
that I had never before experienced anything like this night. To get a
better grip on Gus so he could giving me more pleasure, I would sometimes
wrapped me legs around Gus's shoulder and would hang on.

At one time, that night he wanted it so deep that he placed my legs high in
the air and even tried to place them behind my head so all that was
pointing at him was my hot little pussy. He would then drive it in soooooo
fucking deep I would loose my mind with pleasure.

When Gus woke up Sunday Morning he went upstairs and took a shower and went
into the boy's bedroom to get his cloths. When he got there, I was on the
bed waiting for him; I was on all fours with my ass stuck up just begging
for black dick again.

He got rock hard and dropped my towel to the floor. First he slapped my
ass a few times and told me that was for leaving him alone this morning. I
lowered my head and stuck my little ass high in the air so my pussy and ass
hole were showing. I said I was sorry and would make it up to him. I
moved me closer to the end of the bed so he could enter me. Gus said" You
are going to pay for leaving me. " As he slid that very hard very large
dick inside of me.

I said, "Oh God, OOOOOOOOOoooooo I think it is bigger than last night. I
heard myself say, Gus fuck me please harder Gus." He said don't worry I am
going to punish you real good you bad white bitch. So he started to pound
on me even harder. He fucked me for a while then stopped, I heard
something behind Gus and looked around. It was Tony and Gus pulled out of
me to show him my ass in the air wanting for more black fucking.

At first I did not know what to say. Then Tony said, mind if just watch
and then join in after awhile? Gus said be my guest, it is Jill party.
Tony walked up to me and gave me a kiss and said happy birthday sweetie. I
thought you needed a good fucking before you reach 30. Tony looked at Gus
and said please don't stop please don't stop fucking on my account. Gus
smiled and then drove back into me like a jackhammer. I screamed for
delight. He fucked me like that for a while, as Tony watched and played
with my nipples. Tony then sat on the bed and started using my mouth to
give him a great blowjob. Gus stopped and said I have an idea. He got on
the bed on his back and told Jill to hop up on it. She got up and Gus told
Tony to hold his dick and help him enter Jill. After his dick was deep
inside of her Gus held her legs wide apart so you could see her pussy and
his dick. He then told Tony to start licking her clit and his dick at the
same time while he was fucking me. I looked at Tony never figuring he
would do it but he did and it looked like he jumped at the chance. Tony
started to lick my clit and I went wild, and Gus started pumping faster and
faster. Once Gus's dick slipped out of me and hit Tony right in the mouth.
Tony looked at it and then me and then stared sucking Gus's dick. I
stopped and watched it for a while, I just could not believe it. My macho
Italian Tony, the one that would stand up to anyone, colored, white,
cops. Judges, is now sucking a huge black dick and enjoying it. Tony
almost took it all in his mouth and sucked on it real good. Then he looked
and me and told to me come and help him suck on this dick of Gus's. I went
down and started to suck on it with Tony. We sucked that dick and kissed
each other and tried to find out which one of us could take it deeper. Gus
pushed us both out of the way and told Tony to eat my pussy and ass. I
laid back and Tony went right to work. He loved to eat me out and stick
his face in my hot little ass and eat my hole. I laid there with my eyes
closed enjoying everything when Tony started to get real wild and started
to mone. When I opened my eyes Gus had his big black cock in Tony's as
fucking him and Tony was enjoying it. I got off the bed because by now
Tony was into his own pleasure. Head down on the bed and his ass high in
the air Tony was wining fuck me Gus yes deeper, deeper, o God does it feel
good. I stood nest to Gus watching my husband being fucking by the biggest
black cock I had ever seen and Tony was enjoying it and asking for more.
Gus all of a sudden started to fuck Tony real hard and shoved the whole
thing flat against Tony's ass and grunted, I coming, I coming you
bastard. Oooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaa fuck.

Gus and Tony fell onto the bed and rested for a while. While they were
catching their breath Tony told me the whole thing was planed but they were
not sure if I would go for it. There was no sleeping pill and Gus watched
me the whole time I was playing with him. He said when I was sucking his
dick it took everything he had not to come in my mouth. Tony turned to me
and said we have to give Gus a good by gift. He held my legs high in the
air so Gus could fuck me one more time before he left. As I was coming I
could feel his dick filling my pussy again and I looked up at Tony and
panted I LOVE YOU. Tony answered I LOVE YOU TOO. Then I looked at what
Tony was looking at, he was watching Gus's black dick pleasing his little
white wife to no end. Go ahead and fuck her Gus, fuck her till she passes
out again. AAAAAAOOOOOOOO...Shit I cumming OOOOOOOOO ...God Gus. And then
I really passed out.

That night Tony and I made love. He was not as long as Gus but he was as
thick. As I told Tony, we make love, Gus just fucks me. And yes I enjoy
them both. Most as Tony where he learned to take big of a tool up his ass
and enjoy it. I saw his face and he really was enjoying it.

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