Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beach Blanket Bananas

It was abalone season. Tim was on a near-deserted California
beach late in the evening. The sun was slowly setting -- it was
that interlude between light and darkness when shadows seemed to
take on a life of their own.

Tim looked down by the beach, and realized he was not alone. A
couple was locked in a tender embrace. They had apparently been
skin diving for abalone; their wetsuits were still partially on.
Tim could see flowing blonde hair on the woman; and the form of a
darker male figure with a very good physique. The man and woman
seemed locked in an embrace. Tim was wearing only loose-fitting
swim trunks. He was glad that they were loose fitting, because
he could feel his own manhood rising.

Tim heard the couple speaking softly, but could not make out what
they were saying. The woman suddenly motioned for Tim to come to
them. Tim slowly walked towards the couple on the beach. Their
wetsuits displayed their muscular, in shape bodies. Tim decided
that they were probably in their early 20's. When the got to the
couple, the woman pulled down her partner's wetsuit, and pulled
out his cock. Tim was quiet amazed. The cockhead was one of the
largest he had seen. The woman gently took Tim's head, and
forced it onto the man's cock. Tim noticed the smell of the
man's crotch, which was actually quite pleasing, mixed with the
smell of the rubber wetsuit and salty seaspray.

The couple began to kiss and moan even more fevereshly. The man
started to tense up. Tim could feel the man's muscles tightening
and tensing. The woman reached down, took Tim's hand, and
placed it in her crotch. Tim put one, then two fingers into the
woman. Tim could tell that she was enjoying this at least as
much as Tim and her boyfriend. Tim's fingers began to move
around inside her. Short gasps began to come from her mouth.

Tim looked up at the man. Suddenly everything fell into place!
He realized that he had been sucking on his younger cousin!
Apparently the couple had recognized him, and had decided that he
would be their "birth control" that evening! Tim felt a sexual
electricity and energy that he had never felt before! It had
been several years since he had seen his cousin. In the back of
his mind he had thought about sucking his cousin off, but he had
never had the opportunity to broach the subject.

Now his cousin increased his pelvic thrusts into Tim's mouth.
Tim's cousin was still wildly kissing his girlfriend. Tim could
feel her response as well. Finally, with one loud gasp and
thrust, Tim felt his cousin coming inside his mouth. The salty
taste of the man's cum mixed with the salty taste of the sea
spray on his wetsuit. The white cum pooled on his wetsuit. Tim
took some of the cum, and fed it to his cousin and girlfriend.
He was surprized, they both seemed to enjoy this experience.
Finally, Tim's cousin reached down, touched Tim on the ears and
mouth; pressed his lips against Tim's, and said "Hey -- thanks,
cousin Tim!" Tim heard his cousin's deep voice, and the sound of
the ocean waves, and knew that he would remember this experience
a lifetime!!

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