Monday, April 20, 2009

James's Story

My name is James and I am a dark-skinned Hispanic male happily married to
Irene, a beautiful, intelligent woman that I love very much. Irene is
dark-skinned, long dark hair, and well-toned body. One night Irene asked me
what I wanted for my birthday. I thought about it for a minute, and then
told her: "I want to be your slave for one night. I want you to tell me
what to do and I will do it."

She laughed, and said "Ok. Why don't you start by doing the dishes?"

I laughed and did not mention it again.

On the night of my birthday, I came home from work and discovered that all
the lights were out. Only the bedroom light appeared to be on. I went to
the bedroom and opened the door. Nothing would have prepared me for what
happened inside.

Sitting in our bed, legs wide open, was my wife. She was wearing beautiful
red lingerie, with fiery red lipstick. She had something on her hands. When
I looked closely, I saw that it was a bikini brief and a collar.

"I have been reading up on some stuff, and would like to try it out with
you if you let me. You know, as your birthday present."

I got an instant erection. She smiled at the bulge in my pants.

"I'll take that as a yes. Why don't you go and put these on?"

She threw the scant clothing in my face and lay down on the bed.

"Yes, mistress." I said and headed for the bathroom. I took off all my
clothes and put on the briefs and the collar around my neck. Anxiously, I
came out of the bathroom and found my wife sitting on the bed. She ordered
me to kneel in front of her.

"You will do everything I tell you, or you will be severely punished. Do
you understand?"

"Yes mistress."

My wife then lay down on the bed. "Take off my clothes."

Obediently, I removed the silk lingerie from her perfect body.

"Kiss my body, slave."

I started by kissing her smooth stomach, then moving up to her perfect
breasts. I placed the breast in my mouth hungrily. First I sucked slowly on
her areola. Then, with my tongue, I licked the now protruding nipple. With
one hand I started rubbing her other nipple, while my other hand started
circling around her vaginal lips. My briefs were almost being torn apart by
my raging cock.

I then took in the whole breasts in my mouth, and sucked on it hard, while
my hand pressed her other breast. My other hand was now rubbing her clit
slowly. After a while I traded breasts, and started to rub her clit
faster. My fingers were now touching her entrance.

My wife was now biting her lips and buckling her hips.

"Put your finger inside of me," she ordered

I paused my attention to her breasts for a second, and inserted my middle
finger into her vagina. Slowly I inserted it further and further, until it
was all the way in. At that point, I started to lick her clit with my
tongue. I am not the best man at eating pussy, but I was giving it my best
shot. I could taste her in my mouth. The smell of sex filled my nose.

"Oh yes, do it faster." Was all my wife could say. My finger went in and
out of her hot pussy. She started to fuck herself on my finger too. I
increased the pace, licked, sucked and rubbed harder.

"Oh that feels good!"

Her movements became more and more violent, her breathing raspy. She was
now moaning loudly, as she started to come. Relentlessly, I kept up the
pace, and my wife rode the wave ardently. When she was satisfied, she
grabbed my hands.

"That's enough for now, slave."

"Thank you, mistress." I answered.

I wanted to ask her to remove my briefs, which were now soaked in pre-cum,
but I knew better than to ask.

"Lay down on the bed face up." She said and I complied. My wife walked to
her drawer and surprised me again by showing me a blindfold and a pair of
handcuffs. She placed the blindfold over my eyes, handcuffed my hands and
secured the handcuffs to one of the bedposts.

"Don't go anywhere." She said with a laugh. Then I heard her leave the
room. There I stood, handcuffed to the bed, blindfolded, and with nothing
on but a neck collar and tiny pre-cum stained briefs. I wondered how long I
would have to wait. Between my legs, my cock was still extremely hard, and
struggling for space inside my briefs.

Time passed for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, I felt Irene's lips
kissing my nipples.

"Are you still hard? Let's take a look."

Her hands removed the briefs, and my rock hard cock was finally freed.

"Ummm, that looks tasty."

My cock jumped at the thought that she might suck me. But those were not
her plans.

"Maybe later, if you are a good slave." She said "Now I have a surprise for
you, something special. If you do not like it, just say no and I will
stop. Do you understand?"

"Yes mistress."

With that, her fingers started caressing my face. Then, I felt something on
my lips, opening them. I opened them and I felt my wife's fingers in my
mouth. I started sucking them, which encouraged my wife, and she pushed
them farther, in and out. I could hear her being turned on by me sucking
her fingers like a hungry boy.

With the fingers still in my mouth, she started touching my cock (finally!)
with the other hand, which responded immediately. Pretty soon she was
masturbating me. When it was getting close to cumming, she stopped, which
I figured she would. What I did not figure was what came next. I heard
sounds and then felt her fingers applying something to my ass opening;
lubrication, I guessed. Then she told me to raise my knees. I held my
breath, and then felt the tip of one finger pushing into my ass. She was
careful at first, but when she saw that I was not complaining, she stuck it
all inside mercilessly. It took me a little while to get used to it inside,
but when I did she knew, and started to fuck me with it. With me being
close to the edge once already, I knew that it wouldn't be long before I
came. She stuck a second finger in, rubbing my prostate, and it felt
good. Then she stopped.

"Please don't stop!" I begged, but she just said "Shhhh..."

Then, I felt something different on my opening. It was soft and bigger than
a finger. She started pushing it inside. "Can it be?" I thought. "Yes, I
think it is...I don't know...that's too big..." I thought.

"Relax" she said and kept on pushing it inside. Slowly the thing went in,
until my ass finally got used to it. And then she started fucking me with
it. The sensations were something alien to me, but exciting and new. She
got into a rhythm with it, and I started moaning. Then, with one hand she
started to once again masturbate me. I could not hold on anymore. I felt
the cum building up, my prostate enlarging, and the thing directly
stimulating it. I came loudly and with unusual force, with cum splashing
all over my chest. My raised legs were trembling, and my voice
cracking. She milked me with her hand until there was not a drop left
inside of me. Then she took it out and left me there to recover. After a
while, she came back, removed my blindfold and handcuffs, and handed me
some paper.

"Clean yourself up." She said coldly.

I walked to the bathroom and cleaned myself. I was amazed at the quantity
of white cum in my chest. After I was done, I headed back to the bedroom,
only to find my wife with a particularly angry face.

"Slave, did I give you permission to cum?'

I gulped.

"No mistress"

"Then why did you?"

I knew that she had set me up. She wanted me to cum, and then punish me
because I did without permission."

"I am very sorry mistress."

"I'm afraid sorry doesn't cut it. You're going to have to be punished. Lay
down on the bed, face down"

I did as I was told.

"You are about to get your ass whipped."

With that, she landed the first blow with her hand, hard.


"Aahh!" a cry escaped my mouth.

"Shut up slave, or I'll double the beatings." Without knowing how many she
had in mind, this was certainly a very bad prospect. I bit my lips and
prepared for the next one. And they came pretty fast after that.


She waited for me to say "no", but I didn't.


I had to struggle not to scream. I realized that now she was not using her
hand alone, but something else, a brush maybe. And it hurt.


I almost started to cry. But then, my wife stopped.

"Are you okay?" she asked

"Yes." I struggled to say.

"You did good, slave. You did good."

After I recovered some, she led me to the shower. Then she attached a leash
from the showerhead to my neck collar.

"You need to take a shower now. Call me when you are done. Do not try to
unleash your collar."

She walked out and I started to do as she had instructed. When I was done,
I called for her, and waited until she came to lead me out. She told me to
dry myself and meet her back at the bed. I kept thinking about what she
might have in mind for me next.

Irene was sitting on bed waiting for me.

"Come here."

I stood in front of her.

"You have done good. You deserve a reward."

And then, her mouth engulfed my semi-hard cock! She started sucking me and
my dick throbbed almost immediately. The feeling was incredible. Her hands
were touching my chest, while her hot mouth pleasured my member. I knew
that she was very horny, and pretty soon she ordered me to fuck her.

She lay down on the bed face up. I lay on top of her and placed the tip of
my cock in the entrance to her pussy. I pushed inside, gently first, then
all the way in. She was moaning and nodding. I got in my rhythm, in and out
of her juicy vagina. We usually start out in this position, and then move
on to others.

We were both in heaven, pleasure traveling through our bodies. She raised
her legs to let my cock get deeper inside of her. Her fingers also started
rubbing her clit. As she buckled and moaned, I knew that she was coming. I
kept ramming her with my dick. Thanks to the fact that I had cum just a few
minutes ago, I knew that I could last longer now. I realized that that's
the way she probably planned it.

"Do it from behind." She told me then.

She was on the bed on all fours, while I kneeled behind her. I placed my
cock in her pussy, and started to ram her again. Her hole was so tight and
good, and she loved it this way too. My balls were slapping her ass every
time I pushed it all in. The sounds of our fucking filled the room and our

"Oh yes, shit that's so great. I love your cock, it's so big."

"Take it, baby. I know you like it."

She must have realized that she was losing control, because suddenly she
told me to stop and get it out. Confused, I did what she said.

"I'm still your mistress, slave. Don't you forget that. If anybody is going
to get fucked, it will be you."

I didn't know what she meant by that, but I figured it out pretty
quick. She ordered me to lay down face up on the bed. She then tied my
hands again to the bedpost with the handcuffs. I realized that she was
going to sit on top of me and use me like a fuck toy. My cock oozed precum
in anticipation.

She left me there and sat down next to me. Then she started inserting her
finger inside her pussy. She made sure I got a good look. Handcuffed, there
was nothing I could do but watch lustfully. This went on for a few long
minutes. I think she wanted to extend the time before I came again. That
was fine with me.

"Umm, it feels so good. I love the feeling of something inside of me."

She then looked at my hard cock.

"I think I'm going to use your pathetic little dick to pleasure myself. Do
you want me to use you, slave?"

"Yes mistress"

"Say it, slave."

"Please use me .Use my body whichever way you want. I'm yours."

"Good boy."

She then sat on top of my chest. She rubbed her nipples.

"I bet you wish you could touch these, don't you?"

"Yes mistress."

"Open your mouth."

I did and she inserted her tit inside my mouth. I started to hungrily suck
on it. But then she pulled it away, just out of reach from my mouth. Then
she put it in again. She kept teasing me like that, and I just lay there,
mouth open and tongue out, waiting for her to put her delicious breast back
within reach. This was getting me very horny, and I wished to feel her
pussy wrapping my aching cock.

Finally, she did just that. She sat down on my cock and inserted it up her
pussy. I almost came just from the feeling of being inside her again. Then
she started riding me, moving up and down on my cock. I was moaning and
screaming, eyes open, watching her go down on me. It felt amazing!

She placed her two hands on top of my chest, just over my nipples, and
pushed down hard, using it as leverage to increase her pace. I felt like I
was being used, and it felt great. I did not know how much longer I could
hold on.

My wife started moaning again, and I knew that she was coming again. She
pushed herself into my cock violently, and I went over the edge too. I let
out a loud scream, my legs trembling, and had the most incredible orgasm of
my life! It felt like it lasted forever, like I just came in gallons inside
her warm pussy. I felt dizzy and light-headed afterwards. But she did not
care. After I had come, she still kept riding me, pleasuring herself. My
cum started oozing out from her vagina and slid down my cock. Once she was
satisfied, she dismounted me and went to the bathroom to clean herself.

After a while she came back and removed my handcuffs. Then she gave me the
most passionate, most intimate kiss in the mouth. Our lips and tongues
fused together in hot passion for an eternity. Finally, we looked at each
other and smiled, almost giggling.

"That was so awesome." She said

"I know, it was fucking great."

"Hmm, next time I want to be the slave."

"Oh yeah." I said, already thinking of what things I was going to do to


I got the call a few days ago. Out of the blue, Chris, a friend from
college, calls me at home. He's coming to our city for a business
convention and wanted to drop by and say hi. I offer for him to stay at our
house, and he accepts. Chris and I had kept in contact on and off for
years. I knew that he got married to his last college sweetheart, Jenny. He
works in computers now and is doing well from what he tells me. We have not
seen each other since college. Wow, time flies.

Chris and I were fraternity brothers, and he had been my pledgemaster.
Awakening my memories, I came across something that I had almost forgotten,
or maybe had tried to forget on purpose. It was something that I did with
Chris. Now it seemed like it was not real, and maybe I was remembering
things that did not happen. But then I remembered that at the time, I had
written down a story about the events that occurred that night. I became
curious and found myself looking in my old college boxes. Tons of useless
stuff was inside, until I stumbled on a handwritten story. I sat down and
started reading:


James always wanted to be a member of a fraternity in college. But now,
because of his stupidity, it seemed like he had blown that chance. During
one of the exercises he had lost his cool with one of the fraternity
brothers, Chris. The only thing that may save me, James thought, is that
none of the other brothers heard the comment that I made to Chris, so I
only have to deal with Chris. At the time, Chris became enraged, and told
James that he would pay for that lack of respect toward his senior brother.
He told James to go to his room that night.

James stood in front of the door, trembling just a little, wondering what
Chris might do to him. He was dark-skinned, with an athletic body thanks to
being a member of the track and field team. James knocked on the door and a
voice inside said: "Enter."

James opened the door and saw Chris sitting down on his bed. Chris was a
senior, member of the volleyball team. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He
was wearing jeans and a white T-shirt.

"Lock the door" Chris said, and James obeyed.

"Drop to your knees."

"Yes, sir." James did as he was told.

Chris stood up, towering over James.

"You have disrespected me, pledge. I ought to kick you out right now. What
do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm very sorry, sir. I will do anything to make it up to you. I humbly ask
for your forgiveness. I deserve to be punished. And I beg you, sir, do not
kick me out of pledge week." James said, sounding as repentant as he could

"Don't worry pledge, you will be punished. So you say you will do

"Anything you tell me, sir."

"Well, we'll see about that. Stand up, pledge."

James stood up in front of Chris.

"Normally what we do in cases like this is give you a good ten with the
paddle. But you don't even deserve that. You acted like a stupid little
brat and so I'll treat you like one. Now strip"

"Excuse me?"

"Are you deaf? I said take off your clothes!"

James look puzzled, but Chris's face told him that he was serious. Slowly,
James started to strip. First he removed his shoes and socks. Then he took
off his polo shirt. Next he undid his belt, and pushed his jeans down to
the floor. James stepped out of his jeans and stood in front of Chris with
just his boxers.

"What are you waiting for? Take those off too. You don't deserve any

Knowing better that to argue, James took off his boxers. There he stood
naked in front of Chris, while he was fully clothed. Suddenly, James' cock
started to become somewhat hard. Chris looked down and saw this too. James
never felt so humiliated.

"What, are you enjoying this, pervert?"

"No, sir."

"I hope not. Let's see if you enjoy your punishment too, pledge."

Chris sat down again in his bed.

"Come over here and lay over my lap."

He can't be serious! Thought James. He hesitated for a few seconds. Chris's
face turned from annoyed to downright angry.

"Do you want to be in the fraternity or not, pledge?"

"Yes sir."

"Well, you need to be punished to stay in pledge week, and this is how we
punish stupid little boys like you that disrespect their brothers. Now come
over here!"

James hesitantly placed himself face down on Chris's lap. Chris positioned
James's ass right over his legs, and held him in position with his left

"I am going to give you twenty by hand on you bare ass, and I want you to
count them and thank me. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir"

A second later, Chris's hand came down on James's right ass check


"One. Thank you sir!"


"Two. Thanks you sir!"

This continued until all twenty slaps had been administered. James's ass
felt like it was on fire, and he fought back tears of humiliation and pain.

"Stand up"

James stood up again.

"Now you're going to service me on anything I want. Understand?"


"I have a problem, pledge. My girlfriend traveled to her parent's house
this weekend and I'm alone and horny. Normally, I just jack off and cool
off, but since you're here, I'll let you help me with that. Do you

James hesitated, but then said, "Yes."

"Good." Chris grinned with a wicked smile. "This is going to be fun. For
me, anyway. Take off my shirt."

James removed Chris shirt and could not help but stare at Chris's muscular
chest. It was smooth, with small pointed nipples. Chris did not fail to
notice James looking.

"Touch them." He said.

James felt a sudden urge inside of him, and before he knew it, he was
touching Chris's nipples. They felt good in his fingers. James's brain
started reeling, telling him that this was not right. James liked girls,
and was surprised by what he was feeling now with Chris. But his lust and
his teen hormones were more powerful than his brain, and without further
commands from Chris, he started rubbing Chris's chest and arms. Chris
started to clench his teeth, visibly enjoying the proceedings. James kept
working on his chest and nipples, as Chris started moaning.

"Touch my cock."

James's hands went down and started touching Chris's cock that was now
bulging his blue jeans.

"Take them off." Chris said.

James started unbuckling Chris's pants. Chris raised his ass and James slid
down the jeans. Chris was wearing white briefs, which were now stained with
pre-cum. James put his hand inside Chris's briefs, and felt the naked cock
in his hand. Chris moaned louder now. Then he slid the briefs down, and
stared at the big cut cock in front of his face.

"Touch it."

James started masturbating Chris with one hand, while touching his chest
and nipples with the other. Chris closed his eyes.

"That's it, pledge." James kept moving his hand up and down Chris' s
shaft. His eyes were fixed on Chris, unable to believe that he had another
guy's cock in his hand.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you, pledge?"

"No sir."

"Shut up pledge. If I say you are, then you are, now say it!"

"I'm enjoying this, sir."

Chris was now laughing.

"Go for it, pledge, make me cum!"

Chris's head fell back, his eyes closed, as James's hand brought him to

"Aargh!" The white cum shot out into James's hand and Chris's waist.

"Bring me some paper, pledge."

After Chris had cleaned himself, he looked at James and smirked when he saw
James's semi-hard dick.

"Now I need to cool off with a shower, pledge. I want you to service me."

"Yes sir" said James sheepishly

They walked to the shower and got inside. Chris handed James the soap and
instructed him to soap his chest. James did as he was told. Next he soaped
Chris's back and legs. Finally, Chris said.

"Wash my cock, pledge."

James obediently grabbed Chris's dick and soaped it up. He found himself
unconsciously moving his hand up and down Chris's cock.

"What a freak, look at you! You can't keep your hands from a real man's
cock can you? And look, even when you're hard, your dick is pathetic!"

James then realized that his dick was again hard, and he blushed with
embarrassment, which Chris noticed.

"Hey don't let it be said that I'm an insensitive guy. I'm going to let you
masturbate, but you can only get off if you can come before I finish my


"What are you, retarded?" Chris said angrily, and started to rinse himself
off. James then saw that this was going to be his only chance to relive his
aching dick, and he did not know how long Chris was planning to hold
him. So he went for it. Quickly, James's hand wrapped his cock and starting
to masturbate in a hurry. He felt very weird in this situation,
masturbating himself in front of Chris while they were both in the shower,
but Chris seemed to pay no notice of him. The bastard was trying to get the
soap off in a hurry. James started to rub his own nipples, while working
his shaft fast. But alas, suddenly Chris said: "I'm done." And closed the

"I'm so close!" thought James, still masturbating feverishly.

"Hey! I said stop!" Chris said, pushing James's hand away from his cock,
and suddenly grabbing James's cock with his own hand.

"You have to learn to follow instructions, pledge."

"Does he realize that his hand is in my dick?" thought James. As if reading
his thoughts, Chris smirked.

"You like this, don't you? Me holding your dick?"

James just stood there, without saying anything.

"You can't even jack yourself off. How pathetic. I bet you wish I'd get you
off, huh? You must be so close to blowing your load." Slowly, Chris's hand
started to move around James's cock, just up and down the head.

"Does that feel good, pledge?"

Chris's hand kept moving, and James still stood there, speechless, as he
felt the orgasm on its way. His balls tensed up, his legs faltered, and
then he felt his cum explode out of his cock and to the shower wall. "Now
look at what you have done. You are going to clean all this up, pledge."

Chris stepped out of the shower and started to dry himself. James looked
around for a towel but there was none. He waited patiently, shivering with
cold, until Chris was done. Then Chris tossed him the now damp towel.

"There you go, pledge."

James dried himself off, while Chris got dressed and walked out. A minute
later, Chris walked in with a bucket and some cleaners.

"Now I want you to clean up that mess that you did in my shower. And clean
the rest of the bathroom while you're at it."

"Yes sir." Said James defeated.


After he finished cleaning the bathroom, James walked out to Chris's
room. James was still naked and was surprised to see that Chris was too. He
was lying face up on his bed with a hard-on.

"This thing just won't go down, pledge. You'll have to do something about

James waited obediently for his next command.

"Come over here and sit down." James walked closer to the bed and sat.

"Do you still want to join the fraternity, pledge?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then kiss my cock."

James waited for a few seconds to see if Chris was joking, but he just lay
there looking at James. After a while, James looked down to Chris's
dick. He started to get his mouth closer to it.

"And not on the sides, I want you to kiss the head."

James inched down towards it, and planted a quick kiss on Chris's cockhead.

"No, that won't do. You'll have to blow me, pledge."

James closed his eyes. He tried to contain himself, but a tear came out of
his eye.

"Please, sir, don't make me do this..."

"I thought you wanted to join the frat? You have to trust me, pledge, and
do as I say."

James sat there frozen.


Drying off the tears, he inched down towards Chris's cock again. Unsure of
what to do, he opened his mouth and started to lower it towards the raging
member. When he was just a few inches away, Chris screamed.

"Wait! Your teeth, man! You need to watch your teeth! Oh hell, you're
obviously going to screw this up. Forget it!"

James sighed silently, and backed away.

"I'll just have to get off some other way."

Chris stood up and grabbed his shirt. He made it into sort of like a rope
and held it in his hands.

"I'm just going to have to fuck you."

James's eyes opened up wider than ever before, as if pleading. But Chris
just walked over to him and placed the shirt over James's eyes.

"I'll cover your eyes to spare you the visual shock, how's that?"

James was unable to speak, but started to sob a little. Chris paid no
attention and secured the shirt over his eyes.

"Now I need you to kneel on the bed and then lower your head on the

James slowly obeyed and positioned himself like Chris had indicated.

"I'm going to loosen you up first with my finger."

A short time passed, and James felt some cream being applied to his
asshole. After a while, he felt a probing gloved finger being inserted into
his hole. James had experimented with himself once or twice with fingers in
there, but the way it was being done, and by somebody else, felt as
denigrating as he had felt all his life. To make it worse, Chris started
using his other hand to apply lotion to James's dick. After a little of
that, James's cock was hard.

"Please stop..." mumbled James in a breaking voice.

"Ahh, I know you're enjoying this pledge."

Chris's finger started to rub the prostate; all the while his other hand
was now fully masturbating James. James could not help but feel some
pleasure, and that made him feel even more humiliated. Just then Chris
inserted one more finger, and picked up the pace on James's
cock. Mercilessly he kept up, while James hated himself for liking
it. After some time of this, James felt that he was close. He did not know
what to do: Chris had not given him permission to come, and maybe Chris did
not want him to come until Chris was inside him. James shook inside just
having those thoughts. He decided to inform Chris of what was going on.

"Sir...I think I'm coming."

"It' all right, pledge. Let it out."

As if he had been given the green light, James felt the buildup traveling
up his cock, until it exploded out of him. James was left almost shaking
and completely ashamed, because at the end Chris had almost stopped
touching James's cock, so he made him come mostly by the action of the
fingers up the ass.

"Ok, pledge, we're done." Chris said much to James's surprise. He took off
the makeshift blindfold and James saw that he had come all over his own
shirt, which Chris had strategically placed underneath him.

"You did not think I'd let you come all over my sheets, did you?"

James just looked at Chris dumbfounded.

"Look, pledge. I was not going to force you to blow me, and I was
definitively not going to fuck you. Like I said, a fraternity is all about
trusting your brother. And you trusted me completely, so you pass the

James laughed and sighed.

"Now stand up and clean yourself up. And get that dirty shirt off my bed!"

James did as was told immediately. When he was finished, Chris shook his

"I'm letting you continue on pledge week. But one more major screw up and
you're out, do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you sir."

"Now get dressed and get out of here."

James looked at his cum-stained shirt and frowned. He put his clothes,
including his shirt, on and stood at attention.

"You're dismissed, pledge." Said a now dressed Chris.

"Thank you sir."

James quickly left the room. Chris again lay down on his bed, took off his
clothes, and proceeded to masturbate himself.


I could not believe that that had happened. But I knew that it did. The
last part of Chris masturbating was clearly made up by me, but I saw
Chris's eyes, and I had no doubt in my mind that that's exactly what he did
when I left. I wondered if Chris still remembered this or not. Well, I was
not going to remind him, I thought. Pledge week with him had been hell,
although after pledge week Chris and I had become best friends. The events
of pledge week were never mentioned again, however. Looking back, this was
the most humiliating thing of all pledge week. And remembering this just as
the guy is coming to stay with us is starting to make me feel somewhat


My wife Irene and I picked Chris up at the airport. He told us about his
wife, his life and anything else that popped to mind. We talked like crazy,
all three of us. It felt good to see a close friend again.

As the night progressed, we sat at home talking and drinking wine. We
started getting a little giddy. And inevitably the conversation turned to

"My wife and I are part of a club of swingers." He says

"Swingers?" my wife asks

"Yeah, it's a group of couples that get together once in a while and, you
know, trade partners, do three and four ways. That kind of thing." He says,
as if it's the most common thing in the world. My wife sits with her jaw

"Really? Wow, I could never do anything like that."

"Well, you'd be surprised what you can do if the situation arises and the
mood is right."

"Oh come on, man. That kind of thing is not for everybody." I interject

"Maybe. My wife and I do get a little freaky, if you know what I mean."

"Are you not concerned about diseases, pregnancy...?" my wife asks.

"We are extremely good about that. We practice safe sex, and there's a high
level of trust in each other. However, we all go through testing for
diseases frequently, just to be extra safe."

"...And what kinds of things do you do?" my wife inquires curiously.

That's all the in that Chris needs. He proceeds to tell us the most
incredible sex stories that my wife and I have ever heard, with incredible
detail. The wine keeps flowing, and the descriptions keep getting more
detailed. As Chris is explaining how on one occasion he was orally
pleasuring two women until they both came, my wife says.

"James is really not that good doing that."

"What?" I could not believe my wife said that to him

"Is that true, man?"

I stumble to find words. "I...well, I can do it, it's just not the thing I
do best, you know."

"So Irene, I take it you've never experienced a man eating your pussy real
good, eh?"

I gasp at Chris having the nerve to say something like that. But I become
even more surprised at my wife's answer.

"Not really. Why, are you offering?"


"Well, with James, permission, I can help you with that. What do you say,

"Are you crazy? What are you talking about?"

"Oh, come on, James. Don't be so jealous. Besides, you wouldn't want to
deny me pleasure would you?"

"Well no...but..."

Before I can finish, Chris is on his knees in front of the couch. He starts
touching my wife's pants.

"Mmm" she says

"Well, honey...if you want to..."

In unison, Chris and my wife start taking off her pants. Pretty soon my
wife's pink panties are on the floor, and her vagina is in Chris's
face. And he goes to town.

I recall from college that all the sorority girls used to say that Chris
was the best guy at eating pussy. And judging by my wife's moaning, they
were right.

I sit there dumbfounded while my wife's moans fill up the living room. Then
Chris removes his tongue long enough to say something.

"Well, don't just sit there, man. Do something."

I shrug and remove my wife's shirt and bra. I start sucking on her breasts
just like she likes it.

"Oh yes!! Yes!" she says, obviously enjoying it. And even though it's weird
seeing Chris with my wife like this, I'm happy that she is experiencing
something better than what I have given her in that department.

After several minutes, and the sounds of my wife coming, Chris stands up.

"Why don't we go to the bedroom?"

My wife, obviously, says "sure" and leads us to our bedroom.

"That was great." She says, standing naked in front of us. "Why don't you
boys take off your clothes?"

Before I can react, Chris has already peeled off his shirt. I can't help
but look. He is not as athletic as in college, but he still has a perfect
chest, hairless, with pointed nipples and defined abs. I follow suit, and
before long all three of us are standing naked.

I can see my wife staring at Chris's perfect cock. She looks at me, as if
looking for approval. I nod. She makes Chris lay down on the bed, and then
starts sucking his cock with glee.

"James." Chris calls me "Come here."

I sit next to him.

"Why don't you give me the same treatment you gave to your wife..." then he
smiles and says "...pledge?"

I look at Irene, but she is too busy filling her mouth with Chris. So Chris
remembers that night too, I think. So I figure, what the hell, and I

My hands touch Chris's chest, my fingers rub his erect nipples. And then my
mouth sucks on them, and teases them.

"Oh, fuck yeah..."

Chris is obviously enjoying the attention. My wife and I are now going to
town with him. Both bent on giving him pleasure. He writhes and nods,
closing his blue eyes momentarily to enjoy the feelings. I glance over to
my wife, and see her head going up and down Chris's cock. I look at Chris's
face and see that he is close. Just then my wife pulls out. His face shows
the disappointment.

"Not yet." She tells him. Then she turns towards me, hugs and kisses me.

"Do you want to fuck me, honey?"

"Yes" I say.

Then she looks at Chris.

"You can help too, stud." She tells him. We are both eager to please.

" Are you sure you are up for this, honey?" Chris and I start laughing,

"I guess I should rephrase the questions, huh." My wife says, looking at my

"Yeah, I'm definitively up for it."

"You're a little freaky, aren't you? I could see how you treated Chris's

"Yeah, well, he's had practice." Chris says

"What?" I reply

"At least once that I know of." He adds

"Honey, is there something you need to tell me?"

"I...well..."once again, I'm speechless

"It was nothing. Just some horny college kids jacking each other
off. That's it." Chris interrupts me.

"Are you sure that was all honey?"

"Yes!" I say, "Now can we move on?"

"Ok. I want you inside of me, now!"

My wife positions herself on all fours. I align my penis with her vagina,
and start to push in. Chris is now kneeling on the other end, and starts to
feed his dick to my wife's mouth. She loves this. Two cocks at the same
time, one in the mouth and one in her pussy. I am going all the way in now,
and my balls start slapping her ass cheeks. I can see her sucking Chris for
all he's worth. Chris and I look at each other, each one kneeling, and
shoving our cocks into the same woman, and we smile. I can hear my wife
moaning, and cheering us on.

We keep going like this for a while. My pace increases as I slide my cock
in and out of my wife's hot pussy. Chris is now force-feeding his tool down
her throat. All of us are moaning and the smells and sounds of sex fill the
air. Then, my wife signals us to stop.

"Are you okay honey?" I ask concerned

"Oh, yes. I want to change positions. I want to feel his cock up my ass."

Chris being the experienced one, he guides us on how to position
ourselves. He gets my wife to lie down on her side. I lay down facing her,
while he lays down facing her back. The rest was self-explanatory. First,
he slipped on a condom. Then, slowly, he started inserting his cock into my
wife. It was hard for her at first, so I just touched her hair the way she
likes. Once she got used to it, I stuffed my cock into her love hole. She
let out a loud scream when I was all the way in.

"Oh my, yes, this is so fucking great!"

There we were, all three of us, legs intermingled, and you couldn't tell
where one person ended and the other began. I started to move in and out
again. Her well-lubricated vagina was driving me up the wall with
pleasure. I could also feel Chris going in and out of her ass. I could see
my wife's face, a picture of pure lust, edging us on, taunting us to fuck
her. Her mouth open, eyes opening and closing. She was moving to meet our
thrusts. It was the hottest scene I've ever seen in my whole life.

Our pace quickened, slapping sounds and moans everywhere. I felt myself
getting close.

"Oh, I'm too close!"

"Do it. Come in me, honey."

I felt the familiar rush of semen traveling up to the tip of my cock. My
legs trembled, my head felt light-headed. By the sounds of it, both Chris
and my wife were either close to coming, or were in the middle of it. Then,
my cum spurted out of me and into her pussy. I was orgasming, still pumping
like a wild horse, voice cracking with delight. We must have all come at
the same time, because almost simultaneously, our heads slumped down to the
bed. I started kissing my wife, while Chris was rubbing her nipples with
his hands from behind.

We lay in bed for a while; all three of us, close together like a tight
knot. We were laughing and breathing hard. It had been a wonderful
experience for all of us.

Eventually, to my surprise, my wife asked again about Chris and I.

"So you guys fooled around in college?"

"Nothing worth mentioning, innocent stuff" I said, trying to change the
subject. Chris would have none of that. He winked at Irene with a devilish

"I want to see you two mess around." My wife said

"What? Stop joking, Irene."

"I'm not joking, honey. I think it would be very hot. Please, do it for

To my surprise, Chris agreed.

"Come on, man, it's nothing. It'll be fun."

They spent the next five minutes trying to convince me. Slowly, my defenses
came down (while my cock came up).

"Ok, I guess." I finally said defeated.

We were still naked from our previous lovemaking. I could see Chris was
hard too. He moved closer to me, and suddenly moved his lips over mine. I
froze, while he kissed me and started rubbing my nipples. Involuntarily my
mouth opened some and he moved his tongue inside my mouth.

"Oh that's so fucking hot". I heard my wife say. That kind of pushed me on,
and I found myself kissing Chris back. The feeling was strange, especially
when our faces would touch and I could feel his rough "afternoon
shadow". It also felt mentally stimulating, because it felt like something
prohibited. My cock stayed up.

Chris broke the kiss, and placed his hand in my cock. He started touching
it masterfully. I could not help but moan. My wife had gotten closer, and
was rubbing her clit. I laid back and surrendered to his hand. After a
little while, I felt something different. I looked up and sure enough,
Chris's mouth was on my penis.

"Oh Chris..." I moaned, while he sucked me. It seemed to me like he had
done this before.

"Yes, suck him." My wife moaned while she pleasured herself.

I placed my hands in Chris's hair and moved them around. The whole thing
felt surreal. The room was spinning, and I felt almost drunk. Chris's head
bobbed up and down, and I could feel my orgasm just around the corner. As
if sensing this, Chris suddenly stopped.

"What are you doing?" I stammered almost incoherently.

"If you come, you'll stop being horny, and I'll be stuck."

"What do you mean stuck?"

Chris looked me in the eyes "I mean, you won't return the favor."

He couldn't be serious, could he? I looked at my wife and saw the lust in
her face.

"Come on honey, he did it for you...I want to see it. I want to see you
blow him."

I couldn't say no to her pleading face. I looked down at Chris's cock and
for the first time really looked at it. He was bigger than I was, but not
out of the ordinary. His cock twitched, inviting me to it. I placed a hand
on it and suddenly remembered how it had felt in my hand back in college. I
masturbated him, but I knew he wanted more.

"Don't make me wait, man. Please." He said in a low voice.

I lowered my head towards it, used my fingers to move out some of the
pre-cum, and then put my mouth on it. I closed my eyes, and moved down on
him. I could taste the pre-cum, not the best taste in the world, but
nothing too disgusting either. My mouth had to open more as I moved
lower. When I could go no more, I moved back up to the head. Slowly, I
started to find a rhythm, up and down. My mind was reeling. My brain was
telling me this was wrong, but I answered myself, saying this was just
physical, just pleasure, and to just go with it. I did. I also felt kind of
like when my wife was using me as a slave. Sucking a man's cock seemed to
me like it had the same sense of humiliation and surrender. I opened my
eyes and saw Chris looking down at me. He gave me a big, beautiful smile. I
knew he was liking this. He placed his hands on my head, and guided me. I
continued, and heard my wife moaning loud in the background. Chris then
started taking over, pushing his dick in and out of my mouth faster and
faster. Finally, he pulled out.

"I'm too close..." he whispered

I placed my hand on his enlarged member and stroked him fast. He arched
back, screamed, and then came with force. I continued until it
stopped. Without waiting any time, he laid me back again and wrapped his
fingers around my waiting dick.

"Now it's your turn." He said. I was surprised of how close I was. It only
took a few rubs and I was cumming as hard as he did. Exhausted, we lay on
the bed and looked towards Irene. She was also exhausted, as she had
reached orgasm at the same time we did. We all looked at each other and

After a while, we cleaned ourselves off, and Chris headed back to the guest
bedroom to sleep. My wife and I lay in bed together, hugging each other.

"That was great, wasn't it?" she said

"Yes it was."

Chris was only staying for one night, so the next day we dropped him off at
the airport, thanked him for a good time, and said goodbye.

A few days later, he calls me up again.

"Hey, man. I told my wife all about our night together, and she
definitively wants to meet you guys! She asked me to invite you guys up
here anytime, so we can all get down and have a good time! What do you say,

"Hmm, let me think/" I say jokingly " Hell yes. I'm sure my wife will like
the idea too."

"Well come up and visit us soon, man. We're both hot and horny!"


Before we knew it, we had accepted Chris and Jenny's invitation and are
headed up north. The drive was rather uneventful, but I had a feeling that
would only be temporary.

We arrived in the late afternoon. To our surprise, Chris was headed out as
we walked in.

"James, Irene, I'm glad you made it okay! I got some bad news; they just
called me from work. There's an emergency and I'm going to have to work

"Oh, I'm sorry." My wife said

"Yeah, man, that sucks."

"Oh well. Let me introduce you guys to my wife. Jenny, they're here!"

>From upstairs we see Jenny walking down. She has long, black hair, a very
nice body and a slight tan.

"Welcome to our home!"

We go through the introductions. Soon after, Chris leaves and the three of
us sit down to have some dinner. My wife takes out the bottle of wine that
we brought with us. For a second, I think that I see a weird look between
Jenny and Irene, but I do not pay much attention to it.

We talk and drink for a while after dinner, a nice, pleasant
conversation. It is now getting late, and soon it will be time to sleep.

"I'm tired." I say.

"Oh honey, you drove a lot today. Why don't you take a shower? It might
make you feel better."

My wife always knows what's best for me, I think. A shower would surely
make me feel much better. Jenny shows me the bathroom and I take a nice,
long one.

Once I'm done, I head to the guest room, but I don't see my wife there. She
is not in the dining room or the living room either. Curiously, I start
searching for her, when I hear moaning coming from the master bedroom. It
sounds like the women got tired of waiting for me and got right down to
it. I tiptoe to the master room and peek through the open door.

My wife is lying on the bed; Jenny is licking and sucking her pussy. I
freeze and stop breathing. The scene is so hot! My wife certainly loves it!
I can see Jenny's hot tongue invading her vagina. Then, she sucks on her
clit, and licks it again and again. My wife is clutching the pillow with
her hands, her tongue circling her lips.

"Ohhh, oh yeah. Ohh so good..." she says while Jenny's fingers flick her
clit, and then go in and out of her wet hole. I am now fully hard, and
struggling to be silent. My eyes are absorbing everything hungrily; Jenny's
hand in Irene's nipple, her tongue pleasuring my wife in the most intimate
place, my wife moaning and feeling her orgasm consume her, again and
again. My hand heads down and touches my hard dick, and I exhale a little
too loudly. Next thing I know, the two ladies are looking towards the door.

"I think we have a peeping Tom." Jenny says amused.

"Come in, James, we can see your eyes." My wife says

I sheepishly walk in.

"I'm sorry. I didn't want to disturb you, so I just stood there, but was
unable to stop watching..."

"Then why don't you come and join us?" Jenny says. My wife nods in
agreement. In two seconds I'm naked.

Jenny immediately engulfs my cock in her mouth, while Irene watches and
touches herself. I still could not believe that my best friend's wife was
kneeling in front of me with my hard dick in her mouth. Then, my wife
kneels beside her.

"I want some of that too." She says, and Jenny removes her mouth, which is
quickly replaced by my wife. They start taking turns sucking my cock, while
I struggle to remain standing up. The incredible pleasure has made my legs
feel like jelly. Then, Jenny asks my wife.

"I want your husband to fuck me."

I cannot believe my ears!

"Ok, but I want to watch." My wife responds.

Jenny stands up and leans over a table. I stand behind her, and place my
dick in her awaiting vagina. I start pumping her, while my wife starts
rubbing and sucking my nipples. Pretty soon Jenny is moaning and asking for
more, while Irene is thrusting her finger inside hew own vagina. Jenny
starts bucking back and meeting my thrusts. Then, Irene starts spanking my
ass with her hands.

"You're fucking another woman? I'll show you, you bad boy!" she says while
her hand slaps my ass hard again and again. I can't control myself any
longer, and I start cumming inside Jenny, who is now moaning loudly, almost

"Yes! Yes! Oh fuck!" she screams. After I'm spent, I remove my cock, with
the condom full of cum, and sit down on the bed, exhausted.

"Mmm, that was great." I say

Jenny looks at Irene lustfully.

"You. Come lie down on the bed. It's your turn to come."

Irene lies down, and Jenny moves between her legs. She starts masturbating
her clit, using her fingers and her mouth. After I have caught my air, I
move to my wife's breasts, and start sucking her wonderful nipples. Pretty
soon, Irene is bucking like a wild horse, as she comes in a wave of
ecstasy. Afterwards, all three of us lie down on the bed, and after a while
fall asleep.

The voice of a man wakes us up in the morning.

"Well, it looks like you guys have gotten to know each other pretty well."

We open our eyes and see Chris standing there, looking at us.

"I'm sorry that I missed all the fun!"

"Hi honey." Jenny says. She stands up and kisses him. "How are you?"

"Tired as hell. Tell you what, why don't you go sightseeing with James and
Irene today, and I'll catch some sleep in the meantime?"

"Ok honey. But you better be rested when we get back, because we all are
going to get busy, if you know what I mean."

Chris's wicked smile showed that he did.


We went sightseeing and came back at night. Chris was awake and had cooked
a wonderful meal (we found out later that it was take-out food). We ate,
drank and talked, and pretty soon we were telling Chris all about the night

"Man, I feel left out."

"We can fix that." Jenny said. As if the cue word had been spoken, we all
stood up and headed for the bedroom. There, the girls laid Chris down face
up. Jenny started to give him head, while Irene started to suck on his
nipples. I started to rub Irene's clit with my fingers. Then, Jenny mounted
Chris's cock, and started riding him. Irene then knelt on top of his face,
and lowered her wet pussy on to his mouth. He started fucking her with his
tongue. I then stood next to Irene, and she started masturbating my hard
cock. It was awesome! We were all so horny, and we just kept at it for a
while. Jenny rode Chris's cock while rubbing her breasts, Irene was moaning
loudly from Chris's tongue, and she masturbated me faster as she got closer
to coming.

"Let's change positions." Jenny said suddenly.

Irene now lay face up on the bed. I lay sideways, making a "T" with her,
and placed my cock inside her vagina. Jenny then laid face down, parallel
to me, with Chris entering her vagina from behind. Jenny's face was in
Irene's breast, and she sucked on her nipples. Meanwhile, My hands found
Jenny's nipples and started rubbing them. My cock slid in and out of
Irene's pussy easily, as I grind my cock inside of her. Jenny was now being
fucked hard by Chris, and he started slapping her ass with his hands.

"Ohh, yeah!"

"Argghh, fuck me!"

"Oh shit!"


Jenny's mouth kept teasing Irene's breasts, while my fingers squeezed
Jenny's nipples. Our pace quickened, as bodies started to move by
themselves. We were all getting close. Irene was the first one to come. At
the same time, I shot my load inside her hot pussy. Chris then groaned, and
shot inside Jenny, who came with Irene's left breast in her mouth. We all
then slumped on the bed and sighed with satisfaction.

We drank some wine and joked around for a while. Then, I noticed Chris
looking at me kind of funny.

"What's up Chris, are you drunk already?"

"No, man, I was thinking of something. Ever since pledge week there was
something I wanted to do with you."

I gulped involuntarily.

"What, honey?" Jenny asked

"I think he knows what."

Indeed I did, and I was not sure I wanted.

"You want to...fuck him?" my wife said. I thought she was going to defend
me, say "no way". Instead, she howled and gave a high-five to Jenny. "We're
going to see some real action, girl!"

"Wait a minute!" I protested. "There is no way that is going to happen."

For the next ten minutes, they all tried to convince me
otherwise. Eventually, I caved.

"Ok, but do it slowly, I don't want it to hurt a lot."

I wasn't particularly hungry to get fucked, but I did have some
curiosity. And Chris was so eager to do it, that I almost looked at it as a
favor to a friend. The fact that the girls were going to watch also made me
horny enough to agree.

The rest of the night was a blur. My mind was having trouble believing what
was happening. The three of them started out by making me comfortable, they
touched and kissed every inch of my body. By the time that Chris's strong
fingers were invading my ass, I was ready. The girls continued caressing me
while Chris placed two, then three fingers inside. I was now completely

"Do it, Chris. Fuck me."

He placed me face down, and rubbed his whole body on top of me. He placed
some lubrication, put on a condom, and placed the tip of his cock on my
entrance. I felt a lot of pressure as he slowly went in. I hissed.

"I don't know if I can take it." I said, trying to forget the pain.

"It's ok, man. It will get easier as you open up."

He was right. My ass started accommodating the intruder. Once the pain
subsided, I had to admit to myself that I was turned on.

Chris slowly fucked my ass, while the girls watched and encouraged us. I
think the girls started making out too, but I was too dazed to notice
much. After a few minutes, Chris pulled out and placed me face up, with my
legs on his shoulders. I could see his beautiful face full of lust. He
winked at me, and put his cock inside me again. The pressure and pain came
back, but our eyes locked, and he eased the pain with his smile.

"It's ok, relax."

I did, and he started increasing the pace. The bed was rocking, and the
room was filled with the sounds of four people in ecstasy.

"Yes, fuck me, Chris. Ohhh."

"Oh, you feel so good, James. Oh yeah..."

The whole room seemed to spin, and I could feel Chris losing
control. Suddenly, he pulled out, removed the condom, and came all over my
enlarged cock and balls. He then took his semen and used it as lubrication
to get me off, which I did quickly and violently. My first spurt almost hit
my face. It was an incredible orgasm.

Finally exhausted, Chris lay down next to me and kissed me on the lips.

"That was great, I wanted to do that to you for years!"

"I can tell!" I responded.

We looked to the other side of the room, where Irene and Jenny were
reaching their orgasms too.

"What a night, huh buddy?" Chris whispered in my ear.


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