Monday, March 30, 2009

Warm Arizona Nights

Ever since Mark and I fucked that drunk chick together, I've been hung up on
wanting to fool around with
him. He was so hot driving his tool into her cunt, his ass muscles clinching
and relaxing as he thrust
himself in and out. He kept teasing her by pulling his cock out of her and
waiting for her to loudly beg for
him to put it back in. He was so focused on her that he didn't notice how I
stared at his throbbing dick,
slick with her juices, poised inches away from replunging into her sex. Oh,
God, how I wanted to reach
out and wrap my hand around his cock. When it was my turn to fuck her, I got
off on knowing that my
dick was plowing where his had just plowed and that his load of cum was there
inside her. While I was
busy with her, I caught Mark looking at me, and for a moment I thought he
wanted me, too. But I quickly
got rid of that idea. Mark into sex with a guy? No way ... not him! That was
just my fevered imagination
at work. Anyway, I got to see him naked and aroused and crying out as he came.
I figured I'd have to
settle for that and be happy with that much.

Well, now, Mark and I are not only best friends, we're also roommates. We have
our own rooms right
across from each other. The nights here in Arizona are usually very warm and
we keep our doors and
windows open to get whatever breeze may pass through. We both like to hang
around in our underpants -
- much cooler that way. Mark likes those full-cut white Jockeys. Me, I
alternate between CK boxer briefs
and the Jockey bikinis that come in those plastic tubes. One time I gave him a
bad time about wearing old
fashioned whites, and told him he should get into something with a little style
and color. I convinced him
to try wearing one of my bikinis--we're both 32s -- and gave him this red pair
with blue stripes. God, he
looked hot when he emerged from his shower the next morning. Late that
afternoon after classes, he
wandered into my room, back to wearing his Jockeys, and tossed the wadded up
bikini into my dirty
clothes corner. He complained about them being uncomfortable and said he'd
stick with his Jockeys.
When he left, I retrieved and examined the bikini. The pouch was really
stretched out and I found what
looked like dried cum. My excitement at that moment was nothing compared to
later when I changed into
that red bikini before going to bed. As I imagined Jeff's dick getting hard
and releasing his juices into my
bikini that very day, I rubbed myself through the stretched cotton to full
erection, finally unloading with
my own powerful orgasm. Hot, man!

By the way, from my bed I can see right into his room. The head of his bed is
up against the wall next to
the door. When he's lying there, I can see all but his head and shoulders.
Before the night with that
chick, I really didn't think much about his lying there so I could look at him
without his knowing. But
since that night, I look ... a lot. This one night I got up to piss. I was
about to head back into my room
when I stopped and looked into Mark's. He was lying on his back, the covers
pushed back, wearing
nothing but his Jockeys. I could see him real good, because the streetlight
outside his window cast light
into his room. I stood there in his doorway for a few minutes. God, he was
gorgeous. My dick began to
stir in my boxer briefs. He was sleeping very soundly.

I decided to risk getting a closer look. I stepped into his room and knelt
down beside his bed, less than an
arm's length from his mid-section. I let my eyes wander up and down his almost
naked body, focusing
mainly on the ample, unaroused genital bulge in his shorts. I could clearly
see the outline of his dick,
pointing toward me under the white cotton. Unable to help myself I reached out
and touched the waist
band with the tip of my index finger, letting it lightly trace along the
elastic. In my excitement I was now
fully erect but resisted for the moment reaching between my legs. I chanced
letting my finger brush up
against his hidden penis. He didn't move and his breathing remained deep and
steady. I touched his dick
again, this time lightly rubbing around the head. With my other hand I started
stroking the bone pushing
out in my briefs. At first I wasn't sure, but then it became obvious, very
obvious. Jeff's cock was starting
to grow. I began to freak out inside that he might wake up and find me fooling
around with his pecker.
But at the same time I couldn't tear my finger away as the bulge thickened and
lengthened under my
touch. It wasn't long before he was fully erect and the head of his cock was
pushing up against the Jockey
waist band. I placed the palm of my hand over the length of his shaft and felt
the heat of his arousal.

I had just lifted my hand when he moaned and moved. I recoiled in a panic,
certain that I was about to be
discovered. My heart pounding in my chest, I silently dropped to the floor on
my back. If he didn't come
fully awake, there was still a chance I could crawl out of his room without him
knowing. But what if he
got up to piss??? It was a platform bed, so I couldn't squeeze underneath to
hide. My once raging hard-
on was totally deflated. Frozen to the spot, I waited for the inevitable,
certain I was about to be totally,
thoroughly humiliated. What the fuck would I tell him when he demanded to know
what I was doing
there? My mind raced for some plausible response but none came. I had seen
him lose his temper once
and it wasn't pretty. Friend or not, I just knew he'd beat the shit out me. I
heard him shift about. This is
it, I thought.

But he didn't climb out of bed. Instead I saw his hand reach over to grab a
lotion bottle from the bed
stand. I heard him squeezing the plastic bottle. Then the sound of hand
jacking cock. After a few
minutes of steadily increasing movement, he began moaning. Then I heard him
start to whisper. "Give it
to me ... slam it in ... ohhhhh ... don't stop ... don't stop, dude ..." I
couldn't believe my ears. Good God,
was he fantasizing about being fucked??? Who's this "dude"??? These thoughts
were interrupted by his
louder moans. Over the edge of the bed above me, I saw him lift his ass and
arch his back. His Jockeys
were down at mid thigh. He was jerking himself fast now. And he was fuckin
close. I stared up in
amazement at the show my best friend was unknowingly giving me. Then he
suddenly froze. A moment
... then another ... then shot after shot of cum rocketed out of his cock. I
counted six before he collapsed
back down onto the bed with a low, pleasurable moan. Then all was quiet.

To say the least, my cock was now raging once again, but I didn't dare touch
myself. I waited and waited
and waited. Jeff's breathing became deep and regular again. I finally decided
that he was sound asleep
again and that it was safe for me to move. I rose up onto my knees and looked
at him. On his back, his
arm across his face, his briefs were still down, his spent penis lying there
across his hip. I could see the
remains of his orgasm all over his belly and chest. Not wanting to take any
further chances, I quickly rose
up and retreated to my own room. As I pulled my erection out the fly of my
boxer briefs and began my
own masturbation, I fantasized that I was Jeff's "dude" plunging my long, thick
pole deep into his
upturned, tight ass. But it's when I thought of kissing him that I went over
the edge and sent my own
juices out into the air and all over my stomach, briefs and fist.

Beginning the very next night and almost every night after that, after we'd
both turned out our lights for
the night, Mark would masturbate with his door open. Now before this, he'd
always shut his door for
awhile after he went to bed. Sometimes I heard him opening it again a little
later; other times I found it
open when I got up to piss in the middle of the night. I sort of knew what he
was doing, and that's when I
did it, too. Since his door was closed, I never bothered to close mine. I
also think part of me was excited
by the remote possibility that Mark might suddenly open his door and catch me
whacking away.

So ... it was a surprise when he started keeping his door open. A pleasant
surprise, to say the least, given
my secret bedside experience with him. But then I began wondering. Was it
really a secret? Did he
know I was there that night? Was he letting me know that I am this "dude" guy?
More and more I began
to think that the timing of his new "open door" policy was directly related to
my nocturnal visit to his
bedside. He was letting me know that he was interested in fooling around ...
wasn't he? And what about
those times when he made such a big deal about me looking like a mix of Brad
Pitt and Jean Claude Van
Dam? Was he really telling me that he was hot for me? Fuck, maybe he's just
scared of ME beating the
shit out of HIM. I know I don't look or act like some faggot, and he knows I'm
hot for any good looking
chick who comes my way. Maybe that's it. We're just two hunky, basically
straight dudes who can't
figure out how to walk across a hallway with a hard-on.

I went back and forth in my mind for days. One moment I was convincing myself
that he was inviting me
to make the move and my fantasies were flying sky high -- the next, certain
that it was all innocent and
coincidental on his part and that I'd end up with a bloodied nose and a lost
friendship if I dared act. I
began jerking off at the same time as him, my door also wide open. He couldn't
see me like I could see
him, but I made enough noise that he had to know that I was joining his jack
off. His moans became
louder each night. Mine did, too.

Finally, I just couldn't take it anymore. And before giving myself a chance to
talk myself out of it again, I
lifted my ass and pulled my CKs back up over my rock hard dick. I jumped up
off my bed and stepped
across THE HALLWAY. He must have heard me, because when I stopped in his
doorway, he was
looking up toward me. One hand was pushing down the front of his Jockeys, the
other was wrapped
around his cock. Then he gave me this big, wide grin. OK, no question about
it now. The only fists we'd
be exchanging would be wrapped around each other's dick.

I went and sat down on the edge of his bed. For a few moments the only
movement was Jeff's fist slowly
moving up and down his pole. We just sat there looking into each other's eyes.
I had the tremendous
urge to lean over and kiss him on the lips. But instead I traded his smile
with what I'm sure was a goofy
and somewhat embarrassed grin. Any sexual confidence I felt as a lady-killer
was replaced with giddy
nervousness. Then he moved his hand into my lap and started fondling my hard
cock through my shorts.
He'd hardly touched me when like a fuckin' horny 14 year old I leaned back with
a soft cry and shot off,
flooding the pouch of my boxer briefs in warm cum. "Jesus!" Mark exclaimed as
my generous load
soaked through the double layer of cotton all over his exploring fingers. He
was no more surprised than

But the surprises weren't over -- at least for Mark. I leaned over and pushed
his hand away from his cock
and pulled his Jockeys down off his hips. Then with one smooth movement I took
his manhood into my
mouth right down to his pubes. He gasped loudly above me. Long ago memories
of one of my mom's
boyfriends teaching me to suck dick flooded my mind as I began to expertly blow
my best friend. "Thank
God for ol' whatshisname," I thought. Jeff's cock was a perfect one for
sucking -- just the right length
and thickness, so that I could deep throat it perfectly. He was whimpering my
name over and over again
as I brought him close and then eased up to keep him from cumming as quickly as
I had. I realized, too,
that I was teasing him just like he did to that girl we shared. He was getting
close again and I started to
ease back. "No way, dude," he cried and grabbed my head. Three quick fucks
into my mouth and he
unloaded, filling me to overflowing with his wonderful, bitter cream.

I continued sucking him for a few minutes after his orgasm, feeling his whole
body relaxing along with
his penis. When I finally came up for air, I crawled up on top of him. His
eyes were wide and sparkling.
"Dude, huh?" I said before I planted my lips on his. Our kiss was long and

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