Friday, April 17, 2009

Terry's Tale Of Bisexual Discovery

Well, I guess I was about thirty when this younger dude at work started
hitting on me. He was really forthright. He knew what he wanted and it was

I used to just laugh it off, but he just kept on trying to charm me into
bed. And then one day my girlfriend and I split up. Living in a small town
like I did it was hard to get a date. Soon I was horny as hell.

All I could think about morning, noon and night was pussy. I started
wanking off every day but it didn't help much. I have to admit after a
while I began to think about all the things Gordy had said to me.

He was always telling me how much he wanted to suck my cock and swallow my
cream. Belinda always used to spit my jism out so it sounded kinda hot. And
the lonelier and hornier I got, the hotter it sounded. So, one day when he
invited me to come round for supper I went.

I was surprised to find he had actually cokoed a meal. I fully expected to
be the only meat on the menu. And a damn good meal it was too. After we had
eaten were sat relaxing with some fine French wine and I was feeling pretty
mellow. So when he came and sat next to me on the sofa and started stroking
my leg, I didn't move. I knew what was coming and well, I was ready for
it. I told myself I would just close my eyes while it happened, and forget
about it in the morning.

When he undid my fly button and lowered my zipper I was shocked at the hard
bulge I saw tenting my underpants. It had been a while since I was that
hard. When he lowered my underpants my cock sprang free and just about took
his eye out. Then he took it into his warm hand and lowered his mouth over
the flared cock knob and I just about passed out.

I watched in amazement as his mouth just kept going lower and lower until
his lips just brushed my pubes. I had heard about this sort of thing before
but never thought that I would get to experience it first hand. Wow! Gordy
was one hell of a cock sucker. I could imagine my little guys all lining up
in my balls, eager to be the first to blast out my cock slit. Each time
that horny tongue of his swirling around my glans I thought I would
blow. As his mouth worked my cock, his hands slid up my thighs and fondled
my balls, churning them over and over in his palms and gently crushing them
in his fingers. I guess because he was a man he knew exactly what to do.

And then his hand slid between the cheeks of my ass. It was the first time
anyone had ever touched me there and I was about to squeeze my cheeks
together, to shut him out, when damn! he did something that felt so
incredibly good. His finger brushed against my asshole, with the most
delicate of strokes, and I had no idea it could feel so good. I had never
once touched my hole; I had just never seen the point of it.

Soon he had me spreading my legs further and further as he teased around my
hole and the sensitive area between my balls and asshole. And then without
warning he pushed my legs up in the air and plunged his tongue into my
asshole. I have to tell you that was the moment that the bisexual in me was
born. I groaned out loud as I pressed on the back of his head, eager for
more of that warm little spear up my chute.

My other hand flew to my super hard cock and stroked it onto a frenzy. I
was close to shooting my bolt when Gordy suddenly pulled away. He quickly
stripped off his clothes and turned his back to me. I saw him pushing his
fingers up his ass and they glistened with the slick jelly he applied. My
lust just about stopped my heart, knowing what he wanted. He applied some
of the cold jelly to my red hot poker and we were ready to roll.

He braced himself against the sofa and told me to fuck him hard. I entered
him with one swift thrust and a guttural cry escaped his throat as he
received my swollen tool. The warmth, and slickness of his ass alley was
too much for a sex starved guy like me. Twenty strokes later and I
crumpled. I saw stars as my joy juice blasted out of my balls with such
force I expected to see the stuff coming out of his ears.

We collapsed in a heap on the sofa and I was surprised to find that my cock
stayed hard. So I fucked him again, slowly this time. He seemed to be
loving every minute of it, and I knew that soon I would want to be
experiencing exactly what he was. When at last we were both satisfied we
fell asleep in each other's arms.

About a month later Gordy introduced me to a female friend of his and Jenny
and I moved in together. But every now and then, when the hunger strikes, I
sneak away and meet Gordy for some of the hottest sex known to man.

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