Friday, April 10, 2009


Lucy and I decided some time back to go to a swingers night at club near
Hoboken. I had wanted to go for a long time but just didn't have the guts
to even approach the subject with her. Anyway, we got drunk one night
whilst some friends of hers had come for a meal. The subject cropped up
after a few whiskies and when they had gone home Lucy asked me if I fancied
trying it out. I jumped at the chance and wondered what we would get up to.

"So what would you want me to do?" I asked.

"Well....what would you fancy doing....I mean do you want to get it on with
another woman while I watch or do you want me to get it on with another guy
while you watch. Or how about me with another woman?" She had a wry grin
on her face when she said this latter part of the question and I knew that
she knew my fantasies about an older woman with a younger woman. I decided
that this was a bit one way and so I took a deep breath and spoke.

"What about you watching me with another guy...?"

She almost spat a mouthful of Rioja across the room and stared right at me.

"You wouldn't! Would you? I mean I know that we've had the odd role
reversal in the bedroom with a strap-on and all but I'd love to see you take
a cock up your ass for real. Would you do it....aaaww please say you

I thought about meeting a stranger and having sex with him and thought that
it would not be at all safe and then I thought about Dave... We finished
the wine, I finished the few candies that were left and we headed up to bed.
Lucy was drunk and tired and I was just drunk. I lay there most of the
night thinking how I could arrange it. As I lay there I got a huge hard-on
and planned how I was going to do it.

Lucy had never met David and vice versa. Lucy didn't know about David but
David knew I had a female partner. I had told David what Lucy and I got up
to and our strap-on theme nights and me dressed as a lady for her (see Aunt
Lucy - also published on and it turned David on. He had asked
for me to dress as 'his' lady just to see what it was like but we hadn't yet
gotten around to it.

The next day I went to work and whilst I was hanging from a strap in a
subway car I hit on it and decided to phone Dave as soon as I got the
chance. I got off the subway at Chambers Street and rushed out to the
sidewalk and flipped my cell-phone into action...

"David - hi it's me, can you talk? Yes...good. Lucy wants to go to a
swingers club and she wants to watch me have sex with another guy.... and
well I don't want any other guy but you so what I was wondering is....." and
David interrupted me,

"...what you want is for me to just happen to be at the club and hit it off
with you both and just by chance you want me to suggest that if that's what
she wants - we'll 'do it' together - am I right?"

"You're dead right. Whaddya think?"

"Yes. Yeah I guess I'm up for it so to speak. Where's the club and what

A week went by and it was the night of the swingers club meet. I had looked
on the web to see what goes on and it was amazing. There were 8 rooms which
were split into areas, the 8 rooms were male/male, male/female,
female/female, anything goes, male/male orgy, male/female orgy,
female/female orgy and finally the bizarre room. Fuck....which room would
we go to? The anything goes room was a bit too kinky for my liking and the
disclaimer said that this was the only room to allow cameras and stuff and I
didn't like the idea of that one so I looked at the bizarre room and decided
that it was probably the right one.

We got dressed and Lucy looked like a high-class-hooker, this was a look she
enjoyed and I did too. She wore a long dress which was open at the back
down to just above her buttocks. It was open at the front and where most
women would have used double-sided tape to ensure it didn't fall open and
expose their breasts - Lucy liked it to open every once in a while.

I was boring as usual and just wore a black suit with an open necked black
shirt. Underneath I wore fishnet stockings and a suspender belt and a tiny
fishnet thong. I was also carrying some high-heeled patent leather shoes in
a leather shoulder-bag to change into when we were in private. Lucy had
insisted on this and who am I to argue? We took a cab and got dropped off
at a bar around the corner from the club, I was nervous - Lucy was pulling
at the reins to get in there. I needed a JD on the rocks to settle my
nerves but more importantly to reduce my inhibitions! I had one large one
and ordered a second and Lucy got impatient.

"Knock it back - we're gonna miss all the fun at this rate....come on" so I
knocked it back and we walked around the block. It was not so much a club
in the normal sense as a large private house on 4 storeys with a basement.
We walked through the gate and down a long path to another gate with a
bell-push. I buzzed and the voice of a woman answered and asked for our
booking password which we had chosen... "Lucy's Fantasy".

The gate opened and the front door of the house opened too and a woman in
her 50's with huge silicon breasts stood inside the door absolutely stark
naked and beckoned us forward. Lucy said something under her breath but I
didn't catch it. When we walked up the steps and met her she held her hand
out and introduced herself.

"Hi guys, I'm Sandra and I'll be your host for tonight. This is my club and
I want you to feel at home. How are you guys anyways?" I couldn't take my
eyes off her tits - they were huge. Lucy and Sandra both noticed I was
staring and Lucy gave me a nudge...

"I'm sorry it's just that I've never seen such large breasts in my life
before and I never expected you to open the door in the nude, it's a bit of
a shock you know" and Sandra laughed.

"You can look at my titties all night if you want, I answer the door nude so
that it relaxes you and makes you feel that you can strip too if you want

We stepped through the hall and into a reception room where there were
several other couples drinking and eating snacks which had been laid out in
small brass bowls on a large polished red oak table. Sandra took our coats
and my bag and we sat down. A young guy perhaps in his mid twenties wearing
just a barman's apron came over to us and asked what we'd like to drink - we
gave him our order and he turned to walk away and it was then that I noticed
he had a gorgeous butt. Lucy caught me looking and said "d'ya fancy getting
your hands on that?"

"Nope - he's a bit skinny don't you think?

"No, I'd give him a run for his money." she said with a seedy smirk on her

Sandra came back and sat with us just explaining some of the rules and told
where we could change, wash tidy up or whatever we wanted to do and then she
gave us a map of the place showing all the different rooms. We decided that
we would have a brief look at them all.

Sandra took my hand and Lucy's hand and walked with us. We went up the
stairs and towards a door with a pair of pink boxer shorts in a frame
hanging outside the door. She opened the door and just inside was another
door with a window in it. Lucy and I looked through the window and saw
about 10 couples, all male in various states of undress and in various
positions. My eyes were drawn to a couple nearest the window. There was a
guy around fifty and as hairy as hell sat down with his head leaning back.
There was a younger guy sat in-between his legs wanking him slowly. Both
looked to be enjoying themselves immensely and I wanted to watch for longer.
Lucy told me it turned her on to see two guys together and if she'd felt
my crotch she'd have known how much it turned me on too!

The next room had a bra in a frame hanging from the door and it was the same
layout room. Just inside was another door with a window and through it we
watched upwards of 20 women of all ages, colors, sizes and in various states
of undress although they were all without exception topless fucking and
sucking and dildoing each other. Lucy moaned quietly and Sandra smiled at
her and said "That's a damned good room to visit when he's away..." and
pointed at me. Lucy said "I'll try that for definite."

The next room was just men and women all together and it didn't particularly
excite either of us. I told Lucy that if I wanted to watch straight
ordinary sex I would rent a DVD and she agreed. We climbed the stairs
further and reached a large room with large old-fashined movie camera on a
stand outside. When we walked in there was only a few couples there. One
was holding a small video camera whilst a large (and I mean LARGE) black guy
was having his cock sucked by a woman who was easily in her mid to late
60's. I was fascinated by her for some reason and then I realised I had
seen her on a mature site on the internet. This woman was kind of famous in
amateur porn and I was quite mesmerised.

The black guy pulled his cock from her mouth and began wanking in her face
and I couldn't believe the size of his cock. It was long and fat and he was
wanking hard and fast and furious and she sat underneath him with a big
smile on her face and soon he came all over her. The guy with the camera
was wanking now and was in for a close up as his spunk dripped all over her
lined and wrinkled face. She lapped it up and then held both of her
pendulous breasts together as his cum dribbled all over her nipples. Sandra
was the first one to speak....

"Wow.... I didn't think we'd get here at such an opportune moment. He's
called Harry and he's here quite often but I'm afraid that he only likes
much older women so you and I don't stand a chance at getting that trouser
snake near us". Both Sandra and Lucy kind of moaned in fake upset at this
but I knew deep down that Lucy would have loved to get involved with him. I
wouldn't have said no either!

We walked all the way back down the stairs and I was becoming a bit
concerned that we'd not been to the bizarre room yet and I was hoping it was
not closed due to lack of interest. We turned the corner at the bottom of
the stairs and entered another hallway off to the left and down a small
corridor. We arrived at another room which this time had a mask of 'The
Joker' from the Batman movies hung on it.

"This is our 'bizarre room'..." Sandra said. "It's where you can do what
you want with either or both sexes and I would suggest that you both try it
at some stage".

Lucy and I just looked at each other and spoke in unison "We'd like to go in
that one". Sandra didn't bat an eyelid and just said ok. She told us to go
back to her bar and finish our drinks and told us we could go into the room
by a back door which has a small change room with showers, baths and

We walked into the bar and I noticed another woman a little younger than
Sandra was introducing a guy to the place. She was wearing a top hat and
tails, stay-up stockings and high heeled shoes, she had nothing else on!
She was perhaps in her mid thirties and was flat chested but with an
extremely bushy pussy. She was fantastically good-looking and had a look of
Sandra about her. It was several visits later that I learned she was
Sandra's sister and there were 2 other sisters that ran the club with her!

Anyways, the guy was wrapped up in a long overcoat and wearing a hat like
the atypical November New Yorker. It was only when he took his hat and coat
off I realised it was David. Wow, he looked fuckin'gorgeous. He went off
with this other woman and I watched as he left the room with her. We drank
our drinks and we walked down the corridor to the back entrance of the
bizarre room. When we stepped inside, there was a tall, slim older guy
pulling on a pair of stockings and fastening them to his suspender belt. A
younger girl of around 25-29 was sat next to him putting some make-up on and
they were deep in conversation about the garbage truck that nearly totalled
her car that afternoon! Bizarre.

I took a bench seat next to him and Lucy looked at me as if to say 'well
what do we do now?' the young girl turned to Lucy and spoke...

"first time eh?"

"Yeah... I'm just wondering what we do now?" said Lucy and straight away the
girl stood up and grabbed Lucy's hand and said "Well we go in the room and
the guys follow us when they're ready..." and with that they both
disappeared through a doorway.

The guy next to me stood up at the side of me and as I turned around to
speak to him he bent right over and pulled some long leather high-heeled
boots from a bag under the bench. I was staring right up his ass and could
see his balls swinging between his legs. He pulled the boots on with his
back to me and I was quite taken with his ass. He then turned to me and
with his cock just about 2 feet away from my face said...

"Well... do I look ok or what?" I decided that I was gonna be a bit of a
sexual beast tonight so I said "You look fuckin gorgeous - I could fuck you
myself". He laughed and said "Well unless Francesca, my mistress says so,
you can't come near me but if she allows it I'll let you!" and I laughed a
nervous laugh. He played with his cock in front of me and said,

"I've got to get this thing a bit harder before I go in there 'cos in this
cold it looks like a fuckin' weener". I looked at it and it was not huge
but it was by no means small either.

"Looks ok to me" I said.

"My names Rob by the way, what's yours?" he said and I held my hand out to

"It's Steve" and he took hold of my hand and pulled me towards him and
kissed me on the lips. I was shocked but damned excited too. As quick as a
flash he walked off and into the room.

Sandra appeared with my bag and put it down at the side of me. I sat back
down and said thanks. She looked around and walked to the door and looked

"I see your partners deep in conversation with Franky and little old you has
been left alone."

As she was looking through the door with her back to me I was awe-struck by
the cheeks of her ass. She had a natural all over tan and her ass was a
smooth as a peach. She walked back towards me with those humongous breasts
sticking straight out in front of her.

"You love these don'tcha. Like every man your fascinated by them and at the
same time horrified by their unnatural size." She took hold of both nipples
and pulled and squeezed at them until they were rock hard and then she
leaned over me and stuck them straight into my face...

"Suck my nipples and give them a squeeze..." I sucked on one and squeezed
the other whilst reaching around and caressing her butt.

"Right...that's enough now go and play and I'll get Bobby to bring your
drinks order through. I put my high-heels on and adjusted my trousers and I
left that changing room with a raging hard-on. I had never sucked the tits
of a complete stranger before and It was certainly getting me in the mood
for the night ahead.

I walked into the room and saw Lucy and Franky deep in conversation and I
looked around to see if I could see Rob and then I found him. He was
standing talking to 2 other guys one of whom was holding Robs cock as they
spoke. The lighting was quite dim but I could still see exactly what was
going on. Rob shouted me and as he turned the guy holding his cock let go
of it.

"No, please don't stop on my account" I said and he took hold of his penis
again as I walked up to them. Whilst we made our introductions I was
glancing around the room and saw straight couples fucking whilst being
watched, I saw gay couples fucking whilst being watched and there was three
women in their forties fondling each other whilst a girl of about 20 watched
and wanked herself at the same time. There was a small group of about 6 or
8 guys on one side of the room standing in line with their cute little arses
facing me. I walked over to see what was going on and saw a guy and a girl
taking it in turns to suck these guys cocks. I leaned over one guys
shoulder to see a man of about 30 deep-throating this guy who was absolutely
loving every minute of it. I watched for ages and then felt a hand on my
ass squeezing gently. I turned and it was Rob,

"I've only just noticed you have high heels on and I can feel stocking tops
and.... yes I can feel a suspender belt there too...." I just let him feel
me all over and he told me to go back into the changing room and come back
in wearing my fantasy clothes.

When I stripped and came back in the room I was wearing Lucy's fantasy
clothing and I seemed to draw a lot of attention from a number of people -
maybe because just because I was new.

I went over to Lucy and as I sat down a guy called Bobby arrived with our
drinks and behind his was Dave who came straight over to us.

"Hi... I guess you two are new here as well?" and Lucy started to speak.

"Yeah... I'm Lucy and this is my guy Steve..." Dave looked at me with sheer
lust in his eyes and shook my hand.

"Nice to meet you Steve, love your ass by the way. I hope you don't mind
but I was watching you as you walked in the room". Lucy smiled and said,

"Do you really love his ass, 'cos I think it's his best feature?"

I blushed as Dave told her he thought my ass was my best feature too. The
three of us became deep in conversation and soon after I went to the
wall-fone to order some more drinks. Whilst I was speaking on the fone I
watched Lucy and Dave deep in conversation but pointing at me and smiling.
When I returned and sat back down Dave got up and said he was going to get

"Steve" Lucy said,

"That guy fancies the ass of you and I reckon he's up for a bit if you fancy

"Yep, I guess so. He's a big guy do you reckon he's...kind of big all
over?" Lucy whispered in my ear...

"Well I've told him to come onto you strongly when he comes back in the room
so I reckon your gonna find out real soon!.

We sat back and watched what was going on around us. About 10 minutes went
by and David came back in the room wearing big black boots and short grey
socks and a smile - nothing else. Lucy nearly choked as she watched his
cock swinging left to right when he walked over to us. I couldn't keep my
eyes from his cock too and he was smiling as he got to us. He sat down and
leaned back with his legs slightly open facing me. He smiled and said,

"Lucy tells me you'd like to try it with a guy" and I just nodded. He stood
up at the side of me and leaned his cock towards me, I looked round at Lucy
and she said "suck it for me, I want to watch you suck a cock for me...".

I stuck my tongue out and licked it from the tip to his belly and Lucy
leaned forward to get a better look. I took hold of it with my right hand
and pulled the foreskin right back until it was straining against his
phrenum. I put the head inside my mouth and ran my tongue around it a few
times. I turned to look at Lucy and saw that she had her right hand up her
dress and her left hand was pulling her top open to show off her magnificent
natural 44EE's. I turned back to Dave and he was harder than before and I
sucked hard on it and squeezed his balls whilst I sucked him off. I had put
my left hand between his legs and was stroking his ass as I did this because
I knew that this was one thing he loved. I looked up into his eyes as I
sucked him and he looked back into mine with a reassuring gaze.

I felt Lucy's hand between my own legs now and she was stroking my thigh
around the top of my stockings. She knew that this turned me on too.
Suddenly I stopped.

"No I can't do it. I'm sorry it's just too fuckin public." and I turned
away from Dave. He sat down next to me and put his arm on my shoulder and

"It's ok I understand. I was starting to feel a bit self-conscious myself."

Lucy laughed out loud and said,

"Wow, you've had a cock in your mouth just for me. Awww that turns me on, I
want you to do it again..." and she got up and walked over to Bobby who was
servicing another couple some cocktails. She spoke and Bobby nodded. Bobby
spoke and she nodded and then she came back.

"We have a private room upstairs if we want one but we'll have to hurry 'cos
Bobby says they get taken pretty quick once it turns 9.30.... what do you
guys wanna do?"

I said yes, I told her I'd be far more relaxed in private. We took a small
elevator to the attic floor and when we got out there was a room opposite
the elevator door which was open and I stepped into the room. There was a
woman in there putting towels and adjusting the lights and she showed us in
and quickly left us. Lucy sat down on a chair opposite a huge bed and said,

"Ok me what two guys can get up to....".

I took both of Daves hands and pulled him to me and opened my mouth against
his open mouth and took his tongue deep inside me. I licked at his lips and
sucked on his tongue. I put my right hand between his legs and gripped his
cock. I heard Lucy shouting encouragement so I took my other hand and
rubbed my own cock through my fishnet mesh thong. Dave was now holding both
my ass cheeks with his hands and squeezing them as we continued kissing.

He started to kiss my neck and my shoulders and worked his way down to my
chest and my nipples. We were standing side-on to Lucy and I could only
hear her encouraging us. Dave was now rock-hard and his cock was pushing
against my stomach. Dave worked his way down my chest and onto my belly and
then started to kiss my crotch through my panties. He pulled them aside and
my cock sprung out and he took it deep in his mouth and started to bob up
and down. I turned to look at Lucy and she was frigging herself with her
legs wide open and her big titties out. She was flushed and seemed unaware
that I was watching her. I turned back to Dave and watched him taking my
cock all the way in. He then sat back on the bed and opened his legs, took
hold of his cock and started to waggle it about. Lucy dived towards it and
sat next to him and looked at me,

"come on and suck this cock for me..." and she took hold of his cock and
wanked it up and down... "come on boy.... I haven't got all day" she said in
a mock mistress kind of a way.

I crouched down between his legs and Lucy put her head on his belly so she
could watch. I stuck out my tongue and licked his balls from his asshole up
to his cock and then the full length of his 12 inches right to the tip and
then licked Lucy's lips. She shuddered with excitement and then I took his
cock in my mouth and sucked it properly.

I could hear Lucy saying "Suck it... that's it, don't forget his balls now
come on give them some attention too..." Dave just lay there.

Because Lucy was enjoying it so much and was so encouraging I lifted Daves
legs up so that his anus was on show and Lucy looked at me and said,

"You wouldn't, would you?" and with that I licked all the way around his
hole and then right across it. She looked at me almost in disbelief and I
saw her hand was again busy between her own legs - she was enjoying it all
right. I carried on licking his ass hole until it was lubricated enough to
put my tongue inside it and with a few tenses of my tongue I penetrated his
ass with it and tickled his asshole. Lucy stood up and dropped her dress
down. She only had a g-string on and with a tug, I saw her rip it off.

Whilst I had my tongue in his ass I took hold of his cock and wanked him
hard. Knowing Dave like I did, I knew that he couldn't take too much of
this without blowing his stack all over - so I carried on just for a short

Lucy got behind me and pulled my panties down to my knees and then off and
as I licked and wanked him, she stuck a well greased finger up my ass and
started saying "lick him, lick him, come on I wanna see that tongue inside

I kept licking and occasionally getting his balls in my mouth and then I
switched to sucking that huge cock of his. I could tell he was close to
cumming and I wanted Lucy to see that I was being a good girl for her so I

"Are you watching this..." and I guess she knew exactly what was going to
happen and she lay down on the bed with her chin resting on her hands like a
kid watching the Simpsons on TV! I wanked him slower and slower to hold
back until I felt we were all ready and then before I knew it he was
groaning loud and suddenly a big gush of white sperm slapped straight up and
all over my lips. I put my mouth back over his cock and swallowed as much
cum as he was spitting out. I wiped his cock all over my face and used it
like a lipstick on my mouth. I was covered in cum. Lucy watched me with a
huge look of shock, horror, excitement, fascination and sexual tension.

Now it was my turn. I sat over him and rested my balls in his waiting
mouth. Lucy sat behind him with her legs wide and with her right hand she
used her fingers inside of her and using the index finger of her left hand
she ass-fucked herself. I manoeuvred my body so that my ass was in his face
and as he licked my beautiful asshole I wanked watching Lucy.

"Where do you want me to cum babe?"

"I want to see you cum in his mouth and then I want you to kiss him and swap
sperm..." fuck she was one dirty minded bitch - but then again so was I
'cos I had a similar thing in mind. Dave was licking and inserting his
tongue into me and wanking himself again and once again I manoeuvred so that
I was wanking right over his face. He kept opening his mouth and saying

"make sure you spill every last drop down my throat..."

I was wanking when I felt his finger tickling my asshole and then go inside
me and I blew a load right there and then and shot it straight into his
face. I angled my body so I could point my cock at his open mouth and shot
straight down his throat. The final spurt he left on his tongue and I
licked it off of his tongue and we kissed passionately for a while. Lucy
had gotten off the bed and was somewhere behind us. I carried on kissing
him because I liked to kiss him anyway but now I liked the taste of my own
cum on his tongue.

My ass was in the air slightly and I could feel my cock sticking to his with
all that cum and then something wonderful happened. Lucy started to finger
us both at the same time. I looked at Dave and he looked at me and we just
lay there with her finger inside of us. After a few minutes I felt as
though I was going to cum again and I lifted further off of him and looked
down between us. I watched as a long string of cum just dribbled out of my
cock and all over his genitals. I watched Lucy rubbing this into him and
soon he was hard again. I didn't have the energy to do a fucking thing with
him after this and then it was our turn to have a show. Although I knew
that Dave was gay and he knew I was bi, I didn't know how he'd feel if Lucy
wanted me too but then Dave spoke...

"I think it's our turn now..." and he turned to me,

"I guess you should just sit in that chair and lift your legs up and show us
what a real woman does to make herself cum. The teasing bastard then pushed
her down into the chair and said...
"Now get wanking woman." and he stood over her with his hard cock literally
inches from her face. Once or twice she tried to get it in her mouth but he
pulled away. The I joined in and I stood over her and stuck my cock at her
face too. She tried to lick mine but as Dave had done, I too pulled away.
She carried on wanking and called us every name under the sun and we just
laughed. I had my arm around Dave and was holding his ass while he waggled
his cock in her face and I said...

"I bet you'd love to do this...." and I kneeled down and he squared up to me
and pulled his foreskin way back and held the top of my head and guided his
monster into my mouth where I sucked him again and again and again. She
started to moan and then scream and we stopped what we were doing and
watched and she screamed "Get a fucking towel quick..." and Dave leaned over
the chair to the pile of towels and grabbed one. She forced it under her
ass and carried on finger her two holes with both hands and then she gushed
a huge splash of ladycum all over the place. The funny thing was she missed
the towel completely and soaked the floor. Dave said he'd never seen a
woman cumming like that before and he confessed to that being quite a turn

The three of us lay on the bed to get our breath back afterwards and we each
fell asleep. When I awoke Dave was already awake and was smoking a Corona
at the window which looked down onto the main street. I walked over to him
and whispered...

"Thanks Dave - I think she enjoyed did I actually".

"My god I fucking loved it - I've never had an audience before... I've not
been with a naked woman since I was about 17 or 18. It was fantastic I hope
we can do it again..."

I heard a tired little voice come from the bed say,

"You bet we can do it again - you naughty boys." Lucy was sitting up and
just watching us.

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