Friday, April 17, 2009

Strictly Gay No More Chapter 3

Hey, make sure you take your shoes off by the door, Jessica hates muddy
floors, Eric tells me.

No problem, I'm dying to get out of these clothes, you mind if I just go

Sure, go ahead, I'll put the beer in the fridge and meet you in my room,
you going to need a beer?

Yeah bring me up one.

He goes to put the beer away, and I head up to his room. It's kinda dark,
and messy, well not messy really it just kinda looks like he's trying to
pack a lot more into one room than need be.

(What are you doing, I think to myself. You just got laid by that lil slut
Carrie, and here you are flirting with Eric. Dude, what are you some kind
of fag?)

As I look around Eric's room, I notice a stack of porno tapes beside his
VCR. Hmm, wonder if he's got anything good. With that thought complete, I
pop the top one in the VCR and strip my clothes off.

(Fuck it, I figure the dudes already seen and felt my cock, so what will it
hurt to strip down. Besides, I think he's kinda hot and God knows I was
totally turned on when it came to mine and his cock sliding back and forth
inside Carrie.)

Oh shit, here comes Eric, as I slip into bed and begin.

I see you found the porn, Eric says as he passes me a beer.

Yeah, and this the one you told me about; where that chick gets it by two
guys, right?

Yeah, shouldn't be anything new to us after tonight Eric says and gives a
slight grin.

Hopefully there will be ALOT of things that aren't new to us after tonight,
I say and take a deep slug of my beer.

(Oh shit, what did I just say?)

Well, ya gonna just stand there holding your beer or ya gonna ditch those
wet jeans and come over here? I say.

I'm working on it

Gimmie your beer

You know the one thing I hate about wearing these jeans is that they are so
dammed tight. As he peels the still slightly damp jeans down his torso,
revealing his roughly sculpted abs.

Hey man, you know, I don't know if It's the beer, or the weed, or the fact
that we just fucked the stuffing out of that Carrie chick at the party,

I want to....

Eric places his index finger over my open lips and I stop me mid-sentence.
He then places a hand on my shoulder and says

Well Will, its funny, I've been thinking about you all night. I have had my
share of experience sucking cock over the past few years and the way I've
always figured it is that if the guys in the Navy can suck each other off
when they are away from chicks for 6 months at a time, what's the matter
with me giving a little head every now and then? I think we all do it; it's
just that none of us talk about it.

I can't tell you how happy I am to hear you say that, I've always had this
"thing" for guys but I've never felt comfortable enough to act on it, I was
worried at the party that you might have kicked my ass after I kissed you.

You have nothing to worry about. We are both grown adults, and if we decide
to fuck around a little bit and not tell anyone, then that's our business.

Eric, you won't tell Frankie or Kellie or anybody??

Will, dude, I give you my word. You want another beer?

Nah, I'm just gonna chill and watch this video, it looks like it's a really
good one. The chick in here looks like your roomie, Jessica.... In fact the
dude looks kinda like you too, but you're better looking.

Cool, I'll be right back up; I'm going to get another beer

As Eric goes downstairs and the video plays on, I figure "what the hell"
this dude seems cool, and I know I'm horny as fuck. I might as well at
least enjoy the video. My cock is already tenting my briefs; why not enjoy
it a bit.

I pull my underwear down and off my feet; I'm so fucking hard right now I
could fuck my way through a steel wall. So what if Eric comes back up and
finds me stroking my dick, maybe, just maybe, I'll get to blow him.

I'm lying on Eric's bed, head thrown back on the pillows, stroking my cock
when Eric walks in.

As Eric closes the door and flips the latch, I half open my eyes and say to
Eric, Eric I really want to feel your mouth on my cock, would you help?

I swear I've never seen someone get out of clothing so quickly, one minute
he's locking the door, the next he's sliding into the bed next to me, his
hard cock sliding up next to my thigh. And suddenly I feel his hand sliding
over my swollen nuts.

But that didn't last long at all. Slowly I leaned over and kissed him, not
like we kissed outside the party, longer, deeper.


We didn't have to hurry, we had all night now. Slithering my tongue in
between his teeth I found his tongue. The passion I felt in that kiss was
one to rival any kiss I'd ever had up to that point. His hands roamed my
chest, pausing at his nipples, which were rock hard and standing straight
up. His hands were running up my back, squeezing my shoulders, kneading my
heated flesh.

As I lick and nibble my way down the front of his body I notice the
treasure trail running down that magnificent 6pack of chiseled, rock hard
abs. As I slip my tongue inside his belly button his cock pokes me in the
nose, and I slide back for a minute as his pre-cum leaves a string from my
nose to his cock.

I'm nibbling my way down the front of his body, he's also working his way
down the front of mine, he stops when he gets to my cock. He tries to drive
the whole thing down his throat, and I moan into his cock base, it feels so
good. He slows down a little and begins to concentrate on the head, sliding
his tongue around the crown of my cock, sliding the tip of his tongue
inside my cock-slit.

I need his cock in my mouth now, seeing Eric taking my steel-like shaft in
his mouth just drives me over the edge. I lick the pre-cum off the tip and
savor it for a second before grasping his mighty cock by its base and
taking just a little taste. I slide my tongue down the backside of his
shaft to his nuts and back up again.

Eric is begging me to take his cock into my mouth now, and though I am
still not sure how to do this, I first slide my tongue around his engorged
head, and then slowly suck the whole shaft into my mouth.

His cock is rock hard and so warm against the insides of my mouth, with a
little bit of effort, I begin to deep-throat it. Taking all 9 inches of his
manhood is no easy feat lemmie tell you. I get about 8 inches in and just
kind of hold it there working my throat muscles, sliding my tongue around
his swollen shaft.

We are now 69ing like there is no tomorrow, (as far as I'm concerned there
IS no tomorrow because when I wake up tomorrow I'll never think of this
again, I can't believe it, I'm such a fag.) but slowly I find his tightened
sphincter with my index finger.

Mmmm that's so good, I knew that you would give better head than any girl,
and moan through my alcohol induced haze.

He pulls my cock out of his mouth and says sure a guy would give better
head, a guy knows what he enjoys, how's a girl supposed to know unless you
take years teaching her?

(Damn, good point.)

I digress, Eric's working my full length down his throat, and he must sense
that I'm ready to cum, because he pulls his head off my cock and begins to
slide his hand up and down my hard, throbbing member.

Oh, Will I am so close dude, swallow it for me.

I'm cumming

I'm cumming



Now, as he's asking me to swallow for him, I slide his cock back into my
mouth and begin bobbing my head up and down. Two strokes were all it took,
and he's sending gobs of hot man-cream down my throat.

I felt like he would shoot forever, loads and loads of his hot creamy jizz
were filling my mouth and that got me to the point where I was cumming. I
swallowed the first few shots, and turned my head to the side as he spewed
a few more shots onto my chin and neck. Oh my god it was heaven.

After our heaving and throbbing bodies calmed down a bit, he noticed that
the video was over and re-winding.

We pause for a moment and allow the waves of passion to subside, our
breathing to slow and our cocks to stop their throbbing, bouncing, post-
orgasmic dance.

Should I pop another video in?

Sure, why not I haven't seen this one yet. I said coyly.

You didn't see much of the last one either.

Yeah well, if this wasn't so dammed hot I think I might have paid more
attention to the video. And I reached over and grabbed his slowly
deflating member.

Well, you take your pick, my cock or another beer, `cause I could use
another beer, then more of your cock.

Sure, I'll have another beer just so long as you promise to bring me some
more of that "shot" I just had to go with it.

I think I can do that he said with a grin.

And Eric heads back to the kitchen.

Now he's going downstairs to get another beer for both of us and I realize
that I need to take a piss. I get up out of the bed and go to the bathroom.

I feel as if I'm pissing forever, all the beer flows out of me like Niagara

I step quietly out of the bathroom and intend to sneak back to Eric's
bedroom, and who should I bump into in the hallway but Jessica.

Jessica must think that I'm Eric because she reaches out and grabs my cock.

Are you having fun with that hot guy Eric?, Mumbles the half-asleep

Uh huh.

Well, try to keep down the noise; you guys nearly woke Nevik up

Uh, ok

With that, she heads into the bathroom and I slip into Eric's room where he
is waiting, beer in hand and a shit-eating grin on his face.

I've got you a beer.

Hey Eric, you know who I just ran into coming out of the bathroom,
Jessica. I proceed to regale him with the (short) story of running into
Jessica and I tell him that I think she is hot.

He agrees and hands me my beer.

Let's rewind that video, I wanna see how that part with the chick giving
that guy head in the car goes again.

Why, are you looking for pointers? Eric laughs.

Yeah, in fact as soon as you pop that video in I think I'll try to mimic
her every move, I say with a sly assed grin.

Cool, if you can give me head like that again, I think I might just have to
keep you here for a while.

(I am going to complain?)

We start the video over again; it is that one with Peter North where he
gets married and their car brakes down and the little blonde-haired chick
gives him a blowjob in the front seat of the car... I'm sure you know the
one. Well, I think Eric looks like Peter North or at least has a cock just
like his and I love watching that scene, in fact, I'd love to act it out!

(Hmmm... Maybe I should.)

Eric slides into bed next to me and I grab his re-awakening cock, and begin
to mimic the blonde on the video. She is blowing Peter's peter, jacking the
shaft slowly as she uses her lips to apply gentle pressure to the ridge of
his cock.

The video no longer matters, according to the moans I am getting from Eric
I do not need to be watching a video to know what pleases him, so I
continue my work on his big, beautiful cock. Eric is hard as a rock again
and this time I am not going to allow him to blow his wad in my mouth, I
want something else. Just then, he says Will, I want to fuck you.

(I never thought you would ask.)

Ok, but if I say stop, you must stop dude.

(As if I would ever want him to stop, damn I am so fucking horny; I want
this guy to fuck my ass. I want to feel his cock sliding deep within me,
pulling my insides out.)


Damn it.

I lay on my side, my right knee pulled up against my chest, rock hard cock
throbbing away, and suddenly I feel his fingers, slicking my asshole up
with lotion. Slowly he slides one finger in and starts to move. He's
sliding, in and out, rubbing my prostate, slowly... ohhhh so slowly.

Then a second finger joins the first, stretching, sliding, pulling my
puckered, virgin asshole apart. He is nibbling on my earlobe, breathing hot
and heavy into my ear, licking the sweat that begins to trickle down the
back of my neck, all the while still sliding his two fingers in and out of
my swollen asshole.

You want some cock? He asks.

Ohhhh Yessss I do.

He slides his fingers out of my ass; he still got my right knee jammed up
into my chest, and is stroking my now rock hard member.

Please take it slow; I have never done this before.

Oh, I will, he says.

I feel his cock-head press gently against my asshole, and then ever so
gently he begins to slide his into my well-lubed asshole. My ass feels like
it was going to split apart, oh my god, was he trying to shove a road-cone
up my ass? However, the same time, it felt so good. He is filling me. My
head is spinning. It is as if a thousand fireworks just went off in my
head. Then, I am overcome with sensations of pure lust, pleasure and yes,
maybe, love.

Are you ok?

Yes, give me more, I say breathlessly.

He slips another inch in.

You still ok, he says lovingly?

Yeah, I am ok... gimmie more man.

All right, dude you asked for it.

He slides in, all the way to his tight, swollen balls. The lotion he had
used to lube me up with he had also used to lube his cock up with, so him
getting in was easier than I thought it was gonna be.

I ground my ass back against his pubic patch and reached around and grabbed
his tight ass attempting to pull him deeper inside me. This felt like

Slowly begins to move, pulling his cock out until just the head stayed
inside me.

He was sliding his cock in and out of my asshole and though I thought it
might not be right prior to this, I could not have felt more right in my

Holding his big cock in my ass I slowly began to thrust back against
him. As I would thrust my ass back against him, he'd pull back his cock, as
I'd pull back he'd shove his cock deeper inside me. It was amazing!!!! I'd
never felt anything so HOT in my life. My head was beginning to spin,
partly from the beer, partly from the weed, but I think mostly from the hot
cock filling me.

I couldn't take it anymore.....

"Will, I think I'm gonna come!!!!!"

"Me too, shoot it in my ass, I wanna feel it filling me up, Shoot your
fucking spunk inside me!!!"

We both came, Eric in my tight, tiny, virgin ass, and me shooting come all
over his sheets, TV stand and VCR.

We both looked deeply into each other's eyes and said nothing.

We both knew then that what had just happened.

That night had changed the both of us.

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