Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Detecting Doctor

I rushed back to my office to retrieve my pair of good sunglasses I'd left
the day before. My wife and I had been invited to to spend the day with
friends at the country club. When I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed
the cars of my nurse and my receptionist parked side by side. Those ladies
are great, I thought. They give me forty hours plus a week and often come
here on Saturdays to work on charts and finish up other paper work. I was
very lucky to have them.

They were not in the reception area when I walked in. I would get my
sunglasses and then search for them. When I walked into my office, I
noticed the large TV/VCR turn itself on. I installed a several well-placed
video cameras in one of my exam rooms to record the simple out-patient
procedures that I did in the office. They were each timed to pick up
activity from a different angle. As I watched it, curious, the image of my
two employees came on. Leah, my nurse, was naked and kissing the neck of
the receptionist, Caroline. Caroline wore very brief white panties and
bra. Leah's hand was inside the panties feeling her up.

Wow, I thought. My girls were fucking each other and recording it! Caroline
is emotionally high-strung and very pretty. She is blonde, green, tall with
a lithe figure. At 22, while she may be fully grown, she is very far from
mature. More than likely Leah seduced her before she knew what was
happening. She could have raped Caroline and she probably didn't realize
it. Leah, on the other hand, is as tall as Caroline with short, dark brown
hair and gray eyes. Aerobics has kept her fit as a fiddle in spite of her
40 years, husband and 18-year old twin boys. I still couldn't believe my
eyes. But then again, I could. I began to think back to little things. They
did everything together here at the office and even socialized
outside. They were always smiling secretly at each other or touching as one
or the other passed by. I've seen flushed faces as one or both came from
the restroom or the conference room. They acted like lovers!

Leah, mother of two, must have had fingers inside Caroline. I moved closer
as Caroline humped with the hand in her panties. She stiffened as she
obviously came. Leah pulled her fingers out, let Caroline lick them, then
embraced the girl and tongued-kissed her. My dick began to harden as they
deepened their kiss, moaning and groaning. Leah's hand went back inside the
panties to cup Caroline's little ass as she pushed her own pussy
forward. Leah then lead Caroline, bent her over the side of the exam table
and tore the brief panties. They were left in shreds hanging from the
band. She began slapping Caroline's little ass. Leah said that it was for
Caroline's flirting with the UPS delivery man. Moans of ecstacy escaped
Caroline's lips as each slap hurt and excited her. Her ass was beet red
before Leah stopped. Leah then folded herself over Caroline's backside and
rubbed herself on her ass. Caroline begged for something, anything to make
her cum. Leah donned an exam glove and pushed one finger, then two into
Caroline's asshole, pumping her hard and fast. Caroline came just as hard,
cursing. Next, Caroline got on the large examining table(they'd personally
ordered this new, wider model for me), moved her bottom to the very end and
put her feet in the stirrups. Leah then pulled and adjusted a rolling stool
to rest between Caroline's legs.

I released my rock-hard dick as I pulled even closer to see Leah go at
her. Leah was as aggressive as she was earlier when she pushed aside the
ripped fabric, leaving Caroline's shaved pussy exposed. An unrecognizable
sound escaped Leah's lips as she lowered head into Caroline's snatch. She
held her legs apart as she ate her with unbridled passion. Caroline writhed
on the exam table as her pussy was engulfed by Leah's hot mouth. Leah kept
sucking and sucking and licking and pulling, plunging and probing until
Caroline could hold back no longer. She screamed Leah's name as she was
cumming. After her lover had calmed, Leah rose from between her legs, came
to the head of the exam table, kissed her and thanked her for the
pussy. She said she had been needing that all week. Leah then climbed onto
the ample exam table and pushed her pussy in Caroline's face. Man, I
thought I would shoot my wad as Leah twirled her ass pressing her pussy
into Caroline's mouth, instructing Caroline to swallow her. Little Caroline
took as much of her as she could as Leah came in her mouth.

I sat there rubbing my cock and balls as the Caroline got up and let Leah
lay on the table. I didn't see where the double-dick, complete with balls
came from, but Caroline slowly inserted it in Leah's pussy, then into her
own. Caroline picked up the tempo as Leah heated up. Before long, her cute
little ass was rotating wildly, her hair flying as she gave Leah a good
fucking. Leah was calling Caroline a "little bitch" for making her want
this so much. She screamed that she was cumming, and Caroline kept humping,
pulling multiple orgasms from her. I could hear Caroline cursing with
pleasure as she came on Leah. After pulling the wet dick out and dropping
it to the floor, Caroline collapsed onto Leah who rubbed her ass and back
as she kissed her deeply, mumuring soothing, loving sounds I could not make

Both ladies must have fallen asleep on the exam table. I could detect no
more movement from them. Caroline would probably wake up soon and go at
Leah again. I would love to stay to watch them. I've heard that men are
always turned on by the thought of two women fucking each other. Now I know
why. This was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. I stuffed myself back
into my pants as best I could and eased out of my office back to the car. I
pulled out of the parking lot, headed toward home. My wife will get a hard
Saturday morning surprise before country club--just as soon as I hit the

If you do anything worthwhile today, "do it" with a woman.

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