Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Confessions of a Fag Hag -- Chapter 11

The next morning I had another message from Matt on my phone. I
was honestly surprised that he hadn't come by, until I realized he was out
of town visiting family for the holiday. Yet again, he begged forgiveness,
and I deleted the message, trying to put him out of my mind. I don't know
what to do about him, but I do know I need to give him a wide berth for a

This morning Evan, Alex and I had agreed to meet up again to go to
Salem Woods, the park which happened to be where Matt and I had spent many
good times on our bench. But, at the same time, it was one of the nicest
parks in Salem, so I wanted to show it off to the twins. I picked them up
around 10, letting them know I had to go over to my mom's about 2:30, and
we headed to the park. As we walked in the chill air, we admired the views
and the history of the place. It had been a former Native American
settlement and many signs on the various trails told of the discoveries
made at the various locations around the park. There were also a few
kiosks describing the history of the Native American settlements before
Europeans arrived. Kiosks also described the history of the land from
farmland and pasture to Highland Park, and now Salem Woods. Of course, it
being Thanksgiving, I shared what I knew of the Massachusetts version of
the first Thanksgiving. My mother was from Virginia, and they had their
own version, and slightly heated arguments about whose actually came first,
so I told the boys about that as well, hoping I wasn't boring them to
death. I asked about holidays in Canada and they explained a little about
the specific things they did in their home country. They told me about
Victoria Day in May, celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday ever since her
rule, and the successive queen's birthdays on that same day. Then they
told me of their own version of Independence Day, July 1st as Canada Day.
Their Thanksgiving Day was also a Remembrance Day, and it was celebrated
the second Monday of October. And here I had been thinking they didn't
celebrate the holiday as we do. Then again, it isn't necessarily a
celebration of the Pilgrims and settling in the New World, as it often
seems to be here in the United States, but a celebration of the harvest,
which falls earlier in Canada than in the U.S.

Fascinating as our holiday discussion was, the time soon came for
me to go home to family and enjoy my Thanksgiving holiday there. We parted
ways, and exchanged hugs, and I promised to call that night so that we
could catch "Pirates of the Caribbean," as we had talked about yesterday.
On my way home, I couldn't help but smile at the fun we had experienced
together. I looked forward to seeing them again this evening.


The next 24 hours passed pretty uneventfully. I stuffed myself full of
turkey and mashed potatoes, topped off by a chocolate pecan pie, while at
home. Then I called the guys after a nice nap and we spent a fun evening
watching our movie and discussing the cute guys in it. The next morning we
got back together to finish our tour of Salem, this time visiting such fun
sites as the Witch History Museum, the Witch House, the Pickering House,
and of course, we couldn't skip the New England Pirate Museum. We came out
of there going "Arr!" to each other and laughing uproariously at each
other's imitations of swashbuckling.

Then my phone rang. "Do you have my boy there with you?" It was Drew. I
laughed and said we'd be right over.

Telling the guys, we piled into my car and drove over there. As we entered
his house, Ms. Gwen was sitting on the couch and they were exchanging
amazing meal stories, and comparing how much each had eaten.

"Well, well, well," she stood up to greet us all. "Am I seeing double?
These two beauties are making my day!" She quickly walked up to Alex and
Evan in turn pulling each into a bear hug and smacking a kiss onto their
respective cheeks. "You must be the new hotties that Drew has been telling
me about . . . Ooh, I just can't keep my hands off of you two beauties,"
she laughed, giving each a little pinch on the cheek.

"Hi, Ms. Gwen. I'm Evan. Drew has told us a little about you. You are
notorious in his stories, so I am honored to finally meet you." Evan smiled
his charming smile down at her, and you could tell her heart melted further
as she beamed back up at him.

"Oh honey, you're the gay one. I mean, that's great and all for Drew,
though I have been trying to set him up with my grandson, but you do beat
him in the looks department, but, now you," she turned to Alex, "You must
be the straight one. Come over here and have a seat with Ms. Gwen. We have
some catching up to do."

She sat on the couch, and both boys surrounded her, one sitting on either
side. She took advantage of the opportunity and put a hand on each one's
knee, beaming back and forth between them. I walked back to Drew's
kitchen, where he was putting groceries in the fridge, leftovers from home
it looked like.

"So, you had fun?" He whispered as the threesome continued to chat merrily
in the living room. "Did you like Evan then?"

I nodded, "Yes, he's awesome. I think you need to keep this one around for
a bit. And his brother's quite a character too. I'm glad you introduced
us. It'll be a fun Yule Ball tomorrow night."

We continued to chat as he finished putting away the food, then joined the
other three in the living room. Ms. Gwen excused herself as she had to go
watch Oprah at home, there was some special on about the children of Zambia
that she wanted to catch, and we continued to chat after she had left.
Finally, Evan looked over at Alex, then back at us.

"We would like to invite you two to dinner tonight," he began. "We were
discussing this yesterday after our trip to the park. Since you have been
so hospitable, Diana, it's the least we can do. I love to cook, and Alex
is a master at desserts."

I smiled over at Drew and we both nodded. "Sounds delicious," I added.

"One thing though," Alex continued, "I have a good friend at school, his
name is Michael, and he's a teaching assistant in a couple of my classes.
He's studying to get his PhD in Social Anthropology/American Studies, and
is fascinating as he's from one of the Native American tribes way out west
somewhere. Anyway, he's here alone and doesn't really get out much since
he's working on his Doctorate, but we invited him too, thinking he might
enjoy the night out. So, if you have another friend that you'd like to
bring, it would be great to have six of us there. That's what the recipe
serves after all, at least for my yule log after."

Again, Drew and I gave each other a look. I mouthed the word, "Jess?" and
he nodded in assent. "We have the perfect person in mind," I answered back
to the twins. "What's the main course?"

"Pork tenderloin and fresh green salad, with red pepper chutney on the
side," Evan replied. I guess my face fell, and probably Drew's did too, as
I was allergic to peppers, and Jess is allergic to pork. "What, if you
don't like that, I can easily change the menu . . ."

"Actually, Diana is allergic to peppers, and the friend we were
considering, well, she's allergic to pork," Drew chimed in.

"But I can avoid the chutney, and, well, we can invite someone else . . ."
I added, though I knew this would be perfect for Jess. She used to work
with the Bureau of Indian Affairs out west somewhere, and so always was
sharing with us her fascination of Native American culture. She and an
Anthropology PhD student would have much to discuss.

"No, no, don't. I'll change the menu. I have just the thing," Evan quickly
added. "Hmm, how about . . . Oh, yes, Portobello mushroom burgers with
garlic potatoes and the salad on the side? Is anyone allergic to that?"

"Nope," both Drew and I added, "I love Portobello mushrooms," he added.

"I love garlic potatoes!" I continued. Just then, my phone rang. It was
Julia. "Excuse me, I need to go take this call." I said, walking to Drew's
back patio. It was chilly and had just started snowing.

"Julia!" I smiled into the phone.

"I'm back." She smiled back. "Can you come by? I've missed you."

"Aww, you're sweet. Did you have a good time?"

"Yes, it was alright. Good seeing family, cold and snowy though."

"I'll be by in a bit. Can't stay long as I'm having dinner with Drew's new
find, Evan, and his twin brother Alex. But I can come by for a bit. I
missed you too."

"Great, see you in a little while then."

After I hung up with Julia, I called Jess. "Guess what!" I proudly
announced. "I hope you are free this evening, because I've got dinner plans
for you. Evan and Alex are cooking and invited me and Drew over, but they
want us to bring a third because they are inviting one of the PhD's from
Alex's school. His name is Michael, and he's a Native American studying
Anthropology. Wanna come?"

"Do you even have to ask?" Jess excitedly replied.

I shared with her the details and said I'd pick her up on my way over.
Then I walked back inside, told them about the snow and that Jess was
coming tonight, then excused myself, promising to see them this evening.


A few minutes later I pulled up in Julia's parking lot and quickly
walked through the growing snow to her door. She pulled the door open,
smiled at the snow, then invited me in. We sat down and talked a bit about
our respective times with family and friends, my excited sharing of the
past few days of touring Salem not left out of course. I told her Matt had
pretty much left me alone, except for continuing to call, and she sighed in

Hugging me, she said, "I'm so glad that you've been safe. I worried
what he might do while we were all gone. I worried about you, and I think
that's why I've missed you these past couple of days. I am so glad to see
you safe and sound again."

"Aww, thanks. I had some good time alone, and some good times with
the twins, but I have missed you. Especially alone at night. Cats aren't
quite as warm as you, unfortunately."

She laughed, still holding me close, and I smiled as we shook from
her joy. I rested my head against her chest, listening to her heart beat,
and she ran her fingers through my hair slowly. We sat that way for a few
minutes, just reveling in the presence of one another.

After a moment, she bent down and kissed me on the forehead. I
looked up at her and her eyes were glistening. Pulling her face down to
mine, I reached up and kissed away the tears, their saltiness filling my
tastebuds. She smiled then, her smile filling her green eyes and covering
her face in the joy of the moment. I traced my finger across her lips, and
she gently took my hand, kissing each of my fingers in turn. I put my
other hand on the back of her neck, and fanned my fingers in the little
hairs at the bottom of her scalp. She took my chin in her hand, turning my
face from side to side, then kissed the tip of my nose, then my lips. Still
stroking the back of her head, I opened my lips to her, and she began
searching my mouth with her tongue. As she tickled my senses, my body
awakened to her presence and I wanted suddenly to give all of myself to
her. I traced my fingers down around her collar bone, stopping at the
neckline of her blouse, fiddling with the buttons there, hoping for
permission to go further. She slid her hands down my sides, then pushed up
the hem of my sweater, sliding them up underneath, pulling it up towards my
head. I pulled back from her kiss, raising my hands and allowing her to
pull my sweater off over my head. She followed by removing my turtle neck,
and then I knew I had my desired permission. As she stroked my body with
her hands, I unbuttoned her blouse, then pulled it off over her arms. She
slid out of her bra, and I did the same, and we sat there topless before
each other, admiring one another favorably. Her smooth skin beckoned me
and I leaned forward, tracing my lips over her collar bone, down her chest
and between her breasts. I pulled back a little and took one in my hand,
tracing my fingers around it in a spiral until I met the tip, which I
squeezed gently, bringing a little moan from her lips. I then repeated the
same with the other, then guided it into my mouth. It's warmth filled my
lips and I suckled it gently. Suddenly I gasped as her hands moved from
rubbing my back to find my own breasts and she massaged mine while I played
my mouth music on hers. She lay back on the couch then and I moved my
mouth down over her stomach as I knelt beside her on the floor, tracing my
tongue down over her smooth cream-colored body, playing with her
indentation of a belly button. She moaned gently as I found the
extra-sensitive spots on her body, and ran her fingers through my hair. I
imagined her voice from the other night, pouring out beautiful note after
beautiful note and whispered, "Sing to me, Julia, sing to me," and she
pushed herself up towards me in response.

I stood up as I came to her waistband, tugging on it gently, asking with my
fingers if she wanted me to go further. In response, she lifted her hips
off the couch, and I unzipped her pants and pulled them off of her, lifting
each leg to remove it. Then, her silky underwear, the same way, and she
lay there bare before me, beautiful, smooth, with a little mound of
fuzziness. Still hesitant at what to do next, I moved down to her feet,
massaging them, then playing with her toes with my tongue. I slowly worked
my way up her legs, kissing her knobby knees, then slid my hands up her
thighs and around to her ass. Sliding my hands under her, I squeezed her
ass cheeks gently, massaging them, then lay my head on her stomach, my face
toward her feet, taking in the scent of her. I moved my hands back around
to the front of her thighs, then traced my fingers between them. I slid my
fingers up over her lips, rubbing my thumbs through the soft pubic hair
that was mounded in front of my nose. Sliding my hands back down, I cupped
her in them, feeling her slight moistness, smelling the pollen-like scent
of her body, the heat of her growing intensity pressing against the side of
my face. As I pulled her towards me, I carefully ran a finger between her
soft lips, reaching down into the moist reserve. She moaned and so I
repeated the movement, sliding my now moist finger back and forth slowly
between her lips. I wanted to taste her, ached to see what that might be
like, but my reservations kept me from moving that far just yet. Fingers
were enough for now, as they seemed to be working quite an effect on her.
I tickled her clit, running my finger around it in a circle, and she moaned
louder. I could tell her moment was rising, it did not take much this
first time to bring her to a breaking point, and I imagined it would not
take much for me either, as I was already becoming rather heated and moist
myself. I slid my finger back and forth more quickly, stopping to gently
tickle her entryway. Knowing she had probably not experienced this before,
I did not probe further, not wanting to hurt her accidentally. Instead, I
continued to work her sensitive areas with my fingers, gently moving
between her lips, sliding back and forth, massaging her clit on each pass.
She pushed into me as I moved faster and I focused on what seemed to be a
most sensitive area. As she pushed up, I worked faster, then she let out a
cry as her orgasm filled her, sagging back into the couch as I slowed my
movements, trying to draw it out for her as long as possible. When she
finally relaxed completely she let out a long sigh. I lifted my head and
turned back towards her and she smiled back at me.

"Thank you, I, I did not know it would be like that. Such agony, then such
release. Oh the chills you caused me. Now, is it your turn?" She smiled
hesitantly at me.

"Only if you are comfortable with it," I smiled back.

"I owe it to you at least, please." She sat up, and I slipped the rest of
the way out of my clothes. My body certainly was ready for it's own moment
of intense pleasure. I sat down beside her and she pushed me onto my back
on the couch. Immediately, her mouth was searching my body, surprising me
at her eagerness.

The warmth of her tongue filled my nerve endings, followed immediately by
the slight chill of my damp skin as she moved around my stomach and chest.
She slid her hands up under my ass, pulling me towards her as her tongue
moved lower. Was she bold enough to work with her mouth? I thought to
myself, just before her warm tongue traced its way down to my swollen lips.
She kissed my inner thighs and I spread them, ticklish, opening myself to
her. Sliding off the couch, she lay her head between my legs, preventing
me from closing them again. Reaching up with her hand, she traced a finger
down my cavern, bringing a moan from me, then tasted it, tasting my
saltiness. Evidently satisfied that I was not producing some bitter
poison, she moved in for the kill, and I felt her warm tongue searching
between and among my folds. Surprised but elated at the sensations she was
providing me, I raised myself up to her, and she probed further. When her
tongue found my clit, I gasped, but she moved on, seeking deeper. Reaching
back with her hand, she placed her thumb on my ass-hole, and pressed
gently, putting just enough pressure on it to awaken my senses further.
With her other hand she began massaging around my clit, tracing circles
around that most sensitive of areas. Moaning louder, I let out a surprised
gasp as I felt her tongue enter me, it's warmth sliding quickly in and out
as she experimented with finding my most sensitive areas. Noting my
pleasure at her movements, she continued her mouth and hand work, and I
pressed into her. As she moved her tongue and fingers faster, I realized I
was quickly coming to my peak. Suddenly, it was there, and I gave in to
the overwhelming sensation. She finished me off, drawing me out as best
she could, then pulling back as I collapsed, exhausted and fulfilled, back
onto the couch. She slid up beside me and lay her head on my stomach.

I smiled down at her. "That, you, were perfect. I cannot believe we have
waited this long to go so far."

"It is a good thing, we were not ready. It was hard for me to take this
step, but I finally told myself I must, that it would be okay. If I didn't
like it, we could always back up again."

"True, true." I looked over at the clock and gasped. It was nearly 4:30
and dinner was at 5. I still had to go get Jess!

"What's wrong?" she asked, concern on her face.

"The time flew! My gosh that took a long time. I have a dinner appointment
. . . but I hate to go!"

"Go, you need to. I'll still be here, but for now you need to go."

"I don't know how long I'll be . . ."

"Don't worry about it. If I hear from you, great, otherwise I'll guess
you've gone home and I'll see you tomorrow at the dance?"

"Sounds good," I replied, sitting up and searching for my clothes. She
handed them up to me off the floor and I stood up to dress.

As I walked to the door she stopped me and turned me towards her. Bending
down, she kissed my forehead and I hugged her close.

When I got out to the car I quickly worked to change my mindset. I
couldn't go to meet Jess, let alone dinner, all hot and flustered from our
afternoon. It was not time for such things to be known . . . at the same
time a little voice in my head kept whispering, "You are lying to them,
lying to them all . . ." Would I have to choose? At least right now,
there was no choice. Matt was out of the picture, and there was only
Julia. For this moment, that was all I needed, and I had no plans to allow
it to change anytime soon. But our plans don't always go as we hoped . . .

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