Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting Jason

I'll start out by saying that although I've had some sex experiences while
in college, (same guy on a few occassions), I've always considered myself
heterosexual. Sure I've had some 'thoughts of the other side,' but I
always pushed them out of my mind when I'd catch myself thinking about it.
Lately, I've found myself having full blown fantasies about sex with men.
It really started about two years ago. At first I'd feel guilty about
jacking off with these thoughts and visions in my head, but as they
started to become more frequent, I've dealt with the guilt pretty well,
until now.

On the few occassions since college when the oppurtunity to have sex with
another man has arisen, I'd find that removing myself from the 'situation'
was the best thing to do. That's also how I dealt with women. I'm married,
happily, for 20 years now, two kids, a son who's 19 and a daughter, 14,
and although I've had many oppurtunities to get pussy on the side, I never
have. I've got a sexy wife who still enjoys fucking as much as I do, and
although I do alot of looking, (hell, she does too), I've never taken it
any further than that. I've got a great family life. Some would call it
dull, and in a comfortable way,it is/was, but its not so comfortable

My wife and I, as well as our kids, have been close friends with another
family for more than 15 years now. Richard and I have worked in the same
office for a little over 17 years now. His wife and my own are like
sisters, and Richard has always been 'Uncle Rick' to our kids, and I'm
'Uncle John' to his three. We do the family vacation together most years,
spend time together on major holidays, and our kids have grown up
together. Rich's oldest son, Jason, and my oldest, had been the best of
friends until the two year age difference seemed to place a social wedge
between them.

Although they're still friends, we don't see Jason as often as we used to,
and now that I think about it, we don't even see our own damn kids that
much anymore. My oldest is into cars and Jason is into baseball. Star
player freshmen,sophmore and junior years, with more than a chance at
pro-ball down the road. We were all surprised that Jason had decided to go
on the family vacation with us all. My oldest boy had foregone these
outings 3 years ago, and I think we all expected for Jason to take his

We headed to the Pocono Mts, to an area that we were familiar with. The 10
days did us all good and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was while
we were camping that I started noticing things about Jason, things that
had me confused and aroused at the same time. My daughter had been 'in
love' with Jason since she was about 11 years old, and I couldn't say that
I blamed her. The kid had that 'all-American, mid-west, cornfed, healthy,
red blooded, young man' look. This summer had seen a major change in him
though. I know my wife noticed it, and I think she noticed it at the exact
same time that I did. We were at the campground and had just finished
setting up the tents and stuff, when someone mentioned going for a swim. I
remember sitting on the picnic table with my wife, waiting for everyone to
take turns entering the tents to change.

Jason climbed out of the tent that he had by himself, wearing a small pair
of cut off jean shorts. I know he saw me staring at him, before my wife
whispering 'damn' to me, brought me out of my 'studies'. I couldn't
believe how much this kid had matured! Hell, standing in front of me was a
man, physically anyway, and probably mental too. As he walked towards us,
I couldn't help but notice the hair on his chest, running down his
perfectly formed stomach, and into the top of his well packed shorts. I
asked my wife what she had said, although I knew what the comment was,
(she was still checking him out) before I moved my eyes down to his solid
thighs and crotch. When I raised my eyes to his, he was grinning at my
wife, I thought, until I caught a wink that was meant for me. Jason told
me to go ahead and use his tent to change, as my daughter was still in
ours. I thanked him and after asking my daughter to throw out my shorts, I
walked over to Jason's tent and climbed inside. The first thing I noticed
laying ontop of his sleeping bag was his jockstrap. I couldn't help it,
seeing him dressed only in a short pair of cutoffs had caused my dick to
become semi hard, and upon spotting his jock, I went completely stiff.

Without being conscious of it, I grabbed his jock strap and brought it to
my face, inhaling automatically. It was without a doubt, what he had been
wearing earlier. His young musky male smell was still there, and I wasn't
sure if it was my own breathing or not, but it still felt warm. As I
brought the jock away from my face to study it, I heard Jason's voice from
just outside the tent. His head entered the tent just as I threw his jock
over my shoulder. He looked at me for a second, and then after looking
over my shoulder, he handed me his watch and asked me to put it on his
pillow, 'next to my jockstrap.'

I felt my face burn red as he handed me his watch, 'This sucks ya know
it?" He asked me. "What's that?" I asked, turning around and finding that
I'd tossed his jock onto his pillow. Good, I thought, maybe he just thinks
that I was tossing it out of the way. "That the women are along, I mean if
it was just us guys, we'd say fuck the shorts huh?" I mumbled my agreement
as he placed his hand on my leg to help raise himself. I could have sworn
that I felt a squeeze as he did it, and without a doubt, I saw him pat his
ass as he turned around and headed back to the table to wait with the
others, glancing over his shoulder to catch me watching where his hand had
just been, and giving me another quick wink as his face broke out in a
smile. I closed the flap to the tent and shakily got into my shorts,
praying for my hardon to fade.

For the next 10 days I watched my wife and the rest of the women in the
campground oggle this guy. I received my own share of looks from these
women, but what I remember most are the looks that Jason seemd to give me
at times, almost like he knew what was going on in my head. I knew he
couldn't know, but he still kept me on edge. As the days passed, I found
myself wondering more and more if Jason had been actually coming on to me.
I mean Christ, here was this hot looking young shit, giving me what seemed
to be 'the eye,' when I knew that he had had more than his share of
girlfriends. My son had told me that Jason was known as what they call a
'whore dog' in school, and that had he been getting his share of 'tail,'
since he was about 14. It became obvious that Jason knew what he was doing
towards the end of our stay.

After playing horseshoes for a couple of hours, I decided to take a
shower. I had been in my stall for all of two minutes, stroking my cock
and thinking about the sight of Jason as he bent over in front of me to
pick up the horseshoes, when Jason said my name and opened the shower
curtain. There he stood, naked as the day he was born, sporting what
looked to be a half hard cock. As he looked down to check out my package,
I relaized that my hand was still wrapped around my stiff cock.

"Jesus, how can you do that in the water with out any soap? I'd rub myself
raw," he said, reaching down and giving his nuts a few pulls. I turned
away from him, pretending to rinse my hair off, once again praying that my
hard on would dissappear.

"Hey, sorry bout that 'Unc,' but I forgot my shampoo, and that's usually
what I use, ya know, when I......., can I borrow yours?" I told him sure,
and as I leaned over to grab the bottle off of the shower floor, Jason
stepped in and went for it at the same time. I felt his cock brush against
my ass and I immediately stood up, leaving the bottle where it now lay, on
it's side. Jason apolgized and knelt down to pick it up, and turning
around, came face to face with my raging cock.

"Goddamn, now I see where your son got his, Jesus!" He stood up and
apoligized, telling me that he wouldn't use much, 'shouldn't need it,'
he'd said, as he stepped out and giving my body a once over with his eyes,
he pulled the curtain shut.

Almost immediately I heard the shower next to mine start up. As nervous as
I was, my hand had once again returned to my throbbing dick, slowly
stroking it while I thought of the horny young man in the next shower,
obviously settling in to enjoy a quick jack off session for himself as
well. Just the idea that Jason was right there next to me (well, almost),
naked amd horny, was incredible. My nuts were aching to get off, but I
wanted to wait. I wanted to see him naked again. Maybe even watch him
stroke his dick. I couldn't stand it! I waited for another minute, and
silently slipped my head out of my shower, and slowly pulling the edge of
his curtain away from the divider, I crained my neck around and peered in.
Jason was looking me directly in the face, and as he had done to me, my
eyes lowered to his crotch. His hand was there alright, both of them. One
was stroking his, what looked to be about a 7 inch cock, while the other
was massaging his young nutsack, in the midst of a large pile of soap
suds. I knew that I stared a little too long when Jason laughed and asked
me 'if he could help me with anything.' I asked him if he had finished
with the shampoo, and to my surprise, Jason turned away from me, bending
over to grab the shampoo, exposing that hard muscled ass of his. With his
hands covered with suds, the bottle kept slipping from his grip, which
allowed me an even longer view of this guys incredible body.

By the time Jason had regained control of the bottle and had turned to
face me, I began to wonder if the fumbling had been on purpose. We both
then looked down at his cock, which appeared even larger now that there
were no suds covering it. Before Jason handed me the shampoo, I watched as
he poured some more onto his his raging hardon. He worked it in, and
started a lather going, while he looked back up at me and smiled. He
handed me the bottle, turned to the side, and after aiming the shower
spray away from himself, leaned against our shared wall and began to jerk
off. I stepped back into my own stall, and after aiming the shower head
away from me, I proceeded to pour shampoo onto my aching cock, and settled
myself against the same wall that Jason was leaning against. I didn't
stroke very long before I felt my orgasm beginning.

There was no more waiting now, I had to shoot my load before my balls
burst. As the cum began to boil itself up the lenght of my rod, I jammed a
soapy finger inside my asshole, (something that I had not done since I was
a teenager.) As my dick began to shoot what felt like a quart of cum, my
mind was filled with the hunky image of the naked ballplayer, not more
than a half a foot away from me, leaning his hard young body against the
shower wall and jerking off at the same time. As my orgasm subsided, and
the shaking racking my body began to ease, I heard a low moan from the
next shower, and I could only smile to myself, knowing that Jason had just
experienced the same thing.

Now I needed to get out of there and dressed, without having to face him,
somehow. With my horniness satisfied, the guilt began to creep in as
usual. I was a little unnerved at the thought that here I was, embarrassed
as hell about being caught jacking off by this young man, who was
practically my own son, (who , HAS caught me, and I him), when he didn't
seem to be the least bit ashamed that I had caught him. Hell, he had
started to to do it in front of me! I was just finishing drying off when I
heard Jason's shower turn off. Shit! I thought to myself. I turned my back
towards his direction as I slipped into my boxers.

"Man, I can't believe that you and dad wear those fucking things, may as
well freeball it if you ask me."

"What'd you say?" I asked, without turning around to face him.

"Those boxer shorts things. It's like your not wearing anything, ain't it?
I mean, it's like your freeballing anyway, right? So what's the point of
putting them on?" As I turned around, I knew that I had made a mistake. He
was standing there wearing only a pair of shower sandals, with his towel
wrapped around his wide shoulders. I felt my cock begin to stir again, and
sat down on the bench to try and hide it.

"What the hell is freeballing?" I asked, as I started to think of how I
was going to pull my jeans on without having to stand. Without looking in
his direction, I could tell that Jason had removed the towel from his
neck, and was drying the hair surrounding his dick. I couldn't believe
this shit. Not 5 minutes ago, I had just experienced one of the most
intense orgasms that I've felt in a long time, and I was getting hard

"Ya know, freeballin. When you don't wear anything underneath, you
freeball." Made sense I thought to myself, to call 'it' that, but I
wouldn't consider boxers being like that. I told him that there was a big

"I don't see how, unless you wear 'em real tight, and then you'd probably
be able to see everything anyway. The old man still wears 'em, and mom
hates it. She wants him to wear something else, but apparently he's a
'freeballer' too," he chuckled. I turned to ask him what he wore, when I
remembered his jock in the tent, and as I watched him pull on another one,
I could actually feel my cock throb. I quickly stood and pulled my jeans
up my legs. I'm not sure, but I think Jason stopped what he was doing and
eyed the tent in my boxers. As I zipped and buttoned, Jason had finished
pulling on his jockstrap, and was standing there watching me.

"And that's what you wear, huh?" I asked, nodding to the well packed pouch
between some incredible looking thighs. "Those fucking 'strings' don't
hide too much either."

"Yeah, I know," he grinned, stroking the meat encased in a sight I will
never forget, "It's why I wear 'em!" I had to laugh, and so did he. It
broke the ice, and for that, I will always be grateful to him. Instead of
making a bee line for the door as I had planned, I grabbed my gear and
walked to the nearby sinks, combing my hair, putting on a t-shirt, combing
my hair again, occasionally eyeing him in the mirror. We talked about my
son while he got dressed, and how much we both missed him not being here
with us, and how even the other kids had mentioned it. Jason said that he
loved spending time with us and our daughter, but that he and my boy had
had some really intense times when they'd camp, and just even 'around the
house', when they could get away from our daughter. It's the way he said
the word 'intense' that made me turn around and look at him, enjoying the
view of his chest as he pulled his shirt over his head. When his face
reappeared, he had what my wife called a 'tennagers smirk', across it. I
guess I had a questioning look on my face, because he told me ' to relax,
that he didn't think that it was anything that would 'shock' me,
especially not now', he said and then laughed as he shook his wet hair at
me, checked himself out in the mirror, giving me a wink as he did so, and
headed out the door.

I knew what he meant, about my son.... I had caught them one time, and to
this day, neither one of them know. I never told them, and never plan to.
Not even now. Back then I thought it was just a 'phase,' and now, well, it
just doesn't matter.

My cock was fully hard as I made my way to one of the stalls on the other
side of the room, choosing the furthest from the door, I lowered my jeans
to the floor, sat on the toilet and laid back, spreading my legs open,
playing with my chest under my shirt with one hand, while the other
wrapped itself around my leaking cock, and began to stroke, thinking of
them two together, and what they were doing to each other, with quick
visions of Jason's now well formed body, wet and hard in the shower,
stroking himself off while practically standing right next to me I should
have taken the shirt off, because when I shot my wad, it covered me. The
second time within 15 minutes! The orgasm didn't feel as intense as the
first, but judging by the amount of cum now covering a clean shirt, I must
not have shot off as much as it felt like, but then again, it all got
washed down the drain.

I pulled the t-shirt off and wadded it up into my towel with the rest of
the dirty clothes. After leaving the stall, something made me walk over to
the shower that Jason had used, and look in. I knew that I was looking for
some trace of his load, and pulling back the curtain, I smiled as I saw,
what at one time, had been thick ropes of his seed running from a good
height, down towards the floor. I lowered my head to a thick vein of his
cum running down, and tasted it. It was now cold, but tasted incredible!
The first time I had ever tasted another man's juice, and my actions kind
of repulsed me. What the fuck was happening to me?

As I enterd the campsite, everyone was saying how they had started to
think a wild animal had got me. I looked at Jason, still wearing the same
'smirk,' and thought to myself, 'Wild animal? Not quite, but very close.'


The rest of the vacation from that point on was not as hard as I had
thought it would be. Jason managed to keep the ice broken between us, and
I continued to watch him show off his body to my wife and the rest of the
women, or so they thought.

Two weeks before school was to begin, both for our daughter, and for our
son attending college away that fall, my wife took our daughter to see her
mother and aunts. Unfortunately : ) I couldn't get the time off from work,
so I would have the house to myself for at least a week, my oldest going
to the beach for a week, one last time before hitting the books. Jason had
been around on a few occassions, never staying long. Although it had been
more than a month, and he did say that he would be stopping by to say
goodbye to my son, on that first Sunday when I had the house to myself,
settled in with a few bourbons, lounging around the house in my new boxer
briefs that I had decided to buy myself, to the delight of the old lady as
well, I was stunned when he knocked on the door that evening. I grabbed an
old bathrobe of my son's off the stairs and wrapped it around me as best I
could, and answered the door.

"Hey Unc, you busy ? I figured you might be bored this weekend so I
stopped by," he said, slipping past me and into the front hallway.

"Uh.., no, I ain't doing nothing, quiet Sunday, you know, same old shit."

As Jason turned to face me I noticed that he held a paper bag in one hand.
"So what'dya got there Jas?" I asked, aware that just the sight of this
kid was having an effect on me. Stuffed into a tight pair of faded denims,
cut off sweatshirt and work boots, I was gonna have to be careful.

"Oh, this stuff," he grinned, holding the bag up, "just some stuff that I
borrowed from Terry and I wanted to return them before he split for
school. I'll run up and put this shit in his room, hold on, be right

"Naw, that's alright, I gotta go up and put some clothes on, I'll run it
up for you," I said, taking the bag from him and heading for the stairs.

"Hey, don't get dressed on my account Unc, I've pretty much seen
everything you've got anyway, what the hell?"

I knew what he was talking about, and although he said it laughing, I was
still embarrassed a little, remembering the time in the showers. I told
him to go on in the living room and that I'd be right down. When I reached
the top of the stairs, I opened the bag and looked inside. There were two,
what appeared to be blank video cassettes, and two jockstraps. I
immediately changed directions and headed for my bedroom. Before I had
closed the door, I had both jocks out of the bag and began to examine
them. My dick had begun to stir inside my boxer briefs, and when my hand
felt the wetness on one of the jocks, I immediatley became erect. Without
really thinking about it, I brought the wet strap to my face and inhaled
deeply. It was definately cum, now cold, but without a doubt, it was a
load of nut juice, and I knew that it was Jason's. I breathed deeply and
noticed that I had begun to shake. What the fuck was I doing? Checking out
another guy is one thing, maybe even throwing a few fantasies around was
not so bad, but sniffing a man's (or man/boy's) jockstrap was definately
over the line.

Why the fuck would Jason be bringing my son back two well worn jocks, and
one being covered with drying cum? Were these even Terry's Jocks? I sat on
the bed trying to collect my thoughts. What was Jason doing with my boy's
undergear anyway ? How long had he had them ? And why would he bring them
back like this ? I checked over both jocks and realized that the dry one
had my son's initials on it. I brought this one to my face as well, and
after realizing what I was doing, I shoved them both back into the bag.
Jesus Christ!!!! Now I was smelling my own son's jock! I was still shaking
but my cock had never felt so hard. My hand felt the tapes as I replaced
the jocks, and for a second, I wanted to check them out. If Jason had not
still been downstairs, I would have. I also felt an extremely strong urge
to wrap the still wet jock around my shaft and jerk off, but I knew that I
had to get back downstairs.

With my son's robe in one hand, and his? bag of 'stuff' in the other, I
opened my door and headed down the hallway. Standing there at the top of
the stairs was Jason. Here I am, standing in the hallway with a major
hardon poking out my briefs, and Jason knew, and he knew that I knew that
he knew, what I had been doing, or at least what had got me worked up. As
his eyes wandered down over my chest, I looked down to see the biggest wet
stain in the front of my gray boxer briefs that I could have ever produced
without actually blowing a nut.

"Jesus Unc, if you walk around like that, maybe you should stick to the
regular boxers, not as noticeable, know what I mean? Or maybe try one of
those in the bag, they seem to feel more comfortable the more you
'stretch' them out."

I stood there in disbelief as Jason slowly began to unzip his jeans,
revealing a pure white jockstrap, straining against what was packed inside
of it. My mouth went dry and my cock began to swell even more. I pushed
past him and entered my son's room, realizing that I had forgotten why I
had come there in the first place. It took what seemed like hours to
remember that I was there to return his robe and 'bag of stuff.' Childish
I know, but I walked to the window and pretended to look outside. I stood
there for at least a full five minutes, wishing like hell that I had my
bottle of bourbon upstairs with me. I didn't know how I was going to get
out of this one, and the more I thought about it, the angrier I was

What the fuck was Jason doing???????? He knew that he was getting a
reaction from me, I just didn't know if he was just fucking with me, or if
he was really interested. I dropped my son's stuff where I stood, and
turned around, ready to face off with this little fucker. He was nowhere to
be seen. Good, I thought, and headed downstairs. I went to the kitchen,
grabbed the fifth of bourbon off the counter, and made a pass through the
living room to make sure that Jason had left. No signs of him anywhere. I
felt relieved, but I gotta admit, I was frustrated as hell too. OK, I
thought to myself, apparently he knows that I've been checking him out, and
he's getting off on making me sport a boner whenever he's around. Fuck!
What if he's told his old man? "Yeah dad, he's always staring at me,
checking out my ass and shit, he even spied on me taking a shower when we
were camping."

I didn't really think that he'd say anything, it was just the state of
mind that I was in at the time I guess. I threw the lock on the front
door, turned the lights out, and with my bottle of bourbon and an already
full rock glass of the stuff, I headed up the stairs. I paused outside my
boy's room, debating on whether to grab the cum covered jock from the bag
and bring it in my room with me, when I heard what sounded like a grunt
coming from my bedroom. Upon enetering the doorway, there was Jason, on
his knees in the middle of my wife's and my bed, with his ass in the air,
still wearing that fucking jockstrap, and working a finger of one hand in
and out of his asshole. I was finally seeing that ass of his, and more of
it than I ever thought I would. My God, he looked incredible! What I
always thought of as a 'boys' ass, was anything but. I could spot a few
hairs around his finger, and a more than ample supply surrounding his
balls, but what surprised me the most was how strong his ass muscles
looked with his thighs spread like they were. I had always considerd his
thighs and legs a little too big for the rest of his body, but now I
understood. There was no way to have an ass like that without building his
legs up some. He continued to grunt as his finger worked its way up his
ass, sometimes holding his breath so long that I thought he'd pass out.
Now that I knew that he wanted to 'play,' I totally relaxed, but noticed
that I had begun to shake again. I drained the rock glass that I was
holding in one gulp, causing myself to choke a little. I immediately moved
my eyes up to Jason's head, pressed into my pillow, waiting for him to say
something. He didn't.

Jason lowered his shoulders onto the bed as well, and with his free hand,
reached under himself and started to stroke his cock. I sat both the glass
and the bottle on my wife's dresser and slipped off to my son's room to
retrieve the soaked jock. Upon reentering my bedroom, Jason finally turned
his head to me, and seeing the jock in my hand, he smiled. I moved to the
far wall and grabbed my wife's makeup chair and wheeled it to the foot of
the bed. Jason craned his neck to watch what I was doing. After realizing
that I just wanted a more 'comfortable and better view,' he returned his
head to its original position, buried into the pillow. I sat down onto the
stool, bringing the smelly jock to my face, watching this hot little
fucker work his asshole and cock over. After a few deep sniffs, and a few
light licks with my tongue across the damp pouch, Jason once again turned
his head back in my direction and told me 'to put it on.' I stood up and
peeled my now completely soaked briefs down my thighs, throwing them onto
the bed towards Jason's head. He looked to see what had landed on the bed,
and upon inspecting my precum soaked boxer briefs only inches from his
head, he relaeased the hand that was stroking his man/boy meat and grabbed
my shorts, quickly arranging them so that the soaked pouch was now where
he had been laying his face into the pillow.

I would have rather kept the jock over my face, but if this 'kid' was
willing to give me a show, the least I could do was to put on his/Terry's?
jock. It was definately a tight fit, but it had obviously been 'stretched'
out quite well, and after settling the wide band over my hips, I walked to
the dresser to retrieve my bottle, preparing to 'settle in and enjoy the

"Turn around for a second, huh Unc?" he more or less breathed, rather than
spoke. I took a long pull off of the bottle, and after checking out the
finger show that he was giving me once again, I obligized him and walked
to the head of the bed to give him a better look. My cock was harder than
it has been in many, many years, or so it felt, and if this guy was into
seeing other men in jockstraps (I could relate), I'd let him look all he
wanted. He stared at the stuffed jock for a few moments, and then said,
"No, I mean the other way, I wanna see your ass."

Without hesitation, I turned around, pressed my face against the wall and
took a few steps back, spreading my ass, my cock leaping in the jock as
the cool air became exposed to my asshole. Jason began to groan again, and
it was turning me on that this 'kid' actually was grooving on checking out
my ass. I dropped a hand between my thighs and started to run my middle
finger around and over my asshole.

"Oh yeah Unc, play with that hot asshole, yeah!!!!! Oh fuck, you look so
fucking good doing that. Showing me that man asshole, oh fuck yeah!!!
feels good huh?"

Had Jason not of said anything at that point, I may have continued playing
with myself, but hearing his voice had snapped me back to reality. Here I
was, pressed against the wall with my legs spread, working my asshole with
my finger like I hadn't done in years, and doing it for another guy to top
it all off. I pulled myself away from the wall, feeling embarrassed
without a doubt, but more so feeling out of control. As I slowly moved to
the foot of the bed, Jason, (unfortunately) rolled onto his back, sliding
himself up to lean against the headboard.

"You want me to leave?" he asked, opening his thighs to allow me another
glimpse of his asshole, slowly running his hands over his chest and lower
torso. I caught the smirk in his smile, and without missing a beat, I
watched as he raised a hand to his mouth, and after spitting onto his
finger tips, I stood there frozen as he lowered his hand and began to rub
those finger tips around his asshole. I pulled the chair away from the
foot of the bed a little and took my seat.

"No, you stay right there, right where you're at," I almost ordered him,
taking a long pull straight from the bottle before I sat it on the floor,
raised my legs to rest them on the footboard of the bed, and spread my
thighs, exposing what I've come to learn is the most sensitive part of my
body to him, smiling to myself as I noticed him scooting up to get a
better look. Jasons eyes were riveted between my legs as I slowly slid
down into the chair, aware that I was giving him the same view that he was
allowing me. I brought my hands from underneath my legs to my asshole, and
with the middle fingers of both hands, I began to spread my ass for him.

Jason scrambled to his knees, beginning to make his way for the end of the
bed. I shook my head at him and told him to lay back down. It was my turn
now. This little fucker had actaullay known what he was doing to me for
the past few years, and now it was my turn to lay it on him.

"You like what you're seeing huh? You like watching a man get himself
off?" I laughed, grabbing the bottle of bourbon from beneath the chair and
bringing it to my asshole, rubbing the neck and tip of it over and around
my hole. I grinned again as I heard a whine escape from his mouth, knowing
now that this little fucker had not been teasing all this time, but had
been giving me hints that he wanted to try out some 'male bonding' with an
older guy. As I brought the mouth of the bottle into contact with my
asshole, I could feel the alcohol begin to at first burn my hole, and then
slowly melt into a feeling of warmth and heat.Surprising myself, after
rubbing the shaft of the bottle along my ass crack, I watched Jasons eyes
as I brought the borbon to my mouth, encircling the neck with my lips, as
I guzzled from the bottle, noticing that he had returned his finger to his
young hole.

"I want to suck you Unc."

"What'd you say?" I asked, standing up, adjusting the jockstrap, and
feeling myself up.

Jason stood up, and slowly appproaching me, he reached out and cupped my
crotch, bringing his head to my chest and looking down to watch his hand
stroke my hardon through the jock pouch. His breathing had increased, and
I could feel and hear his gasp for breath as he proceeded to work my dick
over through the jock. I grabbed his head with my hands pulling his mouth
to mine, forcing my tounge inside. He began to whimper as I ate his mouth,
reaching around to grab my ass and trying to grind our crotches together.
This little fucker wanted man sex, and at that point, I resigned myself to
giving it to him.

After all these years of fantasizing about being with another man, the
time had finally come, and my nervousness only added to the intense
feelings that I was experiencing. I'll admit that I was nervous, maybe
even a little scared, but having this young stud wanting me as he did, I
knew that if I didn't allow this to happen, I would regret it for the rest
of my life. What we were doing was wrong, I knew that, but as his hands
pulled the cheeks of my ass apart, and his fingers began to slowly caress
my asshole, I also knew that I wanted this to happen. I removed my mouth
from his and stepped away from him, watching his eyes as he scanned my
body. Knowing that Jason was turned on my body really began to get to me,
and I was enjoying the fact that now I was the one doing the teasing. The
poor kid just stood there, looking sexy as hell, stroking his dick through
the jock while his eyes pleaded with me to let him touch me again.

I stripped the jockstrap off and walked to the bed, feeling his eyes
burning into my ass. I couldn't believe that here was the incredibly
handsome young man, the same young man who's ass had been in my thoughts
for a long time now, who had as much of a fascination with my ass as I did
with his. I lay down on the bed on my back, spreading my thighs and began
to slowly stroke my cock. It didn't take long before the precum began to
fill the piss slit, and I watched Jason intently as I gathered as much as
I could with my thumb, and brought it to my mouth, tasting my own juice.
Jason appraoched the side of the bed and quickly pulled his jock off,
exposing his hard meat to me. I reached out with one hand and gripped his
cock lightly, smiling to myself as I visibly seen him begin to shake. I
finally had my hand wrapped around another mans rod again, after too many
years, and I enjoyed the sight of this stud standing over me, watching me
stroke myself as I slowly frigged his cock.

"I want to taste you man, Oh God, I want to taste every fucking inch of
you," he more groaned than spoke."I can't believe how good you look laying
there like that," he mumbled, as he joined me on the bed, crawling between
my legs. He pulled my hand away from my cock, and replaced it with his
own, mumbling 'oh fuck,' as he did so, before lowering his face to my
crotch and inhaling deeply. He looked up at me for a second, allowing his
eyes to take in the sight of me before looking me in the eye and said,
"You're so fucking hot Uncle, I can't believe this."

I watched in awe as he lowered his open mouth over my leaking cock, taking
the first two thirds of inside. Instinctively, my hips slammed up to meet
his face, burying the rest of my dick into his mouth and down his throat.
He gagged almost immeditely, pulling back of of my cock for a second. I
apolgized, telling him that it had been a long time since I had seen
anything so hot looking. His eyes had begun to water, but he smiled and
said, "It's ok, my dad does the same thing sometimes, I like it like that,
I just wasn't ready for it."

"Dad?" I stammered, trying to swing my leg over his head and stand up, and
for some strange reason expecting to see Richard standing in the doorway
with murder in his eyes. Jason tried to hold me down, saying something
about 'relax,' but I was in a panic.

"Jason, get out of here, NOW!" I bellowed. Oh Christ what the fuck was I
doing? Dad? He had said dad, he said,"Dad does it sometimes." What the
fuck was he talking about? Oh fuck! Holy Fuck! I swear that in those few
moments, I saw my funeral. I saw the humiliation I had brought on my
family. I saw it all. This little fucker had set me up! I started pacing.
I mean, literally just walking around in circles, not knowing what to do.
Oh Christ! Oh shit! I couldn't think, I just kept pacing.

Finally, I realized that Jason was standing there, just standing there
looking at me, and he looked scared. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU LITTLE
BASTARD!!! JUST GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!" I didn't know what to do. I think
even now, when I try and look back on it, that I contemplated packing. For
what I don't know, but as I saw it, my life was over. Why the fuck would
he do this to me? And why take it so far? Why go through with all of this
just to prove that I was nothing but a closet cock sucker? I sat down in
the chair, shaking, not knowing what to do. He said that Richard would do
what to me? Well no, he didn't say that Richard would do anything TO ME,
he said, "Dad does that sometimes too." Does what? What the fuck was going
on. I thought of blackmail (Jesus Christ this kid was like my own son!), I
thought about revenege, (for what I couldn't imagine), I just knew that I
had gone too far with this kid, all because I couldn't keep my fantasies
in my head where they'd been for all these years. I felt embarrassed,
ashamed, STUPID, and probably even hurt. My God what have I done? I
thought to myself, when I realized that someone had approached the
doorway. Oh fuck, Richard, I knew it was him. As I looked up to face him,
I realized that it was Jason, standing there, still looking scared.

"Just get out Jason, you made your point, now get out," I said, not
hollering, but sounding more like a beaten man more or less. He looked as
if he wanted to approach me, to say something... but it was like he wasn't
sure that he should. It's incredible, I thought to myself at the time,
there's no way I'd ever hurt this kid, as mad and upset as I am, I would
never hurt him. It was then that I looked at him, with probably what
looked like defeat in my eyes, that I noticed him standing there with a
video tape in his hand.

I know it sounds crazy now, but when I first saw it, all I could think of
was blackmail. He had me. He had me on fucking tape somehow, and my
stomach began to turn. I knew I was about to get sick, and I headed for my
bathroom. I didn't get sick, although I was praying for it. I looked at
myself in the mirror and looked away. I had fucked up in a major way, and
there was no way to get out of it. What could I say?---- 'We'll Jesus
Richard, I mean here your kid is, showing off his body to me and everybody
else constantly, giving me looks, literally acting as if he wanted
something from me. What was I supposed to do? Christ man, I was flattered
is all. You've never spotted some guy on the street before, and just for a
second or two... wondered what it would be like to bed him? I mean, just
for a second? Wondered what it would be like? He's a goodlookin' kid
Richard, and he knows it. My fault for letting my ego and my cock go
crazy, but anybody his age showing interest in me, guy or girl, just kinda
gets me going.------ No, something told me that that wouldn't fly to well
with his old man.

I did the cold water splash deal on the face, wrapped a towel around
myself and walked back into the bedroom. From where I was, I could see
Jason standing just outside the doorway of the bedroom, pressed against
the wall. He was still naked, but he had his clothes in his hand.

"So, who's the tape for Jas? Your old man, the cops, my wife, WHO?!" I
said, almost enjoying the fact that he was once again scared.

"It's for you, I mean Terry.... I mean.. I don't know, for all of us I
guess. Terry or dad would flip if they knew that I brought them over, but
I don't know, I just thought that maybe... I mean after... after, well,
you know, I thought you were interested. Now I know that you just wanted
to see if I'd suck your dick. Well Unc, I would, and so would both of
them.." he said as he pointed behind me. My skin crawled as I turned
around, not knowing at this point who to expect to be standing there, only
to find nobody there.. And then I saw that the TV was on. And on the
screen was my son Terry, fucking Richard in the ass. They were in what I
guessed to be Richard's or Jason's bedroom, Richard on his knees, not
looking at the camera, but somewhere a little above it, and my son,
kneeling behind him, looking directly into the lens, with a sneer on his
face as he pounded into the older man beneath him...

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