Friday, April 10, 2009

Dee, Gary and Me

I watched as Dee slipped a short bright red dress over her head and pulled
it down her body.

She sat down next to me and pulled on her matching high heel shoes.

She turned to me and lightly kissed me with her full lips.

"I'm ready to go." she said and stood up.

I took her hand and we walked out to the car. We drove to the restaurant,
parked the car, and went in. We had made reservations and had arrived early.
We were both nervous and I ordered drinks.

As we sipped our drinks, we talked about the plans we had made for this
evening. More than once we had talked about a three-way love making session.
The idea and the mental pictures of watching her with another man intrigued
me. Dee was a great lover and always willing to try just about anything. In
fact, the idea of making it with another man was originally hers.

I had made friends with a single guy at work and had finally gotten the
courage to discuss it with him. Gary was flattered and had agreed.

Hell he had better have been flattered. Dee was lovely and had a great
tanned body, with long legs, firm breasts, long black hair, and black eyes.
We had agreed to meet at the best restaurant in town to break the ice over
diner and dancing.

I had been watching the entry into the bar and spotted Gary looking around.
I slipped out of the booth and walked over to him. We shook hands and smiled
nervously at each other.

"Follow me." I said walking to the booth.

I admitted to myself that he was every bit as good looking as I had
described him to Dee. He was my height, six foot, with broad shoulders and a
narrow waist. His tan only set off his blond hair and blue eyes.

I introduced them and he slid in to the booth next to Dee. I sat down next
to her.

The waitress came over and we ordered a round of drinks.

We decided to eat our meal in the lounge and ordered. The three of us made
small talk and you could feel the tension building throughout the meal. The
busboy cleared the table as the band started playing. Dee took turns dancing
with each of us, clearly enjoying being the center of attention, not only
for us, but also for the other couples in the room and on the dance floor.

During one slow dance, I watched as they pulled each other's bodies closer
together. When they walked back, Gary had an enormous bulge, which did not
escape my wife's eyes.

"It's time to leave." I said.

Gary followed us home and we walked into the house, Dee leading the way.

"What's your pleasure?" I asked Gary.

"Scotch on the rocks."

"Ok. Show him the house Dee."

After mixing the drinks I put them on a tray and went into the bedroom.

Dee and Gary were standing at the foot of the bed and kissing each other.

I sat down on one of the chairs and picked up my drink. I sipped and watched
as they French kissed each other, grinding their pelvic regions into each
other. I set my drink down, pulled off my shirt, and kicked off my shoes.

They had stepped back and Dee was unbuttoning his shirt while he was sliding
her dress down her shoulders. She pulled his shirt off revealing a tan
muscular chest. He pulled her dress down over her hips and she stepped out
of it and her shoes. Her red bra and thigh-high panties looked fantastic
against her tan skin.

Gary wet his lips and smiled. "Nice." he said.

Dee reached down and unclasped his belt. She ran her hand up and down his
bulge and for the first time, I heard her moan.

The zipper was loud in the room as she pulled it down. She tugged his pants
down and pulled each leg off while removing his shoes at the same time.

I stood up and removed my pants and socks.

Dee bent down and pulled Gary's socks off, her face inches from his crotch.

Standing up, she turned around with her back to Gary.

"Take my bra off."

Gary unhooked the bra and slid the straps from her shoulders. She flipped it
off onto the floor and turned around.

Gary moaned and reached out with his hands. He brushed her already hard
nipples with his palms and slid his fingers down each nipple, tweaking them.

She gasped and putting her hands on his waist pulled their bodies together.

I ran my hand up and down my crotch feeling my own hard cock through the
cotton material of my shorts. I sipped my drink and watched as they drove
their tongues deeper into each other's mouths.

They were running their hands up and down each other backs and again
grinding their groins into each other.

Dee hooked her fingers into the waistband of Gary's shorts and slowly pulled
his shorts down.

Gary did the same with her panties and I wet my lips as they slowly stripped
each other of their last bit of clothing.

He stepped back and pulled her panties down her legs. I watched as his head
was before her pussy, his eyes never leaving her bush. She stepped out of
her panties and he straightened up.

It was her turn and she gasped aloud as his cock literally sprang into view
when she pulled his shorts down.

Gary's cock was longer than my eight-inch cock by about two inches, but not
as thick.

She moaned as she pulled his shorts down his legs, her unblinking eyes never
leaving his prick.

As he picked up first one foot and than the other, stepping from his
underwear, his cock swung the other way, slapping against a thigh.

Dee did not stand back up, but knelt in front of his manhood. She reached up
and clasped his cock in her right hand. He moaned as she slowly stoked it.
She moved her left hand up and touched his balls with her fingertips. Dee
moved forward and kissed the head of his cock. She stuck out her tongue and
touched the tip of his dick. Gary's hips moved back and her hand slid up his
cock. She pulled slightly, his hips reversed, and his cock touched her lips.

She stroked his cock a few times and played with his balls, the tip of his
cock never leaving her lips. Dee opened her mouth and moved her head forward
letting the head of his cock slide between her wet lips. He moaned as more
of his cock went into her mouth. I watched her cheeks hollow and knew what
he was feeling as she sucked on his cock.

Dee moved her hands up to his waist and pulled on it pushing more of his
cock into her mouth.

So far, they had both been moving very slowly, but I knew that that would
not last very long.

Dee swallowed more of his cock and slid her hands up his chest. She found
his nipples and pinched them. Gary moaned and shoved his hips forward
pushing more of his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She pulled her
head back and I watched as his wet cock reappeared from between her lips.

She pinched his hard nipples again and sucked on the first couple of inches
of his cock, her head moving back and forth. After about a minute of sucking
his cock and pinching his nipples, she let his cock fall from her mouth. Dee
stood up and kissed him, forcing her tongue between his lips.

She stepped way from Gary and looked at me.

"Is this turning you on?" she asked.

I nodded and said, "God yes. You?"


She moved to the head of the bed and pulled the blankets down. She crawled
onto the bed and rolled over onto her back. She looked at Gary and said,
"Fuck me. Now."

As she spread her legs, Gary crawled between them, his hardon in one hand.

I moved to the edge of the bed for a better view.

Dee raised her hips and used her fingers to spread her wet cunt lips apart.
He ran the head of his cock up and down her wet snatch several times. Dee
moaned and pushed her hips higher. He found the entrance to her pussy and
pushed forward. His cock slid in and she gasped.

I stood up, pulling my shorts off and watched as his cock disappeared into
her pussy.

He started a slow fucking action, not letting his cock go all the way in.
She moaned and fucked back, her head turned towards me, her eyes wide.

She wet her lips and said, "God he feels good. His long hard cock is

Gary moaned and shoved his cock in. Dee shrieked as his cock bottomed out
and she started to fuck it harder and faster. She moaned and I knew she was
going to come and she did. She slammed her hips up and orgasmed.

Gary could no longer control himself and yelled, "Oh fuck! I'm coming!"

And he came. His cock was buried to the hilt in Dee's pussy and she groaned
as his cum splashed into her pussy. She came again and gasped, sucking in
air through her clenched teeth. They slowly fucked each other as they came
down from their sexual peaks.

She reached up, pulled his head down, and kissed him. He kissed her back and
raised his hips.

I watched as his slimy cum and juicy coated cock slid from her pussy. It was
getting soft and looked like a wet pink snake.

Dee sighed as Gary moved his body off her. He lay down next to her on his
back and closed his eyes.

She rolled over on her side looking at me.

"Lay down. I want you to suck my pussy." she said.

"But his cum..."

"Down. Suck my pussy and his cum."

I lay down on the bed and she raised up, her legs straddling my head. I
looked up and her cunt hairs were matted with their juices.

I raised my head up and licked up and down her thighs coming closer and
closer to her pussy. I could see flecks of white cum in her pubic hairs. I
licked at her and sniffed, smelling the love juices. I ran my tongue up and
down her slit and swallowed. I could taste her sweet pussy juices
intermingled with his slightly bitter and salty cum. I shoved my tongue up
into her pussy and she moaned.

My head shot back and I said, "What the fuck!"

Gary's hand had grabbed my cock and he had the head of my cock in his mouth.

"What's wrong?" Dee asked.

"He's sucking my cock."

I moaned. No man had ever touched my cock and I could not believe how great
it felt as he continued to stroke my cock and suck on it.

Dee looked over her shoulder and gasped.

I could not move because she had me pinned to the bed.

He sucked more of my cock into his mouth and I moaned. I gasped as he
swallowed more of my cock and all of a sudden, I did not care if it was a
woman or a man. Shit he was beyond good!

When Dee realized that I was not going to stop him, she flipped her body
around and lowered her pussy again over my face.

I looked down between her legs and watched as Gary swallowed the entire
length of my cock.

I moaned and than gasped. He was playing with my balls and giving me the
blowjob of my life. He was doing things with his mouth, tongue, and throat
that even Dee had never done.

I stuck my tongue up and ran it up and down her snatch. She moaned and
lowered her hips sending my tongue deeper into her pussy.

"He is sucking all of your cock." Dee said.

I moaned as he started to steadily suck on my cock and play with my balls.

I shoved my tongue in and out of her pussy with renewed energy and she

I felt Gary's mouth stop on the way up my cock. He sucked on the head of my
cock and ran his tongue around the ridge of my cock. I gasped at the
feelings and moved my head back. I stuck my tongue out and rammed it into
Dee's anus.

She gasped and I tongue fucked her ass.

"God! Yes! Lick my ass!" she yelled.

All three of us moaned at the same time as the feelings started to overwhelm

I realized that Dee was finger-fucking herself and playing with her clit as
I continued to tongue her ass and Gary sucked on my cock.

She moaned and gasped and I felt her body go rigid as she orgasmed. I moved
my tongue down to her pussy and felt her fingers move with my tongue. I
tongued her cunt sending her into another orgasm.

I moaned as I felt my own orgasm start to build. I knew it was going to be a
good one and my body shuddered as Gary sucked my cock at a faster rate. I
thrust up and moaned as the first wave of cum spewed from my cock deep into
Gary's throat. I came again and again, almost passing out from the

Gary sucked my cock dry of my cum and I moaned at the sensations coming from
my sensitive cock as it slowly softened in his mouth.

Dee moved her body from mine and I looked down at the blonde head that was
sucking on my cock. I was not repulsed. I felt satisfied like never before.

He raised his head and I watched as my cock slid from between his lips and
fell onto my belly.

He grinned and licked his lips.

"Surprise. I couldn't resist your beautiful hard cock." he said.

He lowered his head and ran his tongue up and down my cock. He lowered his
head between my legs and licked my balls. Gary ran his tongue back up
between my balls and licked the length of my cock. Finally he kissed the
head of my prick and rolled over onto his back.

Dee lay down beside me and kissed me. She moved her hand down and ran her
fingers up and down my cock and balls.

"Felt good, huh?" she asked.

I nodded and she kissed me again.

"You have no idea what a turnon it was, watching him suck your cock."

"Darling. You've got to pay him back. Suck his cock"

"Look at him. He's hard again!"

"You've got to to suck him. It's only fair."

I looked at her, startled at her order.

"I'll let you fuck my ass if you do." she said.

I moaned at the thought. We had talked about it before, but had never tried
it because my cock was so thick. I lay there and wondered what it would be
like sucking a cock.

She kissed me and I felt her tongue slide between my lips as if it was a
small cock.

"Please. I promise."

"I'll even help."

I nodded and she moved away.

"Move over Gary." she told him.

She climbed over him as he moved to the center of the bed.

I looked down and his cock was hard, the head almost touching his navel.

"What am I doing and can I actually do it." I thought to myself.

Dee rotated her body so that her head was by Gary's waist and her hips by
his head.

"Come here Sweetheart." Dee said.

As I twisted my body around, she rolled onto her side and rested her head on
her hand. She raised her leg and ran her other hand between her legs,
stroking her pussy.

Gary moaned as he realized what was about, maybe, to happen. He turned his
head and sucked on her fingers. I lay down next to Gary and my skin tingled
where our bodies touched. I looked down at his cock. It was long and hard
and his balls were hanging down between his legs.

"Beautiful. Isn't it." she said.

I nodded. And it was. Long and hard with a gentle curve. Pink with a defined

"Touch it." she told me.

I reached out and touched the head of his cock. I jumped as his cock
twitched at my touch.

"Its okay. Run your fingers up and down his prick." she said.

I ran my fingers down the length of his cock. It was hard and the skin was
smooth. I could feel the veins in his prick as I ran my fingertips up and
down his hard length.

"Feel his balls." she said.

I moved my fingers down and touched his scrotum. I pushed and felt a
testicle slide to one side. I pushed on the other testicle and felt it move
inside his hairy sack.

I heard Dee moan and looked over. She had moved so that Gary could tongue
her pussy and she could still watch me.

"Kiss and suck on his balls." she gasped.

I lowered my head and kissed the skin holding his large balls. I ran my
tongue up and down, around his balls, soaking them with my saliva. I moved
my body closer so I could do a better job.

All of a sudden, I wanted to really suck on his balls. To feel them rolling
around in my mouth.

I lowered my head and ran the tip of my tongue up and down in that area
between a man's anus and his balls. He moaned as I continued to tongue him
in that sensitive area.

I moved my tongue up between his balls, feeling his pubic hairs tickling my
nose. I opened my mouth and sucked his right testicle into my mouth. I
rolled it around enjoying the spongy feeling of his testicle against my
tongue and the roof of my mouth.

I let it slip out and did the same to the left testicle. I took a deep
breath and opened wider. I used my fingers to push both balls into my mouth.
I sucked and ran my tongue from side to side under his testicles.

He moaned and his hips moved slightly pulling the skin of his sac tight.

I lowered my head and let the balls slip from my mouth, and kissed them,
first the right one and than the left one.

Dee moaned. I looked over and she was playing with her nipples while Gary
sucked on her pussy.

She raised her head up and looked at me.

"Kiss his cock." she said.

I looked down at his hard cock, studying it. It was pink and had large veins
twisting up and around it.

I took a breath and lowered my head. I kissed the middle of his cock. It was
warm and hard.

I sniffed and could smell pussy and cum at the same time.

I slowly kissed the hard length going towards the bottom first.

As I was kissing it going back up towards the head, Dee said, "Lick it."

I raised up slightly and stuck my tongue out. I ran my tongue up and down
his cock, feeling the small and large veins as little bumps. I ran my tongue
down to the base and than back towards the head.

I raised my head up and looked at Dee. Her eyes were bright and she had a
small smile.

She wet her lips and said, "Pick it up."

I looked back down and could see the wet trails of my saliva on his cock.

I lowered my hand and picked up his cock between my fingers and thumb. I
slid my fingers around his cock and squeezed. Gary moaned and I felt his
cock throb in my hand. I ran my hand up and down his cock, stopping when I
felt the skin go tight. I stroked his cock, loving the feeling of it in my

I gasped as he touched my cock. I realized that my cock was hard and felt a
thrill at the sensation of stroking his prick while he stroked mine.

I continued to stroke his cock while Gary stroked mine.

My eyes flew open when I felt Dee's head touch mine.

"What's it like?" she asked.

"I can't tell you. It's weird touching another man's cock while he is
touching mine."

"Suck it." she said.

"Take the head of his cock into your mouth."

I stopped stroking and lowered my head. I opened my mouth and stuck my
tongue out.

Another thrill went through me as I touched the tip of his dick with my
tongue and any resistance I had to sucking a cock disappeared. I kissed the
head of his cock and ran my tongue around it.

I moaned as our bodies shifted and I felt his mouth suck on the head of my

I raised my head and looked at my wife. Dee was kneeling on the bed, her
legs spread apart. Both of her hands were playing with her cunt. I watched
for a few seconds as she ran her fingers up and down her snatch.

"Come on darling. Suck his cock. I want to watch you suck Gary's cock."

I turned back, lowered my head, opened my mouth, and felt the head of Gary's
cock slide between my lips into my mouth.

"That's it. Suck it! Take as much as you can!" she ordered.

I moaned at the sensations of the silky smooth skin on his cockhead on my
lips. I lowered my hand down his hard shaft and lowered my head. More of his
cock slid into my mouth. I raised my head, pursed my lips and felt the shaft
slide between my lips.

I groaned as more of his cock entered my mouth. I closed my lips tightly
around his prick and sucked as hard as I could and his body twitched. I
relaxed and lowered my head and felt the tip of his cock touch my throat.

We started to suck each other's cocks, allowing the hard shafts to go deeper
and deeper. I gagged a couple of times, but kept sucking on his cock.

And than it happened! My throat just seemed to open up and relax. His cock
went deeper and deeper. I lowered my head and felt his cock go all of the
way down. My nose touched his balls and I stopped. I squeezed with my throat
muscles and raised my head. I took a deep breath and lowered my head. His
cock slid past my lips and down my throat. I deepthroated his cock and
stayed still until I needed air.

I raised up, took a breath, and sucked on his cock.

I heard a gasp and Dee yelled. "I'm coming!"

"Aw shit!" she hissed.

I continued to suck on Gary's cock all the while feeling the magic of his
mouth and throat on my cock. We started to suck each other at a faster rate.

Gary's hips moved and I felt his cock get harder. He groaned and shoved his
cock deep into my mouth. He exploded and I swallowed without thinking. It
was more defensive than anything else. He shot again and I moved my head
back. I wanted to taste his hot cum. He did not disappoint me. He shot
another wad of hot cum from his prick into my mouth. I tasted it and
swallowed. It was salty and slightly bitter. That was his cum that I had
licked from my wife! He pulsed again and I swallowed. He shot three more
times, each shot being less than the one before it. I swallowed every drop
and sucked on his cock getting every bit of cum I could. I felt his cock
start to soften in my mouth and yet I still sucked on it.

I moved my hips back and felt my cock fall from his mouth.

He moaned and said, "My God that was fucking great!"

I still sucked on his cock, not wanting to stop. I moved my head back and
let his pink snake slide from mouth. It lay on his belly all wet and slimy.

I kissed it and licked it relishing the feel of the skin of his dick on my

"Hmmm." Dee moaned.

She was lying on the bed and sucking on her fingers.

"Tastes good like pussy should."

She said and than giggled.

"Did you like his cum?"

"Yes. I loved it!"

We lay on the bed for a couple of minutes. I had let a man suck my cock and
than I had sucked his. It was great and I knew it would not be my last.

"I'm hungry and thirsty." Dee exclaimed.

"I'll be right back with some goodies."

And she left the room. I sat up and looked down at my hard cock, wet from
Gary's saliva.

I looked over and his soft cock was lying on his balls.

Dee came back in the room with a tray of fresh drinks and chips and dip. We
gulped the drinks down and she poured all of us fresh ones as we ate the
chips and talked.

Dee bounced from the bed and went into the bathroom. She came back in with
her hands behind her back. Christ she was lovely!

She sat down next to me, saying, "I made you a promise. Are you ready?"

I looked at her and gulped, "Yes."

"What's going on?" Gary asked.

"You'll see." Dee said.

"Down Boy!" she told me.

I lay down on the bed and she moved over me. She uncapped the tube of KY
Jelly and squeezed some into her hand. She ran her greasy fingers up and
down my hard cock and closed her hand around it.

Satisfied that my dick was well coated, she ran her fingers between her

Gary and I watched as she grimaced as she inserted one and then two fingers
into her anus. She slid her fingers in and out of her ass a few times and
than pulled them slowly out of her ass.

Dee moved her body and clasped my cock. She lowered her ass over my cock and
I felt the tip touch her skin. She moaned as the head of my dick slid into
her ass. She stopped and licked her lips. Dee moved her hips up and down
very slowly and grunted as more of my cock went into her ass.

I groaned at the tightness of her ass as my cock slid further into her ass.
She pushed harder and more of my cock went in. Dee stopped to let her ass
relax. After about thirty seconds, she started to fuck my cock with small
slow steady movements.

I looked down and about four inches of my cock were in.

She slowly fucked my cock with her ass. Her body felt like it was on fire
and I moved my hips. She moaned and lowered her hips further. More of my
cock went in and she groaned and stopped moving.

"Oh God. It feels so good!" she whispered.

"Gary. I want to suck your cock again. Please." I said.

He grunted and moved. I watched as his legs passed over my head and his hard
cock slapped me on the forehead. He wiggled his ass and the tip of his cock
touched my lips.

He stroked his cock with his hand and I opened my mouth. His cockhead slid
in and I shivered.

Dee moaned and started to fuck my cock with longer and stronger strokes. She
gasped and I felt my cock bottom out. She stopped and I felt her ass muscles
tighten on my hard prick.

She groaned and raised up, my cock sliding against the walls of her rectum.

Gary pushed forward and his cock touched the back of my throat. I sucked on
his cock as he started to face fuck me with it.

Dee moaned and started to fuck my cock with her ass using long strong

"I'm going to come." she said.

Gary's cock was going deeper and deeper down my throat and I loved it. I
sucked on his hard cock, loving the feeling of his shaft sliding between my

I felt the cum boiling in my balls and knew it would not be long.

Dee screamed and slammed her body down driving my cock all the way into her.
I could feel her coming as her body spasmed and her ass squeezed on my cock.
I exploded and spewed shot after shot of cum deep into her bowels.

Gary continued to fuck my throat with his long hard cock as my cock

Dee moaned and lifted up. My cock slid along her rectum and finally popped
out of her ass.

She sighed and fell onto the bed.

I reached up, pulled, and pushed on Gary until he got the idea.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and I kissed the head of his dick.

"What's wrong"? He asked.

"Nothing. Fuck Dee." I told him.

Dee smiled and spread her legs.

"Yes Gary. Fuck me with your cock."

Gary moved between her legs and placed the tip of his cock at her cunt. He
pushed and the head slid in and he pulled back. He teased her pussy until
she could not stand it. She put her hands on his waist and pulled down while
shoving her hips up.

His cock slammed into her and she gasped.

"Fuck me"! she screamed.

Gary used long strokes to fuck her. He would pull back until just the head
of his cock was in her pussy. He would than slam down, driving his cock into
her. Dee fucked back just as hard.

Gary came first, his body going as rigid as his cock. His first spurt of cum
sent Dee over the edge and she came. They continued to fuck each other as
their orgasms subsided.

Gary pulled out and rolled over onto his back.

I lowered my head and sucked the pussy juices and cum from his glistening
cock. He sighed as I cleaned the juices from his crotch. I swallowed every
drop and than crawled between Dee's legs.

I sucked as much of the mixture of cum and pussy juices from her pussy as I
could and swallowed every little bit that I got. I cleaned up her pussy with
my tongue and lips. I tongued my way up her body and kissed her on her lips.

She moaned and said, "I love you."

By the time the weekend was over, we had fucked, sucked, licked, and kissed
each other in every possible combination.

Sucking cock is great!

Swallowing cum is great!

Fucking is great!

Anal sex is great (Yes. Gary and I did the nasty with each other)!

Consensual SEX is great!

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