Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Evening Sail

Ted and Sue had an old high school friend they hadn't seen in
years. Matt had come to visit from California and they decided to
spend a week on their 29' sloop, the "Mollie B." Matt was divorced
twice and been pretty much alone for three years. When he
arrived it was apparent immediately that the California climate had
agreed with him. He was tanned, blond hair in a pony tail and
seemed in great shape for 35. The pony tail was new and Ted and
Sue both thought it made him very attractive. Ted had picked up a
little weight since the old days, but he still had rich black hair and a
full beard. At 36, he had reached high in the corporate ladder and
enjoyed more free time. Sue at 35 still had a marvelous figure.
She worked out, and her well rounded ass and firm breasts
communicated her self care. She was more hour glass figured
than when in high school. But, Ted loved her full bra and the
inviting nature of her wider hips.

They picked up Matt at the airport and headed immediately to the
marina. They made themselves comfortable - caught up on old
times, and after the berths were made up they turned in. The next
two days were wonderful sailing days on Lake Ontario. Warm sun
and a good breeze. They were working their way leisurely from
Port Oswego to Kingston, Ontario to the north and over nighting
insecluded coves. They flew the 150 Genoa with a full main each
day. Sue tended the galley or sunned herself on the bow. The
men manned the sheets in the cockpit - constantly tweaking the
sail trim. Skipper Ted gave the usual lecture: I'm the Skipper, you
are the crew, you need to obey orders when things happen -
especially in a blow. The higher the wind speed the shorter our
time is to react. So pay close attention to sailing and the Skipper's
orders when under way.

The third day found them anchored for dinner in a secluded cove.
After the meal they played cards a bit and after they enjoyed the
great Lake Ontario sunset Sue turned in.

"How about it Matt - want to try a little evening cruise?"

"Sure," Matt responded.

"OK, go forward and haul the anchor and we'll get under way."

"Aye, aye Skipper," laughed Matt over his shoulder as he started

They cruised in the gentle evening breeze for an hour and a half by
moonlight. Sue was fast asleep in her berth. Ted said that this
was his favorite kind of sailing. Silent, and private, the solitude
and peace were incredibly soothing. As they re-anchored in the
cove, Matt said, "God, I'm ready for a swim!" He stripped naked
and climbed down the swim ladder so as not to wake the sleeping

"Come on Ted the water's great," he said quietly in the dark hoping
not to wake Sue. Ted peeled and entered the water down the swim
ladder also. Matt smiled as he watched his old friend's balls swing
as he stepped down into the water. "Damn," he thought, "Ted's
ass is still cute too." He remembered those days in high school
when two young men had a brief encounter. They knew each other
like brothers and once, just once, they knew each other like lovers.
As unsure adolescents it scared the shit out of them. They hadn't
talked about it for years. But, in this moment an old primal desire
was welling up in Matt's loins. "Was there any of that desire left in
Ted?" he wondered. They swam in the warm water for about half
an hour.

They climbed up the swim ladder into the cockpit. Ted peeked
below to find Sue still sleeping. The boys sat in the cockpit to dry
in the warm breeze. Neither made any effort to dress or find a
towel. Matt sat with his back against the cabin one leg propped up
on the bench seat and the other on the cockpit sole. His package
hung exposed for Ted to see. "Hell we're all friends here," he said
smiling. He looked good and Ted noticed that even Matt's cock
was tanned. Matt lit a cigar and puffed in quietly in the moonlight.
Ted grabbed a beer, lit a cigar and sat down. Again Matt's eyes
were drawn to the swaying cock and balls as Ted maneuvered
around the cockpit. Ted sat back by the wheel and put both feet up
on it. His balls and ample cock fell over the edge of the bench seat
and hung there beneath him as though on special display. Matt
smiled to himself and sucked his cigar.

"Remember that night after we took the girls home from the prom?"
Matt asked. Ted raised an eyebrow.


"I've thought about that for years - we've never talked about it,"
Matt said.

"I've thought about it too," Ted said tentatively absently stroking his

"Have you?"

"Yes," said Ted, "I think about it a lot."

"I've learned a lot about my self in two marriages," said Matt. He
went on to talk to Ted about his last wife - her exploration of
bisexuality and the couple they regularly made love with. Matt
looked the Skipper dead in the eye and said, "You know Ted, I'm
bisexual too." Ted's cock twitched noticeably. Matt sucked his

"Ted, there is a fullness that comes in being wholly sexual, a
sensitivity in lovemaking straight sex can't have," Matt went on.
Ted's cock was slowly growing. Matt spoke at length about life and
sex and love. Ted listened and nodded occasionally. When the
words stopped, they sat in silence as Matt's words lingered in
Ted's ears. Matt sucked his cigar. Each man watched the
moonlight on the other's growing manhood. In silence they fed
each others libidos as cocks hardened. Matt grew to a full 7
inches. Ted mustered a thick 5 and a half inch bone. Matt flipped
his cigar into the Lake. Ted stood and began to tie the sail cover
to the boom. As he worked his way forward his cock pointed
directly at Matt.

Ted looked at him and said, "Mate, I'm the Skipper of this vessel
and what I say goes. You ever handle a tiller boat?"

"No," said Matt

"Well it's attached to the rudder and is what you steer with if you
don't have a wheel. Usually it's a long wooden handle about two
inches or so in diameter. This vessel is equipped with two. I'm
giving you command of one and I'll take charge of the other. Any
sailing vessel is only as good as her equipment and rigging. So
tender loving care is required at all times." Ted reached down and
held Matt's cock firmly.

"This is my tiller, and I think I know what it needs. Do I need to
give you instructions on where to find your's Mate?" asked Ted.
The warm lips and tongue told him that Matt had found his charge.
Ted grinned and Matt was in heaven. Ted braced himself against
the boom with his arms, keeping a weather eye on the horizon.
Ted puffed on his cigar and sipped his beer. The typical Skipper
until you looked down to see the first mate sucking the Captain's
cock. Matt stroked his balls and worked on the knob. He took Ted
deep and licked him like a lollipop. "Arh, me hearty, it's good to be
at sea," said the Skipper grinning.

"I've wanted you to do me for 16 years Mate. You're a better
cocksucker now," whispered Ted. Matt just grunted a response.
Ted's cock was drooling pre-cum and Matt savored the salty musky
flavor of man muscle. He felt Ted push deeper and stiffen. He
blew like Mount Vesuvius. He dumped his whole load in Matt's
mouth and Matt drank all the ball honey sucking Ted dry. Ted told
Matt to sit on the cabin top with his legs dangling over the sides of
the companionway. Ted took two steps down and sat at the top of
the companionway ladder. His face was now right at Matt's wide
open crotch. He rubbed Matt's cock all over his beard.

"O God that feels nasty Ted," said Matt. Ted licked and sucked the
long cock from balls to crown and back. He took Matt as deep as
he could and rejoiced in the "right" feeling of cock in his mouth.

Sue woke up and looked up the companionway. What? She could
see her naked husband outlined in the moonlight. His head was
moving and Matt's legs dangled down.... "O my God! He's sucking
Matt's cock!" she thought. "Good for him," she mused, "I've been
hot for Matt for two days!" The scene turned her on tremendously.
She slowly got out of the berth trying to give herself away by
rocking the boat. She carefully took off her nighty and rolled her
nipples between her thumb and index finger. It was really getting
her wet and she wanted to play too. She tip toed to the
companionway ladder and found Ted's cock breast level. She
pushed his legs apart and pushed her tits together around his meat
and began to massage up and down. Ted groaned and continued
sucking dick. Sue bent her head and sucked his cock head while
she tit fucked him.

Matt came. He filled Ted's eager mouth with a load of cum that
Ted had wanted to taste for 16 years. He savored it and
swallowed as much as he could. But some of it leaked out and
dribbled down his beard. Matt lay back on the cabin roof enjoying
the afterglow. Sue pulled Ted into the cabin. She wiped some
cum from his beard and rubbed it slowly over his lips. She licked
the rest off and kissed him long and passionately. "This is going to
be a great week baby," she whispered in his ear.

>From that night on they had no use for clothes. They spent each
day sailing out of sight of land and steered clear of other boating
traffic. The wind became very light and there was almost no swell.
Sue sun bathed nude on the bow. The men still worked the sails
and steered the boat. And they worked their tillers as well. They
would sit for hours sailing on a broad reach while fondling each
other. They had hard-ons almost all the time. Sue teased them.
She would come aft and get on all fours on the cabin roof. She'd
spread her legs and lay her chest and arms down on the roof her
butt high in the air. The boys would take turns in the
companionway standing there licking her cunt. She was delighted
to have two strong tongues to satisfy her.

That night they found an isolated bay. They lit candles after
supper to illuminate the cabin. Sue asked the boys to stand facing
each other and to rub their cocks together. They readily agreed.
Soon their pre-cum was providing lots of lubrication as they stood
cockhead to cockhead. It felt very nasty and even nastier when
Sue added her tongue to the mix. She sucked them each, tugging
their nut sacks with her hands. Then she pulled down harder on
Ted. It was obvious she wanted him to kneel. He knelt as Sue
offered him Matt's hard cock to suck. She joined him and they
nuzzled his balls, licked his meat, and each of them tasted his man
ooze as they licked his head. Ted broke away and moved behind.
Matt felt Ted's big warm tongue in his crack. He reached behind to
spread his cheeks. When he opened them Ted went right to Matt's
asshole. He lapped his ass like a kitten licks milk from your finger.
His tongue was rough and the sensation drive Matt to cum in Sue's
busy mouth. Sue looked up at Matt and said, "Will you let Ted fuck

Sue had never seen two men fucking. Matt lay in the double berth
on his side while Ted worked first one then two fingers in his ass.
All they had aboard was some crisco for lube - but it worked great.
Ted climbed into the berth and lay behind Matt. Matt drew up his
leg and Ted rubbed his cock in the crack of Matt's ass. In the close
space it was hard to maneuver - so Sue stood in front of the berth
and guided Ted's cock into Matt's ass. Slowly he fucked him. Matt
took it deep like an old pro. Ted began a gentle pumping.

"O man, this feels fuckin' wild. Man what a hot ass! O God Matt -
fuck me," croaked Ted. Sue reached in to stroke both their ball
bags. This was the hottest action she had ever seen. She used
the excess crisco to grease both their sacks and then she used
some to stick a finger in Ted's ass. That was to much. Ted went
over the edge. His cock pulsed and he creamed deep up Matt's
ass. Matt moaned with pleasure. "Fill my ass baby, cum in me, I
love your cock in my ass." Sue almost creamed just watching. She
cleaned them both with paper towel. Matt's dong was still hard and
Sue hadn't cum yet.

Matt said, "Skipper, permission to fuck your wife."

"Granted Mate"

They changed places. Ted got off the V-berth and Matt moved
back into Ted's position. Sue climbed in and spread herself just
like Matt had. Ted had the perfect view of Matt's schlong opening
his wife's cunt from behind. Sue was rubbing her clit while her cunt
was fed Matt's cock. He pushed in deep. She was very wet and
entry was like butter. Ted was fascinated to watch the bigger cock
open her wide. Her pussy lips seemed to grasp the cock as in
pistoned in and out. Her clit stood proudly just above the cock.
What a sight. "What are you waiting for," hissed Sue, "Lick us."
Ted leaned into the V-berth and tongued her clit. He felt the cock
slide in and out and her lips around the cock with his tongue. He
ordered Matt to fuck very slowly while he tried to insert his tongue
along side the cock. He had Matt pull out so he could rub Matt's
cock head on Sue's clit while he licked them. He took a couple of
strokes on the cock and then he rubbed it around her cunt and slid
it back in. He worked her clit now, wanting to help her cum. It
didn't take much. She was having the fuck of a lifetime. When her
cunt spasmed on Matt's cock it was just enough to set him off too.
He shot his load into the depths of Sue's vagina. When he pulled
out his cum began to ooze from her cunt. Ted was so hot he licked
it up and sucked the rest out of her. He then turned to Matt's cock
and cleaned it with his tongue.

That night they sailed in the moonlight again. Sue was at the
wheel in a very light breeze. Matt and Ted sat on either side of her
and sucked her nipples. She had never had both tits sucked at
once before and she was feeling very satisfied with her men. Matt
moved under her and she sat on his cock while still steering the
boat. Ted, with his Skipper's hat on stood on the aft bench seat
next to them bracing himself on the backstay. Matt turned to Ted
and sucked him as Sue rotated her hips on his cock. That night
they anchored and spent the rest of their vacation fucking in the

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