Monday, March 30, 2009

Confessions of a "New" Bi - Jock

We all grew up together as your average hunky jock type guys. Genetically
blessed with big 6' + frames and hardbodies. The three of us Cal, Buzzy and
I. Cal with short dark brown hair, brown eyes, broad sholders tapering to
smooth narrow hips, Buzzy tall, blond hair, green eyes, big furry and
husky, and me, Robie, about 6'-3", short black hair, grey eyes, broad
sholdered with a furry chest trailing down my flat hard six pack abs to a
narrow swimmers waist, and a macho jock attitude that all gay and bisexual
guys were limp wristed sissies. We all played your jock type sports -
football, soccer, skiing, hockey and baseball together, usually for the
same team and we all had the inevitable sport fuck sessions with the hot
high school cheerleader babes that a teenager with raging harmones is
subject to. Yeah sure, we "fooled" around with each other when the pussy
supply ran low - usually amounting to hot sex talk which led to the need
for a group hot j/o session - either jerking ourselves or sometimes each
other off, we always seemed to be in a constant state of "horned jock
dudes" as we came to be known. I didn't think about it too much at the time
as anything being unusual for three tight buddies to get together to have
an allnight j/o sessions to keep our stud balls from exploding, hell I just
assumed all the jock guys did it once in awhile and as long as the chance
to drill a tight pussy came along often enough I didn't worry too much
about it.

When we finished as Military School "rats" we all moved onto different
Universities and as I found out different interests. Man, was I ever naive
about my sex life. To me, my main aim in life was to get a good education,
get laid by the entire cheerleader team at least weekly, get married to a
hot "trophy" wife, have a houseful of Robie, Jrs. and eventually take over
our family's business. I didn't think anything could ever get better then
pounding hot, tight pussy and busting your nuts at least twice a day. I
have all that now in my mid 20's and really probably would have been happy
with just that, but early last summer my buds changed what I thought to be
the good "it doesn't get any better than this" life to the "holy shit" you
mean i've been missing out on this for the last 10 years, damn.

Cal, Buzzy and I finished College, went into the family business in NE
Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. and met and married hot
babes. We are all around our mid 20's and since we all work together in the
same company, live in the same area, share the same interests, we spend
alot of time together working and playing. Our wives are very close too,
often going off on a shopping trip to New York when us guys are working
24/7 or we take a well deserved weekend off with just the guys of skiing,
ww rafting, rock climbing or just going to the family lake house and taking
a rest from the everyday grind. It was during one of those weekends at the
lake house that I came face to face with my sexual choices for the rest of
my life.

It had been a real fucker dogs breakfast of a week, one of those where
nothing seemed to go right, the office staff was having anxiety attacks
every hour on the hour, constant production and design delays - well you
get the picture. When we finally met the deadline early friday morning,
after working all night, if I had been a heavy drinker I would have bought
up all the liquor in town and gotten the whole office drunk to thank them
for their hard work. Instead we decided to forward the phones to the
answering service and gave everyone the day off making it a four day
weekend for the 4th of July. Cal, Buzzy and I were the last stragglers out
of the office, that morning, as the sun was coming up on another hot day in
Washington. We kinda hung around the parking lot for a few minutes winding
down enough to make the drive home for the long weekend. The conversation
eventually led to the 4th plans that all of us had on tap for the
holiday. When my turn came I sadly told them that I had been batching it
all week and planned to just go up to the lake house, get the caretaker to
help me pound some nails into the the new roof on the boat house and
generally pound anything and everything that needed "pounding". With that
comment the three of us got to laughing so hard that we had to literally
sit down before we fell down. All of our teenage memories must have had a
flashback to old times and a smile came to our faces. Cal and Buzzy's wives
were in the middle of campainging for Pres. C's re-election and were
nowhere to be found lately. They decided that sounded like a good way to
grind out the stress of the last few weeks by doing some hard physical
labor to get our heads straight. I made it home in record time, thru a few
essentials in my workout bag, gassed up the Bronco, picked up my buddies
and within the hour we were parked at the lake house breathing the deep
fresh misty air at 9 am in the morning.

Through out that day as we stripped shingles off and nailed on the new ones
in the hot 95 degree July heat, I couldn't help but feel that there was
something going on between us that I couldn't quite get a handle on. The
streams of conversation eventually worked it's way around to our favorite
subject of pussy and sex. I confessed to my buds that even if I got my
twice a day fucking from my dear sweetie Jenny, I had taken lately to j/o
in the truck on the way to meetings in the city, after working out at the
gym in the shower three nights a week, and the last few days at my desk in
the office. I was worried I had become a sick sick puppy. I had apparently
reverted to 5 years ago in college in my sexual habits. I was in a constant
state of horned jock. They assured me that they went through spells like
that too and it was nothing to be too concerned about. We continued to joke
around and when the heat got to be too much we would dive off the roof of
the boat house to the water 30 feet below us and grab a few brews for the
"buds" and head back up to nail a few more on. It dawned on me after about
4 hours of this bantering back and forth that every once in awhile, out of
the corner of my eye, I thought I would catch Cal or Buzzy blatently "meat
gazing" at my ass or the growing bulge in my cut off jeans, I couldn't
figure out just what in the hell was going on between us. Shit, I must have
thought to myself a hundred times that day to "stay cool bud", "you've had
a rough couple of weeks at work", and these are your best friends in the
whole world, your mind has finally snapped, and that you are imagining the
whole thing. We're all married and and they are probably the most straight
and macho hunky jock type guys I know. Only gay guys gaze at anothers
dude's bulge and ass. I had just about convinced myself that the mind can
indeed play tricks on you when I saw my two best friends dive past me with
hairy asses bared to the skin. I yelled down to them "what the fuck is
going on with you two assholes??" They yelled back up to me that the heat
was just too much for them, that they were indeed pussies, and were on
strike for the rest of the day. I threw down my hammer, shucked my tool
belt, boots and cut off jeans and said "well fuck it then" and dove in
after them. Man, the water felt great, as we paddled around for the next
hour, doing some playful grab assing once in a while, when we realized we
hadn't had any sleep in the last 24 hours and it might be a good idea to
swim ashore before one of us drowned and the others had to give him mouth
to mouth. Hmmmmm? This day just continued to get weirder and weirder.

Once onshore we grabbed some towels from the boathouse and crashed and
burned at the end of the pier. I must have dozed off for a coupla of
hours. When I woke up I was laying on the pier alone with Cal and Buzzy
nowhere in sight. I headed up to the house and saw my Bronco was missing
from the driveway, no big deal I thought, Company truck and all the
employees drive each others from time to time. Man, was I sore all
over. But nothing a 30 minute stint in the whirlpool couldn't fix. Since
the buds were gone I figured no time like the present, and filled er up
hot, fired up the jets, and climbed in. I had been in for about 15 minutes
when I heard them come back in. I called down, "I'm in the whirlpool
upstairs" but no answer. I looked out the window in time to see them
heading down to the pier, walking "really close" together. Man get control
of your mind, you have a depraved mind I told myself for the 100th time
today. I cranked out the window and yelled to them and they turned around
and headed back to the house. A few minutes later they showed up in the
bathroom with pizzas and a few brews and we proceeded to scarf up 3 large
pizzas and joked that we hadn't had anything to eat since a few stale
sandwiches in the office the night before. I was a poor excuse for a host
and boss, yadda, yadda, yadda. It also dawned on me that I was naked in the
whirlpool with a massive boner that I had been stroking a few minutes
before and they were both "meat gazing" like they had never seen my cock
before. For the last fucking time that day I told myself that "It's all in
your head bud" and got out and put a big robe on and we all headed
downstairs and lit a fire in the fireplace and proceeded to finish off the
last of the case of brews and get a nice buzz going.

We were all sprawled out in the den talking about how we needed to work out
more if nailing on a few shingles was this tough on us when Cal decided it
was time to head into the kitchen to see is he could find anymore cold
beer. When he stepped over me laying in the floor in front of the fireplace
he tripped/rolled me over literally kicking the shit out of me. When I
rolled over, my robe fell open and my now semi hard cock flopped against my
thigh making a loud slap. Cal stood there staring at my now hardening cock
with a look that I had not seen before on his face. All I could think of to
say was "you cocksucking faggot, watch where the hell you're going". Shit,
the second I heard myself say it, I literally screamed, "I'm sorry man, I
don't know where that came from, I must be losing it major big time". I
closed my eyes, and started shaking my head from side to side, mumbling
"shit i'm so sorry man, that was a rotten thing to say". When I opened my
eyes again, Cal was just standing there staring at my cock that had now
turned to blue steel hardness and was beginning to throb and slap against
my washboard abs. I must have stared at it for a few seconds too, and when
I looked back at Cal, expecting him to beat the living shit out of me any
second for casting dispersions on his masculinity, he was just smiling at
me. Cool, he's letting me off the hook kinda easy, at least I thought
so. When, I realized he was still staring at my cock I asked him point
blank if he had heard me apoligize? "Apoligize? What the hell for?" he
said. "Robie, your the one here with a legal background aren't you, doesn't
sucking "even one" cock in your lifetime make you a cocksucker?" Scuse me?
I said. Cal, glanced over at Buzzy and said "Your Honor, will you please
direct the witness to answer the question?". Before Buzzy could answer I
realized he was dead sober serious with his question and answered that yes
in fact if one has sucked even just one cock in his lifetime then he was a
certifiable "yeas innndeeeeddd" cocksucker. The next words out of his mouth
sent cold chills down my back all the way to my ass and made the hair on my
neck bristle. Cal said as he was kneeling down between my sprawled legs
that I had been "holding out on him since our "rat" days and one "more"
jock cock passing his lips wouldn't change his cocksucking title". "Whoa
Dude, hold on a minute" I said "Holding out on my buds is something I would
never do". Cal grabbed my cock with both hands and said last time he had
seen my jock cock at the Acadamy was when we were 17 years old we were all
matched pretty evenly at 6" and mine was now at least 8" to 8 1/2". I don't
know what shocked me more at that moment, the fact that my best friend had
just told me he had sucked a cock [or more than one ?], was holding on to
my cock which was starting to feel pretty good and had caused me to leak
copious amounts of pre-cum on his hands which he was now massaging onto my
heavy with cum balls, the question of cock size with the fact that I just
assumed that my cock had continued to grow past my teen years into my 20's
or the fact that I was just laying there and not punching the shit out of
Cal with the intent to hurt. First things first, I said "I'm ok with the
fact that you have sucked a cock before, hell, the thought had crossed my
mind a time or two, second, I assumed that since I had 8" of stud cock,
that they did too, and It was not something I was real thrilled about
having, I had never found a babe that could "deep throat take it to the
pubes" and even now Jenny constantly complined when I got rough during sex
that her cervix would get bruised and hurt for a day or two. As Cal moved
closer to my cock, he said I had the hunkiest jock cock he had ever seen
and that guys could give better head then babes because their throats were
bigger and deeper [or something to that effect]. Cal's hand job must have
shorted out my sense of reasoning [well I was pretty horned at the time]
and I told him that that was something I'd have to see to believe because I
had long had a fantasy that deep head and fucking would just be something
that I would never experience. Cal leaned forward and before taking my cock
into his mouth he glanced up at me, smiled, and said "I've wanted to do
this for you for years, buddy". I just laid back on my elbows and gave into
the good feeling that was eminating from my cock and balls. Cal started
with the mushroom head of my cock in his hot mouth and ran his tongue
around the head and under and shoved his hard tongue down my pee slit like
he was trying to fuck it with his tongue, that was a first for me, hell all
this was a first. Cal got about 5" of my hard as steel cock in and I felt
it hit the back of his throat. Well shit, while that felt pretty good, so
good that my ass had clenched and raised off the floor to fuck his mouth
and bottoming out in his throat at 5" was a new personal best for me. I
opened my eyes and started to say "That's ok buddy, that ain't half bad"
when he streached his jaw wider, swallowed with his throat and fucking
burried his nose in my pubes at the base of my cock. What the fuck? How the
fuck is that possible, and has he permanately injured himself to prove a
point? Fuckit that felt great and just when I thought I had died from the
intense feeling I had never experienced, I felt a hot tongue on my
balls. Buzzy? No, he was 10' away and stroking his own cock, cool. Cal,
came up for "Air" and with my voice raspy, I said, "How in the fuck did you
do that, man that was great, absolutyfucking the greatest throat my cock
had ever felt?" Cal said, "so jock cocksucking isn't so bad afterall, huh
buddy?" That comment brought me back to my senses. Here I was with a coupla
of my macho jock buddies, my best friends, and one of them had just deep
throated me into the next century and the other was staring at my cock and
beatin his meat. I got up and backed up a few feet and turned around,
staring down at the floor for a minute. Man you could cut the tension with
a knife in that room. Buzzy, still stroking slowly said, "well is that or
isn't the best head you've ever had, bud?". I had to admit it was and I was
seriously thinking since I'd just enjoyed the shit out of my first head
from a guy that I must be gay, a fact that I really didn't want to be a
gayman for the rest of my life. So, I answered them both that "yeah buddy"
that was great great head and I really would like to finish what he started
but I was freaking and really didn't know what was going on with my still
hard throbbing cock, which by now was dripping pre-cum across my abs every
time it throbbed. Cal said, "well your head may be confused buddy, but your
cock sure isn't". I cracked up over that astute observation and only had
one question, "buds is this something thats a one time thing or is this a
way of life for you guys?" Cal answered that they had continued our jerk
off sessions that we had started, when we were fellow "rats" at the acadamy
and just continued it, that they still loved fucking all the pussy they
could, but that they both enjoyed taking on a hunky jock from time to time,
and had been dropping hints to me for the last five years and I was either
dense or as straight a guy as they had ever known. They confessed that they
had sucked and fucked each other and other friends and guys in the office
and had decided this would be the make it or break it weekend for me. The
thought of other guys in the office threw me, I couldn't believe any of the
hunky macho guys that I had hired in the last 2 years could be gay, I had
climbed with them, hiked and camped with them, and played football, soccer,
skiied and hockey with them, they were jock types, just like me and just
like.................. It hit me, finally, Cal and Buzzy were laughing
their asses off. They told me they had wanted my cock for years and about
20 of the guys in the office thought I was the hottest jock stud they had
ever seen and didn't understand why I hadn't returned any of their
signals. The guys would watch my cock and ass as I walked down the hall in
the office, on those rare days when I came in wearing a well worn pair of
tight jeans. They had bets going on the size of my cock and whether I liked
to fuck, get fucked or both. I'd felt it, but hadn't really connected it in
my brain. What the fuck was wrong with me. I had known it all along or
should have. All those years of playing sports, climbing with my buddies,
hell the the jock type guys I hired for the company, all the fucking boners
and days of hardons.....I liked hunky jocks because I found them hard and
hot to be around, It was a fucking sexual thing, I was a closet bisexual
and hadn't admitted it to myself. Cool, well here I was with my two best
buds in the world and I was standing there with a raging hardon pounding
into my stomach and about as horned a jock as there ever was. I told them
my realization and laid back down and decided I would see what the bi thing
was cracked up to be, I had really enjoyed everything so far. I was fair
game if they were. Cal, rolled between my thighs and told me that I was
about to have the best sex of my 24 years, and he and Buzzy would guarantee

Cal asked me what I wanted him to do to my cock next. I told him "man the
deep head all the way down to my jock balls and the tongue thing on my
balls, well thats gotta be the best ever". I warned him that just the
thought of how hot a sceen this was would make me cum pretty quick but in
his best german accent he said not to vorry he could fix that. Man, he got
down on his hands and knees between my straining muscled legs, leaned
forward and look ma no hands, took my jock cock all the way to my balls on
one lunge, shit, i was on fire major big time. He would pick up the pace,
each time going up with just my cockhead in his lips and then all the way
back down to the bottom, pausing to lick and tongue my balls awhile. When I
would start to cum and my balls would tighten up Cal would stop and shove
his tongue down my pee slit, I was on fire, my ass and thighs would clench
and come off the floor with each stroke. Sometime, after about the first 5
minutes, Buzzy had come over and was tonguing Cal's ass and balls from
behind while Cal jerked his respectable 6" jock cock with his fist. Jeeze I
was close to cumming and screamed out "fuck me". I felt my cum starting to
churn and burn, deep in my balls, and started to pump out spurt after spurt
of cum, it felt like my guts were comming out through my cock, after about
the 10th squirt of spunk Cal had had about all he could take and rolled
aside long enough for me to land about 5 shots of my hot jizm square in
Buzzy's face and chest which he didn't seem to mind. Cool jock dude. He
rubbed my jism into his chest and then licked my cum off his
fingers. "Jeeze stud!" he said, "you shoot a huge load when you come, and
tastes good too, man, you are one stud jock dude. Wait till I tell the guys
back at the office how big a load of jock jizm you launch out of your big
stud jock cock. I can't wait to see who won the size pool bets on your cock
size and whether we could "loosen" you up this weekend." I just thought
what the fuck, I don't care who knows, I had found a new sport and planned
on playing it until I was a pro at it, and fell back with a satisfied smile
on my lips and let the good vibes I was feeling all over my hard body just
wash over me.

After comming too, I looked over to see Cal and Buzzy locked in a 69, deep
throating each others straining cocks and fingering each other
assholes. They were straining every muscle in their jock bodies and looked
hot as shit to me. I got up and walked out on the deck and looked out over
the lake while I cooled down and caught my breath. I hadn't been out too
long when Cal came out behind me and asked if I was ok, shit yeah I was
better than ok, I wanted to do this a shitload. As I turned, Cal's eyes
fell to my cock and laughed, I looked down to see my still raging hard as a
rock boner waving before us. He said he thought he had taken good care of
that, I said "oh that, it happens lately when I'm really horned. Sometimes,
I have to jerk off in the shower right after I've fucked Jenny in order to
get dressed to come to work in the morning, not that I'm complaining. Sex
is sex, whether alone or with someone else. Someone else is better but a
hand job session is not too bad in the hot shower in the morning, and
thankfully I have a bathroom off my office for those really tough days. Cal
cracked up on that one and said he thought he had drained my jock balls but
that he was never one to leave a job half done. I wondered what he had in
mind and before I could say anything Cal walked back into the den and layed
down in front of the fireplace. I stood there contemplating what had
transpired so far and stroked my rock hard cock and felt really ok with
what I had just done and wondered what hot thing my hunky macho buds had
planned for me next.

When I walked in the den Cal was laying on the floor. Next to him was a
condom and a tube of lube which Buzzy picked up and began to rub around
Cal's asshole. Cal looked up and asked how I liked fucking and I answered
that until his head job it had been a favorite thing to do at least twice a
day. He said I hear you like to get sorta rough when you fuck and I
answered that with this jock horse cock I had had to restrain my rough
riding some days. He rolled over on his back and pulled his muscular legs
up to his hairy chest and said that his asshole could take anything I could
dish out and said, that after fucking jock ass, pussy would be my second
choice to plow. I had to admit to myself that I had caught myself sometimes
looking at a guys firm muscled asses and wondered what it would be like to
fuck the living dogshit out of one and felt a stirring in my cock and
laying in front of me was one of the hottest hardest jock asses I had ever
seen and I was about to taste my first piece of hard jock ass. I knelt down
on my knees and rolled a condom on with some help from Buzzy I spread some
lube on the end a guided my cock to Cal's waiting hot jock hairy ass. Cal
beared down and my cockhead entered with a hard push from me and a grunt
for Cal. Shit it was hot and tight. I started with a few short strokes with
just my cock head and a few inches in and out, going a little way more in
with each thrust/stroke. Cal worked his ass muscles and It felt like his
ass was sucking my cock in all by itself. The sensation was a new one to me
and after a few minutes of this Cal gave me the greenlight to give him all
8". With a hard push and a little straining I was all the way in Cal's hot
tight jock ass. Man, to think I could have been doing this with my buddies
all this time, I realized I had some make up a shitload of fucking due
me. I reached down and grabbed Cal's hard cock with my right hand and it
felt good in my hand, man, had I missed the heavy feel of jacking another
jock's cock. Cal asked/ordered me to fuck him and fuck him hard and I
started to go crazy. Grunting, long stroking, pushing all of my cock in his
tight ass to the hilt. My still heavy cum filled balls, which were hanging
down in the crack of Cal's ass felt like I could ram them in his ass with
ease. We fucked hard and fast for the next few minutes and I really wanted
this incredible feeling to last as long as possible and slowed the pace
down. Stopping at times to jack Cal's cock with my fist and play with his
hairy balls, nipples and chest. Buzzy came around behind Cal's head and
lowered his huge hairy jock balls into Eric's mouth while I continued
fucking the shit out of Cal. Buzzy's cock was inches from my face and I
leaned forward to take his jock cock into my mouth. Cool, this is really
cool, I found I liked the feeling of a heavy hot cock in my mouth and
against the back of my throat but could only take about 4" in before
gagging and stopping which wasn't too bad for my first try. Buzzy said he
was about to cum and wanted to know if I would be ok with it and I told him
"go for it jock dude". He started pumping his cock with his fist in front
of my face and let go with a massive load in my face, and on my chest and
Cal's face and chest below us. When the first spurts of Buzzy's jism hit
Cal's chest his dick grew in girth in my big right hand and erupted in a
rain of cum that caught us all in the face and chests. I figured it was
time to get down to some serious fucking and started to pound each long
stroke into Cal's hot ass. Cal haunched his ass up in the air and put his
big muscled legs around my waist and dug his heels into my hard jock ass to
pull me deeper into him with each thrust of my cock. Buzzy went around
behind me and started tonguing my ass. He licked down my ass crack untill
he reached my asshole and shoved his hard tongue into it as far as it would
go. After a few jabs with his tongue in my asshole I felt my jizm start to
sting and burn in my balls. I jammed my cock as far up Cal's ass and yelled
"HooYah!" and started cumming, spurt after hot spurt from my condomed
cock. So much cum that Buzzy noticed that it was squirting out backwards
out of the edge of the condom at the base of my cock and running down my
balls and dripping on Cal's asscrack. Buzzy licked it up which kept me
cumming again. When I had finished cumming my legs and ass muscles started
spasming and twitching and I laid down on Cal's chest with my upper body
and kissed him on the mouth shoving my tongue in as far as it would go. Cal
laughed and asked if the earth moved for me too this time and all I could
think of to say was "I love you man, that was the hottest fuck of my
life". Still laughing Cal said now It would be a good time to remove my
cock from his ass unless I intended to fuck him again or sleep locked
together like that. I said oh shit I'm sorry and started to pull my cock
out with a struggle. I sat there on my haunches, between Cal's legs for a
minute, stroking my cock with slow diliberate strokes. Buzzy brought back a
coupla towels and we started cleaning off Cal's, Mine and Buzzy's cum off
of the three of us.

Cal was the first to notice that my jock cock was still in the "I need to
fuck something mode" and was hard as steel. I asked him, "one more time for
old times sake?" and he said his ass had just been fucked raw by some
newbie shithead jock with 8" with a punch to my abs and said maybe later. I
turned around to Buzzy and with a wimpering puppy sound to my voice asked
if he was up for doing a buddy a favor. With that they laughed and said
they had created a "horned jock fuck monster" but that if I promised to be
gentle he would see if his ass could accomodate my jock cock. He prefers
em, 6" and under, but when he got a close look at my cock while it was
plowing Cal's ass while he licked my ass and balls, he thought he might
like to try it at least once, but didn't know I would recharge this soon.

His ground rules were simple enough. I laid on my back, and rolled on
another condom on my cock.Buzzy straddled my hairy chest with his knees in
my pits and handed his cock to my chin, rubbing it over my jaw, so I could
reach it and suck him for awhile while he got his nerve up and his cock
rock hard. Cal squirted some lube on his fingers and shoved two up Buzzy's
asshole while he tonged my stiff cock and jock balls. When Buzzy was ready,
he backed down my chest until the head of my cock was pushing at his
asshole. Cal grabbed my sheathed cock and pointed it straight up. Buzzy
lifted up and with one continous albeit slow move, completely sank my
entire jock cock to the hilt in his hot ass. His cock was trobbing on my
stomach so I began to stroke it with slow two fisted strokes while he sat
motionless with my cock impailed up his ass with his eyes closed. He began
with the muscle ass massage only this time faster than Cal had done on my
cock. Hope they would teach that to me one day. Buzzy began stroking on my
cock with his ass. If anything he was an even tighter and hotter ass than
Cal. Buzzy then did something that I wasn't expecting, he leaned back away
from me and laid back on my legs with my cock still in his ass. Since I was
laying with my legs together, my balls were squeezed between his hot hard
ass cheeks, sorta painful but an intense good feeling none the less. Buzzy
grabbed another condom and rolled it onto his cock. Not being a rocket
scientist I woundered what the fuck he planned to do with his condomed cock
staring me in the face and pointing to the ceiling. I didn't have to wait
long to find out. With Buzzy laying flat on his back on top of my straining
legs, Cal came over and straddled Buzzy's cock and sank it to the hilt in
his ass. Buzzy reached out his big arms to me and said "pull me up
bud". With a grunt I pulled them both up to a sitting position in my lap,
putting Cal's jock cock to within range of my hot mouth. I felt it was only
fair to return the favor by sucking his hardening jock cock, while I
drilled Buzzy's ass, while he drilled Cal's fresh jock fucked ass. With a
yell of "HooYah!" from Cal, I knew that I had done what I was supposed to
do. Every time Buzzy would pound down on my jock cock, my big jock balls
would get crushed by his hot ass cheeks while his balls would slap against
my straining rock hard abs. All my workouts at the gym had paid off for
this, I was able to buck up my two jock buds with a thrust of my hips and
create a ripple effect of driving my cock up Buzzy's ass and forcing his
cock up Cal's while forcing Cal's cock down my throat. It was like I was
sucking my own cock with each thrust of my hips. I knew I wasn't going to
last too long and after about 10 minutes animal grunts and loosing a
shitload of sweat and energy, Cal fired his load in my mouth face and
chest. Man, did it taste great. His cumming caused his ass muscles to
contract on Buzzy's cock causing him to shoot his jock cum load deep in
Cal's ass. I lost my concentration for a moment and they fell backwards as
I opened my straining legs. I lowered them all the way onto Buzzy's back
and in one motion thrust over them as I drilled deeper into Buzzy's hot
contracting cumming ass. The sensation was too much for me and I started
pumping load after hot load into his ass, pounding as hard and as deep as I
wanted too. The stud taking my cock could handle it so I just let it go. We
lay like that for a few minutes and I reflected on how hot I had found my
two best jock friends and how much I had always loved them when Buzzy spoke
first saying that his ass had never been pounded so hard and so deep and
that by the looks of things I could plow his ass and my choice of others
anytime I wanted it. He had decided I was going to make a good bisexual top
jock guy. I laughed and asked what the fuck a top was and he explained that
a top was the fucker jock and a bottom was the fuckee jock. I thought about
it a minute and said well just cause I like to pound ass doesn't mean that
I would mind a hot cock drilled up my ass and laughed that now wouldn't be
out of the question. Cal and Buzzy laughed and said "bud get your ass in
the cool water quick, because they had maxed the limit for the time
being". I was cool with that as I had had three of the best cums of my life
that night and looked forward to the future as a bisexual jock. When It
came to good hard sex I knew that my jock buddies would be happy to take
care of me and when I wanted romance and gentleness I had a hot pussy at
home that would accomadate me whenever I wanted.

We all got up and decided we all could use a midnight swim in the cold
water of the lake that night to cool off our stiff and sore muscles and
turned in for the rest of the evening. Man I slept the best I had in years,
no worries and an outlook that life had suddenly handed me an opportunity
that looked to be the solution to my constant state of horned jock.

We fucked and sucked each other for the rest of the weekend every chance we
got in every posible position. I don't know that I showed Cal and Buzzy any
new jock moves but I sure tried too.

We headed home monday afternoon to our wives and since I hadn't seen Jenny
for a week she was none the wiser when I pounded her pussy the hardest I
ever had, in fact she seemed like she wanted it as bad as i did for a
change. I performed a repeat performance the next morning which made me
late getting to the office. No need to jerk off in the shower that morning
which was cool. By the time I arrived at the office apparently Cal and
Buzzy had spread the word about the newbie bisex jock I had turned out to
be because about half of the stud jocks in the office gave me a wink and a
smile as I went through the office saying good morning to everyone. Whoa,
is every jock I know a bisexual or is it just my imagination?

I've continued to enjoy pussy and cock like there is no tomorrow for the
last year, with the buds in the office, congressmen friends, and a few buds
that became NAVY SEALs when they left the acadamy, some of them I will try
to put into this notebook when I have time between going for all the sex I
can stand from both sides of the gene pool. Straight guys don't know what
they are missing and gays guys don't either. If you haven't tried it don't
let a chance to be bi go by. Get the fuck off your ass and go for it, I'm
sure glad I did. Catch you hunky jocks later. HooYah!

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