Monday, March 30, 2009

Trip To Reno

Hi, guys. A couple of weekends ago, I joined three guys from work for a
trip to Reno. We traveled in style in this monster GMC Suburban. Doubled
up in two rooms at the Nugget in Sparks. Now, you've got to understand
that this was a super-straight weekend for me ... although rooming with
Phil did make it difficult for this bi-guy to keep his libido focused on
pussy. Anyway, I have now been inside a Nevada cat-house. This was not a
spur of the moment thing. Phil, the guy with the Suburban and the 'alpha
male' of our adventure, began to talk up the whore-houses before we were on
the road 15 minutes. He's in his mid-30s, recently divorced, and if this
weekend is any indication, the most over-sexed guy I've ever known
... except for you, of course! Hey, I pale by comparison. Brad, about my
age, and Kurt, late 20s, got into the whole idea big time, only getting
cold feet as we drove up to this place east of Carson City. Me, I was
hesitant from the beginning but warmed up to it as the moment of truth
approached. I've never been with a prostitute before, so I was pretty
nervous. But I thought, hey, I got to write you a story. So, of course, I
gotta do this. With a major push from both Phil and me, Brad and Kurt
finally agreed to go in with us.

But first, you ask, why was it difficult rooming with Phil? Well, we were
all pretty tired by the time we made it to the hotel. We gambled for an
hour or so and Phil and Brad headed up to the rooms. Kurt and I stayed
down in the casino for another half hour, then headed up ourselves. When I
got to the room, Phil was just finishing a shower. I stripped down to my
briefs and was fussing with the TV remote when out he walked with this
uncut monster swinging between his beefy legs. It took more strength than
I thought I had to quickly pull my eyes away. I've never seen one that big
or thick. And it was fuckin' soft! Now Phil was all casual and proceeded
to walk around the room as he talked to me about our plans for the weekend
... including some more pressure on me about the going to the whore-house.
Oh, and he was scratching his arm-pits, his chest AND his balls. Well, I
finally fled to the bathroom to take a shower before I embarrassed myself
with the erection growing in my CKs. Now, I had been around a couple of
straight guys like Phil in college. Seemingly oblivious to the effect
their nakedness had on us bi or queer boys and quick to punch out (verbally
or actually) any guy who made the mistake of taking their teasing as the
real thing. Since this was someone I work with, I knew I had to be
careful. Well, my shower was a long one, so I could both jerk off and give
Phil time to get into bed and hopefully to sleepy-bye. No such luck. When
I emerged from the bathroom, the only light was from the TV. And there was
Phil lying on top of the covers, eyes plastered to the screen, stroking his
meat. "Hey, Dan, this is pretty hot," he said, not taking his eyes off the
TV. He had one of those cable soft porn things on. "Check out the boobs
on the blond," he added. I pulled the covers back on my bed and dropped
down on it. Phil just kept stroking. Well, no matter that I had just cum,
my clean briefs were showing rock-hard in just a few minutes. A few
minutes after that they were down below my knees as I joined Phil in his
jerk off to the TV images ... except, of course, my eyes were mostly on
Phil's hand action. Phil came first, using both hands, lifting his ass
high off the bed and spraying cum all over his body and face. Well, I was
quick after him. When I recovered, I found Phil staring at me. He grinned
and then got up to get us towels. "Didn't think you'd join me," he said as
he tossed me a towel. I said something like, "Couldn't let you have all
the fun." He thought that was real funny and flung his cum-soaked towel at
me. Then he crawled under his covers and turned off the TV. He was
quickly asleep. Me, I had his towel ...

Late Saturday afternoon we all piled into the Suburban and headed for the
cat-house. Phil and I quite literally had to push Brad and Kurt through
the door of the main house. It was really kind of funny. Then, there we
were in a large waiting area ... large, overstuffed couches and chairs,
thick carpet, Wild West theme pictures on the walls ... a number of young
woman looking up from reading or chatting ... all intently staring at us.
A very large, older woman (a lesbian, if ever I saw one) came right up to
us and asked us how she could help us. Phil took charge and before I knew
what was happening, I was parting with $125 and being lead out the back of
the house to a small cottage by Dana, a shapely blond in a cowgirl hat,
brown leather skirt (very short) and vest and thigh-high cowboy boots. To
be honest, I was more nervous than aroused as she guided me into a simple
room, one of several in the cottage. I could hear the moans and cries of
sex coming from a nearby room. I guess she picked up on my nervousness
because she launched into a "you must be new in town, cowboy" as she pulled
off my 49ers cap and began playing with my hair. Well, you know that a
good fantasy is right down my alley, so I played right along ... as this
kid on his first cattle drive, who was getting laid for the first time.

"You ever kiss a girl?" she cooed as she slipped off her vest, revealing
smallish breasts with large, dark nipples.

"Well, no, ma'am," I answered as she moved up to me and wrapped her arms
around my back, "unless ... unless you count my ma."

"I ain't gonna kiss you like your ma, boy," she responded just as she
placed her lips on mine.

I didn't stay in character very long ... I was kissing like a pro the
minute she eased her tongue into my mouth.

"Who taught you THAT?" she asked as soon as we broke for air.

"Well ... it WAS ... a long ... cattle drive ...," I answered, feigning an
embarrassed grin.

"Why you naughty, boy." She pulled my shirt out of my pants and off over
my head. "So ... was it your trail-boss or ... your horse?"

I started laughing and couldn't stop. Images of me with a horse rushed
through my head ... then Phil as a trail-boss. I was still giggling when
she started to work on my belt.

"You cowboys are all the same!" she scolded. "No woman around and you go
crazy. Don't think I don't know what happens out there. Clearly you been
broken in all wrong, boy. Well, you got a woman now. Get ready to learn a
few things."

Dana dropped to her knees and finished opening my pants and pulled them
down. I lifted my feet so she could take them off. She grasped the bulge
of my hard-on through my boxer-briefs.

"Pretty impressive, boy," she exclaimed, a hint of awe in her voice. (I
wondered if it was part of the act.) "Aren't these a bit too small for
you?" (You know me, always have worn them a size or two too small.) She
tugged on the waist-band.

"Well ... well, ma'am," I put on a good stutter here. "They belong to Brad
... you know ... this other cowboy ... or maybe it's Kurt ... or Phil ..."

"Don't say no more," she ordered with a shocked look. "I don't want to
hear no more." She started to pull the CKs down. I stopped her.

"Oh, you're not going to be shy, are you?" She used the scolding voice
again as she massaged my cock and balls through the soft cotton. I kept a
grip on the waist band. I felt her other hand slip up under the leg
opening of my boxer-briefs. Quickly she had her fingers wrapped around my

"Gotcha!" she exclaimed.

She rubbed the underside spot just below the crown. I moaned real loud.
God, it felt good. I let go of my CKs. A few moments later she was
pulling them down and slowly, very slowly taking my 7 inches into her mouth
and down her throat. We were right beside the bed, and while she sucked,
she guided me down onto my back and finished pulling off my underpants. I
started responding to her mouth quicker than I usually do. She sensed it
and expertly brought me close to cumming several times, each time easing
back just in time. She was driving me fuckin' crazy!!!

Then she was climbing on top of me. Still in her leather skirt, she
kneeled between my armpits. Under her skirt she was wearing red satin
panties. "Dana" was embroidered above the crotch.

"You want 'em, cowboy?" she asked.

"Yeah," I answered and reached up under the skirt to pull them down. She
grabbed my wrists.

"No," she said. "Only if you use ... your teeth."

She let go of my wrists and I reached around her ass and pulled her crotch
to my face. The smell of her sex was strong and sweet, very sweet. I
tongued her panties, tracing the outline of her slit.

"Nice, cowboy, so nice," she moaned above me.

I got a hand up between her legs and pulled the crotch of her panties aside
and began to mouth her cunt. I found her clit and fondled it with my
tongue. She moaned even loader. After a few minutes, I shifted her onto
her back, stripped her of her skirt and proceeded to pull down her panties
with my teeth. I went back to work between her legs. I'm very oral with
my lovers, be it man or woman. I really get off on taking them as high as
I can. Dana really got into my attentions ... but I kept wondering if she
was acting or not ... no telling. Now with Alice, I KNOW for sure!!! But
I digress.

"Oh, fuck me, baby," she began crying out over and over.

Are my 90 minutes almost over? Really ... that's what ran through my mind.

Well, I had been masturbating all the while I was enjoying her cunt and was
leaking pre-cum like crazy. I rose up and lifted her legs. As I moved up
closer, she handed me a condom. I quickly slipped it on.

"God, you're so fuckin' big, Dan," she said, using my name for the first
time. "I want you so bad."

I slowly eased my cock into her, teasing her just like I do with whoever
I'm fucking ... giving her a little, then pulling out, then a little more.
Taking my time the way I like. Then I simply plunged into her deep and
hard. She let out a loud groan.

"Oh ... baby ... oh ... baby."

I fucked her hard for a few minutes, easing up only to keep myself from
cumming too quick. Sweat poured off our bodies, drenching the sheets.
Finally I couldn't hold it any longer and let my orgasm loose into her.
She came at the same time, jerking and bucking strongly under me. Whether
she was actually cumming or not didn't matter ... she did it real good. I
loved it. I pulled out and collapsed in exhaustion on top of her. Even
blacked out for a bit. She gently shook me awake and suggested we take a
shower. Now that was a nice way to finish up ... with her soaping me up
all over ... and giving me slow and easy jerk off. Yeah, twice. Sure felt
virile as I kissed her good-bye and left.

Not sure I'll ever do it again. The thoughts of whether she was just
acting or not were distracting. But I'm glad I did it. It was fun. As
was comparing stories and souvenir panties with the other guys on the way
back to Sparks. Phil regaled us with a very graphic description of his
tryst. I was amazed to find myself hardening again. I guess Phil isn't
the only one who's over-sexed, is he?

That night in the hotel room, Phil jacked off again to the porn station on
the TV. Maybe I'll fantasize a little and write up a story about he lured
me onto his bed to "help him out."

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